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1、非常自私的女人Selfish women /200911/89518I am often teased for my stubborn habit of traveling by foot. I often walk the 3 mi. home from work rather than take the subway. When I visit less pedestrian-friendly cities, kindhearted motorists regularly pull over and offer me a ride, assuming that my car has broken down or I'm in need of some help.我时常因为我喜欢步行的顽固习惯而被嘲笑。我常常从家步行三英里去上班而不是搭乘地铁。而当我在一个不太适合步行的城市时,总会有好心的司机以为我的车坏了或者需要帮助,于是停靠过来载我一程。But for me, walking is a good opportunity to process the day and let my mind wander without the oppression of the endless to-do list that awaits me at home. Plus, it helps my back recover from a day spent bent in front of a computer screen. Health-wise, I have always assumed I'd have the last laugh, and now there's even more evidence on my side. (More on Time.com: TIME's Health Checkup tells you how to live 100 years). 但是对于我而言,步行是一个很好的机会来整理一天,能让我的思维清闲的漫步,暂时远离家中无尽的等待我去做的事情。此外,它还能帮助我恢复一整天弯腰面对电脑后的背部疲劳。在健康方面,我总是认为应该拥有最终的微笑,而现在越来越多的事实明我是正确的。Nine years later, the walkers underwent brain scans, which revealed that those who had walked more had greater brain volume than those who walked less. Four years after that, the volunteers were tested again — this time for dementia. Among the group, 116 people showed signs of memory loss or dementia. Those who had walked the most — at least 72 city blocks (or about 7 mi.) each week — were half as likely to have cognitive problems as those who walked the least.九年后,通过脑部扫描发现,步行多的参与者比步行少者有更高的脑容量。又过了4年,再次对这些志愿者进行痴呆测试,发现所有参与者中有116人有丧失或者痴呆的迹象。而那些每周步行最多的参与者——最少72城区(或者7英里左右)每周——比起最少步行者,拥有认知问题的人数要少一半。 /201011/117095

今年夏天穿什么颜色上街?当然是最抢眼最炫目的黄色!夏天嘛。就是要亮一点,和亮晃晃的阳光抢镜。不过,这样的颜色也很难穿好哎,要怎么搭配呢?一起来学学吧。 Bring a ray of sunshine to your summer wardrobe with some warm, bright yellow. The spring/summer catwalks were awash with this vibrant shade. There are many different shades of yellow, ranging from ice-cream yellow pastels to warmer mustard tones。  这个夏天让你的衣橱也点染一些阳光的色泽吧。今年春夏季时装舞台上随处可见亮黄色的元素,从柔和的粉黄到棕黄,黄色主宰了这一季的穿衣趋势。  To make the colour work for you, it's important to pick the right shade for your skin tone. Dark yellow or mustard suits pale skin tones, while women with an olive complexion should go for lemon yellows, bold yellows, or even super bright yellow which will make their skin glow。  要想把黄色穿得好看,就要选一种适合你肤色的色调。肤色苍白的人适合暗黄色或棕黄色,褐色皮肤的女人就要穿柠檬黄,亮黄色或者特别闪的黄色,让自己的皮肤显得不那么黯淡。 /201005/103915

  Great Britain came home from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics with just one gold medal - two fewer than Kazakhstan - and a wounded national psyche. Sixteen years later, Team GB has been overhauled and rebuilt thanks to a machine-like agency flush with cash from the U.K. lottery that grooms British athletes. The result could be a record-setting performance here for the home squad. 在6月举行的奥运选拔赛上,英国田径运动员恩尼斯在庆祝胜利。1996年亚特兰大奥运会,大不列颠只带回了一枚金牌──比哈萨克斯坦少两枚──和一颗受伤的民族心灵。16年后,得益于一个从国家票基金拿到充裕资金、专门培养英国运动员的机器般精密运作的机构,英国奥运代表团(Team GB)已经彻底改头换面。结果就是英国队有望在自家主场实现创纪录的表现。 Britain#39;s quiet rise in Olympic competition over the past decade and a half - from winning a paltry 15 medals in 1996 to scoring 47 in 2008 - is a textbook turnaround story. The U.K. has turbocharged its Olympic apparatus in anticipation of the London Games, filling the coffers of the publicly chartered agency that grooms athletes; recruiting foreign-born competitors known as #39;Plastic Brits#39;; importing top coaches; and ruthlessly focusing the country#39;s efforts on events where it could win medals.从1996年微不足道的15枚奖牌到2008年的47枚,英国过去15年在奥运会赛场的悄然崛起就是扭转乾坤的典型案例。为备战伦敦奥运会,英国已经全方位巩固自己的奥运配置,为政府特许的运动员训练机构注入资金,招募被称为“塑料英国人”(Plastic Brits)的出生在国外的运动员,引进顶级教练,并狠抓有机会赢得奖牌的项目。 