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大胆去吧-- :7:31   口语班的学员郭艳生性活泼,善于发言  一次,老师在黑板上写下"Just go it",问大家这句口语什么意思,郭艳抢先发言:"这不就是'仅为它去做吧'的意思嘛"  老师笑着说:"有那么点意思,但不完全正确地道的口语解释是'放手去做吧!'不过,这句话有两种完全不同的用法  一种是鼓励人的时候,我们可以用到这句话,比如朋友想参加赛车,又信心不足,你就应鼓励他说:'Just go it!'(大胆去吧)!还有一种就是不太负责的表现了,比如有些不称职的老板布置任务时完全不负责任,一句'Just go it!'(你就去干吧)就完全不管了"我跟这里格格不入-- ::59      I don't seem to fit.我跟这里格格不入   fit是指“合适”之意,这句话的意思就是“我跟这里格格不入”之意通常也会说成I don’t seem to fit in.当你觉得某个地方或场合,和你犯冲,待在那里就是让你浑身不对劲时,你就可以说:I don’t seem to fit in.

全球大创意电梯英文介绍 张家界观光电梯 -- 18:5: 来源: 全球大创意电梯英文介绍 张家界观光电梯Every elevator contains its own unique blend of intelligence, technology and design. The American Cable News Network (CNN) elected amazing and creative elevators from all over the world, including the Bailong sightseeing elevator in Zhangjiajie and the elevator at the Taipei 1 building in Taiwan.As CNN's travel channel pointed out, elevators do not merely move from A to B, as sometimes the journey can be the most frightening trip in a person's life. instance, the Bailong elevator at the Zhangjiajie National est Park is several hundred meters high and is located on a cliff. It takes two minutes to get to the top, and during the ride visitors can enjoy some breath-taking scenery.The elevator at the Taipei 1 building is one of the most famous elevators in the world. Its speed can reach 0 miles per hour, taking only 37 seconds to travel from the bottom to the 89th viewing platm where people can overlook Taipei's urban landscape. When the elevator goes down, the experience is even more thrilling.The other elevators that made the list include The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri; Falkirk Wheel in Scotland; AquaDom in Berlin, Germany; Hyaline Hammetschwand Lift in Switzerland; Sky View in Stockholm, Sweden; Lloyd's Building in London, UK; Luxor Inclinator at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada; Long Island City Business Center in Queens, New York; Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany and the Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand. 英文介绍 张家界观光电梯

日本之旅(my trip to japan) -- ::8 来源: 日本之旅(my trip to japan)  japan was fun. it was very cool and windy. we flew kites in the park. i bought a watch there. i wanted to buy more, but i didn't have money.  the gardens there were beautiful. i liked them the best. the department stores were too big. i couldn't find mom. the food was delicious.  we ate a lot of fish, and i also liked the vegetables and cake there. i hope i can go to japan one more

  我的身体很差-- :5:   My health sucks.   我的身体很差   sucks这个词在英语中被用得非常频繁一般来说,它可以用在任何的主语后边来表示一件东西非常差

  小学英语作文:My Hobby --30 :30:8 来源: 小学英语作文:My HobbyI have a lot of hobbies,like ing,running,and drawing.But i like music best.Music attracts me deeply.It can bring happiness to me.If i'm sad,listening to music can make me happy.Alos it canmake me relaxing when i feel pressured.我有很多爱好,比如看书,跑步,画画但是我最喜欢的是听音乐音乐深深地吸引了我它可以给我带来快乐,当我难过的时候,听音乐能让我开心起来当我压力大的时候,音乐也能让我放松I listen to music almost everyday.I listen to it on my way home and school,and even bee fall asleep in bed.I like music very much.我几乎每天都听音乐我在回家或放学路上,甚至在床上睡觉前都会听音乐我非常喜欢音乐。

