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吉林长春二院预约四维彩超长春正规妇科医院长春治疗3度宫颈糜烂哪家专业 When cars first became popular 100 years ago, there were no road rules or speed limits to begin with. Inspired by the freedom of their speedy new toys, drivers zoomed around as fast as they could. Crashes were a constant.100年前,汽车第一次流行起来时,一开始并不存在什么道路规则或速度限制。受到这个快捷新玩具所带来自由的鼓舞,司机们尽己所能地开车狂飙,车祸司空见惯。Today#39;s speedy new toys, the smartphone and tablet, help people work when, where, and how they want. Excited by their newfound freedom, people are staying connected 24/7, working as fast as they can. The crashes this time are less obvious but still producing pain.如今的快捷新玩具是智能手机和平板电脑。它们能够随时随地,在人们需要时为工作提供助力。人们为新发现的自由欢欣鼓舞。他们无时不刻都保持着连线状态,以最快的速度进行工作。这次的“祸患”不太明显,但仍然带来了痛苦。A creative team that used to debrief with their client by once a week from the office is now on daily from their tablets. A software project that took six people a few months to complete is now broken into hundreds of parts for micro developers to finish in a week. While these ideas may sound enticing, there are implications to moving this fast, as HP (HPQ) discovered withtablets and Apple (AAPL) with maps.曾经每周在办公室通过视频向客户汇报的创意团队现在每天都得利用平板电脑进行视频通话。以前需要6个人花费数月时间才能完成的软件项目,现在被分解成数百个部分,微开发者们一周就能完成。虽然这些想法听起来可能很诱人,但如此迅速的进展也会带来一些影响,就好比惠普(HP)和苹果(Apple)分别从各自的平板电脑和地图应用中发现的问题。Traveling at the speed of confusion以“混乱”的速度行进Perhaps the biggest implication of our new speed is what this is doing to our lives, and in particular to our brains. Recently, I was in the boardroom of a government organization outside the U.S. that was in charge of regulating what should be a slow-moving industry. They were decades old, with around 10,000 employees and mountains of money. Their biggest challenge· ;Our people are so overwhelmed, no one has any time to think, it#39;s all too much,; their executives explained.也许这种新速度的最大影响是在生活方面,尤其是对我们的大脑。最近,我有幸进入一家美国以外地区政府机构的会议室参观。这个机构负责监管一个本应缓慢发展的行业。他们已经有几十年的历史,拥有10,000名雇员和大量的资金。他们面临的最大挑战是什么?“我们的雇员不堪重负,没有人有时间进行思考,信息太多了,”这家机构的管理者说。The fire hose of information was driving folks more than a little crazy. This was a wake-up call for me. I often hear firms, including my own, fantasizing how much better life would be once they had years to get organized, better systems, the right number of employees, or plenty of capital. Yet here was a firm with all that and more, with the same chaos I see at startups.信息的大量涌现让人们变得多少有点疯狂。对我来说,这敲响了警钟。我经常听到一些机构——包括我自己的在内——幻想,如果拥有时间进行调整,具备更好的系统、合适的员工数量或是足够多的资金,生活会变得多么美好。然而,这儿有一家具备所有条件甚至更多的机构,却同样存在我在创业公司身上看到的那种混乱。Ironically, the biggest casualty of everyone being so connected is productivity. No one is getting much done at the office. One survey of 6,000 workers by the NeuroLeadership Institute found only 10% of people do their best thinking at work. ;I have to go home and work at night to get anything done; is a phrase I hear all too often. Working nights and weekends leads to less time with families and friends and even less sleep, with 30% of Americans not getting the sleep they need today.讽刺的是,所有人都保持着连线状态,这最大的受害者乃是人们的工作效率,没有人能够在办公室完成很多工作。神经领导力研究所(NeuroLeadership Institute)曾对6,000名职员进行调查,结果发现只有10%的人能够在工作时达到最佳的思维状态。我经常听到这样的话,“我必须回到家,等到晚上才能把所有事情做完。”在夜间和周末工作让人们花在家人和朋友身上的时间变少了,甚至连睡眠的时间也缩短了,如今30%的美国人得不到充足的睡眠。