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英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 寻物启示范文 --01 :0: 来源: 寻物启示范文Lost:I lost my keys in the classroom this afternoon.I must found them,becasue i can't enter my room without them.8-7- is my phone number.If you find them,please call me.It#39;s very good,John Heminges began,but it#39;s too long.内容很好,约翰·海明带头说道,不过剧情太长,It#39;ll take about four hours in the theatre.在剧院上演要演四个多小时。We don#39;t have to use it all,Will said.我们并不需要全部剧情,威尔说,We can cut it down to three hours,perhaps two and a half.我们可以将剧本删减到三个小时,或者两个半小时也行。Henry Condell picked up one of the paper from the table.亨利·康德尔从桌上拿起一张手稿:Look at this bit,when Ophelia is talking about Hamlet,he said.看这一段,奥菲利亚谈论哈姆雷特,他说道,Hamlet sounds like the Earl of Essex to me.Were you thinking of Essex when you wrote this?我感觉剧中的哈姆雷特酷似爱塞克斯伯爵。你在写这段时是否想到爱塞克斯呢?Will smiled.Perhaps,he said.And perhaps not.威尔笑了起来。或许有,他说道,或许也没有。Richard will play Prince Hamlet,yes?said Augustine.理查扮演哈姆雷特王子,对吧?奥古斯丁说。Of course!Will said.I wrote the part for him.那当然啦!威尔说道,这个角色专为他而写的。He#39;s our star actor.他是我们剧团的明星。I#39;ll play the ghost of Hamle#39;s father.我将扮演哈姆雷特父亲的幽灵。He looked at me.他看看我,又说,托比,Hamlet will wear black,Toby,and Ophelia will wear white.哈姆雷特要穿黑衣,而奥菲莉亚就准备白衣吧。 /201307/246052考研英语 考研英语词汇复习之China Daily常见热词 (3) -- :5:39 来源: 基本国策 basic state policy; basic national policy基本国情 fundamental realities of the country基本建成覆盖城乡、功能完善的疾病预防控制和医疗救治体系 establish a fully functioning system disease prevention and control and emergency medical aid that covers both urban andrural areas基本路线要管一百年 The basic line must be followed unswervingly a very long time to come.基本人权 fundamental human rights基本养老金社会化发放 retirees receive their basic pension through social security channels基本医疗保险制度 basic medical insurance system基本月租费 basic monthly fee (charges)基层工作 grass-roots work基层监督 grass-roots supervision基层民主 democracy at the grassroots level基层文化建设 primary-level cultural undertakings基层组织 organizations at the grass-roots level, primary-level organization机场建设费 airport construction fee既成事实 fait accompli (noun)继承税 inheritance tax基础产业 basic industry基础教育 basic education基础设施建设 infrastructure construction基础设施 infrastructure基础税率 base tariff level记大过 record a serious demerit鸡蛋碰石头 like an egg striking a rock; attack… stronger than oneself基地组织 al-Qaeda group机电产品 mechanical and electrical product缉毒 investigate drug smuggling; capture drug smugglers(日本主持的)季度短观调查报告 Tankan survey缉毒队 narcotics squad计费方法 秒计费 分计费 Calculating telephone fees per-second calculation per-minute calculation急功近利 eager instant success and quick profits技工贸结合的科技型企业 scientific and technological enterprises that integrate scientific and technological development with industrial and trade development机构重叠 organizational overlapping机构改革 institutional rem; streamlining; institutional restructuring机构投资者 institutional investor机构臃肿 overstaffing in organizations (government)激光唱片 compact disc; laser record; laser disc激光打印机 laser printer激光导航 laser navigation激光通信 laser communication计划单列市 city specifically designated in the state plan计划经济 planned economy计划内招生 planned enrollment计划生育责任制 responsibility system of family planning机会成本 opporty cost积极防御 active defense计价器 taximeter计件工资制 piece-rate system季节工 seasonal worker季节性调价 seasonal price adjustment即开式奖券 scratch-open ticket; scratch pad激励约束制度 a system of incentives and disincentives激烈竞争 cut-throat competition记名债券 registered bonds吉尼斯世界记录 Guinness World Records纪念封 commemorative envelope即期消费 immediate consumption机器阅卷 machine scoring急人民所急,忧人民所忧 making the desires and worries of the people one’s own吉日良辰 auspicious day积少成多 many a little makes a mickle寄生效应 ghost effect

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 schedule --31 ::50 来源: I will be in the third grade in the next term.Sin ce the highschool entrance examination is coming soon, there is a great need me to make a precise plan of my studies. From September to November,I will follow the teachers in the new lessons learning, and after class , the contemporary exercises are necessary. Bee the end of the first term, I will review all the lessons from beginning again. From March to April, review all I have learned a second time. Beginning from April, models tests should be the all.Several days bee the exam, I will go over all the mistakes in the papers and have a good rest the exam.

欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第19节】19.Oh,yes,that our busiest time.I get Wednesdays off.四级词汇讲解:get…off意为“(某天)休息”,get off则表示“停止工作”其中off本身含有“停止,中断”之意,和get , be, take等动词组成短语时,可表示“不工作,不上学,休息”如: I was off with the flu yesterday.我因感染了流感昨天休息了You look tired;you should take tomorrow off.你看起来很疲惫,明天应该休息一下英语四级考点归纳:听力中,与off相关的短语还有:※ badly off意为“生活贫困;运气不佳”Her family is badly off:她的家庭生活贫困※ better off意为“情况好些,生活比较宽裕”We are better off economically.我们的经济状况好些了※ from the off 意为“从头开始”The sitcom is perfect from the off.这部情景喜剧从一开始就很完美※ off end on意为“断断续续;不时地”I slept off and on last night.我昨晚时睡时醒学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法TPO阅读词汇考试:TheCambrianexplosion -- 18:01: 来源:qnr  亲爱的同学们,在做TPO阅读的时候,你是否被大量生词搞得晕头转向?很多学生初学阅读,看到不认识的单词会一个一个查字典,特别浪费时间很多同学因为不耐烦查单词,放弃或者延误了学习现在,为了节省大家的时间,为大家整理了TPO上的重点单词学学这些单词吧!The Cambrian explosion Diversification变化;多样化We encourage diversification in the school system. 我们鼓励办学模式有多元化的发展Multicellular 多细胞的What genetic change allowed multicellular animals to come into existence remains obscure. 什么样的遗传突变产生了多细胞动物还不清楚That makes up multicellular organisms. 这构成多细胞生物Fossilize 使成化石;僵化The most important parts, the flowers, rarely fossilize. 最重要的部分,即花朵,很少成为化石The little animals fossilized and are now embedded in the limestone. 这个小动物变成化石后并嵌入在石灰石里Needs change while policies fossilize. 需要发生改变,但是政策僵化不变Discourage 使气馁He is easily discouraged by difficulties and obstacles. 他遇到困难和阻碍就容易泄气Decomposition 分解;腐烂Warmer weather meant the decomposition of the corpse. 天气变暖会使尸体腐烂The dehydration process leads to fairly extensive decomposition of the product. 脱水过程会导致产物相当程度的分解Exclusively 排它地;独占地This room is exclusively women. 这房间只对女士开放The star has a ski slope reserved exclusively her. 这位明星有一个专门留给她的滑雪场地Distribution 分发;分配The conference discussed the fair distribution of income and wealth. 会议讨论了公平分配收入和财富的问题Locale 场所;现场Premier Wen Jiabao commands the earthquake locale in person. 温家宝总理在地震现场亲自指挥The director is looking a suitable locale his new film. 导演在为新片物色合适的拍摄场地Cambrian寒武纪的One of the greatest mysteries of the history of life is the Cambrian explosion. 寒武纪的大爆炸是生命史中最大的谜团之一During the Cambrian explosion, major paradigm shifts took only tens of millions of years. 在寒武纪生命大爆发期间,主要模式转化只用了数千万年的时间Precambrian 前寒武纪Precambrian era 前寒武纪时代距今约0亿年到5.3亿年前的一段地质时期这一时期代表了约80%的地质记录,提供了各大陆如何通过时间发生演变的重要史料Detritus 碎石;碎屑Detritus usually consists of gravel, sand and clay. 岩屑通常是由沙砾、沙和粘土组成的Algae 水藻Most algae live in water. 