The outcome is that Britain could step out of the shadows from longtime Olympic powerhouses such as the U.S., China and Russia and make some headlines of its own. Goldman Sachs amp; Co. forecasts Britain will win more gold medals than Russia this summer, a potential upset that would mark a major milestone in Olympic history. The bank#39;s analysts estimate Britain will win 65 medals overall, 38% more than it did in 2008.结果是,英国有可能会走出美国、中国和俄罗斯等传统奥运强国的阴影,并且还有望制造出一些头条新闻。高盛(Goldman Sachs amp; Co.)预测英国今年夏天赢的金牌将超过俄罗斯,这种可能的结果或许会成为奥运史上的一个重要里程碑。高盛的分析师预测英国将赢得65枚奖牌,比2008年多出38%。 #39;This is not about taking part. It#39;s about winning,#39; said Liz Nicholl, chief executive of U.K. Sport, the agency tasked with winning Olympic medals for Britain.负责英国夺取奥运奖牌事宜的机构“英国体育”(U.K. Sport)的首席执行长尼科尔(Liz Nicholl)说,不仅仅是参与,关键是要赢。 Nicholl predicts the U.K. will see its best performance in modern times this summer. #39;I have no doubt about it, actually,#39; she said. Since persuading the government to hand over extra money in 2006, the U.K. team has enjoyed #39;optimal funding,#39; she said.尼科尔预测,今年夏天英国将看到自己在现代奥运史上最突出的表现。她说,事实上我对此毫不怀疑。她说,从2006年说政府划拨更多资金以来,英国队就享受到了“最优厚的资助”。 It wasn#39;t always this way for British athletes. The disastrous performance in Atlanta was devoured by the British press, which pointed to tales of hard-up athletes, including that of two U.K. divers, Bob Morgan and Tony Ally, who hawked their official Olympic gear on the streets of Atlanta for cash.英国运动员并非向来就享受着这种待遇。他们在亚特兰大奥运会的糟糕表现遭到英国媒体穷追猛打,媒体指责运动员为钱不择手段,其中包括两名英国跳水运动员根(Bob Morgan)和艾利(Tony Ally),他们在亚特兰大沿街兜售自己的奥运队换取现金。 The loss to Kazakhstan merited special scorn. #39;A nation of goat-keepers and shepherds last night humiliated the might of Great Britain#39;s Olympic team,#39; the Daily Mirror tabloid wrote at the time, decrying the indignity of losing to a country #39;where locals use eagles to catch food.#39;金牌数输给哈萨克斯坦尤其遭到鄙视。英国小报《每日镜报》(Daily Mirror)当时写道,“昨晚一个牧羊之国羞辱了大不列颠奥运队的威力”,谴责输给一个“国民用老鹰捕捉食物”的国家是对英国的侮辱。 The crisis prompted British politicians to divert money from the newly created U.K. lottery into a sports apparatus that would churn out medal-winning athletes and restore national pride.这场危机促使英国政府将资金从新成立的国家票基金划拨给一个能够培养大批赢得奖牌的运动员以及重振民族威望的体育机构。 That agency, U.K. Sport, was launched in 1997. It initially prioritized the few sports where Britain excelled - rowing, sailing, cycling and track and field - and focused on athletes within those sports who had a shot at medals.这个机构就是“英国体育”,于1997年成立。该机构起初是重点抓英国擅长的那些项目,包括赛艇、帆船、自行车和田径,并着重培养在这些项目中有望拿到奖牌的运动员。 It was a hard-nosed approach. U.K. Sport even rooted out #39;system blockers,#39; or athletes who were competing internationally but had passed their prime and appeared unlikely to win Olympic medals. From then on, U.K. Sport would provide ample funding to athletes - if they had a metallic future.这是一个务实的办法。“英国体育”甚至根除了“体制障碍”,也就是那些在国际上打比赛但已经过了黄金期而且不大可能赢奥运奖牌的运动员。自那时起,“英国体育”就能够为运动员提供充足的资金持──前提是他们未来有赢奖牌的希望。 #39;We are investing in the outcome of medal success,#39; Nicholl says. #39;We are absolutely, unapologetically focused on that. So we will make the tough calls.#39;尼科尔说,我们是在为赢奖牌的结果投资,我们完全是以这个为中心,而且对此问心无愧,所以我们要做出艰难的选择。 So intent was Britain on winning medals that it encouraged some high-performing athletes to switch into sports where they would have a better shot at making it to the Olympic podium. Rebecca Romero, for instance, won a silver medal in rowing at the 2004 Athens Olympics but was later encouraged to switch to track cycling, where she won gold in the 2008 Games.英国想赢奖牌的希望是如此迫切,甚至鼓励有些高水平运动员转向其更有希望进军奥运会的项目。罗梅罗(Rebecca Romero)就是一个例子。她在2004年雅典奥运会夺得赛艇项目银牌,但后来被鼓励换成了场地自行车项目,她在2008年奥运会上夺得该项目的金牌。 