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福清市融强医院妇科阳下街道中医医院要预约吗3.Shakespeare May Have Quit Writing Due To Syphilis3.莎士比亚放弃写作源于梅毒Even though William Shakespeare is one of the most famous writers in history, his life remains a mystery to this day.虽然威廉·莎士比亚是历史上最为著名的作家之一,但至今,他的生活仍是一个谜The little we do know comes from outside records and speculation, but at least one theory could explain why Shakespeare abruptly quit writing and went into retirement. The idea comes from Shakespeare own handwriting.我们知道的那一点来自外界的记录和猜测,但至少有一种说法可以解释为什么莎士比亚突然放弃写作,停笔不作而这种说法的根据则是莎士比亚的笔迹At 36, Shakespeare handwriting, including his signature, became noticeably different, showing evidence of a tremor in his hand. Why would Shakespeare have developed a tremor so early in life?36岁时,莎士比亚的笔迹,包括他的签名,很明显变得不一样,看出他的手在发抖为什么莎士比亚这么年轻手就会发抖呢?In his plays, Shakespeare developed an obsession with syphilis, a disease usually ignored by society at that time.在他的剧本中,莎士比亚对梅毒——一种当时的社会经常会忽略的的疾病——非常着迷As author D.H. Lawrence wrote: ;I am convinced that some of Shakespeare horror and despair, in his tragedies, arose from the shock of his consciousness of syphilis.;恰如作家D.H.劳伦斯所写:;我相信,莎士比亚那些暗含在悲剧中的恐惧和绝望都是源自他对梅毒的认知;Being involved in the theater, Shakespeare was believed to have had a vigorous sexual appetite, so that one way he might have become infected. Even gossip from the time said that Shakespeare became involved in a sexual scandal in which he and others caught the illness.由于混迹于剧院,莎士比亚性欲旺盛,,这是他有可能感染梅毒的一种途径甚至有传言说,莎士比亚卷进了一个性丑闻事件,其中,他和其他人都感染了此病At that time, the treatment syphilis was mercury. Some of the side effects of mercury are psychological changes and the tremors that Shakespeare developed.那时,治疗梅毒的方法是水银水银的某些副作用就是心理变化以及莎士比亚表现出来的颤抖.Vincent Van Gogh Syphilitic Inspirations.文森特·梵高的灵感来源于梅毒Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous names in the art world, but he suffered a tragically short life of almost constant poverty and depression.文森特·梵高是艺术世界最著名的人物之一,但是他短暂而又悲惨的一生都在贫困与失意中度过However, the genius behind the beautiful art cant be denied. Was van Gogh art created from the suffering he may have had from syphilis?然而,不可否认的是,他是美丽艺术世界里的天才但他的作品有没有可能是因染上梅毒而创作的?In the 1880s, van Gogh left his childhood home and went to the city of Antwerp in Belgium where he engaged in a libertine lifestyle. There, he started to drink absinthe and regularly hired prostitutes.在十九世纪八十年代,梵高离开童年时的家,去了比利时的安特卫普市,过着放荡的生活在那里,他开始喝苦艾酒,定期雇用Although he left Antwerp in 1886 to live with his brother in Paris, van Gogh would have a lasting reminder of his time in Belgium: syphilis.虽然他在1886年离开安特卫普和他哥哥一起住在巴黎,但那段在比利时的日子令他无法忘怀:因为梅毒During this time, he started the most productive period of his life, but he also became increasingly plagued with seizures and delusions.在此期间,他迎来了一生中创作的高峰期,但他经常抽搐和妄想In 1888, van Gogh left his brother and in a fit of insanity, famously sliced off his own ear and presented it to a prostitute as a love gift.1888年,梵高离开他的哥哥众所周知,他疯狂地切掉自己的耳朵,并作为爱的礼物送给一个He was placed in an asylum where he experienced manic episodes, visions, and paranoia.他被安置在一个精神病院,在这里他经历过躁狂期发作、幻想、妄想Throughout all of this, van Gogh paintings became darker and more bizarre.