多数藻类生长在水中The green covering on top of the water in the pond is algae. 池塘水面上绿色的东西是水藻Arthropod 节肢动物节肢动物包括0多万种无脊椎动物比如昆虫、蜘蛛、蟹 词汇 词汇 考试 TheCambrianexplosion TPO年新重点词汇:population -- 18:18:00 来源:qnr 名词  1 人口 (总数) ,居民人数  This city has a ~ of 350, 000. The ~ of this city is 350, 000.  这个城市有三十五万人口  What [How large] is the ~ of Taipei?.  台北有多少人口?   [the ~; 集合称] (一定区域的) (全体) 居民,市民  The whole ~ of the town came out to welcome him.  央抑镇民都出来欢迎他  3 [用单数; 常与修饰语连用] ‘生物’ (一定区域的) 族群,栖群  the koala ~ of Australia  澳洲的无尾熊族群  pop·u·la·tion n.  Pronunciation: #7;pauml;-py#601;-’lā-sh#601;n  Function: noun  Etymology: Late Latin population-, populatio, from Latin populus  Date:   1 a : the whole number of people or inhabitants in a country or region b : the total of individuals occupying an area or making up a whole c : the total of ps at a particular energy level ― used especially of atoms in a laser   : the act or process of populating  3 a : a body of persons or individuals having a quality or characteristic in common b (1) : the organisms inhabiting a particular locality () : a group of interbreeding organisms that represents the level of organization at which speciation begins   : a group of individual persons, objects, or items from which samples are taken statistical measurement 词汇 词汇 新 重点 考试 population

考研英语 考研英语:单词对比 -- :59: 来源: 通过前几个月的考研英语备考,相信各位考生都总结出了一套自己记忆单词的方法但是或多或少都会遇到一些怎么也记不住的词汇,随着备考时间的逐渐缩短,是否会有些心急呢?这里为大家传授一种独门记忆单词的好方法,希望能够帮到大家对比记忆又分为同义词记忆、反义词记忆、词形相近词记忆等方法,下面我们来详细分析一下一、同义词记忆同义词记忆属于对比记忆方法里面考生比较头痛的一种几个词汇明明汉语意思相同,但是英语的用法却存在微小的差别,稍不注意就会弄混,在完型填空中经常会考察到这类词汇如“明”,在英语词汇中demonstrate、manifest、illustrate、exemplify、evidence等均有“明”的含义,“繁荣”的同义词prosperity、flourish、thrive、boom也有不少,含义为“评价”的词汇有evaluation、rate、assess、estimate、comment,通过一个中文含义,考生们可以将多个词汇串联起来记忆在记忆单词拼写的同时,掌握各个词汇之间的区别和特殊的用法,将平时极易混淆的单词清楚地区别开,是再好不过的事情了二、反义词记忆在背诵新词汇时,考生要尽量联系它的反义词,这就使得在掌握新单词的同时又巩固了旧单词,如果反义词没有背诵过,就等于同时记忆了两个新单词,收获颇多的同时,印象深刻,记忆更牢固以recession为例,该词指经济衰退,不景气,考生在记忆该词时,就可以联想到recovery,意为经济复苏或身体痊愈个性化的记忆方法,不但能在短时间提高背诵单词的效率,激发记忆潜力,还能让考生形成一种记忆的条件反射,让考生在考场上用最充足的词汇量作答三、词形相近记忆这里的词形相近主要是指词汇的英文词形相近,各位考生在背诵单词时经常因为一个字母的错误拼写而导致扣分,所以进行词形相近记忆很有必要第一组我们来看一下drift、draft、craft、crack,怎么样够晕的了吧,看这四个词形相近的词汇其实各有各的含义:漂流、起草、精心准备、使开裂,真是哪哪都不挨着,不过他们就是长的像!还有virtual、virtue、vital等词汇,都是考研政治大纲中要求掌握的通过词形相近的记忆方法,考生可将看似毫无联系的词汇放在一起进行记忆,将单词组成单词串,突破单词壁垒,重点区分哪个位置哪个字母究竟应该是什么,避免因为一个字母的误差在考场上失分在平时备考中考生要留心观察单词构成之间的差别,及时积累总结,让自己的单词量暴增通过今天的学习,各位考生是不是都“拳擦掌”准备把总是忘记的单词,用对比记忆的方法来记一记了呢漫漫考研路,虽然曲折又漫长,遇到困难,总会有解决的办法预祝各位考生都能在考试中取得理想成绩!