The U.K. Olympic team started rising. It won 28 medals at the 2000 Sydney Games, 10th in the medal standings. Four years later it notched 30 medals. By 2008 in Beijing, its 47 medals ranked behind only the U.S., China and Russia.英国奥运代表团已经开始崛起。2000年悉尼奥运会英国队夺得28枚奖牌,在奖牌榜名列第10位,四年后夺得30枚奖牌,到2008年的北京奥运会,其47枚奖牌的成绩仅次于美国、中国和俄罗斯。 This year, Britain has even loftier hopes. The London Games will host the country#39;s biggest and best-funded team ever, with 542 members. The athletes aim to fend off Germany and Australia to retain Britain#39;s No. 4 spot in the overall medal haul. If they#39;re lucky, they#39;ll win more golds than Russia. #39;I believe it#39;s our strongest team since 1908,#39; said Martin Polley, a sports historian and author of the book #39;The British Olympics.#39;今年,英国有了更高的目标。伦敦奥运会将迎来该国历史上规模最大、资金持最雄厚的队伍,共542名队员。运动员们的目标是挡住德国和澳大利亚的攻势,保住英国奖牌榜第四名的位置。如果他们够幸运,说不定金牌数还能超过俄罗斯。体育历史学家、《英国奥运史》(The British Olympics)的作者波利(Martin Polley)说,我认为这是1908年以来我们实力最强的团队。 Britain enjoys a meaningful home-field advantage. Nations win 54% more medals when they are host countries rather than ordinary participants, according to Goldman Sachs calculations that measured Summer Olympics from 1972 to 2008.今年英国有着很强的主场优势。高盛对1972年至2008年期间夏季奥运会数据的研究显示,参赛国家在担任主办国时赢得的奖牌数比不担任主办国时多54%。 Perhaps the U.K.#39;s biggest hope is in cycling, where Chris Hoy became the first Briton in a century to win three gold medals at a single Olympics in 2008. Other British competitors with multiple past medals include Ben Ainslie, one of the best competitive sailors in history, and swimmer Rebecca Adlington, who won two golds in 2008.也许英国最大的希望是在自行车项目。2008年,自行车运动员霍伊(Chris Hoy)成为100年来第一个在一场奥运会赢得三枚金牌的英国选手。获得过多枚奥运奖牌的其他英国运动员还包括历史上最优秀的帆船运动员之一艾恩斯利(Ben Ainslie),以及在2008年赢得两枚金牌的游泳运动员阿德灵顿(Rebecca Adlington)。 Team GB is also relying on a raft of first-time medal aspirants. This is particularly so in track and field, where it recruited Charles Van Commenee, a Dutch coach controversial for his take-no-prisoners approach, to improve the team. 英国队也在依赖大量有志夺取奖牌的新秀,在田径项目上尤其如此。英国田径队已经聘任荷兰教练查尔斯#8226;范#8226;康蒙尼(Charles Van Commenee)来提高团队水平,他的强硬手段是颇惹争议的。 Jessica Ennis, the track and field star plastered on billboards across Britain, could take gold in the heptathlon, while brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee could snatch Britain#39;s first-ever medals in the triathlon.阿里斯泰尔#8226;布朗利(右)和他的兄弟乔纳森#8226;布朗利(左)其海报遍布英国的田径明星恩尼斯(Jessica Ennis)有望夺得女子七项全能金牌,而阿里斯泰尔#8226;布朗利(Alistair Brownlee)和乔纳森#8226;布朗利(Jonathan Brownlee)兄弟有望摘得英国第一枚三项全能比赛奖牌。 Mo Farah, the current men#39;s 5,000-meter world champion, has a realistic chance of ending Ethiopia#39;s 16-year reign in the men#39;s Olympic 10,000-meter event at the London Games. Farah, who was born in Somalia but moved to Britain at age 8, has been training in the Rift Valley in Kenya, which has started hosting an annual high-altitude training camp for British athletes thanks to newly robust funding.男子5,000米长跑世界冠军法拉(Mo Farah)很有希望在伦敦奥运会上结束埃塞俄比亚对奥林匹克男子一万米项目的统治。法拉出生于索马里,在八岁时移居英国。他一直在肯尼亚的东非大裂谷(Rift Valley)训练。由于新注入的强大资金持,这里已经开始每年为英国运动员举办高海拔训练营。 To avoid the pain of underperforming in London, Britain agreed in 2006 to provide U.K. Sport with extra funding. U.K. Sport is almost done doling out GBP 312 million (about 8 million) to teams and individuals for the London cycle (2009-2013), up from about GBP 265 million spent for Beijing (2005-2009). U.S. teams don#39;t enjoy a similar pot of public funding for Olympic sports and instead raise money largely from private donors.为避免在伦敦奥运上表现不佳的痛苦,英国于2006年同意为“英国体育”提供额外的资助。“英国体育”为团队和个人在伦敦奥运周期(2009-2013)发放的资金已接近3.12亿英镑(约合4.88亿美元),高于北京奥运周期(2005-2009)的约2.65亿英镑。美国奥运代表团没有类似的政府资金,其资金主要通过私人捐赠筹集。 