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|%8QY;,zwV%.6tv+[Di,D|1Se9UKenya has been named the most romantic movie location to steal a smooch in celebration of International Kissing Day.肯尼亚被称为最浪漫的电影拍摄地,在国际接吻日上偷到一个吻并非难事AFy6j*VRlHGm-C3ARanked in first place, the African country’s Ngong Hills have been described as the best place on earth couples to pucker up – thanks to the Robert Redd-starring Out Of Africa film.非洲的恩贡山排名第一,拜出演《走出非洲的罗伯特·雷德福德所赐,这里被称地球上最合适情侣接吻的地方m6;@tm;.UPihmIn second place of the dreamiest destinations inspired by movies is Paris, thanks to Bee Sunset, with lead Ethan Hawke; followed by New York where some of Sleepless in Seattle was filmed.多亏伊桑·霍克出演的《日落巴黎,第二个给电影带来灵感的梦幻之地是巴黎U^-XwJjbX6x^,紧随其后的是《西雅图,夜未眠拍摄地纽约eX5tEUKngq@bK3vXkgSL[ZVa]lhZTJA!Fkl#7v3k^T3#l%,JsS 396

Lee Redmond, a woman from Utah who has not cut her nails since 1979, had grown and carefully manicured them to reach a total length of 8.65 m ( ft .5 in). Sadly, on February, , she lost them in a car crash. Lee Redmond,一名来自美国犹他州的妇女,自从1979年起就一直留着指甲并精心修剪,最终使指甲总长度达到8.65米可悲的是,在年月的一次交通事故中,她失去了这些指甲 35

As most people know, about 70 percent of the Earth surface is covered in water. All said and done, there about 1.3 billion cubic kilometers (33.5 million cubic miles) of water on the planet, and the seas and rivers and oceans that hold all that water are still some of the most poorly understood regions on Earth—and so are the creatures that live in them.众所周知,地球表面70%都被水体覆盖总而观之,地球上的水约有亿立方千米(3350万立方英里),然而人们对盛着这些水的江河海洋却仍知之甚少——对生活在其中的生物也一样.Colossal Squid Digest Food With Their Brains.巨型乌贼用大脑消化食物The colossal squid, or Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, was believed to be a myth until recently, and weve still only seen a handful in real life. In , the largest specimen yet was found and captured by a crew of New Zealand fishermen in the Ross Sea near Antarctica. It was massive—a full meters (33 ft) long and almost 50 kilograms (1,000 lbs) in weight. The squid was hauled back to New Zealand to be studied, and they found something pretty incredible: Its digestive system runs right through the center of its brain.巨型乌贼,即“大王酸浆乌贼”(Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni),在世人眼中一直是个谜,直到最近才解开;然而我们实际上仍只看见寥寥可数的几只年,最大的一只乌贼在南极洲附近的罗斯海出现,被几个新西兰渔民捉住它体型巨大——整整米(33英尺)长,几乎有50公斤(00英镑)重这只乌贼被运回新西兰进行研究,人们发现了一些不可思议的东西:它的消化系统贯通了大脑The brain is built like a doughnut—a ring of fleshy mass with a hole right in the middle. When the colossal squid swallows its prey, the esophagus carries it through the brain, which pulls nutrients directly from the food bee it reaches its stomach. Gigantic squid like this inhabit the frigid waters of the deep ocean, and between the cold and their ridiculously slow metabolisms, they dont actually need much food to survive. In fact, the half-ton animal only needs 30 grams of food per day to survive. That about what a single AA battery weighs.它的大脑结构就像甜甜圈——一圈大脑组织,正中间一个洞当巨型乌贼吞咽猎物时,食道把食物送到大脑,大脑从中直接吸收营养物质,然后食物才进入胃里像这样巨大的乌贼住在深海冰冷的水中,在寒冷和极其缓慢的新陈代谢之间,它们实际不需要太多食物就能活下去事实上,这种重达半吨的动物每天只需要30克(1盎司)食物那大约就是一节5号电池的重量9.Piranha-Proof Fish Armor9.