We won#39;t let people work 20-hour factory shifts anymore, but we#39;re okay to let them respond to emails 24/7. We organize workplaces to minimize physical injuries, yet we expect people to process huge volumes of data for hours on end. We mandate that people have vacations, yet more people are connected on vacation than ever. We are not respecting the needs of the brain largely because they are not obvious. Maybe it is time we made them more so.我们已经不再执行20小时的轮班制了,但却对让员工全天候保持电邮响应安之若素。我们对工作场所进行了调整,以减少对身体的伤害,但我们却希望员工一连几小时处理海量数据。我们强制人们休假,但却有比以往任何时候都要多的人在假期中保持连线。我们没有尊重大脑的需求,这在很大程度上是因为那些需求并不明显。现在也许是时候揭开真相了。In a recent edition of the NeuroLeadership Journal, UCLA psychiatrist Dan Siegel and I, along with Jessica Payne and Stephen Poelmans, outlined the deeper science behind the ;Healthy Mind Platter; that Siegel and I launched in 2011. The ;platter; outlines seven types of mental activities the brain needs for optimal healthy functioning.最新一期的《神经领导力杂志》(NeuroLeadership Journal)中,美国加州大学洛杉矶分校(UCLA)的丹·西格尔和我,连同杰西卡·佩恩以及斯蒂芬·珀尔曼斯,一起概述了“健康心灵拼盘”(Healthy Mind Platter)背后更深层次的科学原理。西格尔和我在2011年共同提出了这个概念。“拼盘”列出了大脑恢复最佳健康机能所需的7种精神活动。Shutting down休息One activity we all need is sufficient down time, when the brain is refreshed through being non-goal focused. Like other organs, our neural circuits benefit from a period of recovery after being stretched. Down time is also a critical component for complex problem solving. The incessant beeping of mobile devices raises our ambient neural activity too high to notice the quieter, non-conscious brain providing a solution to everyday (or really big) problems. With the ;buzz; always on, we drown out the so-called eureka moments in the morning shower, on the walk to work, or the drive home. We should be making it okay for people to disconnect for blocks of time. If folks are not good at switching off (just as we are not good at driving at sensible speeds), perhaps we need to install some limits here. Volkswagen in Germany has started switching off their Blackberry email servers for 12 hours a day to let people rest. Other firms are experimenting with similar ideas, including minimizing or even banning internalemails.我们都需要的一种活动是,足够的休息。这时候,大脑将通过放空,重新恢复精神。跟其他器官一样,紧张工作之后,一段时间的恢复对我们的神经系统有好处。对于解决复杂的问题,休息时间同样是一个关键要素。移动设备持续不断的蜂鸣声让我们的周围神经一直保持亢奋,以至于无法注意到安静的、非意识的大脑更加能够解决日常生活的问题(或是真正的大问题)。在这种“嗡嗡”声音持续不断的情况下,我们失去了在早上淋浴、步行上班或驱车回家时经常发生的灵光乍现。我们应该保人们能够在某些时间断开连接,而且不至于出现问题。如果人们不擅长停下来休息(就像我们不擅长以合理的速度驾车行驶),那么我们或许需要做出一些限制。德国的大众汽车公司(Volkswagen)已经开始每天关闭黑莓邮件务器12小时,让员工进行休息。其他公司也在尝试类似的设想,包括减少、甚或禁止内部的电子邮件。For real down time, people need vacations where they fully switch off. This may require changing how we think about annual leave. Instead of expecting people to take long vacations, we can encourage a shorter annual break, with an extra-long weekend each month to enable recovery. Four days offline can be truly restful. Whereas a two-week break can be two weeks of hellish preparation, two weeks of rest, followed by two stressful weeks digging out from under 2,000 emails. Maybe we need a rule that requires total down time every few months for a minimum of a few days.为了获得真正的休息时间,人们需要假期,这时候他们可以完全停下来。它可能需要我们改变自己看待年假的方式。我们并不鼓励人们度长假,而是推荐较短的年假和每月额外的长周末,以帮助恢复精力。4天的离线生活能够让人获得真正的休息,而两周的假期却可能成为两周地狱般的工作准备,人们休息两周之后往往还要花两周时间处理遗留下来的2,000封邮件。