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WTG!Billy! that was a great performance. Why the father said so?Because Billy's act was a real wow and the audiences gave him a storm of applause. Thinking of that he was wet behind the ears two years ago,Billy's eyes filled with tears.◎点击播放器下方“进入MP3进入下载界面”可下载音频◎ /201105/135061

But in the end, it was in the best interest of her son但是最后,这也是为了詹姆斯好As a kid, You dont understand sometimes why you go to certain situations on you作为一个孩子,你有时候并不明白为什么会这样,你不知道为什么一些情况会发生在你身上You know that you may not understand你知道你也许不会明白You know I know why this happened to me at that time究竟为何这样的事会发生在年幼的我身上I grew up with this dude我在这哥们家长大His family took me in他的家庭接济了我When I was eight nine years old在我八九岁的时候They say it was like longer than that I stay with them for like three years可能比那还要早,我和他们住了三年with him and his family his mom, his dad, his two sisiters和他还有他的家人住在一起,他爸爸妈妈,还有两个My mom we were trying to find stablization我妈妈和我在此时应该稳定下来Wow, this is like, you know, like a real family他们给我一种真正的家的感觉You know no white picket fence or like that没有带白色的栅栏那样豪华的房子But it was like a real family, I kind of gravitated to that但这就像是一个真正的家,我被此吸引了His mother always remain close by他的母亲这段时期总在他的左右And when she was y to take LeBron back当她准备把勒布朗带回她的身边的时候This time it would be for good这次,他妈妈不会再将他送走了I dont know how she did it I dont know我不知道她是如何做到的Ah,how she is able to do the things她是如何能够做到这些事的She did I would never ask questions她总使我心安没有任何疑问Was she made sure of that food on the table for me她总能够保桌子上有给我的食物She made sure every birthday and every Christmas I had toys just like every other kid around她确保我的每个生日以及圣诞节就像周围一个美满家庭的孩子一样收到玩具Reunited with his mom詹姆斯与母亲的重聚LeBron had new sense of security使他有了一种全新的安全感And it was only a matter of time, before he would put Akron and himself on the map他能够使阿克兰和他自己一举成名或许只是时间问题更多精内容请关注微信公众号:篮球英文堂 新浪微:篮球英文堂201704/503245

  特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话精选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A:Anna is perfect in everything, and Ifeel smallbeside her.安娜的一切都那么完美,在她身边我觉得自己很渺小。B:I don’t think so. You have your own virtues.我不这么想,你有你自己的优点。A:I never realize that while I’m together with Anna.和她在一起,我从来就没意识到它。地道表达:feel small解词释义:small有“不重要的”,“微不足道的”等意思。在改习语中转义为“自觉渺小”,“自卑”。持范例:Eg.The teacher pointed out my mistakes to the rest of the class and really made me feel small老师当着全班同学的面指出我的错误,这使我羞愧难当。Eg.Mr. Biggler likes to make other people feel small, which makes him happy.比格勒先生喜欢让别人自惭形秽,这样他感到快乐。词海拾贝:1.be perfect in:在......尽善尽美Eg.Chinese handicraft articles are perfect in workmanship.中国的手工艺品制作精巧。Eg.I envy Mary as she is perfect in English.我真妒忌Mary,她精通英语。Eg.Is it possible to believe that we are perfect in every way, without any shortcomings or mistakes?难道我们能够设想自己是那样十全十美而没有一点缺点和错误吗?Eg.I think Chinese food is perfect in color, aroma and taste.我觉得中国菜真是色香味俱佳。2.together with:和......在一起Eg.He invites me to go to ride a horse together with him.他邀请我与他一起去骑马。Eg.I traveled together with my classmates.我和同班同学们一起去旅行。Eg.We are only too pleased to work together with the workers.我们同工人们在一起劳动,太高兴了。Eg.He sold the house, together with the furniture.他把房子连同家具都卖了。 /201208/196247