U.K. Sport has used the extra money to support athletes as far as eight years in advance of Olympic qualification. Keri-Anne Payne, the 24-year-old British gold medal favorite in long-distance swimming, was first spotted by British coaches in South Africa at age 8.早在伦敦获得奥运会主办权前八年开始,“英国体育”就开始用这笔额外资金持运动员。当时,时年八岁、现年24岁的最有望夺得金牌的英国长距离游泳运动员佩恩(Keri-Anne Payne)被英国教练在南非发现。 U.K. Sport operates via a shrewd method that includes strict performance targets for the athletes, the teams and the agency itself.“英国体育”通过一种精明务实的方式运营,包括对运动员、团队及机构本身设置严格的成绩目标。 The agency ranks British athletes across all sports on the basis of their chance of winning an Olympic medal, slating athletes with multiple-medal winning potential at the top. The ranking, reviewed annually, determines how much individual funding each athlete gets. The higher the ranking, the more money.该机构根据赢得奖牌的几率将所有项目的英国运动员进行排名,将有潜力夺得多枚奖牌的运动员排在最前面。这份每年复查一次的排名会决定每位运动员能获得多少个人资助。排名越高,资金越多。 #39;Our no-compromise approach says we#39;re not going to compromise and give everyone a bit,#39; Nicholl says. #39;We are going to invest absolutely the right amount of money from the top down on our meritocratic list.#39; The agency also shifts money to sports that show more promise.尼科尔说,根据我们的“不妥协方法”,我们不会让步而给每个人都分一点,我们会按照人才排名表从前往后的顺序,投入绝对合宜的资金数额。 Though the 2012 team may be the finest in Britain#39;s modern Olympic history, it isn#39;t likely to beat the country#39;s medal tally from the 1908 London Games, when British officials drew up the program of events and included oddball sports such as motorboat racing, the tug of war and rackets, allowing Britain to scoop 146 medals. #39;Nobody else [besides the British] really knew the rules,#39; Polley said.尽管2012代表团可能是英国现代奥运会历史上最优秀的团队,但却不大可能打破英国在1908年伦敦奥运会上的奖牌纪录,当时是由英国政府拟定项目计划,将托艇比赛、拔河和 网球等古怪的项目列入赛程,令英国斩获146枚奖牌。波利说,(除了英国人)没有人真正懂得比赛规则。 Still, for today#39;s British team, the biggest challenge may come after London. Almost all teams see a dip in performance after their country hosts the Olympics, but Nicholl says she aims to replicate or beat the U.K.#39;s 2012 medal haul four years from now in Rio de Janeiro. #39;That,#39; she said, #39;would be a real statement to the world that this system really is working.#39;不过,对如今的英国队来说,最大的挑战或许是在伦敦奥运会后。一个国家主办奥运会后,该国代表团的表现几乎都会下滑,但尼科尔说,她希望四年后英国队在里约热内卢能保持或打破其在2012年的奖牌成绩。她说,这将会向世界真正明,这个系统真的在起作用。 /201208/193281

  With the Presidential race heating up, it makes you wonder what it takes to be a President.随着美国总统大选逐渐升温,你或许想知道到底怎样才能成为总统吧。Are there any special qualities that are required? Is it better to know your strengths or your weaknesses? Or both? Irrespective of whether you want to run for Presidency one day, there are specific traits that every man should have. They are:是不是得有某些特殊品质?是了解自己的优点好还是了解自己的缺点好呢?或者两者都应有所了解?不管将来是否竞选总统,每个人都应从中学习以下优点:1.Respect for others1.尊重他人You should respect everyone, irrespective of their stature in the society. Then, be it the CEO of a company or a waiter at a restaurant, every human being has as much right to respect and dignity as everyone else.不管人们社会地位如何,你都应该尊重每个人。公司首席执行官也好,餐馆务员也罢,每个人都有权得到与他人平等的尊重与尊严。2.Patience to wait it out2.耐心等待Patience is one of the key traits for success. It#39;s like fishing. You ought to be y to wait it out, to let the fish come to you, rather than grabbing at it. If you#39;re patient enough, you will probably snag the biggest one in the ocean.耐心是成功的关键优点之一。就好比钓鱼,你必须学会等待鱼儿上钩,而不是迫不及待乱抓一气。如果你足够耐心,说不定就能钓到最大的那条鱼呢。3.Progressiveness3.不断进取Have an open mind. Don#39;t surround yourself with yes men. Always look for challenges and be y to face them. It#39;s only when you are challenged enough is when you do your best.要愿意听取不同意见。别让身边尽是些俯首称是的家伙。随时寻求挑战并时刻做好准备面对它们。只有当你历经足够多的挑战时,才能做到最好。4.Passion to take it all the way4.