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Building a campfire is a huge part of sleeping wild.在野外宿营时 生一簇篝火非常重要It#39;s not just something for cooking on.It#39;s morale boosting.这不仅能做饭 还太振奋人心了It#39;s like an old friend.As soon as the sun went,the temperature started to drop dramatically.就像见到久违的朋友 一旦太阳下山 温度就会骤然下降This fire will give you a nice bit of warmth.It#39;s directly under my bed platform here.而篝火就会提供温暖 一直温暖到我要睡觉的那儿Also, it will keep away any predators.也可以抵御捕食者Look, it#39;s a locust.Just there.有蚱蜢 在那儿Of the good thing about the fire is some insects will be attracted to the light.有火的好处就是 火光会吸引很多昆虫Stick them in a bottle.Sit around a bit longer and see how many of these I can collect.把他们放到瓶子里 坐等一会儿 看能收集到多少昆虫This is going to be a much more efficient way of me这个方法比我自己出去猎食getting food rather than going out hunting.I#39;ll sit here and let the light bring the food to me.有效多了 借助火光 坐等食物Cool. Keep your eyes open.这方法真妙 睁大眼睛看好了Many insects are attracted to a light source,like moths that buzz around a lamp.火光吸引了许多昆虫 就像飞蛾总喜欢围着灯打转It#39;s the same with a firelight.现在就是昆虫围着火光打转They simply can#39;t help themselves, whatever the cost.简直就是飞蛾扑火 自寻灭亡There#39;s no doubt that a big part of survival is physical.体力是求生的重要一环You have to have the strength to keep going,得有体力才能继续前进but the truth is the real strength comes from your mind.但是真正的体力来自意志力It keeps you going when your body wants to stop.意志力让你在极其疲乏的时刻还能继续前进Having a good night#39;s sleep and something to eat and a warm fire晚上休息好 有点吃的东西 温暖的篝火definitely goes some of the way to winning that battle.这些都能帮助我们成功荒野求生In my next challenge I will be tucking into this,breakfast bug burger.在接下来得挑战中 我要吃这个 半翅目长虫汉堡当早餐 Article/201611/480188

Over a forty year career John Rockefeller used innovation and ingenuity to create a corporate empire unlike any the world has ever seen.在四十年的职业生涯中 约翰·洛克菲勒运用创新和智慧创造一个世界上前所未有的企业帝国But he was also notoriously ruthless and many believe he went too far.但他也是出了名的冷酷无情 很多人认为他做得太过分了For John D. Rockefeller, judgment day is here in what#39;s become the trial of the century: The People versus Standard Oil.对约翰·D·洛克菲勒来说 审判日就在于这一世纪审判 美国人民诉标准石油公司的官司The picture painted of Standard Oil is a depressing one.标准石油公司的形象很不好No trust in the history of America has been so destructive in its pursuit of profit.历史上的托拉斯追求利润时都没有它这么大的破坏性Time and time again we have heard how Standard Oil has used secret kickbacks from the railroads, been routinely engaged in predatory pricing, used intimidation and exclusive sales territories to put refineries out of business.我们反反复复地听说 标准石油从铁路获取秘密回扣 定价过高形成暴利 使用恐吓以及独家销售的手段 让炼油厂歇业For over thirty years, Standard Oil has been on a mission to crush its competition and establish itself as a monopoly to hoist up the price of kerosene.三十多年来 标准石油公司一直在摧毁对手 进行垄断以抬高煤油价格Mr. Rockefeller, before the court renders its decision, do you have anything you wish to say?洛克菲勒先生 在法庭宣布决定之前 你有什么要说的吗 Article/201607/455026

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Fishing practice begins when the cubs are four months old.小水獭在4个月大时就开始学习Only the adults have the speed and agility needed to make a catch.只有成年水獭才具备所需的速度和灵巧Adults share their catches with their squabbling cubs.成年水獭把“战利品”与幼崽一起分享,小家伙们立刻抢成一团Most otters are solitary,大部分水獭都是独自生活but these rich, warm waters can support large family groups and even bigger predators.但是这些富饶温暖的水域足以养活大型家族,甚至更大的掠食动物Mugger crocodiles, four metres long, could easily take a single otter.4米长的恒河鳄能轻松捕获一只落单的水獭But confident in their gangs, the otters will actively harass these great reptiles.不过集合起来的水獭颇有胆量,反而会主动骚扰这些大块头的爬行动物。Team play wins the day.群体作战通常会取得胜利The Mara River, snaking across the plains of East Africa.马拉河蜿蜒地穿过东非平原As the land flattens out, rivers slow down and lose their destructive power.由于地势平坦,河水流速变慢,没有了原来的破坏力。Now they#39;re carrying heavy loads of sediment that stains their waters brown.河流中带着大量的泥沙,水变得很浑浊。 Article/201705/509819

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