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Chinese passengers can buy train tickets online for special services starting from today, a prelude for the upcoming Spring Festival travel rush-the largest annual migration on Earth.中国乘客昨起可在网上购买火车票。作为世界上每年一次最大的人口迁移的春运即将来临。Tickets will be available 25 days before they want to travel, 5 days earlier than last year. The move is expected to avoid long queues in train stations, and allow people to plan their journeys further in advance. Tickets for regular trains will be available online and phone booking 20 days before travel day, starting 28th December.今年火车票提前销售时间为25天,比去年提前5天。该次提前开售意在避免火车站内排长龙,并使出行的人们可以提前安排自己的行程。普通车票的网络和电话销售将提前20天开始,将于12月28日开售。The Spring Festival travel rush will officially begin on January 16th, 2014, ahead of Chinese New Year at the end of the month, when the largest annual migration on Earth begins. Billions of passenger journeys will be made then. About 510-thousand journeys will be made in Beijing each day, an increase of 6-percent compared with last year.本次春运将于2014年1月16日正式开始,而1月底便是中国春节,也正是每年一次大迁徙开始的时候。乘客出行次数将达数十亿次之多。而北京每天的乘客出行次数将会达到51万人次,同比增长6%。201312/270106。

  • Purpose of your visit?你此次来访的目的是什么?Excuse me?什么?Bussiness or pleasure?公干还是旅游?Bussiness.公干。I play...I play soccer...football.我是...我是来踢球的...足球。I hope to. For Newcastle ed.我希望可以为纽卡斯尔联队效力。One moment.请稍等。This young man wants to play for your team, Mr. Henderson.这位年轻人要去为你的球队踢球,汉德森先生。Newcastle?纽卡斯尔?Yes,sir.是的,先生。Need all the help we can get.有事您说话。重点词汇: purpose 目的例句:The purpose of the letter was to get the energy industry to be the same.这封信的目的是让能源行业也面对现实。 201405/295469。
  • Running a classroom can seem as impossible as controlling a pack of wild dogs. Regain control by making rules your class will actually follow.管理一个班级的学生看上去就像控制一群野一样不可能。制定你的班级能够真正遵守的纪律,重新控制他们。You Will Need你需要Paper纸Pencils笔Computer电脑Printer打印机Camera照相机Markers记号笔Poster board广告板Steps步骤STEP 1 Work with the class1.与学生一起制定规则Work with your students and ask them to help you create the rules for the classroom. Have them write down their suggestions on paper.和学生们一起工作,要求他们帮你制定班级纪律。让他们在纸上写下自己的建议。STEP 2 Think about actions2.思考行为准则Come up with the most important actions and behavior the class should follow. Talk about goals the class should strive for in terms of grades, work habits, and behavior.提出学生们应该遵守的最重要的行为守则。讨论学生们在分数,作业习惯和行为方面应该努力达到的目标。STEP 3 Discuss reasoning3.讨论理由Discuss the reason behind the actions and behaviors, and elaborate on what makes them important.讨论制定这些措施和行为守则的原因,详细阐述为何这些如此重要。STEP 4 Write the rules4.制定规矩Review what your students wrote and what was discussed in class, and write a set of rules that expresses the classs goals.Limit the number of rules to six. Three rules are optimal.查看学生的建议和课堂讨论的内容,然后写下一系列规定,列明整个班级的目标。把所有规定限制在六条以内。三条规定是最理想的。STEP 5 Keep it short and simple5.保持简洁明了Keep the rules short and use easy-to-understand language. Make sure the tone of the rules is respectful to your students.保持规定简短,使用容易理解的语言。确保规定的基调尊重你的学生。STEP 6 Post the rules6.张贴规定Type and print the rules. Make a poster with a class photo and signatures of all of your students. As a class, decorate the poster, and then hang it where it can be seen.把规定打印出来。制作一个布告板,上面贴上全班的照片和所有学生的签名。作为一个班级,装饰布告板,然后悬挂在可以看到的地方。According to a 2005 study by the National Center for Education Statistics, there is an average of 3.8 students per instructional computer with internet access.根据国家教育统计中心2005年的调查,平均每3.8名学生使用一台可以上网的指导性电脑。视频听力译文由。201409/327082。
  • Improvisation lives at the core of Break Dancing,where dancers are continually adapting their moves.即兴创作是霹雳舞的精髓,舞者不断调整自己的动作。This Brooklyn-based New York dance group specialize in a dance form called Uprocking,which mixes Salsa, the Hustle, and action moves,which were added to imitate a fight against an opposing dancer.来自布鲁克林的纽约舞团以主跳Uprocking街舞,它混合了莎莎舞 哈尔斯舞 还有格斗动作,用以模仿与对方的斗舞。The leader of the crew is Ralph Casanova, also known as King Uprock.舞团的负责人是被誉为Uprock王的Ralph CasanovaHe says Bruce Lee was a big influence on their dance style.他说李小龙对他们的舞蹈风格影响很大Rocking started in Brooklyn where a lot of guys were gang members,and B-boying was really popular in the Bronx,where they were doing more of the backspins and stuff like that, acrobatic moves.摇滚舞起源于布鲁克林 当地许多人都是成帮成派的,而这些霹雳男孩在布朗克斯非常受欢迎,像旋转什么的杂耍动作很常见。See, everybody was watching Bruce Lee and taking...可以说 每个人都观察李小龙 获得...learning different dances that they took something of him and added in the flavor of the dance they were doing.从他那获得元素,加入自己正在练的舞中以组成不同的舞蹈。After the launch of Enter the Dragon in the 1970s,dancers were quick to replicate Bruce Lees kungfu moves and incorporate them into their dances.20世纪70年代;龙争虎斗;公映后,舞者们开始模仿李小龙的功夫电影,并将其融入到舞蹈中。Across america, numerous different dance styles emerged known to most today simply as Break Dancing.风格各异的舞蹈在美国各地兴起,如今都统称为霹雳舞。And a lot of karate moves have, like, windmills and,you know, backspins, which... they didnt call it that,but we just watched all these moves and just take whatever we saw and add into Breaking or Rocking and other dances.大量空手道动作 像是大轮转和倒旋等... 但是称法不同,我们看这类电影 并把任何看到的动作,加到霹雳舞(Breaking和Rocking都是霹雳舞)和其他舞蹈里。201403/278984。
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