经过这一切,梵高的画越来越黑暗奇怪In 1889, he checked himself into an asylum in Saint Remy where he seemed to partially recover. He made some of his best paintings there.1889年,他住进了圣瑞米的精神病院,他在那似乎好了一些他最好的画作便是在那儿创造的In 1890, he checked out of the asylum, although he was still mentally unbalanced. Things seemed to be looking up van Gogh as critics started to recognize his work.1890年,尽管梵高的精神疾病没有完全康复,但他还是离开了精神病院那时家开始注意到他的作品,这对梵高来说是;柳暗花明又一村;However, van Gogh went to a field and shot himself. He died two days later on July 7, 1890.然而,梵高还是跑到一片麦田里,向自己扣动了扳机两天后,这颗耀眼的明星陨落,时间是1890年7月7日Some people still believe that it was the effects of syphilis that caused van Gogh to kill himself.一些人仍认为梵高因为梅毒的影响而自杀Others believe that other mental illnesses may have caused van Gogh madness, although syphilis is believed to have had a major effect on his life.虽然梅毒对他的生活产生了最大的影响,但也有人认为其他精神疾病也可能造成梵高的疯狂1.Oscar Wilde Died Insane With Syphilis1.奥斯卡·王尔德死于梅毒 a time, Oscar Wilde was one of the biggest celebrities of 19th-century England with his sharp wit, whimsical behavior, and curious personality.有一段时间,奥斯卡·王尔德因为其聪慧,行为古怪,特立独行而成为英国19世纪最大的名人之一Widely beloved by the upper class when he wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray, his literary legacy seemed assured.他在写《道林·格雷的画像时,受到上层阶级的广泛爱戴,他的文学作品似乎也有了一席之地However, a shocking scandal and a sensational trial ruined Wilde. As a final blow, he may have contracted syphilis, which could have affected his mind.然而,一个令人震惊的丑闻,一场轰动的审判毁了王尔德他可能已经感染了梅毒,也就是这最后的一击,影响了他的想法Researcher Richard Ellmann believes that Wilde contracted the disease after a youthful escapade with a prostitute in 1878.研究院理查德·艾尔曼认为王尔德在1878年和一个年轻的发生越轨行为后便感染上梅毒However, descendants of the Wilde family have disagreed, stating that he didnt have syphilis. The problem is that there is some evidence that he did have the disease.然而,王尔德家族的后裔否认说他没有梅毒问题是,有据表明他已感染了该病As early as 19, biographers claimed that Wilde had syphilis.早在19,传记作者声称王尔德感染了梅毒Reginald Turner, Wilde only friend who remained with him during the last weeks bee his death, had this to say about Wilde illness: ;The disease was only shortly bee his death diagnosed as a tertiary symptom of an infection he had contracted when he was .;雷金纳德·特纳,王尔德的唯一的朋友,在王尔德死前最后几周期间一直和他呆在一起他谈到了王尔德的疾病:在他死后不久,他的病就被诊断为第三期梅毒的症状,而这种病在他岁时就感染了The wording is vague, but it would match the timeline when Wilde was said to have caught syphilis.他朋友措辞含糊,但这与王尔德被认为感染到梅毒的时间是匹配的Over the years, many of his mer friends came to believe that he had syphilis, some even claiming that he had inherited the disease from his father.这些年来,他以前的许多朋友都认为他有梅毒,有的甚至声称他是从他父亲那里继承了这种疾病Although his death certificate doesnt list a cause of death, it generally agreed that Wilde died of cerebral meningitis, which is inflammation of the lining of the brain.虽然他的死亡书中没有列出死因,但人们普遍认为王尔德死于脑膜炎,这是一种大脑内膜炎症Cerebral meningitis can be caused by syphilis because syphilis causes deterioration in the brain. It also known that Wilde had regular mercury treatments, a common therapy those with syphilis.脑膜炎可由梅毒引起,因为梅毒会引起大脑的恶化人们还认为王尔德定期做汞治疗,而这是梅毒患者都会做的治疗 69福建福清第三医院检查白带多少钱 福清哪个医院能治疗阳痿