保持All ideas, great ones especially, will draw criticism initially. There will be people who will just not get on board. But these are the times when you have to keep your chin up and remain enthusiastic.所有想法,尤其是伟大的想法,一开始总会招来批评。总有人不那么认同你的观点。所以有时候你得昂首乐观面对。5.Accept your mistakes5.承认错误Always be y to accept your mistakes. All great men are capable of doing that. Be the bigger man and apologise for your follies.随时准备承认自己的错误。所有大人物都擅于此道。做有品行的人,为自己的愚蠢道歉吧。6.Compassion for others6.心怀宽悯Don#39;t be quick to judge others. Consider where they are coming from. If you think someone has made a statement that sounds silly, doesn#39;t always mean that the person is dumb. It could also mean he is not aware yet. Just give people some time before you take a call on their character.不要急于评定他人。多想想他们的生活背景吧。如果你觉得某人说话很愚蠢,并不代表这人是个笨蛋,或许他只是见识不多罢了。评定他人性格前,请多花点时间相处相处。7.Modesty7.谦逊No matter how rich or famous you become, always be modest. The day you stop being humble, you#39;d be automatically down the road that will lead to your downfall.不管你多么富有出名,请永远保持谦逊。一旦你骄傲自大,必将踏上失败之路。8.Involvement8.投入Whatever you do, be involved in that process. If you work in an office, know the names of everyone on your team. Keep a tab on everything that is going around you.不管你做的是什么,都应该投入其中。如果你在办公室工作,应该叫得出团队里每个人的名字。給自己的活动日程做个记录吧。9.Initiative9.积极主动Be someone who gets out there and gets things done. People always respect those who take initiative. Always talk about things you want to accomplish than resting on your past laurels.做一个拿出行动解决问题的人。积极主动的人总能赢得他人尊重。不要总是依靠老资本,而应该多谈谈自己想要实现的目标。10.Tact10.机智老练To avoid long-term damage you need to be tactful. If someone calls you an ugly name in public, you need to deal with him diplomatically without creating a scene. Avoid conflicts for as long as you can.要避免长期不利局面,你应该学会老练。如果有人当众辱骂你,你应该在避免纷争的前提下妥善解决问题。请尽可能避免冲突。 /201207/191605。

  Europe has moved a step closer to putting a health halo on dark chocolate. 欧洲朝着给黑巧克力加上一层健康食品的光环这一现实又迈进了一步。 On Tuesday, the world#39;s largest chocolate manufacturer, Barry Callebaut , won the backing of the European Food Safety Authority for its claim that cocoa flavanols, or compounds that can also be found in dark chocolate, can be good for blood circulation. 前不久,全球最大巧克力生产商百乐嘉利宝(Barry Callebaut )提出的可可黄烷醇(此类化合物也存在于黑巧克力中)可能有利于血液循环的声明获得了欧洲食品安全局(European Food Safety Authority)的认可。 While the request to use the health claim still awaits approval from the European Commission, the food agency#39;s blessing indicates that confection makers including Nestle SA and Kraft Foods Inc., which markets the Cadbury brand overseas, may soon be able to make a health claim on product labels. 尽管使用这项健康声明的申请仍需等待欧盟委员会(European Commission)的批准,但是欧洲食品安全局的认可表明,包括雀巢(Nestle SA)和卡夫食品(Kraft Foods Inc.)在内的糖果生产商或许很快就能在产品标识上使用该健康声明。卡夫食品还在海外销售吉百利(Cadbury)品牌产品。最终的决定预计将于明年年初做出。 A final decision is expected at the beginning of next year. 百乐嘉利宝是全球最大的可可买家之一,该公司称这项健康声明可以被用于雀巢和卡夫等客户的包装上。该公司还预计,该声明在巧克力饮料、谷物棒和曲奇等产品中的应用将能带来巨大的市场潜力。百乐嘉利宝添加了高黄烷醇含量可可产品的客户将能把这项声明用在产品和包装上。 Barry Callebaut, one of the world#39;s largest buyers of cocoa, says the health claim could be applied by its customers to the packages for customers including Nestle and Kraft. The company predicts considerable market potential for applications in items like chocolate drinks, cereal bars and cookies. Barry Callebaut#39;s customers using high-flavanol cocoa products would be able to apply the claim on their products and packaging. 为了给其申请提供依据,这家瑞士企业还在去年提交了相关据。该据显示,每天摄入200毫克可可黄烷醇有助于正常的血液流动。这个份量比较少,因为10克(只有0.35盎司)高黄烷醇含量的黑巧克力就含有200毫克黄烷醇。 To back up its request, the Swiss company last year submitted evidence that the intake of 200 milligrams of cocoa flavanols a day contributes to normal blood flow. That#39;s a small portion, as 200 milligrams of cocoa flavanols would be found in 10 grams-a mere 0.35 oz.