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吉安市水动力吸脂水动力溶脂减肥水动力溶脂价格吉安市中心医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱吉安第一人民医院做红色胎记手术多少钱 An artificial intelligence that predicts the outcome of court proceedings may sound like a futuristic dream.人工智能预测法院诉讼结果可能听起来像是个遥不可及的梦想。But a new study claims to have developed an AI that predict the results of human rights trials with 79 per cent accuracy.但是一项最新研究指出,研发者已经开发出了一种预测人权审判结果的人工智能技术,其准确度达到了79%。The technology is the first to predict the outcomes of major international court trials by analysing case text using a machine learning algorithm, claim the researchers.研究人员表示,通过运用机器学习算法,研究国际先例的裁决文书,预测重要国际法院审判结果的技术尚属首例。The method was devised by researchers at University College London (UCL), the University of Sheffield and the University of Pennsylvania.这是伦敦学院大学、雪菲尔大学,以及宾夕法尼亚大学合作开发的项目。#39;We don#39;t see AI replacing judges or lawyers, but we think they#39;d find it useful for rapidly identifying patterns in cases that lead to certain outcomes,#39; explained Dr Nikolaos Aletras, who led the study at UCL Computer Science.伦敦学院大学计算机科学院的该研究负责人尼古劳斯·阿尔特拉斯士解释道:“人工智能不会取代法官或律师,但是我们认为人们会发现人工智能益处良多,它能够快速识别导致某种特定结果的案件类型。”#39;It could also be a valuable tool for highlighting which cases are most likely to be violations of the European Convention on Human Rights.#39;“它还十分利于找出哪些案件最有可能违反《欧洲人权公约》。”The researchers found that judgements by the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) are highly linked to non-legal facts, rather than directly legal arguments.研究人员发现,欧洲人权法院(ECtHR)的审判与非法律事件息息相关,而不是直接基于法律据。This suggests that the judges of the court are, in the jargon of legal theory, #39;realists#39;, rather than #39;formalists#39;.用法律理论的行话来说就是,法院的法官是“现实主义者”,而非“形式主义者”。 /201611/476465It is 11am on the first day of term and the second years will soon be blearily rolling on to the Nishikasai campus after an all-night game binge. It is hard to imagine students more fiercely devoted to the rigours of modern academia.新学期第一天上午11点,二年级的学生在玩了一个通宵的电玩后,将很快睡眼惺忪地走进位于东京西葛西的校园。他们顽强地投入严酷的现代学校生活,很难想象有比他们更用功的学生。For the rest of the day, about half of the year group will put in another six hours of tireless gaming, punctuated with meticulous discussion of strategy and tutorials on mental preparedness techniques. Their student peers — equally passionate about games, but less able to click a mouse at a competitive pace of five times a second — will immerse themselves in the theorems of game analysis, commentary broadcasting, cheat-detection and event management. This is how Ivy Leagues are born. By the time competitive gaming and all the associated razzmatazz becomes a bn global industry (in about two years’ time, according to some estimates), Tokyo’s Jikei Gakuen may aly think of itself as a venerable seat of “e-sports” learning.这一天的其余时间,约一半的二年级学生将再花上6个小时不知疲倦地玩游戏,期间还会认真讨论策略并参加关于心理准备技巧的辅导课。他们的同学(同样热衷于游戏,但无法以每秒5次的竞技速度点击鼠标)将深入学习游戏分析、游戏直播、作弊探测和活动管理理论。常春藤盟校(Ivy Leagues)就是这样诞生的。当竞技电玩和所有与之相关的五花八门的活动成为一门规模达10亿美元的全球产业(一些人估计,大约需要两年)时,滋庆学园可能已经把自己视为了“电子竞技”教学的元老。At one level, the founding of Japan’s first e-sports academy fits comfortably (if eccentrically) into the breathless evolution narrative of professional gaming and the increasingly lucrative market in which it thrives. Through a decade of economic and technological waves — powerfully amplified by social media — the competitive playing of online games like League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients 2 has become a global spectator sport with an active audience estimated at 400m and total revenues of about 0m.从一个层面来说,日本首个电竞学院的创立非常符合(虽然这有些古怪)职业电竞惊人的发展以及令电竞蓬勃发展的越来越有利可图的游戏市场。经历了10年的经济和科技浪潮(社交媒体起到了有力的推动作用),《英雄联盟》(League of Legends)和Dota 2等网络游戏的竞技已成为一项在全球拥有众多观众的运动,活跃观众人数据估计多达4亿人,总收入约为6.50亿美元。