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It looks like Scarlett is singing the blues.它看起来像是斯嘉丽在唱蓝调Sources confirm to PEOPLE that Scarlett Johansson and her boyfriend of about year, Nate Naylor, have gone their separate ways.消息来源者向《People实,斯嘉丽#86;约翰逊和她大约一年的男友内特.奈勒已经分道扬镳了;She broke up with him last week,; one source who knows both parties tells PEOPLE. ;He pretty upset but the writing was on the wall. A lot of people were surprised it lasted this long.;“上周她和他分手了,”知道双方的一个消息人士告诉《People“他非常沮丧,但这早有预兆,很多人都惊讶这段关系持续了这么久”Johansson rep is not commenting.约翰逊的经纪人没有回应The actress, 7, was first spotted with the New York-based advertising executive back in January strolling the streets of the Big Apple holding hands.这位7岁的女演员,一月份第一次被发现与这位纽约广告公司经理手拿苹果产品一起在街头漫步In August, they were seen arm-in-arm walking through Paris, though rumors of troubles flared when Johansson was photographed sunbathing in a bikini with her bodyguard on a yacht off the coast of Italy.8月,他们被看到挽着手臂行走在巴黎,尽管当约翰逊被拍到与保镖在意大利海岸边地游艇上晒比基尼日光浴时,外界各种麻烦的流言四起The Avengers star, who split from Ryan Reynolds in December after a two-year marriage, told Vogue last April she focused on enjoying her work and life.这位《复仇者明星,年月与瑞安#86;雷诺兹为期两年的婚姻破裂后,去年四月告诉《Vogue她正把重心放在享受她的工作和生活上;It just been a good time. Ive had peace. Relative peace,; she said at the time. ;I just want to work on things that are really hard and when Im not working on things that are really hard, I want to hang out with people I like to be with and that it.;“这只是一段很好的时间,我已经拥有平和相对的平和,”她那时说 “我只是想处理一些很难的事情,当我不做事时那才真难,我想和我喜欢的人一起闲逛,就是这样” 19

Fitness classes are becoming more popular these days, and not only do they offer an intense workout, but enjoyment as well. Fitness classes are a great way to exercise with friends without getting bored and are usually offered free at your local health club. Most fitness classes are designed to target the cardiovascular aspect (getting the heart rate up) while only a few integrate the entire body into the workout. Below is a list of the most popular fitness classes.如今,健身运动越来越流行,它不仅能提供大强度的运动,还能给你带来快乐不仅能让你与朋友一起进行有效地锻炼,还能为你摆脱枯燥和乏味,有时还能得到当地健康俱乐部为你提供的免费务大多数健身运动的目的,旨在提高人体心血管系统的机能(加快心跳速率),使整个人体全身心地投入其中下面向大家介绍一些最为流行的健身运动 Spinning:Spinning is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a stationary bike. The class is designed to target the heart rate as well as the lower body (quads, hamstrings, and glutes). Each class typically consists of loud motivating music combined with varying speed and resistance levels to maximize the workout. Spinning is an intense workout that burns around 600-00 calories per hour (depending on the person). This is a great class those with kneeankle problems and varying fitness levels due to the fact that you can exercise at your own pace. Give it a shot!动感自行车动感自行车是在固定的自行车上进行的有氧运动该项目运动不仅可以锻炼下肢(股四头肌,腘绳肌和臀大肌),还可以提高心率通常在动感十足的音乐节拍下,结合不同的速度及阻力练习,使运动达到极至效果动感自行车是一项大强度的运动,每小时能燃烧600-00卡路里的能量(依个人不同而有不同)由于这项运动能依自己的节奏决定运动的快慢,所以对于膝关节踝关节有问题及健康状况不同的人都是一项极好的运动试一把看看! 70

Emma Watson—the humanitarian and staunch feminist who you may recognize from such films as The Bling Ring, Noah, and the Harry Potter movies—is now working with the ed Nations on gender equality and female empowerment.你对艾玛·沃特森的了解可能仅限于电影《珠光宝气《诺亚方舟和《哈利·波特系列电影,但你一定不知道她还是拥护人道主义的坚定女性,现在在联合国致力于性别平等和女性赋权工作On Monday, UN Women and Watson announced that she had been appointed as a celebrity Goodwill Ambassador. The -year-old British actress will work on the ;empowerment of young women and will serve as an advocate UN Women HeShe campaign,; according to the UN Women press release. (The HeShe campaign enlists men and boys to stand up gender equality.) In , Watson became an ambassador the Campaign Female Education.周一,联合国妇女署宣布沃特森被指派为亲善大使据联合国妇女署新闻发布会,这位岁的英国女演员将“从事于年轻女性赋权的工作,并将倡导推进联合国妇女署发起的HeShe运动”(HeShe运动号召男性持性别平等)早在年,沃特森成为女性教育运动的亲善大使The announcement drew enough web traffic to crash the UN Women website. ;We apologize amp; hope to be back up soon,; the UN entity tweeted. The site experienced problems roughly hours following the announcement. ;This is the power of [Watson]; she has such global appeal,; UN Women Elizabeth Nyamayaro told Mother Jones.然而,这一消息的宣布导致联合国妇女署官网崩溃“对于网站崩溃我们深表抱歉,希望很快恢复正常”联合国负责人在Tweet中发布道联合国妇女署官网在沃特森担任亲善大使后,由于访客过多而崩溃了约个小时“这是沃特森的力量,她对全球人民都有着极大的吸引力”联合国妇女署工作人员伊丽莎白告诉Mother Jones网站记者;Ms. Emma Watson is someone who is not only smart, but someone who is very passionate about girls issues,; Nyamayaro said, explaining why the UN reached out to the actress in the first place. According to Nyamayaro, Watson is particularly excited about working with HeShe, and will also support the work of young women across UN Women strategic pillars, including economic empowerment, ending violence against women, political participation, and peace and security.至于为什么把沃特森作为联合国妇女署亲善大使的第一人选,伊丽莎白解释说,“艾玛·沃特森不仅聪颖美丽,而且对于女性问题也非常热心”她还说沃特森对从事于HeShe运动的工作感到尤其兴奋同时她也将持联合国妇女署有关年轻女性战略柱的相关工作,包括经济赋权、抵制妇女暴力、政治参与权、和平及安全等方面Here is Watson full statement on her new gig:有关自己的新角色,沃特森这样写道:Being asked to serve as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador is truly humbling. The chance to make a real difference is not an opporty that everyone is given and is one I have no intention of taking lightly. Women rights are something so inextricably linked with who I am, so deeply personal and rooted in my life that I cant imagine an opporty more exciting. I still have so much to learn, but as I progress I hope to bring more of my individual knowledge, experience, and awareness to this role被邀请担任联合国妇女署亲善大使真的让我受宠若惊这一可以真正有所作为的机会不是每个人都能得到的,我感到任重道远妇女权利与我的身份密切相关,所以我内心深深地为这个机会感到激动我要学的还很多,但是随着工作的进展,我希望能用自己的知识、阅历和感悟扮演好这个角色 3658

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