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A shadow has swept across Russia delighting skywatchers who flocked to Siberia to see a rare total eclipse of the sun.Reuters.Thousands gathered in Novosibirsk in Siberia to see a rare solar eclipse. With eye protection and some looking through specially shielded telescopes, they waited until the moment the sun began to disappear in the middle of the day. A total solar eclipse like this happens when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, casting a giant shadow. These shots from NASA show the moment the sun was completely blocked out. This eclipse started in Canada, bee tracking across Greenland and then into Siberia bee moving towards China. Eclipse is reviewed as dangerous omens by ancient Chinese astronomers and this one comes exactly a week bee the Olympics open in Beijing. And in the Chinese Capital, hundreds gathered on the spot where the eclipse came to an end. It was also visible in London. There only % of the sun was blocked out, making eye protection extra important. Solar eclipse is as fascinating as they are rare. The next will occur in a year's time in parts of India and China.Andrew Porter, Reuters.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. omen : n-countIf you say that something is an omen, you think it indicates what is likely to happen in the future and whether it will be good or bad. 5831Steve:What have you been up to, Johnny?Johnny:You know-sweeping, scrubbing, washing, drying, waxing, polishing...Steve:Wow, your grandma really having a field day with you, huh?Johnny:You got that right...and my mom still mad about what we did with the dishes.Steve:You have all the fun, dont you?Johnny:Listen, Id better get back to the grindstone.Steve:Sure thing, Johnny. Watch out dishpan hands there, kid!参考译文:史帝: 最近都在忙什么啊,强尼?强尼: 你知道的——扫地、刷洗、清洗、烘干、打蜡、磨光……史帝: 哇,你奶奶跟你挺忙的嘛?强尼: 你说的没错……而我妈还在气我们丢掉碗盘的事史帝: 你还真是不亦乐乎啊,不是吗?强尼: 听着,我最好回去工作了史帝: 没错,强尼小心别得富贵手啊,小子!重点词汇:grindstone (n.)石磨,引申为「日复一日的琐事、杂务」get back to the grindstone就是「要回去做每日的工作了」You have all the fun don’t you玩得很开心吧?」在此是反讽的说法A: Last week, my car was stolen, I got into a fight, and my boss fired me.上星期,我的车被偷、我跟人打架,我的老板还开除我B: You have all the fun, dont you?你过得还真是痛快啊,不是吗?dishpan hands富贵手,因手部长期接触清洁剂,造成龟裂、脱皮、红肿的皮肤病A: He put on a disgraceful permance!他的演出很糟糕!B: I know! His singing was terrible!我知道他的歌声真是糟透了! 3899

Voice 1: Rose Longwa is a mother with five children. Rose has seen her children suffer from severe sickness many times. Some village children have even died from conditions related to drinking dirty water. Ndolela village is luckier than some. A water collection point pumps piped water into the village. It has to come a long way. When the water arrives it is not clean enough to drink. And anyway, the water often fails to arrive. The pipe may get blocked with leaves or other matter. Sometimes the pipe gets a leak. From time to time the water collection point dries up. Then the women in the village have to get water from a spring. The spring water is not clean either. It contains bacteria and small single cell creatures such as protozoa. The protozoa and bacteria can cause severe stomach infections.声音1:罗丝·朗瓦是五个孩子的母亲她看到自己的孩子多次遭受严重疾病的侵袭甚至有一些乡村儿童死于饮用污水引发的疾病Ndolela村比其他村庄要幸运一个集水泵将水输送至村子里输送路程非常远输送至村子的水不够干净,不能饮用而且,经常发生无法将水运送到村子的情况输水管道可能会被树叶或其他东西堵住有时这条管道还会泄漏集水地时不时地会枯竭这时,村里的女性就不得不从泉里取水泉水也不干净泉水里含有细菌和原虫等小型单细胞生物原虫和细菌会引发严重的胃部感染Voice : In the past the women have boiled the water. Heating the water to a high temperature kills the bacteria and protozoa. The water is then safe to drink. But it takes a lot of fuel to boil enough water a whole family. Rose spent most of her day collecting enough wood to boil the water. But now Rose uses solar purification. She uses the sun to clean the water. Rose says,声音:过去,女性会烧水把水煮到高温以杀死细菌和原虫这样的水就可以安全引用了但是煮出够全家人引用的水要耗费很多燃料罗丝一天大部分时间都在收集木头以煮水不过,现在罗丝用太阳能净化系统她用阳光来净化水罗丝表示,Voice 3: It is easy to do. I fill clear plastic bottles with water. Then I place the bottles on the top of my black-painted house — on the roof. The water bottles stay there in the hot sun a whole day.声音3:“方法非常简单我先用干净的塑料瓶接满水然后把瓶子放在漆成黑色的房顶上水瓶要在烈日下放一整天”译文属 58583

Part . When humor crosses international boundaries, the first obstacle it encounters is translation, not only the meaning of words, but their cultural context.So to begin to appreciate the Japanese sense of humor, perhaps we should hear it in a setting where it been practiced centuries.300 years ago, during the Edo period, there began a school of entertainment called rakugo, comical storytelling. We still have those storytellers.While yours is a stand-up comedian, ours sits alone on a stage on a cushion.He begins telling a story interspersed with improvisation,but he mimics the voices of several individuals and he differentiates these individuals being portrayed so clearly that the audiences is mesmerized.An evening of rakugo is introduced by music, but after that, it the storyteller who must hold the audience by the magic of his words alone.The stories are about to 30 minutes long, and it likely that connoisseurs of rakugo have heard them bee.What they come to hear is not so much the story but the permance, the narrator ability to weave a tale and to capture the essence of the characters through his voice.One storyteller named Shijaku has taken up the challenge of translating and perming rakugo in English.Western audiences have responded enthusiastically.It one of the few opporties we have to get a real taste of traditional Japanese humor.Heh, Heh, how much is it? Eh? No charge? It free? Okay, Ill have another one.Part 3. And its best, humor can reveal something about a culture.It can also help to perpetuate stereotypes, the inscrutable Japanese, bowing all the time, taking costs of pictures.Makes you wonder how the Japanese stereotype us.We caricaturize Americans as obsessively telling jokes... feeling that they have to tell jokes, and Japanese, of course, do not respond.However, Mr Muramatsu admits that there are a few stories which have a genuine cross-cultural appeal.One that he particularly fond of involves an overcrowded lifeboat in a stormy sea.To save the women and children, the captain has to persuade men of different nationalities to grab a life jacket and jump overboard.How does he do it? To an Englishman, the captains says, it the sporting thing to do. and he would naturally oblige.To the German, he says, It the captain command! To the Italian, the captain says, Dont jump, it illegal!To the American, Dont worry, you are insured. To the Canadian, The Yank says he staying.Finally Mr Muramatsu always makes a point of letting the consensus-conscious Japanese be the butt the joke punch line.The captain quietly approaches the Japanese and whispers to him, Everybody else is jumping.Virginia Woolf once wrote that humor is the first of the gifts to perish in a eign tongue.She may be right, but if we can laugh at ourselves, perhaps that needs no translation. 5559

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