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It can happen to the rich, the famous and the powerful, but if these two entrepeneurs are correct and sweater marks will soon being a thing of the past. Budd Rose on the left is wearing a normal cotton shirt. In a sauna, on the right is his business partner, Oliver Van Emden wearing one of their own creations a fresh max shirt. In this heat, it doesnt take a long to see the difference between the two, just a matter of minutes. Oliver is as sweaty as his colleague. But the fresh max shirt allows moisture to evaporate without leaving a sign. The pair believed that radical woven solution to sweat stain will become the norm the world over.富人,名人,有权有势的人都会遇到这种情况,但如果这两个创业者成功了,汗湿的衬衣就会成为过去。在桑拿房中,Budd Rose穿着的是一件普通棉质衬衫。旁边的试验者是他的合作伙伴,Oliver Van Emden,他穿着的是他们发明的无汗渍衬衫。在这样的温度下,马上就能看出两人的不同。几分钟过后,Oliver和Budd都是大汗淋漓,但无汗渍衬衫使得汗水自动蒸发,没有在衣上留下半点痕迹。这两个人相信,新式的不留汗渍纺织技术将红透全世界。This is for any an man or woman who wears shirts or blouses to work. Uh, you know, whether its for leisure whether they are at work, uniforms, you know, it always keep you looking presentable. We think fresh max is gonna really take off, its that, its a shirt for basically anyone.这是为所有需要在工作中穿着衬衫的男女设计的。无论是在休闲的时候,还是工作的时候,或是需要穿着制的时候,无汗渍衬衫总能让你看上去大方得体。我们认为无汗渍衬衫将来会大卖,它会是每一个人的基本需求。And you never get any your hotter condition than inside a sauna. Yeah.而且,你不可能处在比桑拿房更热的地方了。The trick is in the weave sping any moisture on the inside of the shirt over a large area and allowing it to evaporate away.无汗渍衬衫的秘诀就在于它能在衬衫内侧将汗液大面积平摊并蒸发。Inside the fabric draws the moisture away from the skin, and sps over a large suface area at inner side of the fabric, and then your body acts as an engine of heat which allows some moisture to escape through fabric as vapor. And leave the weave, actually, actively redirects the moisture away from outer fibers. So, actually, the outer fibers dont get wet.衬衫内侧的纤维织物会吸收人体皮肤上的水分,并将汗液大面积展开,然后你的身体就像个火炉子一样将织物上的水分蒸发成气体。气体会透过织物,穿过织物外侧离开人体。因此,外部的织物不会被汗水打湿。The pair spent more than 8 years perfecting the materia. An idea inspired by the hectic social lives of students, dancing and sweating the night away. But the shirts selling at 50 poud each, or 80 dollars. They may soon be dancing again, all the way to the bank.这两个人花费了8年时间研究衬衫材质。他们的灵感来源于学生时代繁忙的社会生活,他们整夜地跳舞,整夜地出汗。现在,他们研制出的衬衫每件售价50或80英镑。他们很快就又有时间跳舞了,跳往赚大钱的金光大道。Stuart McDill, ReutersStuart McDill报道,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201208/195128

How Insects Drink?昆虫是怎样喝水的?A: I was sitting on my Porsche yesterday, having a soda, and a wasp picked its head into the can and drink from my soda. For the sugar i konw thats why I drink soda. But the Garmin wondering about how different insects drink. I mean insects need water just like the rest of us.昨儿我坐在我的保时捷里,喝着汽水,一只黄蜂将头伸进了我的瓶子,喝起了我的汽水.我知道我喝汽水是为了(补充)糖分,但是Garmin(一种导航)好奇不同的昆虫都是怎样喝东西的呢?我的意思是昆虫也像我们一样需要水分。B: You are right! Insects do need water. How they get their water depends a lot on their diets. Herbivorous insects, those that feed on plants, get most of their water from their preyfood because plants contain a lot of water.是这样的!昆虫确实需要水分。但是它们怎样饮水很大程度上是取决与他们的饮食习惯。