或许我们需要一条规则,每隔几个月至少休息数天时间。Focus专注Another ingredient of the ;Healthy Mind Platter; is focus time. This is when we focus intensely on a single task, making deeper connections across the brain. Focus time is important for long-term memory as well as overall brain health. We need to design workspaces where people can focus, totally undisturbed, for blocks of time as needed.“健康心灵拼盘”的另一个要素是专注时间,这是我们极度专注于某一工作任务的时候,在大脑中进行更深层次的连接。专注时间对长期记忆和大脑整体健康来说非常重要。我们需要对工作场所进行设计,让人们可以在必要的时间段集中精力,完全不受干扰。My research shows that people have one to two peak performing hours a day at best. What if those hours involve being bombarded with constant distractions? As well as having fewer insights and not being able to go deeply into an idea, the task switching exhausts our brains. Recently, I was pleased to notice some private, quiet working rooms at a large company#39;s offices, before I noticed a sign saying ;for conference calls only.; As if talking to others is more important than focusing. Do we need a rule to make being able to focus at work a basic workplace right, like physical safety?我的研究表明,人们每天至多有一到两个小时的最佳工作时间。如果人们在这段时间受到持续的干扰呢?就像缺乏见解和无法深入到一个想法当中,任务的转换会让我们的大脑疲惫不堪。最近,我欣喜地看到一家大公司在办公区域设置了一些私密的安静工作间,不过我之后又注意到上面贴着“仅供会议使用”的标志,就好像跟其他人交谈要比专注于工作更加重要似的。我们是否需要这样一条规则,让能够专注于工作成为工作场所的基本权利,就像人身安全一样?Two other critical ingredients of the ;Healthy Mind Platter; are connecting time, when we be social with others, and playtime, where we make novel connections in the brain. Having connecting time turns out to be more important to our well-being than even maintaining a good diet. By helping people get their work done at work, people can have more social time and playtime outside work, not to mention get more sleep.“健康心灵拼盘”的另外两个关键要素是交流时间和休闲时间。前者是用来跟其他人进行交际,后者则是我们在大脑中建立新连接的时候。事实明,对于我们自己的福祉,与他人交流甚至比保持良好的饮食习惯更加重要。通过在上班时帮助人们完成他们的工作,人们在工作以外就可以拥有更多的社交时间和休闲时间,更不用说获得更多的睡眠了。We have some fast and shiny new machines that are speeding up everything about how we work. Travelling at this new speed has dangers that may not be obvious at first. Maybe now is the time to build in some limits and boundaries for our hyper-connected lives, to reduce the number of accidents along our information superhighways.我们拥有了一些快捷而闪亮的新设备,它们能够在各方面加快我们的工作速度。以这种新速度行进具有一定的危险性,而这种危险一开始可能并不是很明显。也许是时候为我们过度连线的生活设定一些限制和边界了, 这样我们在信息高速公路上行驶时才能减少事故的发生。David Rock is cofounder of the Neuroleadership Institute, a consultant and author of Your Brain at Work.大卫·洛克是神经领导力研究所的联合创始人,他是一名顾问,著有《正常运作的大脑》一书。 /201302/227096A small vehicle that looks like a Jetsons version of a smart car rests in a room at MIT#39;s Media Lab. Here#39;s how it works. When parking, the rear of the electric CityCar slides under the chassis, allowing the body to fold up into a compact shell. Once folded, the CityCar will fit into a space just one-third the size of a standard parking spot. A single door on the front of the car pops open, allowing the driver to step out onto the sidewalk.麻省理工学院(MIT)的媒体实验室中停放着一辆小型车,它看起来就像《登家庭》中的智能车。它的工作原理是这样的:停车时,电动城市智能微型车;(CityCar)的尾部滑到底盘下面,车体折叠成一个紧凑的壳状。折叠起来以后,这辆车只需要标准停车位1/3的空间就能停放。同时,车头的单门可以弹开,让司机走上人行道。