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Google#39;s latest doodle celebrates the 165th birthday of Bram Stoker, the Irish novelist and short story writer best known as the creator of Dracula, despite writing 19 books.谷歌最新涂鸦庆祝布拉姆#8226;斯托克的165岁生日,这位爱尔兰以《嗜血幽灵》的创作而知名的短篇小说作家,尽管他写了19本书。Born in Dublin in 1847, Stoker studied at Trinity College while working as a civil servant in Dublin Castle and moonlighting as a newspaper drama critic.1847年出生在都柏林,斯托克在三一学院学习时,正在都柏林城堡担任公务员并兼职当报纸戏剧的家。He moved to London in 1878 with his new wife, Florence Balcombe, and became an administrator of the Irving Company at the Lyceum theatre.在1878年他与新妻子Florence Balcombe搬到伦敦,成为了欧文公司学会剧院的一个管理员。Stoker#39;s first full-length book, written earlier in Dublin, was a piece on non-fiction entitled The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland, and was followed by novels, lectures, short stories, articles, serials and a two-volume memoir of Irving.斯托克的第一本完整的书,是早些时候在都柏林写的,一本名叫 《The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions》的非小说,紧随其后的是小说、演讲稿、短篇故事、文章、连续剧和两卷欧文回忆录。Dracula, his fifth novel, was published in 1897 after Stoker spent several years researching European folklore and mythological stories of vampires.《嗜血幽灵》,他的第五部小说,于1897年出版,在斯托克花了好几年时间研究欧洲关于吸血鬼的民间传说和神话故事之后。He died in London in 1912 after suffering a number of strokes. One hundred years after Stoker#39;s death, Dracula continues to fascinate and forms the basis for a film and literary industry based around vampires.他在遭受多次中风后1912年死于伦敦。在斯托克去世一百年之后,《嗜血幽灵》一直是吸引和形成电影和文学产业基于吸血鬼题材的基础。A new edition, with an introduction by the Irish writer Colm Tóibín, was published this year to mark the centenary of Stoker#39;s death.一个新的版本,由爱尔兰作家Colm Tóibín写的介绍,将于今年出版纪念斯托克去世一百周年。 /201211/208352Mother asked her little boy:;Darling, what did the teacher teach you today?;;Nothing, Mum, answered the son proundly, instead, she asked me how much one plus two was, and I told her three.;母亲问她年幼的儿子:;宝贝,今天老师教了你些什么?;;儿子骄傲地说:什么都没教,妈妈。她反倒问我一加二等于几,我告诉她等于三。; /201201/167449