-of high-flavanol dark chocolate. 黄烷醇已被明能够降低血压、改善血液流动并降低心脏病风险,这至少在部分程度上是因为它可以促进可使血管舒张的一氧化氮的生成。然而,不可忽略的是,巧克力棒也含有糖分和脂肪。 Flavanols have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and reduce heart-disease risk at least in part by stimulating production of nitric oxide, which relaxes vessels. Chocolate bars also include sugar and fat, however. 自2005年以来,百乐嘉利宝开展了20多项临床研究来调查可可黄烷醇对人体的影响。该公司使用的可可粉和巧克力产品通过其开发的一种特殊工艺生产,可保留高达80%的黄烷醇含量,而传统的巧克力生产流程会破坏掉大部分黄烷醇。 Barry Callebaut carried out more than 20 clinical studies looking at effects of cocoa flavanols on people since 2005, using cocoa powder and chocolate products made through a special process it developed that preserves up to 80% of flavanols, which would be mostly destroyed in conventional chocolate-making procedures. 在欧洲食品安全局的持之下,百乐嘉利宝是欧盟27个成员国中第一家获得有关可可黄烷醇积极效果的官方认的企业。如果它还能获得欧盟委员会的批准,那么它将被授予在欧盟区内使用可可黄烷醇健康声明五年时间的权利。 With the backing of the European food authority, Barry Callebaut is the first company in the 27-member bloc to obtain an official validation of the positive effects of cocoa flavanols. If it gets approval from the EU Commission, the chocolate maker would be granted the right to use the cocoa flavanols claim for five years within EU countries. 在海外但不在美国本土销售吉百利产品的卡夫公司表示,“只要这些健康声明真实无误、没有误导性并且得到了有资质的科研人员的适当明,我们持在所有产品类别上使用它们。” Kraft, which sells Cadbury overseas and not in the U.S., said, #39;We support the use of health claims on all product categories as long as these are truthful, not misleading, and appropriately supported by qualified scientists.#39; 好时公司(Hershey Co.)则夸耀称,其好时可可粉和好时特浓黑巧克力是黄烷醇抗氧化剂的天然来源。 Hershey Co. has touted that its namesake Cocoa and Special Dark versions of chocolates are natural sources of flavanol antioxidants. 对于食品公司而言,附带健康声明的食品正成为一个越来越重要的利基市场。在欧洲经济增长乏力的情况下,品牌食品被价格更便宜的产品抢去了一些市场份额,因此这些公司希望借助销售价格更高的这类产品来抵消销售的萎缩。根据欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor International)的预测,到2015年,全球健康食品及饮料市场的市场总值有望从2010年的6010亿美元升至6910亿美元。 /201207/192934

  Want to build positive relationships? Then make sure not to commit the following 10 things that disrupt relationships: 你想建立积极的人际关系吗?那么确保不要做一下十件会毁灭关系的事情。1. Giving hurtful comments. Are you hurting others by your lack of tact? You might think that you're being helpful, but your intentions might have hurt the other party instead. Put yourself in others'shoes first. If it's not a comment you appreciate hearing yourself, then perhaps it's not something others will appreciate either.1. 给伤害性的。你曾经因为缺乏机智而伤害过他人吗?你可能觉得你是在帮别人,但是你可能伤害别人。首先,替别人想想。如果你不愿意听到那个,那么对于别人而言,可能也不愿意。2. Giving solutions when the person is really looking for a listening ear. Probably an understatement: A lot of times what people want is a listening ear. Deep down, people have solutions to the problems they are facing – they are just looking for someone to share their frustrations with because they have had a long and hard day. I had a friend who would always butt in with suggestions whenever I shared my frustrations. Our conversations became stifling – in the end I stopped talking about them altogether because I wasn't getting the refuge I wanted. Be more conscious of what the other party is looking for, and adjust accordingly to fit that.2. 给予解决的方法,当别人只是需要一个倾听的对象。可能只是一个保守的结论:很多时候人们只是需要倾诉。实际上,人们对于他们所面对的问题,已经有了解决的方法,他们只是在寻找能与他们分享心事的人,因为他们日子不好过。我有一个好朋友,经常插嘴提建议,当我只是想分享我的沮丧时。我们的对话变得非常沉闷——到最后我停止了诉说,因为我没有寻找到我的避难所。我们应该更加谨慎地去意识到对方需要什么,然后调整自己去适应。3. Being judgmental; Thinking you are above others. No one likes to be judged or labeled. If you are constantly judging others for what they do/say, it might be good to reflect that upon yourself. Putting someone off doesn't make someone a better person; it just makes him/her appear insecure. Humility is a timeless virtue that's appreciated by everyone.3. 