  搞笑版《孔雀东南飞 -01- :5:9 来源: 焦仲卿johnny(jshort)刘兰芝lunch(lshort)焦母johnny’s mother(jmshort)刘母lunch’s mother(lmshort)太守之子mayor’sson(msshort)强盗burglars(abandc)prologue 序幕(j作被打状跑上台,内砸出一卷纸筒,j被打中,狼狈不堪)j:everybody says that i’m hen pecked, but in fact,i’m a strong tiger,(小声)while mywife is wusong.译:人人都说我怕老婆,实际上我是老虎,(小声)我妻子是武松(指着上台处的门大声道)i’m not afraid of you!译:我才不怕你呢!(内砸出一脸盆,j接住当成盾牌护着头)then, i’m afraid of whom! my wife lunchi is the most famous woman in the neighbor-hood.she is braver than me,smarter than me and stronger than me .all this i donot care. i only want she to be tender than me. but she is not! having a wife like this is just like living in the hell!译:谁怕谁啊!在邻里中,我妻子是最有名气的她比我勇敢、比我聪明、比我强壮我也不在乎这些我只觉得她该对我温柔些,但是她却不懂温柔!有这样的太太就像活在地狱中啊!(内又砸出一卷纸筒,击中j)my god! who can help me?(下)译:我的天!谁来救救我啊?act1 第一幕(序幕结束时,jm作窃听状)jm(拄拐棍上):i can!(对门内)lunch! lunch! where are you?l(扎着围裙,拿着锅铲,从门内跳出来):i’m here! what’s up ,mum?jm:i have told you again and again that you should call me “my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother in law”.l:ok.my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother-in-law, what’s up?jm:since you married my son you have be havedso badly.you have been so rude, so brusque,solazy……l:but……jm:never interrupt me!l:never interrupt me! since i married your son, that terrible johnny,i have been working hard alldaylong,cooking and washing. i have raised tens of thousands of pigs and ducks and chickenand……jm:but all those you have done arenot asvaluable as a grandson!l(生气地挥动着锅铲):oh,you want a grandson,don’t you?(开始解围裙)go and ask your son. i’m leaving!(扯下围裙,扔在jm的脸上,下)act(lm坐在台上打毛线,l拿着锅铲上)l:mum, i’m back!lm:you are back?why?what happened?l:i was kicked out by my most beautiful graceful and dearest mother–in-law.lm(惊讶,但随即露出幸灾乐祸的神情):see! i have aly told you! when you insisted onmarrying that terrible johnny, i told you that he is ugly tupid and poor, but you did not listento me. look at yourself……l:but,mum……lm:never interrupt me!l:mum,i’m not interrupting you. i just want to tell you that you are always right ok? andi’ll marry whomever you want me to.lm(大喜):nice girl! just now, i met the mayor’s son in the market.he said:“if your daughterhaven’t been married,i really really want to marry her!”now you are free again, i ’ll goand tell him.(下)l(惊愕):what? the mayor’s son?the most famous playboy in the neighbor-hood? (手中的锅铲掉在地上)what a silly thing i have done!(下)act3(j睡眼惺忪上)j(边走边道):lunch! lunch! where are mysocks?(走了几步,在地上捡起袜子)here they are!(闻一下) er! how smelly! they are still dirty!(突然想起)lunch has gone! i have to wash them myself.(他的肚子似乎咕咕叫了起来)oh,i’m so hungry! but there’s no breakfast!(捡起地上的围裙)this is what lunch always wears! i miss her so much, and her excellent cooking skill! nowshe has gone.i have to cook my mother and myself.jm(上):where’s my breakfast? where’slunch?hasn’t she got up yet?j:mum, can’t you remember?lunch has gone!jm(沉吟片刻):well, to tell you the truth johnny, a son without a wife is suseless. lunch is an icegirl,go and take her back!j(立正敬礼):yes madam!act(j开心地走着,忽然跳出来三个强盗)a:hey you!stop and listen to us!the road is built by me!(抬脚重重地踩在一块大石头上)b:and i planted one tree!(亦抬脚踩在同一块石头上)c:if you want to go by this street---(欲踩石头,但踩到了a的脚)abc:give us all your money!j(搜遍了每一个口袋,掏出1角硬币):is 1mao enough?(三强盗晕倒状,接着三人聚在一边商量)a:what bad luck! this guy is broken!b:if we cannot robany money today,we will havenot thing to eat tonight!c:i heard that the mayor’s son is going to marry miss liulanzhi next month.we can go androb the wedding!ab:good idea!j(惊讶):what? what? lunch is going to get married? it’s impossible!abc:why? a pretty girl and a richman,what a good couple!j:but lunch is my wife! we haven’t got divorced yet!(突然有了主意)i’ve got an idea!you are going to rob the wedding, don’tyou? i’ll gowith you. you take the money and i take the bride.b:have you got any experience?j:no. but i’ve got this!(j脱下鞋子从里面摸出一张票,上书$1,000,000)act5(转眼已到了婚礼之期.ms意气风发用红绸牵着新娘上,j盖着红盖头极不情愿地被拉上台)(j和三强盗跃至台中)abcj:hey you! stop and listen to us!a:the road is built by me!b:and i planted one tree.c:if you want to go by this street---j:give us all your money!(l听到j的声音,掀起了盖头)l(惊喜万分):johnny!(不顾一切地飞奔到j的身边并躲到了的身后)(ms大怒,挥拳向j打来.j矮身一躲,ms打中了j身后的l,l晕倒)j(火冒三丈):how dare you beat my wife!(挥拳向ms冲去)(j与ms混战,jm上,以拐杖击晕ms)(j将ms胸前的新郎标志扯下戴在自己胸前)j(扶起l,关切地问):honey, how are you?l(哭状):i hurt a lot!j:don’t cry baby.i’ll go and fetch the medicine. (下)l(起身去追):wait me! (跑下) 搞笑版 孔雀 东南飞