防御水虎鱼的铠甲Piranhas, the razor-toothed terrors of the Amazon River, have few natural predators and an almost endless buffet of potential prey. Although a single piranha might make a nice meal a dolphin or a cormorant, their tendency to swim in schools of hundreds keeps most predators at bay, so piranhas live a largely lawless life. As a result, other Amazonian fish have had to adapt to their bullying neighbors, and even the largest fish in the Amazon—the Arapaima gigas or giant arapaima—needs a second layer of protection.水虎鱼是亚马逊河里长着尖牙的恐怖分子它们的天敌屈指可数,猎物倒是很多,几乎有吃不完的大餐虽然单个水虎鱼可能成为海豚或鸬鹚口中的美餐,但是它们喜欢几百条一起成群结队出现的习性让大部分敌人敬而远之,,水虎鱼几乎过着无法无天的生活最终,亚马逊河的其他鱼儿不得不适应这些粗暴的邻居,甚至亚马逊河里最大的鱼——巨骨舌鱼(Arapaima gigas)——都需要两层防护Giant arapaima are massive fish, weighing close to 0 kilograms (300 lbs) at adulthood. But as Teddy Roosevelt observed, a school of piranhas wont shy away from size alone, so the giant arapaima evolved armor to withstand the bites. Their scales are built in two layers—the outer layer is a hard, mineralized surface shell, and the inner layer is softer with intricate collagen structures built like rotating stairways. When a piranha tooth clamps against the outer shell, the stairway structures bend and rotate to absorb the ce without breaking. It like punching a pillow rather than a pane of glass—the pillow bounces back into shape.巨骨舌鱼是巨型鱼,成年时的体重近0公斤(300英镑)但是据泰迪·罗斯福观察,水虎鱼群不会被体型吓倒,所以巨骨舌鱼为抵挡啮咬而进化出了一副盔甲它们的鳞有两层——外层坚硬,是石化的外壳;里层柔软,里面的骨胶原结构像旋转楼梯那样错综复杂当水虎鱼牙齿钳住外面的壳时,楼梯似的结构就会弯曲、旋转,将撞击力吸收而且不会破损就像一拳打在枕头而非玻璃窗上——枕头弹回了原型8.Invisible Warfare8.看不见的战争The most abundant lifem in the ocean is one youll never see—a family of bacteria collectively known as SAR. They live in all the world oceans from the arctic to the tropics, and theyre incredibly efficient at their job—converting dissolved carbon into CO. The most abundant predator in the ocean also exists at the microscopic level—a closely related group of viruses called pelagiphages. And theyre waging holy war on the SAR bacteria.你永远看不到海洋里最丰富的生命形式——一个总称为SAR的细菌科生物它们遍布世界各大洋,从北极到回归线;它们的工作效率极高——将溶解的碳转换为二氧化碳海洋生物面对着各种杀手,其中对手最多的也是用显微镜才看得见的生物——一个与病毒密切相关的群体,叫做“pelagiphages”它们对SAR细菌发动了圣战What happening is a fiercely competitive evolutionary arms race. Twenty-three years ago, in 1990, the SAR bacteria were observed the first time, and they werent given a lot of attention. They dont do much; there just happen to be a lot of them. But earlier this year, a routine test of the water off the coast of Oregon found a mass of dead SAR cells. Swimming in the same water were the previously unknown pelagiphage viruses, and the researchers watched as the viruses murdered the remaining bacteria cells in front of their eyes.这是一场进化上激烈的军备竞赛3年以前,1990年SAR细菌被首次发现,备受关注它们没有什么特别,只是数量庞大但是今年初,对俄勒冈沿岸水体的一项常规检测发现了大量死亡的SAR细胞人们不知道这片水里有这种病毒研究人员眼睁睁地看着病毒杀死剩余细菌细胞But the SAR are so adept at sharing genetic inmation that theyve managed to stay one step ahead of the pelagiphages, constantly evolving to fight them off. And the viruses arent far behind. There aly a completely new subfamily of pelagiphage viruses, evolved to prey on the more evolved SAR cultures. It a microscopic war unfolding right in front of us.但是SAR擅长分享遗传信息,它们能比这些病毒快一步,不断以进化挫败对方而病毒落后并不多它们已经有了一个完整的新的亚科——这就是为捕杀更高级的SAR生物所做的进化这场微生物战争正在我们面前兴起翻译:罗惠月 来源:前十网 386573