考研英语 考研英语作文必背:《新概念三Lesson --19 ::50 来源: 考研英语作文必背:《新概念三Lesson A skeleton in the cupboard “家丑”  We often in novels how a seemingly respectable person or family has some terrible secret which has been concealed from strangers years. The English language possesses a vivid saying to describe this sort of situation. The terrible secret is called ‘a skeleton in the cupboard’. At some dramatic moment in the story, the terrible secret becomes known and a reputation is ruined. The er's hair stands on end when he s in the final pages of the novel that the heroine, a dear old lady who had always been so kind to everybody, had, in her youth, poisoned every one of her five husbands.  It is all very well such things to occur in fiction. To varying degrees, we all have secrets which we do not want even our closest friends to learn, but few of us have skeletons in the cupboard. The only person I know who has a skeleton in the cupboard is George Carlton, and he is very proud of the fact. George studied medicine in his youth. Instead of becoming a doctor, however, he became a successful writer of detective stories. I once spent an uncomtable weekend which I shall never get at his house. George showed me to the guest-room which, he said, was rarely used. He told me to unpack my things and then come down to dinner. After I had stacked my shirts and underclothes in two empty drawers, I decided to hang one of the two suits I had brought with me in the cupboard. I opened the cupboard door and then stood in front of it petrified. A skeleton was dangling bee my eyes. The sudden movement of the door made it sway slightly and it gave me the impression that it was about to leap out at me. Dropping my suit, I dashed downstairs to tell George. This was worse than ‘a terrible secret’; this was a real skeleton! But George was unsympathetic. ‘Oh, that,’ he said with a smile as if he were talking about an old friend. ‘That's Sebastian. You get that I was a medical student once upon a time. ’  在小说中,我们经常读到一个表面上受人尊重的人物或家族,却有着某种多年不为人所知的骇人听闻的秘密英语中有一个生动的说法来形容这种情况惊人的秘密被称作“柜中骷髅”在小说的某个戏剧性时刻,可怕的秘密泄漏出来,接着便是某人的声誉扫地当读者读到小说最后几页了解到书中女主人公,那位一向待大家很好的可爱的老妇人年轻时一连毒死了她的5个丈夫时,不禁会毛骨悚然  这种事发生在小说中是无可非议的尽管我们人人都有各种大小秘密,连最亲密的朋友都不愿让他们知道,但我们当中极少有人有柜中骷髅我所认识的唯一的在柜中藏骷髅的人便是乔治·卡尔顿,他甚至引以为自豪乔治年轻时学过医,然而,他后来没当上医生,却成了一位成功的侦探小说作家有一次,我在他家里度周末,过得很不愉快这事我永远不会忘记乔治把我领进客房,说这间房间很少使用他让我打开行装后下楼吃饭我将衬衫、内衣放进两个空抽屉里,然后我想把随身带来的两套西中的一套挂到大衣柜里去我打开柜门,站在柜门前一下子惊呆了一具骷髅悬挂在眼前,由于柜门突然打开,它也随之轻微摇晃起来,让我觉得它好像马上要跳出柜门朝我扑过来似的我扔下西冲下楼去告诉乔治这是比“骇人听闻的秘密”更加惊人的东西,这是一具真正的骷髅啊!