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  "When the police arrived they called in one of the chairmen of the pageant who actually got his wallet out straight away and we were all pushed back by the organisers so we couldn't speak我受够生病的滋味了 Sick of being sick- 1:53:18 A:Mom, I'm y school.妈,我准备好去上学了B:Let me feel your ehead. I'm so glad it wasn't strep throat.让我摸摸你的额头幸好这次不是链球菌感染A:I don't have a fever, and I'm y my test.我没发烧,考试我也已经准备好了B:But I'm not sure you're strong enough yet. Here's some seafood rice soup I made. It's delicious.但我不知道你的体力够不够这里有一些我煮的海鲜米粒汤很好吃喔A:I'm fine, Mom. I feel so much better. I want to go to school. I'm missing out on all the fun.妈,我很好我感觉好多了我想去上学我错过好多有趣的事B:But the last two days were a weekend.但前两天是周末啊A:Let me go to school, please! I'm sick of medicine, sick of soup, and sick of being sick!求求你让我上学!我受够了吃药、受够了喝汤、也受够了生病!


《舌尖上的中国英文简介 --19 ::9 来源: 《舌尖上的中国英文简介The long awaited second season of A Bite of China, a phenomenally popular documentary in , is poised to further explore the relationship between people and their local food.The eight-episode documentary journeys to more than 0 regions across the country, discovering the age-old wisdom behind artistically crafted urban banquets and simple home cooking, as well as the value of nature's raw offerings."We hope that by featuring China's food, the documentary will be able to show audiences at home and abroad China's traditions and social changes, as well as the unbending, frugal and tenacious character of the Chinese people," says the documentary's chief director Chen Xiaoqing.Chen says the second season is expected to give greater insight into society and culture by closely relating food to the narrators' life experiences. The role of food in everyday life will hopefully be better explained when juxtaposed with modern lives, such as migrant workers and single families."What we want the most is that after watching the documentary, viewers will have a strong impulse to go home and cook their family a dinner, practice a hometown specialty, learn to cook a dish from their mothers, and treat their everyday meals seriously," says Deng Jie, one of the co-directors.The show will be co-directed by eight young filmmakers, many of whom have been internationally educated and won prizes worldwide. Some of the episodes imitate the style of Hollywood family dramas, road movies and martial art films. Each 50-minute episode contains more than 1,500 shots.The crew has also managed to feature foods from a larger variety of angles by using different filming equipment, such as infrared, microscopic and endoscopic cameras. The team even developed automatic macro filming equipment to capture the detail of dishes.At the latest TV Festival de Cannes, the documentary was heavily promoted and its broadcast rights have aly been sold to major TV stations in countries, such as Belgium, says Liu Wen, director of China Central Television's documentary channel. The first season of the documentary has been translated into more than five languages, including English and French, and distributed in more than 0 countries.The show started airing on CCTV's documentary channel on April 18.Viewers can also visit the program's official website co-launched by CCTV and gourmet website Douguo.com, where more than 300 dishes featured in the documentary and detailed inmation about them, including recipes, will be posted. 舌尖上的中国 英文简介


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