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世界杯裁判和球员奖金知多少 --5 :53:35 来源: 世界杯裁判和球员奖金知多少 A paycheck at the end of the week is something all employees look ward to, but what can players and referees—who will have all eyes on them on the world’s biggest stage—expect to see on their checks? Well, one might be surprised.每逢周末,员工们最关心的问题莫过于本周将拿到多少奖金你知道在万众瞩目的世界杯盛宴上,裁判和球员将有多少奖金入账吗?令人震惊Referees can make up to ,000 the month-long tournament, but only about ten official are expected to make this amount. In reality, the figure is relatively smaller (in , most were paid ,000) each referee based on experience and fitness as well as which games they are in charge of officiating.据外媒报道,在历时一个月的赛事中裁判将收获最高约5万美元奖金(约31万人民币),而实际能拿到这个数目的也不过人左右,多数裁判的收入并不可观,年世界杯,他们的普遍收入约为3.5万美金奖金多少取决于裁判自身资历和裁决公正性以及所裁决的场次When it comes to players however, the variation is more significant, dependent on the type of player and what team he plays .球员收入差异化更为明显,奖金多少取决于他们在场上的位置和效力的球队However, each team is guaranteed million dollars just making it to Brazil -- a number decided by FIFA, and the same amount that teams received making it to the World Cup in South Africa in .根据国际足联的规定,每球队将获得800万美元的保底收入用以出席巴西世界杯,该标准与南非世界杯相同So what is the average salary everyone else?每位球员的平均奖金是多少呢?It was reported that the U.S. players would each be looking at getting at least ,000. The Aussies are each set to make ,000 total when you take into the match fees and prize money being in the competition, regardless of results. Cameroonian players didn’t seem to be satisfied with the amount they were being paid, delaying their flight to Brazil and cing their federation to take out a loan that increased their salaries by $,000.据悉,美国球员人均将收获至少7.6万美元奖金而无论比赛结果如何,澳大利亚球员人均都将有包括奖金和其他费用在内共计万美元入账喀麦隆球员不满于低廉的收入,以推迟出席世界杯的方式迫使喀足协通过贷款将球员人均收入增加至1.万美元Of course, each team’s salary choice is their decision considering FIFA allows individual salary caps each nation. The same goes the amount that each nation will pay its players the amount of matches they play, whether or not they advance to the next round or if they actually win the tournament (the English Federation is set to pay their players almost 0,000 if they lift up the cup).当然,每球队的总收入取决于国际足协规定的各国球队收入上限,同理,每位球员的收入取决于他们效力的国家以及他们在比赛中能走多远,比如英格兰足协向每位球员开出了70万美元的夺冠奖金(目前三狮军团捧杯已成泡影)友谊不分物种 狮王与小成好兄弟(图) -- 3:6:38 来源: A disabled lion who was reared by a double amputee zookeeper has med an unlikely bond with a miniature sausage dog with the pair inseparable ever since the cat was a cub.  一名双腿截肢的动物园管理员抚养了一只残疾的狮子,这只狮子与一条迷你腊肠成为了好伙伴,虽然它们的友谊看上去很不可思议,但他俩从小就一直相伴,没离开过彼此  Bonedigger, a 500lb male lion might dwarf Milo, an eight-year-old Dachshund but he rarely leaves his side.  Bonedigger是一只重500磅的雄狮子,在它旁边8岁的腊肠Milo看上去小的可以,但这两个好朋友却几乎是形影不离  The two have been inseparable over the past five years at G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma.  两个好伙伴过去5年中一直共同生活在美国俄克拉荷马州温尼伍德市G.W.珍奇动物园  Bonedigger was born with a metabolic bone disease that left him mildly crippled and has also struck up an unusual bond with zookeeper John Reinke, who lost both of his legs following a bungee jump accident.  Bonedigger从小患有代谢型骨质病,腿脚一直不大灵便动物园管理员约翰·雷因克在一次蹦极时发生意外,失去了双腿,一狮一人惺惺相惜,成就了一段不同寻常的友谊  When Milo and two other five-year old wiener dogs, Bullet and Angel, sensed that the the lion was disabled they sought to comt and protect him.  Milo和另外两只5岁的腊肠“子弹”和“天使”发觉狮子Bonedigger患有残疾后就一直安慰它,保护它  Now Bonedigger and his pack of dogs cuddle, feast on raw meat and play in the grounds together.  现在Bonedigger和它的小朋友们会相互依偎,一起吃肉和玩耍  Mr Reinke, who works at the zoo witnessed the bond develop between the unlikely duo.  雷因克在动物园工作,他见了它们之间友谊的发展  He said: ‘This friendship between an pound wiener dog and a 500 pound lion is the only of it's kind in the world ever seen.  他说:“磅重的腊肠和500磅重的狮子间的友谊,这在世界上是绝无仅有的”  Bonedigger was hand-reared by Mr Reinke along with a tiger called Tony after he realised his ability to bring up animals.  发觉自己有饲养动物的潜质后,雷因克一手带大了Bonedigger和另外一只叫托尼的老虎  He added: 'They used to live with me in the house. I raised them both with bottled mula and raw meat until they grew too big the house.  他补充道:“它们以前和我一起住在我的屋子里我一直喂它们吃奶粉和生肉,后来它们长得太大了,就不住在我的屋子里了”  'Bondigger’s like a dog and when he hasn't seen me ages he gets all excited and runs up to me.  “Bondigger就像一只小一样,如果很久没见我,看见我的时候就会很兴奋地跑到我面前来”  'Tony is perfectly healthy, but is a bit too playful. When Bonedigger senses that I am losing control of the play, he snarls at Tony and you can tell he is being protective and telling him to stop.’  “托尼很健康,但是太爱玩了当Bondigger发觉它跟我玩过头的时候,它就会向托尼吼叫,你可以看出它是在保护我,让托尼别继续玩了”  Now the big cats have moved into their own enclosure.  现在,它们俩都已经在动物园里有了各自的住所



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