但乔治却无动于衷“噢,是它呀!他笑着说道,俨然在谈论一位老朋友“那是塞巴斯蒂安你忘了我以前是学医的了”年(TOEFL)考试词汇备考分类记忆:经济 --30 19::3 来源:qnr  toll  precious  prosperous  prosperity  rich  rare  asset  tune  opulence  finance  economic  indigent  depression  penury  bidding  drawback  exponent  lease  redress  compensation  deficit  levy  ration  rebate  merchandise  commerce  enterprise  currency  inventory  a  tariff  inflation  deal  yen  cause  consume  disburse  acting  inertia  discount  audit  shipment  surplus  residue    bankruptcy  savings  collateral  bill  check  coin  depreciate  merge  reimburse  garner  underestimate  exchange  assess  consolidate  loan  refund  utility  selection  option  economics  output  goods  opporty  benefit  contract  lottery  transaction  budget  patronage  choose  choice  barter  purchase  deposit  commission  ransom  toll  charge  bond  custom  bonus  interest  means  debt  fund  revenue 词汇 词汇 记忆 考试 经济 TOEFL

年6月写作佳句() --30 ::58 来源: 如果想获得高分绝对离不开好句子的点缀,年的英语四级考试就快来了,为了帮助各位考生取得高分,小编特意为大家整理了年6月写作佳句,供各位考生参考  1. In addition to the obvious problem--loneliness, another major obstacle, in my opinion, is the alien environment of campus. 除了孤独这一明显的问题之外,我认为另一个困难是对校园环境的不熟悉  1. Freshmen often get lost on campus; fail to find the way to dormitory or library. 新生常常在校园迷路,不知道去宿舍或图书馆该怎么走  1. Most important of all, apart from their hometown and parents, students couldn't catch sight of any familiar face and have to suffer from homelessness, which can cause certain serious mental disease. 更重要的是,离开了家乡和父母,看不到任何熟悉的面孔,他们不得不忍受思家之苦,这可能会导致严重的精神疾病  1. In the first place, school authorities should provide far more services to help freshmen to get used to the new life as soon as possible. 首先,学校应提供更多的务,帮助新生尽快适应新的生活  1. The senior and junior students could share their own experience about how to overcome the difficulty they have ever met, how to adjust to the new environment with the new students.  高年级学生可以与新生一起分享他们的经历:如何克遇到的困难,如何适应新的环境  1. At the same time, young people should be encouraged to communicate with their peers and develop their interpersonal skills, which may help them greatly to reduce dependence on their parents and are essential in the maintenance of healthy mental condition. 同时,应该鼓励年轻人和他们的同龄人交往,发展他们的交际能力,这将帮助他们极大地减少对父母的倚赖并且保持健康的精神状态  1. In conclusion, we must lay emphasis on this problem and make our maximum contribution to help them spend their first day on campus smoothly. 