As the implications of those numbers have sunk in, mainstream television networks and the marketing departments of major brands have taken note — particularly of e-sports’ historic grip over South Korea and its rapid advance into China and Southeast Asia. Sponsorship deals have become bigger, the prize pots for the largest tournaments have swollen to well over m. A few US universities have started offering partial scholarships for promising stars. Loose organiser associations are scrambling to become serious global governing bodies. Millionaire e-sporting heroes are emerging, along with international fanbases, doping scandals and PR teams. It is all rather impressive for a discipline whose proponents hit their peak at 24 and are often burnt out two years later.随着这些数据开始产生影响,主流电视网络和大品牌的营销部门已开始留意,尤其是留意到电子竞技在韩国取得的历史性重要地位以及该产业快速进军中国和东南亚。赞助协议的金额变得更高,最大赛事的奖金已增加到远远超过200万美元。几所美国大学已开始为有潜力的明星提供部分奖学金。松散的组织者协会正竞相成为重要的全球治理机构。电子竞技富豪偶像正在诞生,同时出现的还有国际粉丝群、兴奋剂用丑闻以及公关团队。这一切对电竞这样一项运动而言是非常令人印象深刻的:电竞运动员在24岁达到职业巅峰,往往在两年后就走到职业生涯终点。And for Jikei Gakuen, the timing looks decidedly smart. The first ever intake to the e-sports college was a 40-strong group who joined a year ago and will graduate in March 2018. The second year in operation saw 60 students sign up, and the college is now planning to open a second campus in Osaka for dozens more.滋庆学园的时机选择看上去绝对明智。电竞学院的首批学员有40多人,一年前入学,将于2018年3月毕业。招生第二年有60名学生注册,该学院现在计划在大阪开设第二个校区,招收更多学员。But hidden beneath the euphoric roar of novelty is a more melancholy thrum. For all of its look-at-me charge into a bold new arena, the establishment of Japan’s first e-sports school is fundamentally defensive. It is there, says its founder, to prevent Japan falling behind. E-sports is emerging as an exciting global industry and Japan, which once brought games to the world, is almost nowhere to be seen. That is not through any shortage of exceptionally focused youngsters capable of downing endless caffeine drinks and playing games for the 11 hours a day recommended by the world’s greatest pro-gamers. The problem is that the potential pool of Japanese pro-gaming talent tends not to play the same games as the rest of the world and favours consoles over PCs — a fact that didn’t matter a jot until there was a bn e-sports industry based overwhelmingly on PC games.但在这一派新鲜欢快景象的背后,隐藏着一种更为低沉的基调。尽管日本首家电竞学院貌似洋洋得意地大胆进军新领域,但该学院的创立从根本上来说出于一种防御意识。其创始人表示,这是为了阻止日本落后。电子竞技正成为一个令人兴奋的全球产业,曾经将电玩带到全世界的日本在这个行业里却几乎没有立足之地。这并不是因为能够喝下无数杯含咖啡因饮料并每天玩11个小时游戏(这是全球最优秀的职业玩家所推荐的)的特别专注的年轻人短缺。问题是,日本潜在的职业电玩人才与全球其他地区玩家玩的游戏不同,他们对游戏机的喜爱胜过个人电脑(PC)——在主要基于PC游戏的电子竞技行业成为一门规模达10亿美元的产业之前,这一点原本一点儿都不重要。In industrial terms, Japanese companies have historically operated under constant threat of the “Galápagos effect” — the tendency to enter technological cul-de-sacs that were (just about) justified by the size of Japan’s domestic market but ultimately separated Japanese products from global markets and destroyed their ability to compete.从行业的角度来讲,日本企业的经营一直面临“加拉帕戈斯效应”(Galápagos effect)的持续威胁,加拉帕戈斯效应是指这样一种倾向:进入一条就日本国内市场规模而言勉强可算合理的技术死路,但这条路最终令日本产品与全球市场跑偏,并破坏了日本产品的竞争力。The e-sports school is an attempt to prevent a Galápagos generation of gamers cutting themselves off from a lucrative market. It is never too soon to establish world-class aspirations, says the Jikei Gakuen head: “Why is Brazil good at football? Because children start playing aged three. We do that with games, but we need to think about global markets. Japan has so much potential.”电竞学院旨在防止受到“加拉帕戈斯效应”影响的一代游戏玩家与一个利润丰厚的市场脱节。滋庆学园院长表示,蜚声世界的远大志向越早树立越好:“巴西为何擅长足球?因为巴西的孩子们从3岁就开始踢球了。我们的孩子也是3岁就开始打电玩了,但我们需要考虑全球市场。日本潜力巨大。” /201704/503828吉安无痛脱毛医院

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吉安中医院修眉多少钱 The company behind China’s home-grown range of armed drones is to seek a public listing in a sign of new openness to private capital in the country’s secretive defence industry.中国一家自主生产武装无人机的公司将寻求公开上市,表明中国神秘的国防工业对民间资本进一步开放。Nanyang Technology, a little-known and mostly inactive company aly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, 南洋科技(Nanyang Technology)是一家鲜为人知、通常行事低调的公司,本身已在深圳券交易所上市。quietly moved last summer to acquire the unit that makes the Caihong (Rainbow) series of drones from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), according to two people briefed on the plans.两位听取过相关计划介绍的人士表示,今年夏天,南洋科技悄然对中国航天科技集团公司(CASC)旗下制造虹系列无人机的公司启动了收购。