The CityCar is just one example of how MIT#39;s Changing Places group envisions the urban lifestyle of 2022. In October the world population hit 7 billion, and now for the first time in history more than half of the world#39;s population lives in urban centers. MIT is studying how to house and move all those people in ways that will make urban living still bearable. Says Kent Larson, the program#39;s director: ;We#39;re focusing on more efficient uses of resources, on ways to lower costs and energy use and at the same time increase personal space.; Larson sees the CityCar, for example, as fitting into the shared-use programs aly gaining traction through companies such as ZipCar (ZIP) and Getaround. The cars would complement what he hopes will be a full system of sharing, from bicycles and scooters for shorter commutes to cars for longer jaunts. A prototype of the CityCar built by MIT and the Spanish company DenokInn will be unveiled at European Union headquarters in Brussels this month under the project name Hiriko.城市微型车只是麻省理工学院的换位研究小组(MIT#39;s Changing Places group)构想的2022年城市生活方式中的1个例子。10月份,世界人口达到了70亿人,而有史以来,如今首次有超过半数的世界人口生活在城市中心。麻省理工学院正在研究如何在维持城市生活的基础上解决这些人口的居住和交通问题。该项目的负责人肯特;拉尔森说:;我们着重研究更有效的资源利用方式,以及如何在降低成本和能源用量的同时增加个人空间。;拉尔森认为城市微型智能车与Zipcar和Getaround等公司方兴未艾的汽车共享务异曲同工。他期望这种车能够协同跑短途的自行车、小型托车和跑长途的车辆,共同形成完备的拼车系统。这款由麻省理工学院和西班牙公司DenokInn制造的城市微型车样车本月初将在位于布鲁塞尔的欧盟(European Union)总部亮相,其所属项目名名叫Hiriko。MIT#39;s Media Lab is also working on what it dubs the CityHome. Again, greater flexibility is key. The CityHome concept takes a Murphy-bed approach. A bedroom can double as anything from a kitchen to a personal gym with stoves, fridges, and StairMasters swinging out from hidden panels in the walls. Larson says that the customization cost for a small apartment would be as much as ,000. However, the savings of paying for a one-room studio that functions as a three-room apartment could be 10 times that amount. MIT hopes to launch pilot programs in the Boston area.麻省理工学院媒体实验室还开展了名为CityHome的智能家居项目。同样,其关键要素在于更大的灵活性。CityHome概念采纳了墨菲多功能床的理念。1间卧室可以兼作多种用途,既可以做厨房、也可以用作个人健身房,里面有烤炉、冰箱,还有通过隐形活页固定在墙上的隐形活动班霸牌楼梯机(StairMasters)。拉尔森说,为小户型定制智能家居的费用可能将高达30,000美元。然而,这种可以充当三居室公寓的单居室工作室节约的钱可能是这个数字的10倍。麻省理工学院希望在波士顿地区进行试点。The system can be customized to fit different income brackets. Want a Sub-Zero to pop out of your wall? The benefit for real estate developers is that they can stack more units into each building. The biggest hang-up for adoption? Parking spaces for the denser housing. The problem is solved ; surprise ; by matching the CityHome with the CityCar.这种家居系统可以定做,以适应不同收入阶层的需求。想把Sub-Zero冰箱(美国高档冰箱品牌;;译注)嵌进墙壁里吗?没问题。而对房地产开发商来说,好处在于他们可以在每座楼里搭建更多套房子。那么,采用智能家居系统的最大麻烦是什么呢?那就是当住户越来越密集时,停车位就会变得更紧张。但令人欣喜的是,这个问题同样可以得到解决,那就是:将CityCar和CityHome配套使用。 /201201/168052长春做人流手术的地方

长春白求恩医科大学一院在那儿Opportunity has made one of its greatest scientific discoveries so far. Clay minerals in a rock called Esperance clearly indicate that neutral water flowed across the rock some time in the first billion years of its existence.The rock was found near Endurance Crater, and took seven attempts to analyse because it was partially covered in Martian dust.The clay minerals are similar to one called montmorillonite. Formed under the influence of neutral water, this is significant because neutral water, which is similar to household tap water, is thought to be much more conducive to the chemistry needed for the