5.Over One Billion People Watched Michael Memorial5.超过十亿人观看了迈克尔的悼念仪式Although it depends on the source, most estimates suggest that around a billion people around the worldwatched Michael Jackson memorial when it aired in . Most of the time, sports broadcasts reign supreme as far as most-watched television programs are concerned. example, the Super Bowl has the most records total viewers in the ed States while Germany biggest audiences watch FIFA World Cup games. A total of 19 networks around the ed States aired the memorial, and official ratings company Nielsen reported that over 31 million people tuned in to watch. In addition, the memorial scored large audiences in Europe where it was broadcast during the prime time hours. Over seven million people watched the broadcast on various B networks in the UK, and a variety of other countries like Germany, Australia, and France also aired the memorial. Many more millions of people reportedly chose to stream the memorial through the internet, and major websites reported huge spikes in traffic after the memorial was streamed online. example, CNN said its memorial stream got over 80 million page views and a whopping 9.7 million streams. Other big internet news names like MSN, Fox News, and Yahoo News all also reported millions of live streams.根据原始资料记载,在年迈克尔·杰克逊的悼念仪式直播之时,世界各地观看的人数达十亿左右一般情况下,体育直播是占主导地位的,还有那些收视率最高的电视节目,这些节目会受到人们的关注例如,;超级碗;在美国拥有最高收视率,而德国的大多数人却喜爱观看国际足联世界杯的比赛美国19个广播电视网直播了那次悼念仪式并且,据官方评级公司尼尔森报道,全球约有超过31,000,000人次收看了此次直播另外,此次悼念仪式在欧洲的黄金时段被直播时,也吸引了大量听众在英国,超过7,000,000人通过英国广播公司的各种网站收听此次直播节目,同时其他各个国家,如德国,澳大利亚和法国的媒体也直播了迈克尔的悼念仪式据报道,数以百万计的人在互联网上观看悼念仪式,以至于一些主要的网站出现了严重的网络瘫痪例如,美国有线电视新闻网络称,超过80,000,000次的访问量和9700,000次的数据流都是冲着观看纪念迈克尔的直播来的其他一些有名的网络新闻媒体,如微软全国广播公司节目,福克斯新闻频道和雅虎新闻也都报道了当天数以百万计的视频点击量In a sign that his fans werent yet y to give him up, Michael Jackson Facebook page became the most liked page on the social media website shortly after his death. Bee Michael page took the number one spot, the only page with more ;likes; was the page of President Barack Obama. Just after his death, two of Michael albums rose to the top of the sales charts, and the top songs on iTunes included four Michael Jackson songs.有迹象表明,迈克尔·杰克逊的粉丝无法接受他已离去的事实,他在FaceBook上的个人网页在他死后那段时间里成为社交网络中获点赞量最多的页面在这之前,获点赞量最多的是贝拉克·奥巴马的页面迈克尔去世后,他的两个唱片集销售量位居销售排行榜的首位,其中有四首歌曲也进入苹果公司音乐播放器排行榜前十位.Some of Michael First Audiences Were in Strip Clubs.迈克尔的首批粉丝产生于脱衣舞俱乐部When Michael started his career as a child with his brothers as the Jackson Five, the clan father was willing to have them perm almost anywhere to get them exposure with new audiences. Oddly, some of the first stages on which Michael sang were in strip clubs. The Jackson Five first promoted song was called ;Big Boy,; which was released in 1968. Many of the permances of this early hit took place in strip clubs at night after the boys had aly had a full day of school. Michael was just five or six years old at the time of these permances.