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Wen:Um...where are my utensils?Clyde:You eat with your hands. Pick up the b and use it like a spoon to scoop up the food.Nikki:This dish, Zilbo, has lamb and potatoes.Wen:Mmm! This is really good! Can you pass the honey wine? So, Clyde, what do you study?Clyde:International law and business. My family runs its own firm.Nikki:Clyde wants to be the first black president.Clyde:WILL be the first black president. I take Ronald Reagan as my role model.参考译文:小 雯: 嗯……餐具在哪?克莱德:用手吃拿着那个面包,就像用汤匙般拿它来舀食物妮 琪: 兹尔这道菜是用羊肉和马铃薯做的小 雯: 嗯!真好吃!你可以把蜂蜜露递给我吗?欸,克莱德,你念什么的?克莱德:国际商业及法律我家有开公司妮 琪: 克莱德想当第一位黑人总统克莱德:一定会当上第一位黑人总统我将里根当成我的楷模重点词汇:scoop (v.)舀scoop up something是「将某物舀起来」这里用来舀食物的,是一种类似法国煎饼的扁圆面包Help me scoop up this mess.帮我把这个舀起来take someone as my role model将某人当成我的楷模Ronald Reagan隆纳里根,前美国总统,是典型的共和党员I take my mother as my role model.我以我妈妈为榜样utensil1 (n.)餐具(刀、叉、汤匙等)A: I need to buy James a birthday present.我得买个生日礼物送詹姆斯B: He a great cook—why dont you buy him some cooking utensils?他是个很棒的厨师——你何不送他一些烹饪用具?run (v.)经营firm (n.) 公司I dont know how to run a business.我不懂如何经营公司 37。

  • 【Warm up】Warm up 热身练习Decide whether these statements are TRUE or FALSE 判断正误1 Sarah is going to move into Fadi’s flat Harry and Johnny are working the same company 3 Magda thinks it is a good idea friend to work together Johnny is optimistic about his future 5 Magda has an interview at Johnny’s company 6 Johnny is playing football later 背单词 — 生活常用词汇 1957。
  • Ask an American-Offensive mascots; capacity versus capability; to punch in versus to punch out; to put the cat among the pigeonsWords:mascotracist slurover the objection of (someone)offended byvictimizednation’s capitalbigotedinsensitivenicknameattachment toto overridelegitimatecapacitycapabilityto punch into punch outto put the cat among the pigeons 65。
  • Jennifer: I think I need a new notebook...Billy: Why? Is there some new, cool computer out on the market?Jennifer: You bet there is. Feast your eyes on this puppy!Billy: That a notebook?Jennifer: Believe it!Billy: It looks more like a toy, or a cool briefcase!参考译文:詹尼弗:我想我需要一台新的笔记型计算机……比 利:为什么?市场上有新出的酷计算机吗?詹尼弗:你答对了这宝贝美呆了吧?比 利:那是笔记型计算机?詹尼弗:你最好试着相信!比 利:说这是玩具,或是一只很酷的手提箱还比较像!重点词汇:iBook  美国苹果公司所推出的新一代笔记型计算机notebook (n.)  笔记型计算机Feast your eyes on  眼睛照过来看…,feast (v.)是「饱览」之意,是在跟对方说有好东西要让他看briefcase (n.)  公文包A: Bye, honey! Ill see you after work! 再见,亲爱的!下班后见!B: Wait! You got your briefcase! 等等!你忘了带公文包! 18。
  • Listen to the episode and answer the questions. Which characters are the questions referring to? Magda, Sarah, Harry, Fadi, Johnny or Olivia? 1 Who thinks Tony makes good coffee? Who is sharing a flat with Magda? 3 Who is waiting exam results? Who is in Chongqing? 5 Who is visiting their family? 6 Who has a shop next door to the café? 注:内容转载自http:www.englishonline.org.cn 85。
  • The Indiana State Fair印第安纳州集市Almost all states in America have a state fair. They last one, two or three weeks. The Indiana state fair is one of the largest and oldest state fairs in the ed States. It is held every summer. It started in 185. Its goals were to educate, share ideas, and present Indiana best products. The cost of a single ticket to enter the fair was cents.几乎美国所有的州都有一个集市它们会持续一周、两周或三周印第安纳州的集市是美国规模最大,历史最久的集市之一,每年夏天都会举办它起源于185年它的目的是进行教育,分享创意,展示印第安纳最好的商品进入集市的门票是每张美分During the early 1930s, officials of the fair ruled that people could attend by paying with something other than money. example, farmers brought a bag of grain in exchange a ticket. With the passage of time, the fair has grown and changed a lot, but it is still one of the Indiana most celebrated events.在世纪30年代,集市的官员制定规则,除了金钱以外,人们可以付其他东西以参加集会例如,农夫带着一袋谷物来换取一张门票随着时间的推移,集会壮大了,改变颇多,但它始终是印第安纳州最盛大的节日之一People from all over Indiana and from many other states attend the fair. They can do many things at the fair. They can watch the judging of the priced cows, pigs and other animals. They can see sheep getting their wool cut and they can learn how that wool is made into clothing. They can watch cows giving birth. In fact, people can learn about animals they would never see except at the fair.来自于印第安纳州的人们以及许多从其他州慕名而来的人都参加了这个盛会他们可以观看如何对明码标价的奶牛、猪和其他动物进行辨别它们可以观看绵羊被剃毛,了解怎样用羊毛来制作装他们可以观察母牛是如何产仔的事实上,人们可以见识一些除了在集市上,在其他地方根本见不到的动物The fair provides a chance the farming commy to show its skills and farm products. example, visitors might see the world largest apple, or the tallest sunflower plant. Today, children and adults at the fair can play new computer games, or attend more traditional games of skill. They can watch permances put on by famous entertainers.集市为农场提供了机会,以展示它们的技艺和产品例如,参观者或许可以看到世界上最大的苹果或是最高的向日葵今天,参加集市的儿童和承认可以尝试新的电脑游戏,或是更为传统的技艺比赛他们可以观看著名表演家的演出Experts say such fairs are important, because people need to remember that they are connected to the earth and its products and they depend on animals many things.专家称这种机会很重要,因为人们需要记住他们和地球以及地球上的产物是紧密联系在一起的,他们从动物那儿获取了许多 1936。
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