具有批判精神,觉得自己高高在上。没有人喜欢被批判或者被贴上标签。如果你不停地他人的言行,那么你所评价的内容正好反映了你自己。并不能将别人变成更好的人。这会让别人没有安全感。谦卑是每个人都欣赏的永恒的美德。4. Being defensive to criticism. How well do you respond to criticism? Do you become defensive and wall yourself up? Or do you graciously take it into stride and use the criticism constructively for growth? Learn to deal with critical people — it might be the most important skill you can ever acquire.4. 远离批评。你是如何看待他人的批评呢?你是对批评敬而远之,置之不理?还是充满感激地倾听,在批评中积极地成长呢?学习与批评你的人相处——这恐怕是你将获得的最重要的技巧。5. Telling people what to do. Most of us don't like it when people try to boss us around. Learning to energize people and get them on board a common vision is more empowering than trying to order people around.5. 告诉别人做什么。很多人都不喜欢被别人呼来喝去。学会激励别人,同等地看待别人比对别人呼来喝去更有用。 /201110/156200春季如何展现自己的完美性感魅力?明星们教你打造春季实用美甲,展现出春夏季独有的时尚味道……   STERLING SILVER   Daring fashionista Heidi Klum shows how to really make neutrals work with shimmering slate fingertips.   银色   大胆的时尚达人海蒂·克拉姆展示如何真的用中性的颜色使平滑的指尖闪亮。 /201103/1285841.Jaws vs. Little Mermaid Swimsuit. 鲨鱼口与小美人鱼泳衣 /201107/143375

  有人患拖延症,也有人患匆忙症。廓庵师远《十牛图颂》里有一首小诗:忙忙拨草去追寻,水阔山遥路更深。力尽神疲无处觅,但闻枫树晚蝉吟。太过匆忙,神思恍惚,致使心中之牛找不到行踪,以此告诫人们不要做人生的;匆匆过客;。Hurry sickness is a malaise where a person feels chronically short of time, and so tends to perform every task faster and to get flustered when encountering any kind of delay.匆忙症是一种老是感觉时间不够,做每件事都很快,遇到任何耽搁就会心慌的病症。A major social problem of the 21st Century is Hurry Sickness. We hurry through work by ;multi-tasking.; We gulp down fast food. We shop at convenience stores. We lament that we haven#39;t enough time. We race through the days and weeks until one day we look back in amazement and comment, ;My, how the years flew by.;21世纪的一个重大社会问题就是匆忙症。我们同时承担多项工作任务,狼吞虎咽地吃掉快餐,购物总去便利店,哀叹没有足够的时间。我们一直和时间赛跑,直到有一天我们惊讶地回过头来,感叹:;哎呀,时光飞逝啊。;Here are a few practices we suggest.我们建议匆忙症患者可以这么做:1. Do not wear your watch for the day.不要戴表。2. Do not drive in the fast lane. Smile and wave at people who pass you.不要在快车道上行驶。向经过你的人微笑并招手。3. Listen to music in solitude and do nothing else for 15 minutes.一个人听音乐,不干其他任何事,这样持续15分钟。4.Before adding a new activity, subtract an old one.给自己增加一个新的待办事项前,先减掉一个旧任务。 /201201/167421


  俗话说,“民以食为天”,饮食是我们生活中必不可少的组成部分,它也与黄道十二星座有着紧密的关系。且看一下最近各个星座都有着怎样的饮食习惯吧。   ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)   Always on the go and y to rush off to the next big thing, the Ram will most likely grab some fast food en route. When dining in a restaurant, try a variety of appetizers, which will suit your investigative nature.   白羊:一贯急匆匆的羊儿喜欢边走边吃。各式的开胃食物通常是你的最爱,这很符合白羊座喜欢深究的个性哦。   TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)   The Epicurean Bull will most likely be found savoring succulent three-course meals at posh five-star restaurants. Surely dessert will be one of the three courses -- or will it be the fourth? -- as you have quite a sweet tooth.   金牛:我们最有可能在奢华的五星饭店里找到正享受美味多汁的膳食的牛儿了。当然,饭后甜点对于你也是必不可少的。谁叫你就好这口呢?   GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)   The intellectual and airy Twins like to keep dinner light. While fast food will do, you're also willing to broaden your horizons by trying different types of food.   双子:聪明善变的双子座一直有吃正餐的习惯。虽然你也能将就速食,不过更愿意尝试其它类型的食物来改变自己的就餐风格。 /201002/96852。