  Subject:Don’t put your eggs in one basket. 迷你对话 A: I am so concerned about this argument, but you are just concerned about another one. Why?我非常担心这次谈判,但你只是担心另一个谈判。为什么呢?B: Take it easy, partner. What if we don’t get this project? So don’t put all your eggs in one basket.放轻松点吧,朋友。我们要是得不到这个项目呢?所以不要把希望放在一件事情上。 地道表达 put all your eggs in one basket 1. 解词释义 Put all your eggs in one’s basket的意思是“孤注一掷”“集中财力干一件事”“把一切希望寄于一件事上”“把全部财力投入一件事情”。如果把所有的鸡蛋都放在一个篮子里,一旦篮子落地,所以的鸡蛋就破了,这个道理浅显易懂。所以Don’t put all your eggs in one’s basket.是告诫人们不要孤注一掷。如果把一切希望,金钱和信心都托付于一项事业,计划或一次投机的话,这往往带有很大的冒险性。我们应该随机应变,因为灵活多变是我们通向胜利的前提。 2. 拓展例句 e.g. To buy stock in a single company is to put all your eggs in one basket.只买一家公司的股票是孤注一掷。 e.g. Its never wise to put all your eggs in one basket.孤注一掷,绝不是一件聪明的事。 e.g. Going steady in high school with only one member of opposite sex is a mistake. Go out with several people -- dont put all your eggs in one basket.在中学里只交一个男朋友,或一个女朋友,那是错误的。应该多交朋友,而不要把自己局限在一个人身上。 e.g. If you want to play the stock market, its smarter to divide your money and buy three or four different stocks instead of putting the whole amount into just one stock and putting all your eggs in one basket.要是你想玩股票,你最好是把你的钱分开来买三、四种不同的股票,这是比较聪敏的作法。你千万不要把所有的钱都买一种股票。 Ps :be concerned about的意思“关心......,关注......”。例如: The whole society should be concerned about the health and sound growth of children.全社会都应关心孩子的健康成长。Everybody is concerned about the future of his country.每个人都关心自己国家的前途。She was more concerned about protecting the public than rehabilitating the criminal.她比较关心保护百姓,而不大关心改造罪犯。There is no one but is (who is not) concerned about his future.没有人不关心自己的未来。 /201408/317832。


  网罗天下新鲜、好玩、有趣、时尚的英语表达,尽在独家专栏节目;E聊吧;。本期节目的topic:管管你自己的事情现代当艺人真不容易,有机会被枕边人出卖,将私隐卖给八卦媒体,更有一些专业仔队偷拍和跟踪。更可怕的是那些路人甲和路人乙在说三道四,对着这群人,可以说句:Mind your own business.(管管你的事情),或者Thats my own business.(这是我的事)、Thats private. / Thats personal.(这是私事)、Stay out of my affairs.(别管我的事)、Dont be nosy.(别好管闲事)。A: How could you leave the party without saying a word? The Morgan family was so unhappy about it. A:你怎么不辞而别离开派对?根家庭对此很不高兴。B: I had my reasons. Dont be so uptight. B:我有我的原因,别这么紧张。A: But what happened? Cant you tell me the whole story? A:但发生什么事?你不可以告诉我吗? B: Please mind your own business. I dont need to report everything back to you.B:请管你自己的事吧,我不需事事向你回报。 /201207/189317中国人与上岁数的人寒暄时常会说:“您老这么大岁数,身体还这么硬朗。”这是一句带有恭维意思的话,老人听了一定很高兴。   如果按照字面翻译成英语:“You are at such an old age but you are still in good health!”英美老人听了这样一句话会有什么反应呢?我们且不说老人不喜欢那个old,一个but更是大煞风景,他们会觉得“I am so old that I should not be in good health”,或者“Its abnormal that for people of my age to be still in good health。”这种感觉简直像中国老人听到有人骂他“老不死的!”一样。   由于生活习惯和审美价值观不同,英美人寒暄和中国人很不一样,在和外国朋友交谈和翻译时要特别注意。   尽管英美人常说“Wish you good health!”(祝你健康),现在道别时常说“Take care!”(类似汉语的“保重!”),但是一般不会把“Your are in good health。”之类的话作为问候或恭维话(这更像是医生对病人或自以为有病的人说的话)。   中国人打招呼时还常说:“你遛弯儿呢?”“你修车呢?”“你等人呢?”或干脆问“您上哪儿去呢?”如果把这些话照搬到英语中去,对方会觉得问话的人脑子有毛病,明明看见我正在做什么还要问。   至于最后一个问题他们更会认为说话人是干涉他们的隐私,他们的反应很可能是“Mind your own business!”“Thats none of your business!”“Im going to meet my girl friend, so what?”   再举个例子:如果你不舒,你的亲友一定会很关心,他们可能会说:“你发烧了吧,一定要多喝水。”“你最好还是去看看医生吧。”   可是,如果你对一个西方人说“You are having a fever. You must drink more water。”对方会觉得你把他当孩子,“Im not a child. I surely know I should drink more water。”如果你将后一句直译成“Youd better go and see the doctor!”对方甚至会觉得你是在威胁他,要是他不去看医生,一切后果由他自负。(读者可以体会一下,Youd better give me the money this afternoon!完全是裸的威胁。)   如果你送别英美客人时说:“Please walk slowly!”老外一定觉得不可思议,“I have so many things to do at home, why should I walk‘slowly’?”而对外国主人说“Please stop here”(“请留步”的直译)更会使他莫名其妙,他会以为路上有什么大坑呢!   这些例子告诉我们,由于文化差异,碰到这类寒暄我们一定不能照字面翻译,而要注意观察和学习英美人在类似的情况下如何寒暄。 /201209/202093