  我非常喜欢狐狸(I like foxes a lot) -- :6:5 来源: 我非常喜欢狐狸(I like foxes a lot)I like foxes a lot . They’re very cute and fox . They can capture the little animals , foxes like rabbits very much , because they like meat a lot . They’re very beautiful , they are red and white . Foxes have long tails . They can’t as lovely pets . But , we can see them in the zoo or the in the est.春天来了(spring is coming) -- ::9 来源: 春天来了(spring is coming)  the grass is turning green.aha! spring is coming! look! the willows have new leaves! it'getting warmer ande warmer.  we'll go to the mountains next week.spring is my favorite season.水很重要 Water Is Important -- :33:58 来源: We live in the earth, there is water around the surface of the earth, we can’t live without water. We drink water everyday, even in the food, it is said that there is a lot of water in it, even though we can’t see. People will die if they don’t drink water in the long term. Water is so important, we need to protect it from pollution.我们住在地球上,地球表面有很多水,我们不能离开水而活着我们每天都喝水,即使在食物里,据说有很多水分在里面,虽然我们看不到人们如果在长时间内不喝水的话就会死水很重要,我们需要保护水不受污染

  ring -01- 19:1: 来源: Spring Spring is the first season of a year . There are there months in spring : Morch , April and May , The weather is warm and windy . It rains a lot . The trees turn green and all the flowers are coming ont . In spring, I can wear my shirts . I often plant trees and go hiking . So I like spring very much . Of course , I like the Spring Festival , too .五年级英语作文:My new teacher --1 :00:5 来源:   I have a new teacher.She is an English teacher,her name is Mi He.She is young and beautiful.She is strict but kind.She often goes to work by motor bike.But sometimes she likes piaying orts.Usualli she likes ing book.I like my English teacher very much.What about you?

  暑假之旅 My Trip On Summer Holiday -- :3:5 来源: Last summer holiday I went to Paris with myparents by plane. First we visited the Arc and Triomphe, and we took manyphotos. Then we went to the Notre Dame, which is very wonderful. We saw a lotof interesting things. Finally we came to the Eiffel tower, and there were somany people, but they were all friendly. After that we sat on the grass,looking at the view. We felt very happy.去年暑假我和父母坐飞机去了巴黎我们先参观了阿尔克和,我们拍了很多照片然后我们去了巴黎圣母院,那里很壮观我们看到很多有趣的东西最后我们来到埃菲尔铁塔,那里人很多,不过他们都很友好之后,我们坐在草地上,看风景我们都非常高兴What a pleasant trip! I will never get it.真是一个愉快的旅行!我永远都不会忘记的

  冬天 Winter -- :: 来源: My favorite season is winter, because I like the cold weather in winter and I like dress warm clothes. Winter is the fourth season in the year. It begins around December. In the northern part of China, it usually snows in winter, so it’s a white season. There are many snow games to have fun in the winter. But in the south, it hardly snows. When it rains, it becomes very cold. People barely go to the outdoors.我最喜欢的季节是冬天,因为我喜欢冬天的寒冷和穿保暖的衣冬天是一年中的第四个季节,从月开始中国北方的冬天经常下雪,所以它也是个白色的季节冬天有许多玩雪的游戏但是在南方几乎不下雪,一下雨就变得很冷人们很少出门。

