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储鲜柜-- :5:   Where's the produce section?   储鲜柜在什么地方?   Produce section是放蔬菜及鲜肉的柜台,是家庭主妇或家庭妇男们经常光顾的地方   如果你想成为一个好妻子或好丈夫的话,这个词一定要学会   另外,produce的重音在第一个音节上吉安哪家隆鼻医院比较好我被开除了-- :7:31    "洋话连篇"口语课堂上,老师与一学员装扮成公司雇员模拟演练口语交流,学员问神情沮丧的老师:"Why do you look so upset? What's wrong?"(你怎么看起来很沮丧的样子呀?怎么了?)老师出乎意料地说道:"I got the ax!"学员不解,疑惑地问:"捡到了一把斧子?什么意思?"老师微笑地向学员做了解疑:"老美们通常用的斧子就是这个'ax'记得小时候曾有一段歌谣,什么捡到了一把金斧子,代表有了好运气但老美们就和我们完全相反了,他们捡到了斧子就意味着被老板炒了鱿鱼、丢了饭碗,所以,'I got the ax'的意思就是:我被开除了"永新县妇幼保健人民医院吸脂手术多少钱小学英语作文 -- :: 来源: 小学英语作文范文Hello Hello!My name is Jingjing.I am a pupil.I like English very much.I go to school five days every week.Every day I go to school by car.Because my school is not near my home.I like my school.there are about 00 students and teachers in my school.And I study Grade 6.there are 6 students in my class.My English teacher is short .I love her very much. Welcome to my school.You must be very happy.I am .......¥#%#%%*……)(*)I am a girlboy.My name is Jiajia.I am a pupil in Shenyang.I like English very much,and I like singing,too.I go to school five days every week. My school is not far from my home,and it is a nice school.there are 0 teachers and 00 students in my school.there are 5 classes in my school.My Chinese teacher is tall, my English teacher is tall,too.I love them a lot.Welcome to my school.日常口语对话:接吻的秘密,你知道吗?-- :7:31 Bob:Mary, do you know something about kiss?Mary,你知道一些接吻的事情吗? Mary:Yes, everybody knows how to kiss.是的,每个人都知道怎么接吻 Bob:Are you aware of a variety of interesting facts and details about a kiss?你知不知道关于接吻还有很多有趣的事情和细节? Mary:Well, people close their eyes when kissing.人们在接吻时闭上眼睛 Bob:Not exactly,as a rule, 66 percent of people keep their eyes closed while kissing. The rest take pleasure in watching the emotions run the gamut on the faces of their partners.不准确,作为一种潜规则,66%的人在接吻时会闭上眼睛另外一些人则喜欢观察他们的伴侣在接吻时脸上的表情变化 Mary:Really? So interesting! I know the most famous kiss is French kiss, right?真的吗?这么有趣!我还知道最著名的吻是法式热吻,对吗? Bob:Yes, French kiss is called a “juncture of souls” in France. Not only the lips do the job, the tongues come into play too. The passionate French invented another variety of the soul kiss in which only the tongues are employed.是的,法式热吻在法语里被称作“灵魂时刻”不只嘴唇在工作,舌头也不可缺少而热情的法国人还发明了这种灵魂之吻的变种,只有舌头起作用 Mary:Men take advantage of women when kissing.男人在接吻时占女人的便宜 Bob:You cannot say that. An act of kissing puts 9 facial muscles in motion. In other words, kissing can be used as an effective exercise to prevent the development of wrinkles.你不能这么说接吻过程中要动用9块面部肌肉换句话说,接吻是一种有效地预防皱纹的运动 Mary:Anything more?还有呢? Bob:A quick romantic kiss will burn about -3 calories, whereas French kiss (an openmouthed kiss with tongue contact) will obliterate more than 5 calories. And kissing can help women relax and ease the effects of stress. So…一个飞快的轻吻可以消耗-3卡路里,而法式热吻则会消耗至少5卡路里的热量接吻能帮助女性放松,并缓解压力造成的不适所以….. Mary:So what?所以怎么样? Bob:So in order to keep your beauty and figure ever, let’s kissing!所以为了保持你的美貌和身材,让我们接吻吧!吉安比基尼脱毛

吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院治疗疤痕多少钱遂川县脂肪移植隆胸费用撒哈拉沙漠英文导游词 撒哈拉沙漠英文介绍 -- :5: 来源: 撒哈拉沙漠英文导游词 撒哈拉沙漠英文介绍撒哈拉沙漠占据着北非的大部分地区,是世界上最大的沙漠The Sahara Desert, covering most of North Africa, is the largest desert in the world. From north to south the Sahara is between 800 and 1,0 miles and is at least 3,000 miles (,800 km) from east to west. Due to the massive size of the Sahara, Africa is split into two regions: that which lies above or ms part of the Sahara and the rest of Africa south of the Sahara. On the west, the Sahara is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by the Red Sea, and to the north are the Atlas Mountains and Mediterranean Sea.Over 5 percent of the Sahara's surface is covered by sand sheets and dunes.   Climate  气候  The Sahara's climate consists of basically two sub-climates, a dry subtropical climate in the north and a dry tropical climate in the south. The dry tropical climate is generally characterized by mild, dry winters, a hot dry season just bee the rainy season, and an annual temperature cycle. The dry subtropical climate, however, is characterized by annually high temperature ranges, cold winters, hot summers and two rainy seasons. There is a narrow strip in the western portion of the Sahara, along the coast, which generally has cool temperatures compared to the rest of the Sahara because of the influence of the cold Canary Current. 撒哈拉沙漠包含了种气候, 一种是北部的干旱亚热带气候,令一种是南部的干旱热带气候  Plant Life  植物生活  The Sahara is sparsely covered with various types of vegetation ranging from grasses, shrubs, and trees in the highlands to halphytes, which are saline-tolerant plants found in saline depressions. One characteristic of the vegetation found in the Sahara is that these species must be able to adapt to unreliable precipitation and excessive heat. 草丛,灌木和树木都可以生长,这些树木的特点是能承受巨热和盐碱地带  Animal Life  动物生活  Some of the mammal species found within the Sahara are the gerbil, jerboa, Cape hare, the desert hedgehog, dorcas gazelle, dama deer, Nubian wild , anubis baboon, spotted hyena, common jackal, sand fox, Libyan striped weasel, and the slender mongoose. The Sahara also contains over 300 species of migratory bird populations along with water and shore birds and various other types of birds. Some of the most common birds are ostriches, raptors, secretary birds, guinea fowl, Nubian bustards, desert eagle and barn owls, sand larks, pale crag martins, and brown-necked and fan-tailed ravens. 哺乳动物,鸟类都可以找到  The People 人类  The Sahara Desert covers over 3.5 million square miles and has only .5 million inhabitants - roughly 1 person per square mile (0. sq km)- which is one of the lowest population densities on earth. Wherever abundant food and water sources occur, one will find relatively large masses of people and wildlife. On the whole, the Sahara is one of the harshest environments known to man.    Many researchers have gone into the Sahara looking clues as to how long ago humans began inhabiting the desert. According to archeologists, the Sahara was much more densely populated thousands of years ago when the desert's climate was not as harsh as it is today. Fossils, rock art, stone artifacts, bone harpoons, shells and many other items have been found in areas which today are considered too hot and dry to inhabit. This suggests that these areas were quite habitable thousands of years ago, but that the climate of the Sahara has since changed drastically. The artifacts found were located near remains of giraffe, elephant, buffalo, antelopes, rhinoceros, and warthog, as well as the remains of fish, crocodiles, hippopotamuses and other aquatic animals which suggests that thousands of years ago water was quite abundant in the Sahara.   The majority of the people living in the Sahara Desert are nomads, which means that these people continuously move from region to region in search of better living conditions. It is believed that the first nomadic peoples came to this region after domestic animals were introduced to the Sahara 7,000 years ago. Researchers believe that sheep and goats were introduced to the Sahara region by the Caspain culture of northern Africa.   