当迈克尔·杰克逊和他的兄弟们以;杰克逊五兄弟;的组合开始演出生涯时,他们的父亲便允许他们在任何地方演出,以接触到更多新观众不可思议的是,迈克尔·杰克逊刚开始表演的地方居然是些脱衣舞俱乐部1968年,杰克逊五兄弟发行了首张单曲《Big boy他们早期的很多演出,都是他们放学后去脱衣舞俱乐部举行的当时,迈克尔·杰克逊年仅五六岁The newspaper ;The Guardian; reported some fairly lurid details about the early years Michael spent touring with the Jackson Five. According to the inmation that came out after Michael death, the singer usually shared a motel room with two of his older brothers, Jermaine and Marlon. Reportedly, Jermaine would bring fans back after the show, and Michael and his brother were supposed to feign sleep no matter what happened in the room. This very early exposure to adult activities meant Michael never really had a healthy view of women and relationships, particularly when combined with permances at age five in strip clubs. Over the years, Michael would have several failed relationships and marriages. In the 1990s, he was married to Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis, less than two years. After divorcing Lisa, he married the assistant of his dermatologist, a woman named Debbie Rowe. The pair would have two children together, but they would divorce in 1999 with Jackson gaining full custody of the kids. Audio recordings of Michael that were released after his death revealed the star had romantic feelings his good friend, Elizabeth Taylor.《英国卫报报道了关于迈克尔·杰克逊早年跟随杰克逊五兄弟外出演唱时发生的一些相当耸人听闻的事情据迈克尔·杰克逊去世后的一些消息称,迈克尔通常是和他的两个哥哥杰迈恩和马隆同住一间汽车旅馆房间的据报道,每当演出结束后,杰迈恩都会带女粉丝回住处,而不管房间里发生什么事,迈克尔和他的另一个兄弟都必须假装睡觉对于成人性爱的过早目睹,尤其是只有5岁就在脱衣舞俱乐部演出的经历,扭曲了迈克尔对性和婚姻的认识多年来,迈克尔有过几段失败的婚恋史在世纪90年代,他和猫王的女儿丽莎·玛丽·普雷斯利结婚,然而这场婚姻维持不到年便以失败告终和丽莎离婚后,他与一个叫黛比·罗的皮肤科护士结婚了他们育有两个孩子,但在1999年时,他们宣告离婚同时,迈克尔获得了孩子的监护权迈克尔去世后,有音频记录流传开来,传言说他和好友伊丽莎白·泰勒之间有过暧昧关系3.Michael Wanted to Advertise with a Giant Robot3.迈克尔的;巨型机器人广告;One of the most devastating parts of Michael Jackson early passing is the enthusiasm and ideas he had his comeback tour and how none of those plans ever made it to fruition. Known his crazy stunts and spending habits, one of the strangest ideas to come out bee his death was a giant 50-foot robot that would walk around Las Vegas to advertise a Las Vegas show to people landing at the local airport. Bee settling on his ;This is It; tour, Michael had been planning a show in Las Vegas, and the robot would welcome people to town as they arrived by airplane. The initial plans a giant robot were drawn up in , but the Las Vegas show never came to fruition a variety of reasons. Michael had just come out of his third trial child molestation, and while he was acquitted, he had problems securing funding a new show in Las Vegas. Investors were nervous about partnering with Michael because of his legal troubles. At the time, Michael money problems also extended to his Neverland Ranch, which was eventually sold off as debt to a financier.在迈克尔早期宣传中,最令人称奇的是他对自己复出巡回演唱会付出的热情和提出的新颖想法他能让那些奇妙的安排设计;开花结果;迈克尔·杰克逊以他惊人的表演特技和不惜;一掷千金;打造完美演唱会的个性著称在他去世前那场演唱会上,他曾萌生一个最奇怪的想法——他希望能有一个50英尺高的巨型机器人环绕着行走,给他的机场演唱会做广告在;就是这样;巡回演唱会之前,迈克尔就已经在计划好了一场机场表演,届时将有机器人将在场欢迎所有坐飞机前来的人们早在年,迈克尔关于巨型机器人的最初设想就已经产生了,但是由于种种原因,演出一直没能实现那时迈克尔刚刚结束儿童性侵案的第三次审判,尽管他被判无罪,但是他却没有足够资金来举办演唱会投资者们也担心迈克尔的法律纠纷会给他们之间的合作关系带来影响当时,迈克尔的资金问题也波及到他的梦幻庄园的运营,最终,此庄园由于债务问题出售给了金融家用来抵债The idea the robot and its subsequent promotion to potential investors was meant to draw money in Michael Las Vegas show. The robot was supposed to show investors that Michael still had big ideas and was y to stage a comeback show in Sin City. After his failure to raise enough money to put on his Vegas show, Michael moved on and started planning his ;This is It; tour that would begin with several shows in London. Untunately, Michael died while preparing that tour.