  人搞笑:拔牙 --31 :51:19 来源: 人搞笑:拔牙汤姆是一名毕业于加利福尼亚大学的专业牙医他不喜欢在医院工作,便开了一个兽医院开业第一天,Jerry面目狰狞地进入了诊所ASIDE:Tom is a professional dentist, he graduated from Calinia University. He didn’t like working in hospital, so he started a veterinary hospital. December 1st, In the dens hospital(Jerry捂着牙,面目狰狞的进入诊所,这时Tom与Jerry说话)Tom: Hi, good morning.Jerry: Good morning, doctor.Tom: Yeah, what’s your name?Jerry: I’m Jerry, nice to meet you!Tom: I’m Tom, nice to meet you, too!(Tom领着Jerry来到会诊室,Jerry坐在椅子上,Tom坐在桌子另一边)Tom: Next, what’s your matter?Jerry: I feel bad, my tooth is very painful, and I can’t bear it!Tom: Let me see your tooth, you should open your month and say”Ah”.Jerry: Ah~~~(Tom拿着手电筒,在Jerry嘴里照来照去)Tom: Yeah, your tooth is bad, I come to count it. One, two, three, four…Oh, my god, your tooth is very bad!(Tom走开,Jerry起来并说话)Jerry: Doctor, what should I do?Tom: I think you should take your tooth, this is good idea.Jerry: NO!!! That sound bad, I hate to take my tooth, it is very painful!Tom: Oh, yeah. Although you dislike taking your tooth, you should take some medicine.Jerry: That’s good, so what medicine should I take?Tom: I see……(Tom翻药方书)You should take it(Tom指了指书).Jerry: “Aspirin”?Tom: Yeah~~~~Jerry: How much is it?Tom: You should take it three days, you give me 1 dollars.Jerry: Unh~~~although it is expensive, I should buy it.(Jerry掏兜,掏出1美元)Jerry: Here you are.Tom: Yeah, this is your medicine, you should come here after 3 days.Jerry: Thank you, doctor, goodbye.Tom: Bye-bye.After 3 daysDecember th, ASIDE: Three days is past. Jerry took some dens medicine, but Jerry felt his tooth is very painful, he had to come to this dens hospital. 人搞笑:拔牙

  myself --19 :: 来源: My name is Wu Yuwei .I’m years old. I’m a Chinese girl .I study in Xinqi Primary School. I’m in Class 3,Grade 6. I’m in Row 3. I have many friends in class. example, Che Lei is my best friend . She is years old , too. She is a good girl. We often help each other. There are four people in my family . They are my father, mother, sister and me .My parents are mers . They work hard. My sister is a student . I love them and they love me ,too.