Evidence suggests that the Sahara accumulated diverse groups which quickly med dense populations throughout the region. The majority of the groups lived separately, but depended on each other trade. External trade developed gradually and the mobility of the nomads certainly contributed to the growing success of trade with other countries and continents. example, Mauritania contained valuable copper resources and as a result, this copper was traded to the Bronze Age Civilizations of the Mediterranean. 英文导游词井冈山无痛隆鼻收多少钱留学英语口语:洗衣店 Laundry-- :6:3 NICK: Excuse me. ALICE: Yeah?NICK: I've never used this place bee.Can you give me some idea what I need to do?ALICE: You just put quarters in the machines. It's easy.NICK: Yes, but... well...ALICE: What?NICK: How do I use the machines?ALICE: What do you mean?These are the washing machines. Those big things over there are the dryers.NICK: I see. Do the machines have soap in them?ALICE: No, of course not. You have to put soap in. Did you bring your soap?NICK: No. I don't have soap. ALICE: Well, you can buy some from that vending machine over there.NICK: Thanks.NICK: Okay. I have my soap.ALICE: My God! You really bought a lot. Why do you need so much?NICK: I don't know. I want my clothes to be clean.ALICE: But you can't use so much.The machine won't be able to rinse the soap out.NICK: Oh. I guess I didn't know. I have never washed clothes bee.ALICE: What? Did you say you never washed clothes bee?NICK: Yes.ALICE: In your life? Are you kidding? Never?NICK: No. Never.ALICE: I can't believe it. How can that be? How old are you?NICK: I'm nineteen.ALICE: But how can you live nineteen years without ever washing clothes?NICK: My mother always did it.ALICE: Yes, my mother washed my clothes too.But when I was twelve, I started to wash clothes myself.NICK: I know about this fact.American children are more independent. They do more themselves.But I am from Taiwan. In Taiwan, children must study very hard.So the mother does everything the kids.The mother wants her kids to get very good grades at school.So I've never washed clothes bee. You shouldn't laugh at me it.ALICE: I'm not laughing at you. But let me ask you something?NICK: What?ALICE: How are you going to survive here?I mean, if you can't do anything yourself.If you can't cook, if you can't wash clothes, if you can't clean house.How can you live on your own?NICK: I don't know. It's hard. But I have to learn.ALICE: Well, I'll help you learn how to use these machines.NICK: Thanks. My name's Nick.ALICE: I'm Alice. I guess I'll have to be your mother today.NICK: Thanks, Mom. Thanks.尼克:对不起艾丽斯:怎么了?尼克:我从来没有来过这个地方你能给我一点建议我应该怎么做?艾丽斯:你只要把两毛五分的硬币投到机器里很简单尼克:对,但是……嗯……艾丽斯:什么?尼克:但我要如何使用这机器呢?艾丽斯:你的意思是什么?这些是洗衣机那些大家伙是干衣机尼克:我知道了,机器里有肥皂吗?艾丽斯:没有,当然没有你要加肥皂进去,你有带肥皂来吗?尼克:没有,我没有带肥皂艾丽斯:嗯,你可以到那边的贩卖机去买尼克:谢谢你尼克:好了,我有肥皂了艾丽斯:我的天!你真的买了很多你为什么需要那么多?尼克:我不知道,我要我的衣很干净艾丽斯:但你不能用那么多洗衣机没办法冲掉那么多的肥皂尼克:喔,我是不知道呀我从来没有洗过衣艾丽斯:什么?你说你从来没有洗过衣?尼克:对呀艾丽斯:在你一生中?你在开我玩笑吧?从来没有?尼克:没有从来没有艾丽斯:我没法相信那怎么可能?你几岁了?尼克:我十九岁艾丽斯:但为什么你活了十九年却从没有洗过衣呢?尼克:都是我妈帮我洗艾丽斯:是呀,我妈也帮我洗衣但我十二岁的时候,我开始自己洗衣尼克:我知道这个事实美国的孩子比较独立他们自己做很多事情但我是从台湾来的在台湾,孩子们必须很努力念书所以母亲就帮孩子做全部的事情母亲希望她的孩子在学校拿到很好的成绩所以我才从没有洗过衣,你不应该笑我艾丽斯:我没有笑你,但让我问你一件事?尼克:是什么?艾丽斯:那你要如何在这儿生存,我的意思是,如果你没办法自己做任何事你如果不能煮东西吃,不会洗衣,不会整理房子你要如何自己一个人生活?尼克:我不知道,是很难,但我一定要学艾丽斯:嗯,我会教你如何使用这些机器尼克:谢谢你,我叫做尼克艾丽斯:我是艾丽斯,我想今天我就当你妈好了尼克:谢谢你,妈谢谢井冈山市人民医院玻尿酸多少钱

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