对那些潜在的投资者们来说,要实现这个机器人的设想及其后续推广,意味着他们要预款项,以确保迈克尔演出的精呈现机器人的设想向投资者们展示了迈克尔的大胆想法,以及他已准备好在罪恶之城(别称)东山再起的决心最终,迈克尔未能筹集足够资金来举办的演出,但他没有气馁,他转而着手筹备;就是这样;,准备在伦敦机场做巡回演出然而,在这场巡回演出的筹备期间,迈克尔却不幸离世.Michael Jackson Didnt Invent the Moonwalk.迈克尔·杰克逊并没有发明太空步Some of Michael Jackson dance moves were as famous as his songs, and the moonwalk was definitely one of his most famous creations. However, Michael Jackson didnt invent the moonwalk. The artist first unveiled what would become one of his signature dance moves in 1983 during a taping a television show. Given Michael incredible stage presence and permances, it not hard to assume Michael created the move in the early 1980s. However, in the decades since he made it famous, a variety of permers have revealed that they, too, used the move decades bee Michael ever used it on stage. Over the years, different stories have been told to describe how Michael came to use the move in his show. Michael brother, Jermaine, once said that Michael made his dance moves up on the spot and that they werent usually rehearsed bee they were permed. On the other hand, his sister, LaToya, said that the move came from a dance that kids were perming fun in the streets at the time and that Michael actually got lessons from a backup dancer named Jeffrey Daniel, who aly knew how to do the moonwalk. Bee Michael started doing the moonwalk on stage, it was called ;the backslide.;迈克尔·杰克逊的一些舞蹈动作与他的歌一样出名其中,;太空步;无疑是他最出名的动作之一而实际上,迈克尔·杰克逊并没有发明太空步在1983年的一次电视录音节目中,这位艺术家首次表演了他最经典的太空步考虑到迈克尔·杰克逊极好的舞台感和表现力,人们自然而然就认为是他在二十世纪八十年代早期发明了太空步然而,在迈克尔使得太空步得以;轰动一时;的前几十年里,就有许多舞者表示他们早已登台表演过这种舞步这些年来,关于迈克尔如何在表演中使用太空步的说法不尽相同迈克尔的兄弟杰曼曾经说过,迈克尔在演出中跳的这种舞步与他们之前演出和排练时的舞步不同而另一方面,他的托娅却说,太空步是源于当时街上的孩子们为了好玩而跳的舞步实际上,迈克尔师从于一位名为杰夫瑞丹尼尔的伴舞演员,他知道如何跳太空步在迈克尔登台表演太空步之前,它被称作;滑步;When Michael wrote his autobiography, he admitted that hed aly been practicing the moonwalk in his kitchen bee the fateful television appearance where he debuted the dance move. He echoed LaToya suggestion that the move originally came from street kids who were perming in the ghetto. Interestingly, the kids who Michael credited with teaching him the dance move were actually older than Michael and hadnt been kids quite some time.在迈克尔的自传中,他说道,在那次重要的电视首秀之前,他曾多次在厨房里练习太空步他从托娅的建议中得到启示,太空步的灵感最初源自在贫民区街头表演的小孩子有趣的是,迈克尔说的教他跳太空步的;小孩们;事实上比他还要大,他们已经不当小孩好多年了1.Michael Jackson Only Admitted to Having Two Plastic Surgeries1.迈克尔·杰克逊只承认自己做了两个整形手术Michael dramatic changes in appearance over the years were reportedly due to frequent visits to the plastic surgeon, but he only ever admitted to having two surgeries. Depending on the source, some say Michael had somewhere around a dozen procedures while other sources actually claim he had over 0 operations. While alive, Michael only admitted to having a nose job and work on his chin, and he blamed his strangely white skin on a condition called vitiligo. Although gossip surrounding his skin color was common during his lifetime, an