origin of life.Announcing the results, Steve Squyres, principal investigator for Opportunity, Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. said that, although they have talked in the past about finding water with Opportunity, really it was more like sulphuric acid.As Mars turned into the desert planet we see today, so the water became more acidic. This happened because of evaporation, which left a higher concentration of minerals in the remaining water – rather like reducing a sauce to make it richer.Neutral water dates from an earlier time on the planet, when it rained frequently bestowing a more Earth-like environment.Although a first for Opportunity, this is not the first time that neutral water has been found on Mars. In March, NASA#39;s larger, younger rover Curiosity found evidence for #39;drinkable#39; water in clay minerals in Gale crater. ;It is really striking to me, how similar the stories are for the rocks at Gale and Endeavour crater,; says Squyres, comparing the two findings.Opportunity is now heading for a 55-metre high outcrop called Solander Point. Averaging 50 metres per day, the team hope to get there before August.Winter is approaching on Mars. If Opportunity reaches Solander Point#39;s sloping sides, the solar panels can catch more of the low winter Sun. This could give them enough power to drive during the winter months.In previous Martian winters, on flatter terrain, power levels have dropped so much that engineers have had to park Opportunity and wait for the cold weather to end.Images show that Solander Point displays layered terrain. These layers preserve a record of Mars#39;s changing climate throughout the planet#39;s history, which Opportunity can . Analysing such layers is similar to Curiosity#39;s mission at Mount Sharp in Gale crater.The longevity of Opportunity is astonishing. Designed to last for just 90 Martian days, it is now approaching its 3400th Martian day of operation.It has lasted almost 40 times longer than its design lifetime. It was launched on 7 July 2003 and landed on 25 January 2004.Considering the age of the rover, and the fact that its twin Spirit #39;passed away#39; in 2010 during its fourth Martian winter, it seems prudent to start the celebrations now. Just in case.“机遇号”目前已实现了它的一项最伟大科学发现。一块名为“狮石”(Esperance)的岩石里,其中的粘土矿物表明在这块岩石最初的10亿年中的某个时刻时在,曾有中性水从它上面流过。这块岩石在“持久”陨石坑(Endurance Crater)附近发现的 ,由于有一部分在火星尘埃下面,通过七次尝试才将它分析出来。这个粘土矿物与“高岭石”(montmorillonite)矿物质很相似。这种矿物质在中性水的影响下形成,具有重要意义,因为与家用自来水相似的中性水被认为更加有助于生命起源所需的化学物质的产生。“火星”号的首席研究员斯蒂夫斯.奎尔斯(steve Squyres)在纽约州伊萨卡市的康奈尔大学(Cornell University)宣布研究结果时说,虽然过去他们宣布过“机遇”号发现水的事情,而事实上更像是硫酸。由于火星变成了我们今天所见到的沙漠星球,因此,水的酸性更强。这是由于蒸发才公这种现象,而蒸发把高浓度矿物质留在了剩余的水中,这有点像酱油蒸发。变得更加浓稠。中性水可以追溯到火星早期,那时火星上频繁地下雨,那时的大气环境与地球现在的环境很相近。虽然这是“机遇”号第一次在火星上发现水,但这却不是水第一次在火星上发现。在今年的三月份,美国宇航局的体积更大,设备更新的“好奇”号(Curiosity)火星车在盖尔陨石坑(Gale crater)的软土矿物中发现了可饮用水的据。通过比较两次发现,斯奎尔斯说:“这真的令我很震惊,发生在盖尔陨石坑和持久陨石坑的事情是多么的相似啊。”“机遇”号现在正朝着五十五米高的被叫做索兰德高地的一块露出地表的岩石进发。它平均每天能前进五十米,所以它很有可能在八月前到达目的地。火星上的冬天正在悄然来临。如果“机遇”号能到达索兰德高地(Solander Point)的斜坡,那么在冬天太阳电池板就能从高度角较低的太阳中吸收更多的能量。这就能给它们充足的能量在冬天的几个月里继续前行。在火星上之前度过的几个冬天,“机遇”号都处于平坦地带,而功率电平降到了很低,工程师们不得不让“机遇”号停下来,等待着寒冷天气的结束。图片显示索兰德高地呈现出层状地形。这些“机遇”号能研究的层状结构保存了火星整个历史进程中变化的气候的记录。“机遇”号分析这些层状结构的任务和“好奇”号在盖尔陨石坑中夏普山上的使命是相似的。“机遇”号的寿命是惊人的。