Once the acquisition is complete, Nanyang will change its name and allow investors to pick up shares in what amounts to a backdoor public offering. 一旦完成了收购,南洋科技将变更该公司名称,允许投资者认购这家借壳上市的公司的股票。The new name for the drone maker has not yet been publicly announced.该无人机制造公司的新名称目前尚未对外公布。In addition to military drones, the unit also makes two types of air-to-ground missiles eagerly sought by Middle Eastern and African buyers. 除了制造军用无人机,该公司还生产两款颇受中东和非洲买家欢迎的空对地导弹。Many of those governments have been refused military drones by the US, which has raised concerns about how they will be used. 美国拒绝向这些地区许多国家的政府出售军用无人机,主要出于对无人机用途的担忧。Chinese drones have aly appeared in conflicts in Iraq, Yemen and Nigeria.而中国制造的无人机已经出现在伊拉克、也门以及尼日利亚的冲突中。The planned listing has aly led the company to open itself up to unprecedented public scrutiny. 此次上市计划使该公司史无前例地暴露在公众目光之下。On Tuesday CASC held the first press conference in its history, inviting Chinese journalists and one western publication to a briefing by its chief engineer and a tour of a training facility.周二,中国航天科技集团公司举行了公司历史上首次新闻发布会,邀请中国媒体及一家西方新闻机构的记者听取了其首席工程师的情况简报并参观了一处训练设施。The target market was evident by the computer graphics on the training centre’s computer simulation: a Middle Eastern desert landscape laced with palm groves and a terrorist training camp that trainee pilots learn to bomb.该训练中心计算机模拟的电脑图像清楚地表明了该公司的目标市场:画面中包括一片点缀着棕榈树的中东沙漠以及一个供受训飞行员学习投弹的恐怖分子训练营。The bestselling CH-4 drone is remarkably similar in appearance to General Atomics’ MQ-9 Reaper that has been widely used in combat by the US.卖得最好的虹4无人机在外观上神似美国通用原子公司(General Atomics)生产的、美军广泛应用于作战的MQ-9死神(Reaper)无人机。It’s not a direct copy, but it sure does look familiar, said Peter Singer, an expert on drone warfare at the New America Foundation in Washington. 这不是直接仿造,但看起来的确很眼熟,华盛顿新美国基金会(New America Foundation)无人机作战专家彼得.辛格(Peter Singer)说,So it’s either pure coincidence, or something else. 所以,要么纯属巧合,要么是什么别的原因。I’ll take something else.我相信后者。CASC declined to detail its export markets, but a spokesman said there were currently 10-20 end users. 中国航天科技集团公司拒绝详细列举其出口市场,但一位发言人称,目前有10到20家终端用户。CH drones are mainly used against anti-government armed forces, including Isis, the spokesman said. 虹无人机主要用于打击反政府武装,包括伊斯兰国(ISIS),上述发言人表示。Shi Wen, chief engineer of the Caihong drones, added: We mainly sell to poor and middle-income developing countries.虹系列无人机总工程师石文补充说:我们主要卖给较穷和中等收入的发展中国家。American armed drones are subject to strict export controls by Washington, but China has swooped into the market, selling to Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iraq. 美国武装无人机受到政府严格的出口管制,而中国已迅速打开国际无人机市场,产品销往埃及、尼日利亚、沙特阿拉伯、巴基斯坦和伊拉克等国。Several of those were turned down by the US when they asked for export licences.其中一些国家曾请求美国颁发出口许可,但遭到了美方拒绝。China is also believed to have provided technological assistance to Pakistan’s armed drone programme.中国据信还曾向巴基斯坦的武装无人机项目提供技术持。A publicly listed unit is not uncommon in the defence sector in China, 让下属公司上市的情况在中国国防工业并不少见。where the top 10 state-owned defence groups, including China State Shipbuilding Corporation and Aviation Industry Corporation of China, have listed more than 70 subsidiaries. Most of these are not involved in defence-related businesses,中国前十大国有防务集团——包括中国船舶重工集团公司(China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation)和中国航空工业集团公司(Aviation Industry Corporation of China)——已经有70多家子公司上市。 however, and even fewer deal with sensitive technologies.不过这些上市公司大多不涉及与国防有关的业务,涉及敏感技术的就更少了。Allowing a maker of highly sensitive technology to sell shares to the public appears to indicate a new tolerance for private capital as Beijing seeks to drive expansion of defence exports.允许一家拥有高度敏感技术的制造商向公众发售股票,似乎表明北京方面在谋求扩大国防出口之际,开始对民间资本抱着更为宽容的态度。The long-term goal of gradual privatisation appears to be to transform some of China’s leading defence contractors and to emulate the US military industrial complex.逐步引进民间资本的长期目标似乎是为了推动一些主要国防承包商进行改革,效仿美国军工复合型产业发展中国国防工业。 /201610/474599井冈山市脸部抽脂价格青原区妇幼保健人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱



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