宏路街道妇幼保健院做全身检查要多少钱A woman has filed a complaint with German police alleging she was told to squeeze her breast at airport security to prove she was lactating.日前,一位女子向德国警方提出投诉,称她被要求在机场安检处挤压她的乳房,以明她正在哺乳Ms Bose, who was travelling alone, said she was on her way to board a flight to Paris last Thursday when she was stopped at the security screening station.独自旅行的斯女士表示,她上周四正要乘坐飞往巴黎的航班时,在安检处被警察拦住了The 33-year-old Singaporean said that after her carry-on bag, which contained her breast pump, went through the X-ray machine, she was taken aside questioning.这名33岁的新加坡人称,在她装有吸乳器的随身包经过X光机后,她便被带到一旁询问;They had an incredulous tone. You are breastfeeding? Then where is your baby? Your baby is in Singapore?,; she said.她说道:“他们带着怀疑的语气问:‘你在母乳喂养,那你的宝宝在哪里?你的宝宝在新加坡吗?”Ms Bose said the officers did not seem to believe her when she insisted the device was a breast pump.斯女士表示,当她坚持称其设备是一台吸乳器时,警察似乎并不相信她They kept her passport and she was then led to a room by a female police officer further questioning, she said.他们拿走了她的护照,随后她就被一名女警带到一个房间接受进一步的询问;She asked me to open up my blouse and show her my breast. She then asked how come I didnt have anything attached to my breast, if I was lactating and expressing breastmilk,; said Ms Bose.斯女士说道:“她让我打开衬衫,展示我的乳房,又问如果我正在哺乳并需要挤奶的话,怎么没有东西附在我的乳房上”;And I said, there is no such thing that is permanently attached, we usually place the pump to our nipple and the machine does the job. She wanted me to show her by hand-expressing a little.;“我说,没有永久附着的工具,我们通常把泵放在乳头上,用吸奶器去吸随后她想让我用手稍微挤一下”Ms Bose said she complied and squeezed her breast. ;I was just in shock, I was going through the motions. I was all by myself as well, and wasnt sure what would happen to me if they decided to make trouble me. It was only when I came out of the room that I began to slowly understand what had just happened. I just started to cry, I was terribly upset.;斯女士表示,她遵从了要求并挤了挤她的乳房“我当时很震惊,就照做了,而且当时我自己一个人,不知道如果他们决定找我麻烦会怎样当我从房间出来后,才开始慢慢地意识到刚才发生的事情,我才开始哭泣,我真的很生气”Ms Bose said the incident, which lasted nearly 5 minutes, was ;humiliating; and ;very traumatising;.斯女士称,整起事件持续了近5分钟,她感到“羞辱”、“非常受伤”;When they finally cleared me of the matter, I told them that this is not the way to treat someone. I said Do you know what you just did to me, you made me show my breast.“当他们最终确认我没问题之后,我告诉他们不应该这样对待别人,我说,‘你知道你刚刚对我做了什么吗,你让我给你看我的乳房”;The officer just said, Okay it is over now, please go. She was totally nonchalant, she didnt seem very remorseful or empathetic.;“这位警察只是说,‘好吧,现在结束了,请走吧她完全若无其事,并不觉得悔恨或同情”Ms Bose, a manager at a transport company who has a three-year-old child and a seven-month-old baby, said she was exploring the possibility of taking mal legal action.作为货运公司经理的斯女士,有一个三岁的孩子和一个七个月大的婴儿,她表示自己正在探索采取正式法律行动的可能性 9195福清治疗性病费用 本文选自Ugly Betty 《丑女贝蒂,欢迎大家共同欣赏Bradd: Daniel, I want to talk to you.Daniel: Great, another scotch lecture.Bradd: I’ve been thinking about your brother.Daniel: So this where you tell me what a disappointment I’ve been, right? How I’ll never fill Alex’s shoes?Bradd: Alex died two years ago. This is about you. You’ve really proven yourself these past few months. One day, Meade Publication is going to be in your hands.Daniel: Right, Dad. Whatever you say.Bradd: I mean it. Tomorrow, after the show, I plan on announcing my intentions to the press.Daniel: Thank you.Bradd: I’m proud of you, son.重点讲解:1. fill one’s shoes 很好地顶替;令人满意地替代. be in your hands 在你手中,由你掌握,由你处理3. I mean it. 我是认真的,我是说真的 3858福清痔疮手术需要多少钱