  五一游紫禁城,内殿部分住处对外开放 --9 :30: 来源: 曾经紫禁城是一个未经君王允许不得进入的城堡,现在它已开始向游客开放另外一个隐蔽区世界人们将很快见到曾连续500年是历代君王的家的迷人的紫禁城更多部分,无需额外费用随着帝王和皇妃住处的开放,游客们将可以参观内殿的一些重要住处Once a tress that no one could enter or leave without the emperor's permission, the bidden City is set to welcome visitors to another of its secluded zones. The world will soon get to see more of the intriguing bidden City, home to generations of Chinese emperors spanning five centuries - at no extra cost.With the opening of the secluded residence of empresses and imperial concubines, which lies to the west of Longzong Gate, visitors will enter into some of the crucial quarters of the Inner Court - once prohibited and punishable by death.The decision to open up parts of the Inner Court to tourists is part of efts by the world's largest palace complex to cater to the interests of the increasing number of visitors, curator Shan Jixiang said on Thursday.The bidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987 and listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. It has been known as the Palace Museum since 195, soon after Puyi, the last emperor of the Qing Dynasty (-19), was evicted from the Inner Court."We received million guests last year and expect to have 1 million more than that figure this year," Shan, mer chief of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, told China Daily in an exclusive interview."We plan to expand the visiting zones from nearly half to two-thirds (of the bidden City) in the near future."Located near the halfway point of the central north-south axis, Longzong Gate was the main entrance to the Palace of Benevolent Peace (Cining Gong) as well as the Palace of Longevity and Good Health (Shoukang Gong), on the western side of the museum.The two palaces were merly the residence and venues entertainment and rituals empresses and concubines in the Qing Dynasty.What's in store has aroused as much curiosity as historical evidence of two arrow heads stuck on the gate since 18 when rebellious farmers attacked the bidden City.Reparation and restoration of the two palaces have been completed and workers are putting final touches to the adjoining Garden of Benevolent Peace. The palaces will open to the public along with the garden after renovation of the garden is completed at the end of this year, Shan said."The Palace of Longevity and Good Health will be presented as it would have appeared in dynastic times, while the Palace of Benevolent Peace will showcase a rich collection of sculptures," he added.After being the home of emperors - during the Ming Dynasty (68-) and during the Qing Dynasty, the site that is now the Palace Museum is laden with legends and anecdotes, said Lin Shu, a researcher with the museum's department of palatial life and imperial rituals.A one-story building in the Garden of Benevolent Peace, instance, will tell the filial story of emperor Qianlong, who left his residence to stay there through the night to wait on his ailing mother. According to Lin, the emperor apparently made frequent visits a month until his mother recovered. At a time, it was very rare an emperor to leave his official residence.More safety and exhibitsNearly nine times as large as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Palace Museum welcomes the majority of visitors to its central north-south axis and southern Outer Court, where its ceremonial palaces are concentrated.Besides the Palace of Benevolent Peace and the Palace of Longevity and Good Health, most quarters on the western and eastern sides of the imperial site are inaccessible to visitors, though an array of halls on both sides are open to showcase a fine collection of rare and valuable works of art.The out-of-bounds zones are either under repair or used as offices, stores or research purposes, according to museum sources.Shan and his team vowed to change the situation."The research and office facilities have occupied a good part of the walled enclosure of the Palace Museum," said Shan. "They must move out and make room to exhibit our cultural relics."The Palace Museum now holds a total of 1.8 million artifacts, of which over 93 percent are designated as nationally protected "valuable cultural relics", Shan cited from the museum's latest audit findings.The area within the 8-meter-tall red walls s two-thirds of the entire complex of the Palace Museum. If all the research, office and service personnel as well as materials within the walls are removed as planned by , authorities could install better security measures to prevent thefts and fires, the curator added.A notorious incident last May in which a 7-year-old farmer stole art from the museum has sparked public concerns over security loopholes in the bidden City.Shan, appointed curator in February, pledged to employ "the world's most advanced security equipment and technology" and improve his employees' awareness of their responsibilities."Safety, especially fire prevention, is always our priority," Shan stressed.To illustrate his point, Shan picked up a cigarette butt from the ground bee entering the red walls that house the Palace of Benevolent Peace, and pointed to cameras hidden under the eaves of some buildings.The fear of fire has been a constant threat centuries and caused people to become superstitious. example, almost all roofs in the bidden City are built with yellow glazed tiles symbolizing royalty, but the library at the Pavilion of Literary Profundity (Wenyuan Ge) had dark-colored tiles. The reason was that dark colors were associated with water, symbolic of fire prevention.Better servicesStanding near Longzong Gate, Shan said service booths selling food, drinks and souvenirs will be erected on the square visitors once the gate is open. Currently, there is a temporary snack bar on the other side of the gate, which is less accessible to tourists, especially on windy days, Shan said.He acknowledged that doing business in the museum had struck a raw nerve among some Chinese, who have a special attachment to the Palace Museum. example, the stall that served delicious but expensive beef noodles was shut down, and a Starbucks outlet that opened in 00 was eventually closed after seven years due to a public outcry."Starbucks, McDonald's and other brands are considered sensitive (to many people), but their presence is not uncommon in museums in other countries," Shan said. "We have hordes of visitors from all over the world every day, often spending several hours in the museum, and they need different kinds of food and drinks."The important thing the museum is to ensure the needs of the visitors are well addressed, and the food served is healthy and diverse, Shan said. "We will not specify the brands. We care more about the variety and quality."A mer tour guide in Beijing, who identified herself only as Lu, said whenever she led tour groups from the southern entrance of the Meridian Gate (Wumen), all the way up to the northern exit of Gate of Divine Might (Shenwumen), many sang the praises of the spectacular palaces. But there were also others who complained of the lack of "priceless relics".Shan said an exhibition hall spanning nearly 3,000 square meters will be created by using the space on the Meridian Gate and its two protruding wings.Together with the Hall of Military Prowess, which houses a large collection of paintings and calligraphy works, and the Hall of Literary Glory which contains precious ceramics, they will serve as a cluster of mini-museums visitors bee entering the heart of the bidden City.Shan also said the Palace Museum will open ticket booths on the square between the Meridian Gate and the Upright Gate (Duanmen), to significantly cut short the waiting time visitors.Some of the booths will begin operation during the May Day holiday. 五一 紫禁城 部分

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