对于那些以植物为食的食草性昆虫来说,大部分水分都是从食物中获取的,因为植物很有很多水分。But carnivorous insects often have to get their water from somewhere other than their prey, and often theyll go to plants for their water too, drinking from fruit maybe. Or they might sip from the morning dew or from raindrops or from edges of ponds or puddles.但是对于肉食性的昆虫来说,它们就的从其它地方获取水分,通常也是来自植物,或者水果。它们或许还会从晨露、雨水、池塘或者水坑边进水。If theyre blood suckers, they probably get their water from their food. Its worth noting that not all mouthparts are the same and this too affects the ways an insect is able to get water. There are basically two kinds of insect mouths.如果是吸血类的,它们大概就是从食物中获取水分。值得一提的是,昆虫的口器是不一样的,这就大大影响了它们喝水的方式。昆虫的口器大概可分为两类。There are chewers and suckers. Some chewers may have a difficult time trying to draw water from a pond, whereas getting their water from chewing a leaf is simple.它们便是咀嚼式口器及吸收式口器。一些咀嚼式口器在池塘边喝水可能会有困难,所以通过咀嚼叶子来获取水分会更简单。Suckers, on the other hand, have a tube-like mouthpart called a proboscis that allows them to get liquid by sucking or lapping, whether from the nectar of flowers or from a soda can.而吸收式口器则有一个管状叫做“喙”的部分,它可以让昆虫通过吸或舔的方式获得水分,不论是从花的花蜜中还是从汽水瓶都可以。A: Or from my arm, right?从我的手臂也行,对吧?B: Thats true.是的! /201211/210849

Science and Technology Bioremediation Bottom feeders科技 生物降解 ;清道夫;平菇A novel way of dealing with an unpleasant problem解决烦人难题的新颖方法DESPITE their name, disposable nappies are notoriously difficult to dispose of.一次性尿布,虽然它名字的英文含义为;可随意处理的;,然而对它的处理却是一个老大难问题。Studies of landfills suggest they may take centuries to rot away.垃圾填埋区的研究显示它们可能要花上几个世纪才会完全腐烂。But Alethia Vazquez-Morillas of the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico City thinks she has found a method of speeding the process up.但墨西哥城自治都市大学的阿莱蒂娅·巴斯克斯·莫莱拉丝(Alethia Vazquez-Morillas )认为她已经找到加速此过程的方法。As she and her colleagues describe in Waste Management, cultivating the right type of mushroom on soiled nappies can break down 90% of the material they are made of within two months.正如她与其同事在《废物处理》一文中所描述,以尿布为基壤,培植恰当种类的菇类,能在两个月内将其分解90%。Within four, they are degraded completely.四个月后,它们将被完全降解。What is more, she says, despite their unsavoury diet the fungi in question, Pleurotus ostreatus (better known as oyster mushrooms), are safe to eat.她表示,尽管所讨论的糙皮侧耳(即熟知的平菇)口味不佳,但食用安全。To prove the point she has, indeed, eaten them.为了明这一点,她确确实实曾亲口品尝过。The culinary use of oyster mushrooms was one reason why she picked them for the experiment.平菇的食用价值正是她选择其进行实验的原因之一。The species is frequently used in stir-fries and is often added to soups.该食材经常用于煎炸以及常常被添加至汤中。The other reason was that Pleurotus ostreatus is widely used in what is known as mycoremediation—the deployment of fungi to clean up waste.而另一个原因是平菇被广泛用于所谓的;茵核降解;(mycoremediation)——即是使用真菌去清理垃圾。It is, for example, aly grown on agricultural materials such as wheat and barley straw, and industrial waste like coffee grounds and the leftovers from making tequila.比方说,它已经在处理诸如小麦和大麦秸秆等农业废料以及在类似咖啡渣和特基拉酒废渣等工业废料上得到逐步推广。Dr Vazquez-Morillas and her colleagues were trying to extend the oyster mushrooms own culinary range.巴斯克斯·莫莱拉丝士与其同事正试图拓展平菇原有的烹饪范围。The reason nappies are difficult to break down has nothing to do with their use.