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昨天,全国新增4例人感染H7N9禽流感病例。其中,浙江2例,上海2例。截至目前,全国确诊感染H7N9禽流感患者增至28人,上海13例,其中一名4岁男童康复;江苏8例、浙江5例、安徽2例,全国共9例死亡。One person died Tuesday afternoon after being infected with the H7N9 bird flu, bringing the total number of deaths to eight. With 4 more cases reported on Tuesday, China has recorded 28 human cases of H7N9.13 infections come from Shanghai. Five cases were reported in China’s Zhejiang Province. Jiangsu Province reported eight cases and Anhui Province had two.Meanwhile, experts from the National Forestry Bureau have collected 229 samples of migratory birds, as well as domesticated birds. No birds have been found with the H7N9 virus so far. The National Health and Family Planning Commission said the cases so far were isolated. There has been no evidence of human-to-human transmission. 201304/234171Over one third of our planet is frozen,地球上有超过三分之一的地方是冰天雪地and yet, the icy worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic然而 北极和南极这两个被冰雪覆盖的世界are as alien to most of us as the surface of another planet.对于大多数人来说 却像外星那样陌生They are places of superlatives.那里有数不尽的世界之最From ice caps that hold nearly 80% of our planets fresh water两极冰冠共储藏有地球上近80%的淡水to frozen forests that encircle the entire globe.冰冻森林更跨越了所有经度These are places that feed our imaginations,那里丰富了我们的想象力places that seem to be borrowed from fairy tales.宛如童话故事中所描述的世界Theyre dominated and shaped by the ice...冰雪的形成及融化both by its coming and by its going.是塑造两极的主导性力量This is our planets last true wilderness这是地球上仅存的纯正荒野and one that is changing而正当我们开始对其有所了解之时just as were beginning to understand it.那里正经历着变迁In this series,在此系列中well be travelling to all parts of these lonely lands,我们将踏遍荒凉之地的每个角落both north and south,包括北极和南极to witness its wonders perhaps for the last time这也许是我们最后一次 见那里的奇观and to discover some extraordinary examples并探索那些克了重重困难of survival against all the odds,才得以生存下来的伟大生命as can be found anywhere on the planet.它们的身影遍及世界各地 /201210/203862

网络产业的兴衰常被比作淘金热。但是亚马逊公司(Amazon.com)的创始人Jeff Bezos则认为它更像是电气制造工业的早期。201301/219827

“第一代玉女掌门人”周慧敏的笑脸与声音让人难以忘记,她曾经集万千宠爱于一身,是当今众多“玉女”的起源。 与周慧敏相恋的倪震是著名科幻小说家卫斯理即倪匡的儿子,亦舒的侄儿。 Long retired from the Hong Kong entertainment scene, actress Vivian Chow is making a surprising comeback, playing a lesbian in director Ann Hui's latest romantic comedy. A thirteen-year absence from the big screen may have resulted in a nervous start, but Chow was quick to fit into the role. On today's the List, we focus on Vivian Chow and her return to the public spotlight.Vivian Chow is a Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and actress. She is well known for her ladylike stage image and sweet looks. Her nymph-like appearance and elegance is very memorable, even twenty years after she first shot to stardom.Vivian Chow was born in Hong Kong in 1967. After graduating from high school, she entered the entertainment business, first working as a DJ at Radio Television, then becoming a singer in 1991. One of her songs, "A Long and Lasting Love" was listed as a chart-topper for the fourth season in 1991. And her "Unrequited Love" won third place in a song competition two years later. In 1994, "Rumor," another single from Vivian Chow, climbed to the top ten chart. Her musical achievements have made Vivian Chow one of the most popular foreign singers in Japan. While her musical career was booming, Chow also maintained an active presence on the big screen, starring in over thirty films from 1988 to 1996.In particular, her collaboration with Hong Kong actors Adam Cheng, and Ching-Wan Lau in the TV series "The Greed of Man" was one important production. The forty-episode dramatic series revolved around some controversial topics, ranging from triad families with its depiction of violence to the control of the Hong Kong stock exchange via corruption. In the series, Vivian Chow played Yuen Mui, the girlfriend of Fong Chin-bok. She started as a neighbor of the Fongs, and witnessed the joys and tribulations of the Fong family. She was sweet, down-to-earth, pure, and faithful, but she was extremely frugal with money. Chow gave a very accurate performance of the character.Her more than ten-year relationship with boyfriend Joe Nieh finally came to a satisfying end when Nieh popped 'the question' at Vivian Chow's comeback concert in 2006. The two tied the knot on January 6th this year.Vivian Chow retired from the Hong Kong entertainment scene in the late 1997 when she and her boyfriend, Joe Nieh, emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. Though she still made frequent trips to Hong Kong to visit her family and to support animal-rights charities.Apart from being known as an actress and singer, Vivian Chow has also been awarded several times for her paintings and masterful renditions on the piano.Chow's also well-known for her involvement with charities. In 2004, Chow published a book, telling the various pleasures she had raising her cats. The proceeds from the book were donated to charities. Her more than ten-year relationship with boyfriend Joe Nieh finally came to a satisfying end when Nieh popped 'the question' at Vivian Chow's comeback concert in 2006. The two tied the knot on January 6th this year.At the invitation of Director Ann Hui, Vivian Chow is now playing against Hong Kong's Sandra Ng in a lesbian love story. Though she hadn't played a role for thirteen years, Chow is confident that an intriguing script and the talent of Director Ann Hui will bring out the best in her.12/91205