A detailed study into 12 aspects of modern life found men experience higher levels of happiness in seven of them, including salary, appearance and body shape。一项对现代生活12个方面进行的详细研究表明,男性在薪水、外表和体型等七个方面幸福感更高。Women#39;s scores were higher than men in the love life, family life and sex life categories。女性则在爱情生活、家庭生活和性生活这几个方面感到更幸福。The study also found despite the lingering economic doom, soaring cost of living and stagnant housing market the majority of us have adopted a #39;Always look on the bright side of life#39; attitude。研究也发现,尽管经济长期低迷,生活费用不断上涨,房地产市场也不景气,但大部分人的生活态度还是‘总能看到生活中美好的一面。’Paul Keenan of Benenden Health, which commissioned the report, said: ;Given the pessimistic economic outlook, the financial restraints everyone is under and the grim weather, it#39;s good to discover deep down, there seems to be a positive and forward-looking attitude across Britain。本耐登保健组织的保罗-基南委托了这份报告。他表示:“在市场前景悲观的情况下,每个人都受到了经济方面的限制,还有这阴冷的天气,所以这时发现英国人内心深处的积极和乐观的态度具有非常特别的意义。”;Certainly, a positive attitude goes a long way towards creating a feeling of well-being which in turn can only be good for our long term health。”“当然了,在朝着创造幸福感这一目标努力的过程中,我们还需要长久地保持着积极的生活态度,这对我们长期的健康来说也只会有好处没有坏处。”;This doesn#39;t detract from the fact many families have real difficulties and struggles to face in the current economic climate - but perhaps serves to demonstrate the British #39;stiff upper lip#39; is alive and well in the 21st century.;“但这并不是说所有的家庭都一帆风顺。在当前的经济环境下,还有很多家庭面临着很多困难——但这正好说明英国人在21世纪‘咬紧牙关’地活着而且还活得挺好。”The study also found the typical woman#39;s happiness scored highly in general health and their living location. Other areas in which men emerged as happier than the opposite sex were career prospects, #39;how other people see you#39;, finances and job security。研究也发现,典型女性在健康和生活地点方面的幸福感分数较高。其他的一些方面中,男性幸福感比女性高的方面主要包括:事业前景、别人眼中的自己、财政和工作保障。The biggest barrier to feeling content in day to day life was money worries, which affected 46 per cent of respondents。在每天的生活中最大的障碍是对金钱的担忧,这影响了46%的研究参与者。In fact, it would take just £132 extra a month for the average person to make ends meet and dramatically improve their overall happiness - proving that it is not just a big windfall that would help increase the average person#39;s outlook on life but infact a relatively modest sum。事实上,对一般人来说,每月多出132英镑就能让他们量入为出,显著地改善幸福水平——这也明了并不是只有天外横财才能让人乐观,实际上相对来说,一笔适中的收入就能改善人们的生活。Britons said more sunny weather would be the thing most likely to raise their optimism day to day, while a little more money each month, seeing less negative news items and more affection from a partner would raise the spirits massively。英国人表示,多一些晴朗的天气最有可能让他们变得更乐观,而每个月多一点钱,少看一些负面的新闻,得到伴侣多一些的关爱,能极大地提升他们的情绪。Eating a better diet, a job that is more satisfying and finally shaking a long term injury or illness all featured in the top 10 wishes for a brighter outlook。吃得好一点儿、有一份更让人满意的工作、摆脱长期伤痛和疾病的困扰,这些都在拥有更美好前景的前10个愿望中。While more reassurance from the boss, time with the kids and even their favourite sports team performing better featured in the list。另外,从老板那里得到更多的肯定、和孩子有更多的相处时间、最喜欢的足球队表现得更好这些也都在出现在这份清单里。A fairly patient one third of people studied would be more optimistic in life if their partner showed them more commitment。研究表明,如果人们能得到伴侣更多的承诺和保,那么会有三分之一的人在生活中会更加乐观。And, perhaps contrary to popular belief, getting hitched seems to do wonders for a brighter perspective on life with married people rating significantly happier than singles in almost all categories。研究还发现人们婚后就像是有奇迹发生,生活更加美好,这可能与普遍观念相反。已婚人士在各个方面都明显比单身人士幸福。When looking forwards the study was split 50/50 between those who thought they had good reason to be positive and those searching for reasons to be optimistic about their life。当展望未来时,一半的人认为他们有充分的理由会变得积极,还有一半的人需要去寻找理由来变得乐观。However, there was a clear trend towards happiness growing with age - over 55s proved the most likely to rate themselves as an eternal optimist. Interestingly, the younger generation seemed less upbeat overall and were most likely to say their outlook has become gloomier in recent times。然而,随着年龄的增长,幸福感有明显增长的趋势——55岁以上的人更有可能说自己是个永久的乐观主义者。有趣的是,从整体上来说,年轻的一代看起来并不那么乐观,更可能说他们的前景最近会比较黯淡。This trend rises directly with age, with the under 25s most likely to say their perspective on life has become more negative and the over 55s least likely to feel their optimism has declined。这种趋势会直接随着年龄而增长,25岁以下的人更可能说他们对生活的前景比较失望,而55岁以上的人很少会认为自己的乐观感会降低 /201508/391150

One day a young businessman asked his girl friend, ;Dear, will you marry me if I am bankrupt?;一天一个年轻的商人问他女朋友:“亲爱的,如果我破产了你还会嫁给我吗?”;Of course, I will.; the girl said firmly.“当然会。”女孩坚定的回答。;Do you mean what you say?; the man asked.“你是说真的吗?”他问道。;That#39;s what I want to ask you.; the girl said.“这正是我想问你的问题。”女孩说。

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