  摘要:试图通过魔法或超自然手段获取未知信息称为占卜。迷信认为,占卜人能够通过占卜得知过去发生事件的真相、异地正在发生的事件以及未来发生的事件。Divination is the practice of trying to learn about the unknown by magical or supernatural means. A diviner is supposed to have the ability to learn about the past, present, or future. Some diviners believe they can learn the causes of past events. For example, if a person has died mysteriously, the diviner is supposed to be able to tell when, where, and how the person died. Other diviners, called dowsers, claim they can find the location of underground water. Still others believe they can foretell events, such as when a person will die or whom a person will marry.There are many kinds of divination. Some diviners try to learn about the unknown by communicating with the spirits of the dead. Astrology is an attempt to describe future happenings by studying the positions of the sun, the moon and stars. Some diviners interpret dreams to foretell events. Palmistry claims to know one’s future by examining the lines on the palm of one’s hand. Some fortunetellers are supposed to be able to see, in their crystal balls, pictures of events that happened in the past, are happening at present or are going to happen in the future.Courts in the West once used divination to determine the guilt or innocence of criminals. Divination in a trial was called an ordeal. For example, in many witch trials of the 17th century in Europe and colonial America, a suspected witch was tied up and thrown into water. If she sank, she was considered innocent. If she floated, she was considered a witch – and was executed. /200905/71177

  摘要:数字7 数字7在《圣经》里代表完整。上帝创世用了六天,第七天歇了,意思是活儿已干完。这样他为世人立下规矩,干六天,歇一天,七天为一周。Seven is used frequently in the Bible to signify completeness. God created the world in six days, and had a rest on the seventh, meaning his job had been done. In this way he set the pattern for the seven-day week. The number also appears frequently in the third book of the Old Testament, in which it is connected with rules of offerings and cleansings. In the sixth book, an angel told Joshua that he and his men should march around the city of Jericho for six days, with the Ark of the Covenant carried in front of them. Seven priests blowing trumpets should march in front of the Ark. On the seventh day they must march around the city seven times. The Israelites did exactly as God had told them and finally they broke into the city. The book of Revelation is full of symbolic use of the number seven in connection with the things of God and his angels, and also the things of Satan and his followers, such as seven spirits, seven stars, seven churches, seven gold candlesticks. Superstitious people used to believe that the seventh son of a seventh son was gifted with supernatural powers. Three times seven is also lucky. Queen Victoria always had fine weather for her ceremonies because there were twenty-one cannons. Since seven seems to be a mysterious number, people have tended to create groups of seven things. For example, there were seven sages in ancient Greece; to Christians there are Seven Virtues: faith, hope, charity, prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance; and Seven Deadly Sins: pride, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, avarice, and sloth. There are also “Seven Wonders of the World”. Finally, each man’s life is divided into seven stages, as Jaques describes in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. /200907/76750

  Contemporary footwear varies in style, complexity and cost, from the most basic sandals to high fashion shoes. This post showcases unusual footwear and creative shoe designs from all over the world。当今的鞋子世界里,不论是简便的拖鞋还是很时尚的高跟鞋,设计师们在款式设计方面别出心裁,下面我们欣赏来自世界各地的创意非凡的鞋子。Rancho Shoes 小马靴New ankle pony boots style with well made wood wedge and aluminium horse iron. Comfortable shape for easy walking. Irons could be easily removed if needed. 短足裸、木头坡跟加马的铁掌,穿着舒,行走方便。 /201101/124442

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