最初它被设计在火星上停留的时间仅仅是九十天(火星每天比地球长40分钟),而现在它即将要迎来它在火星上工作的第3400个日子。“机遇”号在2003年7月7日发射升空,并于2004年1月25日着陆火星,已运行了接近四十倍于设计寿命的时间。鉴于它现有的寿命和它的“孪生”火星车——“勇气”号在2010年即“勇气”号在火星上的第四个冬天期间“去世”。现在来进行庆祝似乎是很谨慎的。毕竟要以防万一嘛。长春做个全身体检需要多少钱 Apple Inc. is striking gold in an unlikely place: Japan.苹果公司(Apple Inc.)正在一个不大可能取得成功的市场高歌猛进,那就是日本。In the past two years, Japan has emerged as Apple#39;s fastest-growing region, far outpacing its home market and the booming economies of Greater China and the rest of Asia. Japan is also home to Apple#39;s biggest profit margins, and the only one of Apple#39;s five regions where operating profit grew in the past fiscal year.过去两年,日本已成为苹果增长最快的市场,苹果在日本的增速超过了在其本土市场和大中华等亚洲日益繁荣的经济体的增速。日本还是苹果取得最大利润率的市场,并且是苹果的五大市场中唯一一个在上一财政年度实现营业利润增长的市场。That is surprising because Japan isn#39;t most companies#39; idea of a growth market. It has labored through two decades of economic malaise, and is saddled with a shrinking, aging population. Moreover, domestic firms that pride themselves on consumer electronics have kept foreign competitors at bay for decades.这一情况令人意外,因为日本并不是多数企业的理想增长市场。日本已经经历了长达二十年的经济不景气时期,并且面临人口萎缩和老龄化问题。此外数十年来以消费电子产品自傲的日本公司在日本市场一直遥遥领先于海外竞争者。The iPhone has propelled Apple#39;s success in Japan, supported by heavy marketing and rich subsidies from telephone companies. The iPhone#39;s cachet taps Japan#39;s fervor for brand-name goods, similar to how Japanese shoppers once flocked to Louis Vuitton bags and Burberry scarves.苹果在日本取得的成功主要受iPhone推动,大规模营销措施以及电话公司提供的丰厚补贴持了iPhone在日本的销售。iPhone的名气迎合了日本人对品牌的热衷,就像日本购物者曾追逐路易威登(Louis Vuitton)的手袋和巴宝莉(Burberry)的围巾一样。#39;Apple#39;s brand is just overwhelming here,#39; said Eiji Mori, a Tokyo-based analyst at N Inc. #39;It#39;s not about specifications. It#39;s not about rationale. It#39;s about owning an iPhone.#39;N Inc.驻东京的分析师Eiji Mori说,苹果品牌在日本已经势不可挡,这与产品规格无关,而在于对拥有一部iPhone的渴望。Sales got another boost in late September when NTT DoCoMo Inc., Japan#39;s largest wireless carrier, began offering the iPhone for the first time to its 61.8 million customers. Even before that, the iPhone was Japan#39;s best-selling smartphone, with a 37% market share in the six months ended Sept. 30, according to Tokyo#39;s MM Research Institute. That#39;s comparable to the iPhone#39;s 36% share in the U.S. in the third quarter, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.9月末iPhone销量获得进一步提振,因为日本最大的无线运营商NTT移动通讯(NTT DoCoMo Inc.)首次开始向其6,180万客户出售iPhone。据东京的MM Research Institute称,即便在那之前,iPhone就已经成为日本最畅销的智能手机,截至9月30日的六个月iPhone在日本的市场份额已达37%。据Kantar Worldpanel ComTech的数据,iPhone第三季度在美国的市场份额为36%。Apple#39;s iPad also garnered more than 50% of Japan#39;s tablet-computer market in the fiscal year ended March 2013, said MM Research.MM Research称,在截至2013年3月份的财年,苹果的iPad在日本平板电脑市场的市场份额已超过50%。As the last major Japanese operator to offer the iPhone, DoCoMo is aggressively discounting new models to lure users from competitors, while offering incentives to entice existing subscribers to switch from other phones.NTT移动通讯是最后一家参与出售iPhone的日本主要运营商,该公司正在大举进行新款iPhone的促销,以期从竞争对手手中抢夺用户,该公司同时推出了吸引现有用户以iPhone取代其他手机的促销措施。According to Strategy Analytics, Japan was the world#39;s fourth-largest smartphone market in the first quarter of 2013, ranking behind China, the U.S. and India. As of the end of September, there were 50.15 million smartphone subscribers in Japan, said MM Research.