尿布难于降解跟它有没有被使用过毫无关系。Even a clean nappy would hang around for a long time in a dump.即便是干净的尿布也会在垃圾场长期留存。The main ingredient of a nappy is cellulose, an annoyingly persistent material.尿布的主要组成部分是纤维素,它是一种烦人的顽固性物质。Pleurotus, however, grows on dead or dying trees in the wild and is thus well provided with enzymes that break cellulose down.然而在野外生长在已死或将死树木上的平菇,将恰如其分地分泌出能分解纤维素的酶。And, since Mexicans alone throw away 5 billion nappies every year, there is plenty of material from this source for them to get their mycelia into.而且,既然仅墨西哥每年就有50亿张尿布被丢弃,那么必定有大量此类原料正等着它们的菌丝去分解。The idea that the result might be sold and eaten may be controversial but it is not absurd.销售并食用;尿布平菇;的想法或许具有争议性,但却并不荒唐。The nappies the researchers used were contaminated only with urine, not faeces.研究人员使用的尿布仅有尿渍,并没有粪便。A healthy persons urine is sterile and Dr Vazquez-Morillas also treated the nappies with steam, to make sure.健康人类的尿液是无菌的,而巴斯克斯·莫莱拉丝士也对尿布进行了蒸汽高温消毒以确保安全。Such treatment would kill the nasty bugs in faeces, too, though, so mushrooms grown on treated nappies should, in theory, be safe to eat.这样的处理也将杀死粪便中的肮脏虫子,如果有的话,因此生长处理过的尿布上的平菇在理论上应该是可以安全食用。In practice, overcoming the yuck factor might be an insuperable barrier to marketing nappy-grown fungi, and the cost of the steam treatment could make the exercise futile.实际上,对于销售长在尿布上的平菇而言,克这种主观上令人反感的因素或许是一道不可逾越的障碍,而且蒸汽高温消毒的花销可能是不切实际的。Mycoremediation of this sort does not, however, depend for its success on selling the results.然而,此类;茵核降解;的成功之处并不依赖于销售其产物。Merely getting rid of what would otherwise hang around indefinitely is worthwhile.仅仅是摆脱那些难处理的废物就物有所值了,不然的话那些垃圾可就要无限期地困扰我们了。And of the fungi themselves, Dr Vazquez-Morillas observes, ;they are cleaner than most of the vegetables you can find in the market, at least in Mexico.;而且对于这些菌类本身,巴斯克斯·莫莱拉丝士道,;至少在墨西哥,它们要比你在市场上能找得到的大多数蔬菜干净得多。; /201212/214615

Seven Puget Sound killer whales are missing and presumed dead in what could be the biggest decline among the sounds orcas in nearly a decade, say scientists who carefully track the endangered animals.七头逆戟鲸在普吉特海湾失踪。据推测,它们已经死亡。跟踪调查则这一濒危物种的科学家说,这是该海域近10年来发生的最大规模的逆戟鲸死亡事件。;This is a disaster,; Ken Balcomb, a senior scientist at the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island, said.“这是一场灾难”,圣胡安岛鲸鱼研究中心的资深科学家肯-巴尔科姆这样说道。While the official census wont be completed until December, the total number of live ;southern resident; orcas now stands at 83.官方对逆戟鲸数量的普查要到12月 才能完成。这些 “南部居民”的总数如今大约是83头。Among those missing since last years count are the nearly century-old leader of one of the three southern resident pods, and two young females who recently bore calves. The loss of the seven whales would be the biggest decline among the Puget Sound orcas since 1999, when the center also tracked a decline of seven whales.自去年以来,失踪者中包括三大“南部居民”群体之一中的一个首领,它已经将近100岁了;还有两头是最近才产下幼崽的年轻雌鲸。这七头逆戟鲸的失踪是普吉特海湾自1999年以来发生的最大规模的逆戟鲸死亡事件,当时的1999年圣胡安岛鲸鱼研究中心还跟踪到另外七头逆戟鲸失踪。Low numbers of chinook salmon, a prime food for these whales, may be a factor in the unusual number of deaths this year, Balcomb said.作为逆戟鲸主要食物来源的鲑鱼数量的下降可能是今年逆戟鲸不正常死亡的一个因素,巴尔科姆说。 注:本文译文属原创,,。201204/180043

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