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据耶鲁大学公共事务办公室网站1月4日消息,美国耶鲁大学校长理查德·莱文教授宣布,耶鲁2002届毕业生张磊(音)已经承诺,将向耶鲁大学管理学院(SOM)捐赠888万8888美元。这是到目前为止,耶鲁管理学院毕业生捐赠的最大一笔个人捐款。Chinese graduate donates US,888,888 to YaleA Chinese graduate has donated a record-setting amount of money to his alumni Yale University. Zhang Lei, founder of an investment firm, graduated from Yale's School of Management less than 10 years ago.The 8,888,888 US dollar donation is the largest amount the University has received. It's enough to buy every Yale MBA student a Ford Focus. Eight is an auspicious number in Chinese culture. Zhang Lei, says the education he received at Yale changed the course of his life. That's why he christened the name of his investment firm after one of the roads at Yale. The School of Management, says it will use the donation to build a new campus, provide scholarships and fund China- related activities.201001/94325Jane Furnival (Author) gives expert advice on: Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets? and more...作家Jane Furnival在本视频中为我们提供了专业的建议:超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?以及更多其它问题……How do supermarkets try and make us spend more money?超市怎样试图使我们消费更多?Supermarkets are just big machines to make us spend more money than we intended. They have enticing smells of new cooked b; theyre very warm, theyre very smiley, they make you feel good. Never shop when youre hungry. Supermarkets know this, and you can add up to £30 per trolley in snacks - the sort of things you buy that you can eat on the way home. Then you can eat in the supermarket cafe as well, which adds even more to your spend. Look at the end of the shelves and walk straight past the treats there. Thats one way that supermarkets have of getting you to spend a lot of money: the most expensive stuff is always at the end of every aisle.超市就是试图让我们消费超出预期的大型机器。它们散发出刚烤好的面包的诱人香味,它们非常温暖,味道香浓,使你感觉非常好。永远不要在你饥饿的时候购物。超市非常清楚这一点,你手推车中零食的费用可能高达30英镑——你在回家的途中就可以食用。你也可以在超市的咖啡馆就餐,这样你的消费就更多。看一下货架最末端,直接越过这里的商品。这是超市让你花费大量金钱的地方:最贵的商品总是摆在走廊的最末端。How do supermarkets lure us in to start with?超市用什么方法诱惑我们走进去?Supermarkets lure us in with shopping tricks such as the promise of free parking and lots of special offers. We always tell ourselves that we are going to save money if we set foot in that supermarket because we have been lured in, but the absolute opposite is the case. Very few people can walk out of a supermarket and feel that they have really saved and bought nothing that they didnt intend to buy when they walked in.超市通常使用免费停车的承诺和大量特价商品等伎俩来诱惑我们。当我们走进这间超市的时候,我们总是告诉自己在这里购物会省钱,因为我们是被诱惑进来的,但是实际情况恰恰相反。很少有人走出超市的时候感到自己真的省了钱,没有购买走进来的时候没打算购买的物品。Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets?超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?You have to look high and low for bargains. I dont mean scour the supermarket, I mean look high and low on the shelf for bargains. The middle of the shelf is where youll find the most expensive things. Makers can pay supermarkets sometimes to place high-value items right in your eye-line?你必须上下仔细观察来寻找物美价廉的商品。我并不是说走遍整个超市来寻找,我的意思是要看货架的高处和低处。货架的中间通常是最贵的商品。制造商通常会付给超市一定的资金,将最贵的商品摆放在顾客视线范围之内。Thanks for watching Identifying Shop Tricks For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Eat Well For Less.感谢收看鉴别超市伎俩视频。要了解关于更多专业建议,指导意见,指引和教程,请登录我们的网站查看。201209/198153Step步骤Step 1 Know why youre doing it解释清楚Discuss your motives for a prenup with your soon-to-be-spouse, and make sure you both see eye to eye on your reasons.和你的未婚妻或未婚夫解释清楚婚前协议的动机,保你们双方都清楚地知道这样做的原因。Step 2 Dont take it personally双方协议If your partner is interested in getting a prenup, try not to take it personally. Prenups have been made by countless couples for countless reasons. Don’t let it destroy the magic of your relationship or undermine trust.如果你的伴侣也对婚前协议感兴趣,试着让双方都参与进来。有无数对新人因为无数种理由做了婚前协议。不要让单方面的要求毁灭了两人的感情和信任。Step 3 Plan ahead提前计划Plan ahead. It often takes several months to negotiate the final version of a prenup. The document must be executed before you get married, so give yourself time to get everything in order.提前计划。婚前协议再最终敲定版本前通常要画上几个月的时间。在你结婚前,协议必须要已经生效,因此要提前安排,准备好各项事宜。Step 4 Lawyer up律师协助To insure that each of your interests is protected, hire separate lawyers experienced in family or matrimonial law. Two sets of eyes will have a better chance of catching errors. Ask friends for referrals, or consult your states bar association website.为保你的每一项利益都得到保护,各自雇用一名家庭婚姻法方面经验丰富的律师。多两双眼睛更能保协议的准确性。邀请朋友介绍律师,或是访问所在州的律师协会网站。Tip: A prenup must be written, based on full disclosure, signed by both people, totally voluntary, and fair to both parties. If these conditions dont exist, a court can nullify the agreement.小贴士:婚前协议必须是纸质的,完整的,双方完全自愿的情况下签字的,公平公正的。如果这几个条件任一不成立,法院认定该协议无效。Step 5 Define your terms推敲词句A prenup is basically a divorce settlement made before any divorce occurs. Your lawyers or a neutral third party (called a mediator) can help you hammer out your terms, including how your assets will be divided in case of divorce – or even death. Some prenups have a ;sunset clause,; which invalidates the agreement after the couple has been married for a certain number of years.婚前协议基本就是结婚前生效的离婚财产分配协议。你的律师或第三方(调停者)会帮你推敲词句,包括为你的财产分配出谋划策——甚至是为你做遗产分配。许多婚前协议都有届满条款,它将规定,双方在结婚满若干年后婚前协议自动作废。Tip: Although youll still need your lawyers, using a mediator can help you save on legal expenses.小贴士:虽然你请了己方律师,但再邀请一名调停人会更加节省费用。Step 6 Sign on the line郑重签字When youve both reviewed and approved your finalized agreement, its time to see the notary public. Once its signed and witnessed, your document is legal and binding.当你们双方看过并同意最终的协议版本后,那就到了见公员的时候了。一旦双方签字并公,文件就具有法律约束力了。Fact: In 1849, heiress Adelicia Acklen and her second husband, Joseph, signed the first American prenup, entitling Adelicia to complete control of her property and assets.小常识:在1849年,女继承人Adelicia Acklen和他的第二任丈夫Joseph,签署了美国第一份婚前协议,协议赋予Adelicia自由处理财产的权利。You Will Need你需要Patience耐心Two lawyers两名律师Money金钱Notary public公人Mediator (optional) (optional)调解人201210/203185

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