  大家好,最近生活还正常吗?平淡就是真。欢迎回来,《Faith口语课堂-天天学》的新老学员们,我是Faith老师,今天谈谈和正常,往常有关的英语。Normal adj. 正常的,平常的;正规的;标准的She braced herself to lead a normal life. 她振作起来去过正常生活。He received four years of normal education at college. 他在大学受了四年正规教育。Abnormal adj. 反常的,异常的;变态的Is the child abnormal in any way? 这孩子是否在哪方面有点不正常?This warm weather is abnormal for February. 二月里这种温暖的天气不太正常。Usual adj. 经常的,通常的;寻常的,惯常的Its usual for most people to have a holiday in summer. 很多人在夏天休假是普便的。Its our usual practice to charge on cash. 我们的惯例是收现金。Unusual adj. 罕有的,异乎寻常的;独特的,与众不同的It was an unusual day for summer, damp and chilly. 这是夏季少有的一天,又湿又凉。There is nothing unusual there. 那里的一切都很正常。as usual 和往常一样,照例The poor woman went to work as usual in spite of the typhoon. 尽管有台风, 那可怜的女人照常去上班。Well have beef and potatoes for dinner as usual. 今晚照例晚饭吃牛肉和土豆。I got up before 6 and uploaded the latest lesson this morning as usual, theres nothing abnormal so far. 我今早和往常一样,不到6天起床,上传最新一期的节目,到目前为止,一切正常。 /201203/174681听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Theres an old adage that laughter is the best medicine.Michigan State University psychiatrist Dr. Farha Abassi believes theres some scientific truth to that.Abassi joined Stateside to discuss the mental and physical health benefits of laughter. She recommends that, especially in fractious political times, people take breaks from the news to watch a funny . The issue is personal for Abassi. As an immigrant, she says, she wouldnt have survived if she werent able to laugh through the struggles of moving to a new country. 201704/504832

  According to a new study, if Americas children saw even just a slight increase in physical activity billions of dollars could be saved in medical costs. 根据一项新的研究,如果美国儿童的体育活动略有增加,那么可以节省数十亿美元的医疗费用。The studys lead researcher, Dr. Bruce Lee says, 该研究的主要研究者李小龙士表示,;Physical activity not only makes kids feel better and helps them develop healthy habits, its also good for the nations bottom line.; “体育锻炼不仅能让孩子感觉更好,帮助他们养成健康的习惯,而且对国家的底线也有好处。”Through the use of federal government data, researchers determined how an increase in physical activity for 8 to 11 year-olds could affect their entire lives.通过联邦政府的数据,研究人员确定8岁至11岁儿童增加体育活动会影响他们整个人生。译文属。201705/507816