Breaking up is hard to do -- especially if your lover lives far away. Do it graciously with these tips.分手总是很困难的——尤其如果你们是异地恋。根据以下建议,优雅地分手。You Will Need你需要Honesty诚实Consideration体贴Civility礼貌Steps步骤Step 1 Be honest1.诚实End things as soon as you realize its over for you. Dont let your partner go on thinking everything is fine just because you dont have to face them any time soon.一旦你觉得两人的恋情难以为继了,立即结束。不要因为自己觉得不需立即面对而让对方误认为一切都好。Step 2 Consider the relationships length2.考虑恋情持续时间Consider the length of the relationship. If its been less than a year, a telephone call may suffice. Longer than that, and the honorable thing is to tell them in person, if at all possible.考虑恋情持续的时间。如果不足一年,打个电话就足够了。如果超过一年,在可能的情况下,当面说清楚才是比较可敬的。Dont wait until their next visit to end things. They wont appreciate that they invested time and money to get dumped.不要等到他们下次来访时才说分手。他们不希望自己花费了时间和金钱却得到这样的结果。Step 3 Weigh the circumstances3.审查形势Weigh the circumstances. If the relationship has been petering out on both sides for a while, theres probably no need to make a big song and dance about it. You might even be able to start the conversation with a direct but kindly worded e-mail.Texting the news is not appropriate under any circumstances.衡量一下当时的形势。如果双方都觉得已经没有感觉,那就没必要做太多铺垫。一封直截了当但言辞委婉的电子邮件来展开对话就可以了。在任何情况下,用短信来传递分手的信息都是不合适的。Step 4 Follow traditional rules4.遵循传统的规则Follow the same rules of civility that apply to a non-long-distance relationship: Dont ditch them close to their birthday, Valentines Day, or the winter holidays.遵循与非异地恋同样的礼貌的原则:不要在对方快过生日的时候,情人节,或寒假的时候说分手。Step 5 Have a clear phone connection5.保持通话清晰If youre breaking the news by phone, make sure youre in a quiet place with good reception; a bad connection or dropped call will only add to the agony on both sides.如果你是在电话上传达分手的消息,确保在信号比较好的安静的地方;信号不好或通话中断只会增加双方的愤怒。Step 6 Return their stuff6.归还对方物品Return their stuff, packing it with care. Its the least you can do.归还对方物品,仔细打包。这只是尽你的绵薄之力而已。One study of long-distance and geographically close couples found that about 40 percent of people in either group eventually break up.一项针对异地恋和地理距离比较近的恋人进行的调查发现,两个群体中最终分手的恋人比例都是大约40%。视频听力栏目译文属。201305/241315

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