福清哪家妇科医院好A: It’s really pretty today.B: This is the best time to take a stroll through the park.A: I feel the same exact way.B: Look how nice the mountains look today.A: Aren’t the budding roses beautiful?B: It’s obviously spring.A: All the flowers are blooming.B: There’s a man selling ice cream.A: Would you like one?B: Yes, I’d like one.A: I’ll get it you.B: You’re so sweet. Thank you. 963 Admit it: The first thing you do after finding someone on social media is take a long, good look at their profile picture. After all, it can say a lot about a person.承认吧,在社交网络上找到某人后,你会做的第一件事就是仔细地看他们的头像毕竟这能透露关于这个人的很多信息To prove it, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania analyzed 60,000 Twitter users photos and asked 9 people to fill out a personality questionnaire. Here what they found, as illustrated by a few of our favorite social media loving celebs.为这明这一点,宾夕法尼亚大学的研究人员分析了六万名推特用户的头像,并请9人填写了性格调查问卷他们的发现也在好几个我们最喜欢的网络红人身上得到验If it just your face ...如果你的头像是自己的脸Youre conscientious. There a reason you didnt go with the group shot from your last birthday party: Youre trying to come off as older and more mature. You also prefer ;orderliness, planned behavior, and self discipline; and chances are your picture is also light, colorful, and natural-looking.你是个认真负责的人你有理由在自己的生日派对上不和大家合影:你试着给人留下长大和变得更成熟的印象你也喜欢“秩序、计划好的举止和自律”你的头像可能也是明亮多的自然风光If it a group of people ...如果你的头像是一群人Youre extroverted. It might not be the most well-shot pic, but who cares when it shows off all your favorite people? You often come off as youthful in your picture and are photographed with other fun-loving people - but when youre the life of the party, we bet it hard to find a pic that not as such.你是个性格外向的人也许这不是照的最好的一张照片,但它展示的是你最喜欢的一群人,这又有什么关系呢?在你的照片里,你和别的有趣的人一起留影,给人留下年轻活力的印象但当你在派对中时,我们敢打赌说要找到没这么多人的照片十分困难If it colorful ...如果你的头像色缤纷Youre agreeable. Your photo also probably features smiling faces, but that not the focal point. In fact, the quality of your photo is likely low in sharpness, blurry, and bright. But in general, it gives off a positive emotion since you tend to evoke social harmony and cooperation.你是个和蔼可亲的人也许你的照片里还有微笑的面庞,但那并不是关注点实际上,你的照片锐度较低,显得比较模糊而明亮但总体而言,这给人带来了积极向上的感觉,因为你试着促成和谐和合作的氛围If it black and white ...如果你的头像是黑白的Youre neurotic. Since your choice is basically the opposite of colorfulness, it likely youre a little emotional and can be a bit negative at times. But perhaps grayscale just speaks to your dramatic side.你是个神经质的人由于你的选择和色缤纷相反,你很有可能有点情绪化,有些时候还会有点意志消沉但也许这也展示了你戏剧般的一面If it artsy …如果你的头像充满艺术气息Youre open. Were talking high-contrast, saturated images. While usually you dont show your face, when you do, youre probably making a statement. These unique choices show youre intellectual and open to new experiences.你是个思想开阔的人这里我们指的是对比度高、饱和度高的图片尽管你不怎么发自己的照片,但在你发照片时,你或许是想宣告些什么这些独特的选择体现了你是个聪明且对喜欢接受新鲜事物的人 7970上迳镇妇女医院联系电话福清医院无痛人流好



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