  In the library 在图书馆一、Talk show1、I’d like to renew it for another week.我想再续借一个星期。renew:续借,使更新;重建,复兴。Eg:we have renewed our friendly relationship with western countries. 我们与西方国家已经重建友好关系。I’d like to keep it for another week.2、I’m sorry it is lent out.真抱歉,此书已借出。lend out 借出I’m sorry, but the book is out.I’m sorry, the book you want is taken.3、Is the library available during the summer vacation?暑假期间,图书馆开放吗?available:有效地,可得到的;可利用的,空闲的。Good quality jeans are only available on the black market in this city.在这个城市上乘的牛仔裤只有黑市上才能买得到。4、Is that book entitled Who Moved My Cheese available?有那本名叫《谁动了我的奶酪》的书吗?entitled:adj. 有资格的;给与名称的 v. 给…权利;给…定书名;授…以荣誉(entitle的过去分词)Eg:Western countries agree China is still entitled to special treatment.西方国家同意:中国仍有权享受特殊待遇。be entitled to 享受……权力二、Reply fluentlyA: I’d like to borrow these four books.B: have you got you library card?A: yes, right here. B: you’ve aly had five books out, so you can only take out one more.A: then I will just take out this one.B: ok, here is your book and your card.B: thanks bye.中文翻译A:我想借这四本书。B:你带借书了吗?A:是的,在这。B:你已经借了五本,所以你只能再借一本。A:那么我直借这本吧B:好的这是你的书和借书。A:谢谢,再见。三、vocabulary【常用词汇】librarian:图书管理员 bookshelf:书架overdue fine 过期罚款 periodical room 杂志室showcase 陈列橱 call number 书码 /201104/130214。

  接待客人 见到别人是要表达自己的心情。How nice to see you again.I’m very happy to see you again.I’m very pleased to see you again. 很高兴再次见到你。见面寒暄时,也可以问对方的情况How is everything going? 过的怎么样?How is everyong at home? 家人怎么样?How is business these days ?近来生意怎么样?询问客人旅途情况时,可以说:How was your flight?旅途怎么样?How about your flight?旅途怎样?Did you have a good trip?旅行愉快么?最后要表明是谁的委派,可以说:Our company has send me to pick you up here.我们公司派我来这里接您。My mom has sent me to meet you here.我妈妈派我来接您。 /201102/124941


  Subject: Don’t be so hard on yourself. 迷你对话A: I shouldn’t have quarreled with my professor on such a great occasion. I was terrible.我不应该在那么盛大的场合和教授吵架。我太糟糕了。B: Don’t be so hard on yourself.别太自责了。 地道表达be hard on sb. 1. 解词释义Hard有“严厉的,严格的”之意,be hard on someone是指“严厉苛刻地对待他人”。要某人不要对自己太苛刻严厉就可以说“Don’t be hard on yourself.”以此来安慰对方。你想帮某人说情时,也可以将这句话套用成“Don’t be so hard on sb.”,意思是“别对他人太苛刻”。 2. 拓展例句e.g. Dont be too hard on him; he didnt mean to do it.不要对他太严厉,他并不是故意这么做的。e.g. Wang Bins parents are hard on him, demanding that he should only do the ing instead of surfing the Internet even in summer holidays.王斌的父母对他非常严厉,不允许他在暑假上网,要求他看书。 Ps:quarrel with的意思是“和......吵架,争辩”。例如:I would rather be laughed at than quarrel with him. 我宁愿被嘲笑,也不愿和他吵架。Its very sad when husbands and wives quarrel with each other. 夫妻间起口角是很不幸的事。I have no quarrel with what you say. 我对你的话没有反对意见。 Ps:on a +adj. +occasion的意思是在......场合。例如:I remember you mentioned the same thing on a previous occasion. 我记得你在以前某个时候提及过同一件事情。 /201311/265400

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