总之,我们应重视这个问题,尽最大努力帮助他们平稳度过他们最初的校园生活  1. There is a general discussion over fashion in recent years. One of the questions under debate is whether a person should choose comtable clothes, which he or she likes, regardless of fashion. 近些年,关于时尚存在着广泛的争论其中一个问题就是一个人是否应选择他喜欢的舒适的衣,而不管是否时尚 1. This issue is becoming a matter of concern more and more people, especially parents and experts in education. 这一问题已被越来越多的人所关注,尤其是父母和教育专家  1. Many young people always go into raptures at the merely mention of buying fashion clothes. And they seem to be attracted by colorful material, various styles of fashion clothes. There is nothing, they maintain, that can't be compared with fashion clothes. In fact, fashion clothes had become indispensable part of youngster's life. 许多年轻人一提到时尚装就兴高采烈他们似乎被时尚装那多的面料,各种不同的款式所吸引  以上就是年6月写作佳句的全部内容,希望对大家有所帮助考研英语 考研英语高频单词(3) -- 18:53:00 来源: efficiency n. ①效率 ②功效 出现频率7次 potential n. 潜能,潜力 a. ①潜在的,可能的 ②势的,位的 出现频率次 productivity n. 生产率 出现频率次 wisdom n. ①智慧,明智 ②名言,格言 出现频率次 resource n. ①[pl.]资源,财力 ②办法,智谋 ③应变之才 出现频率1次 appropriate a. (to)适当的,恰如其分的 vt. ①私占,侵吞,挪用 ②拨出(款项等)供专用 出现频率次 available a. ①可用的,可得到的 ②可以见到的,随时可来的 出现频率次 liable a. ①(to+inf)有…倾向的,易于…的 ②()有责任的,有义务的 出现频率次 bound a. ①必定的,一定的,理应…,被束缚的 ②准备(或正在)到…去的,开往…的v.n.跳(跃) 出现频率9次 inevitable a. 不可避免的,必然发生的 出现频率5次英语专业四级 英语专业四级考试语法词汇要点分析详解 --6 :7:37 来源: 英语专业四级是一项基础水平和技能的测试,其目的在于考察学生在经过英语专业基础学习后,是否已经具备进入高级阶段学习的基础所以,在复习应对专四考试的语法与词汇时,要牢牢树立一个观念——熟做到对基础的知识点熟得不能再熟词汇和语法是任何一门语言的基础,而专四又是针对英语专业学生基础知识和技能考察的,即便专门的词汇和语法在专四考题里不占有很大的比重,但这两项其实是答好其他题目的基础,必须高度重视基础水平考试的考试范围非常确定,出题的讨论也不会有非常多的变化,只要摸准了规律,取胜的把握就非常大那么作为专四来说,我们怎样去把握他的规律呢?我个人觉得还是要从入手,把看得熟得不能再熟,你对专四的考法和出题套路就能了然于胸了看不能只是做一套,然后就找对对,这样是没有多大效果的,关键看完之后要总结尤其词汇和语法更必须得如此,考试哪些会成为重点,需要大力度应对,哪些是次重点,非重点,心里面要特别清楚这些考点都是经常出现的,例如:非谓语动词;各种从句及关系词的用法;动词时态、虚拟语气、情态动词的用法;独立主格,主谓一致,倒装,强调、并列结构,虚拟语气,状语从句,定语从句,独立主格,情态动词等基本语法知识这里面尤其要注意,专四毕竟跟非英语专业的英语基础水平测试题目有不同,他要考察的是英语专业学生的技能,所以常常会对一些高难度的词法和语法点有所涉及所以也要学会记住各个考点所涉及的难点和例外情况(词法和语法的一个特色在于他们经常会有例外)有些内容是需要强硬记住的,他们常常不符合任何规则,是一种惯例,这就是语言的特色,很多东西是约定俗成的,没有什么理由可以推敲,对付他们最好的办法就是见到一个记牢一个,这在专四考试里也屡见不鲜,要特别留意还有很重要的是大家平时要多阅读,因为词法和语法是死的,但是每篇具体的文章都有自己的语境,有自己鲜活的内容,所有的词汇和语法都是务于文章内容活起来单纯记住词汇和语法是基础,但不是全部,一定要经常进行阅读,学会把握文章的语境,培养语感专四的词汇量很大,那么在短时间内提高词汇量,提高语感有没有什么诀窍?很多时候想通过阅读来培养语感,但遇到很多单词并不认识,没读完就泄气了很多时候又想通过背单词来提高阅读能力,但单个的单词好枯燥,不能完全记住诀窍是有的,如果能把每一篇你遇到的文章里的生词全部挑出来,硬背也把他背熟,然后立刻去阅读这篇文章,很快就能在具体的语境里掌握这些单词了所以你需要电脑的帮助,需要有一个词频统计软件,当你把一篇新文件通过这个软件处理后,他能告诉你这篇文章里都出现了什么词,每个词出现的频率是多少这样一看你就明白自己所不知道的词有多少,他的出现频率高不高,把这些单词背诵下来,再去攻克阅读就水到渠成了,反过来又通过阅读巩固对这些单词的记忆这是一个很快提高词汇量合建立语感的方法,希望大家可以试用一下,尤其可以拿来试用

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