据Strategy Analytics称,2013年第一季度日本是全球第四大智能手机市场,排在中国、美国和印度之后。据MM Research称,截至9月底,日本有5,015万智能手机用户。Two factors in the iPhone#39;s Japanese success are Japan#39;s wealth and the degree to which its phone market resembles the U.S., a #39;postpaid#39; market where the phones are subsidized by carriers and sold with multiyear contracts. #39;The U.S. and Japan are unique in that sense,#39; says Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Co. analyst Toni Sacconaghi.iPhone在日本的成功是由两大因素促成的:日本人的富裕程度以及其手机市场与美国手机市场的相似程度(两者均为后付费市场,运营商为手机提供补贴,并且所售手机附带多年合约)。Sanford C. Bernstein amp; Co.的分析师萨科纳吉(Toni Sacconaghi)说,这是美国和日本市场的独特之处。In markets where most consumers pay for the handset upfront, the iPhone#39;s big price tag damps sales.在多数消费者要预先付费来购买手机的市场,iPhone的昂贵价格抑制了销售。In China, the world#39;s largest smartphone market,Apple#39;s newest phones, the iPhone 5C and 5S, are roughly twice as expensive than what most consumers pay for a homegrown alternative with a larger screen. Research firm Canalys said Apple ranked fifth in China#39;s smartphone market in the most recent quarter.在全球最大的智能手机市场中国,苹果新款手机iPhone 5C和iPhone 5S售价约为多数消费者购买的屏幕更大的本土品牌智能手机价格的两倍。研究公司Canalys称,在最近一个季度,苹果在中国智能手机市场排名第五。Apple could get a lift if China Mobile Ltd., the country#39;s largest carrier, starts to roll out iPhones on its network. The Wall Street Journal had reported in September that the company was preparing to ship the handsets to the operator.如果中国最大的运营商中国移动有限公司(China Mobile Ltd., 简称:中国移动)开始销售接入其网络的iPhone,苹果在中国的销售可能会获得提振。《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)曾在9月份报道称,苹果正准备向中国移动发货。One unique factor in Japan is the relatively small presence of Samsung Electronics Co., the world#39;s largest smartphone maker. Samsung ranks fourth in Japan behind Apple, Sony and Sharp Corp., in part because of a Japanese consumer bias that works against many Korean brands.日本市场的一个独特之处是,全球最大智能手机制造商三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)的市场份额相对较小。三星在日本市场排名第四,位于苹果、索尼和夏普公司(Sharp Co.)之后,这在一定程度上是因为日本消费者具有对许多韩国品牌不利的偏见。Apple also is benefiting from the struggles of Japan#39;s electronics conglomerates. NEC Corp. pulled the plug on its smartphone business earlier this year, while Panasonic said in September that it plans to stop producing smartphones for mainstream consumers.日本电子行业巨头的困局也令苹果受益。日本电气公司(NEC Corporation)在今年早些时候结束了该公司的智能手机业务,松下电器产业公司(Panasonic co.)则在9月份表示,计划停止生产针对主流消费者的智能手机。Apple#39;s sales in Japan grew 27% to .5 billion in the fiscal year ended Sept. 28, compared with increases of 12.8% and 4.1% in China and the rest of Asia Pacific, respectively. Revenue growth was hampered by a weaker yen that diminishes sales when converted into U.S. dollars. In the preceding fiscal year, Japan outpaced the other regions with a 94% increase in sales.截至9月28日的财年苹果在日本的销量增长27%,至135亿美元,同期苹果在中国和亚太其他地区的销量分别增长12.8%和4.1%。苹果在日本的收入增长因日元贬值受到抑制,日元贬值令苹果转换成美元的销售额缩水。在此前财年,苹果在日本的销量增长94%,增速超过了其他地区。Japan is also the most profitable market for Apple with operating profit margins exceeding 50%, compared with 35% in the rest of the world.日本还是苹果最有利可图的市场,苹果在日本市场的营业利润率超过50%,高于其在全球其他地区35%的营业利润率。 /201311/264271吉大二院民康医院妇产科怎样

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