autopsy revealed the singer did indeed suffer from the skin pigmentation ailment. An interview in ;People; magazine with a Los Angeles plastic surgeon named Dr. Wallace Goodstein said the King of Pop came into the office frequently procedures. Goodstein only worked about two years at the office where Michael doctor practiced, but he said Michael came in around a dozen procedures in that short time. Procedures Michael allegedly had included many nose jobs, the insertion of a cleft into his chin, and implants in his cheeks. Jackson would never arrive his surgeries during the day and had his doctor do the procedures in the evenings when no one was likely to see the pop star at the office. J. Randy Taraborrelli, who wrote Michael biography, said Michael had his first rhinoplasty in 1979 after an accident during a dance routine. Apparently, the procedure made it difficult Michael to breathe, so he had another rhinoplasty in 1981. However, conflicting reports from Michael family members, his alleged doctors, and his own autobiography have made it impossible to confirm what procedures Michael had and how many nose jobs he underwent. Besides his nose job, the only other surgery Michael admitted to was getting the chin cleft.这些年,迈克尔在外观上的巨大变化被媒体频繁报道,因为他经常拜访整形医生但是,他永远只承认他只做过两次手术据知情人士透露,迈克尔在身体某处进行了十几次手术,而其他知情人士则说,实际上他已动过上百次手术生前,他只承认做了鼻子和下巴的手术,而他说他的皮肤之所以变白,实际上是因为他得了白癜风虽然在他的一生中,关于他肤色的八卦屡见不鲜,但他死后的尸检结果表明,他确实受到过皮肤色素沉着病的折磨《人物杂志采访了洛杉矶的一位名为华莱士·古德斯坦的整形外科医生,他说,流行音乐之王经常来他们医院做手术古德斯坦,作为迈克尔的主治医生的实习生,只在那里工作了两年他说,迈克尔在这么短的时间内大约做了十几个手术据称,迈克尔在鼻子上做了许多手术,在下巴和脸颊做了填充手术杰克逊从未在白天做手术,他让医生在晚上给他做手术,这样就可以避免有人在医院碰见他了迈克尔传记的作者J.兰迪·塔拉雷利称,迈克尔在1979年表演一个舞蹈常规动作时出现了事故,在那之后他进行了第一次隆鼻手术显然,这个手术使得迈克尔呼吸困难,于是他只好在1981年又做了一次隆鼻手术然而,对此,迈克尔家人的说法与迈克尔医生以及迈克尔在自传中的说法都产生矛盾了所以,人们已无法确认迈克尔到底经受过什么样手术,以及他到底做了多少隆鼻手术除了鼻子,迈克尔承认,他还动过手术的一个部位就是下巴In life and in death, Michael Jackson has remained one of the biggest entertainers ever to perm on stage. At the time of his passing in , Michael had sold over 0 million albums, as well as hundreds of millions of singles. The consummate permer, Michael was an exacting artist who demanded nothing but the best from himself and everyone around him each time he took the stage. Estimates suggest Michael records brought in more than a half billion dollars during his lifetime, and several of his albums appear on lists of the best-selling albums of all time. Numbers suggest ;Thriller; alone sold more than 50 million copies. His albums and work also won a mind-boggling 56 Grammy Awards, 68 American Music Awards, and 3 Billboard Awards. Although his real-life antics turned him into fodder the tabloids, even his odd reputation and all the weird rumors surrounding his lifestyle couldnt make his fans abandon him. Even in death, Michael Jackson remains a true music legend.无论是生前还是死后,迈克尔·杰克逊都是一个对乐坛发展非常重要的歌者在去世的时候,迈克尔售出的专辑已超过两亿多张,售出的单曲也达数百万张他是完美的表演者,是一位严谨的艺术家他除了每次登台都要求自己和身边的人表现到最好,其他别无所求在迈克尔的一生中,他的唱片给他带来了超过五亿美元的收入并且,他的好几张专辑总是出现在最畅销的榜单上数据显示,专辑《Thriller销量超过五千万张他的专辑和工作获得了56项格莱美奖,68项全美音乐奖,以及3项公告牌音乐奖,这简直让人难以置信虽然他的真实生活十分古怪,这使得他成为报刊的;宠儿;,还有他那;奇怪;的声誉和各种不可思议的传闻但是他的粉丝并没有离他而去即使在死后,迈克尔·杰克逊仍然音乐界的一个真正的传奇编辑:烟囱 来源:前十网 3375

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