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If you have an important interview coming up for a new job, we demonstrate what you should say and what the interviewer would like to hear. This will help to ensure that your job interview is a great success.如果你有一个重要的面试来应聘信职位,我们来展示下你应该说什么,以及面试官愿意听什么。这会帮确保你面试成功。Step 1: Put the interview into perspective 要充分准备好面试You should make sure it's the right company for you as well as be on your best form for them.Step 2: Be clear 清晰明了What are your unique selling points?Step 3: Examples 举例子Make sure you use plenty of examples as proof of your abilities. Be clear about the problem, action and result - making it unique.Step 4: Never assume 从不假定Don't assume the interviewer has your CV. Go through it with them.Step 5: Never slag off 从不诋毁Be positive about your experiences so far.Step 6: Prepare at least three questions 至少准备三个问题Think about what you want to know.Step 7: Listen 认真倾听Listen and answer the question asked.Step 8: Don't talk too much 不要说得太多Don't go into excessive details, but do engage them in conversation.Step 9: Do your research 了解公司Know the company. 201110/157653

Your cover letter is the first contact that a potential employer has with you. To make a great impression, there are several cover letter mistakes that you should avoid if youd like to hear the words ;youre hired.;你的求职信是潜在雇主与你的首次接触。为了留下良好的印象,为了听到“你被雇佣了”这句话,你在书写求职信时必须避免几个错误。Step 1 Avoid exaggeration1.避免夸大其词Tell the truth. Refrain from exaggerating about what kind of a worker you are or about your experience. A good way to make sure youre not exaggerating is to cite specific examples from your work experience that applying to the description of the position youre applying for.实事求是,关于你的能力或你的经历不要夸张。避免夸大其词的一个好方法就是引用一些工作经验的具体例子,最好与现在申请的职位相关。Step 2 Personalize it2.个人化Let the employer know that you are applying to their company, not just any company. Personalize the letter with specific things you like about their products, services, or organization. Address the letter directly to a person, not a ;sir or madam.; If you cant find a contact name, use a title like Hiring Manager.让雇主知道你申请的就是他们公司,而不是针对任何一家公司。让求职信个人化,可以写一下你怎样喜欢他们的产品,务或组织。求职信的称呼具体到人,而不是简单的“先生或女士”。如果你找不到联系人的名字,可以使用“人事经理”等头衔。Step 3 Read and re3.检查Read and re to check for errors. A spell checker can find spelling errors, but it cant correct everything.多次检查有无错误。拼写检查器可以帮你找出拼写错误,但是不能纠正一切。Step 4 Include contact information4.写上联系信息Dont tell them youd love to hear from them and forget to include a phone number or e-mail address. Put your contact information in the letter even if it is aly on your resume.不要在告诉别人希望收到他们的回音的同时却忘记写上电话号码或电邮地址。即使你的简历中已经注明了电话号码,求职信中也要写上联系方式。Step 5 Dont copy your resume5.不要复制简历Write about the skills you have that would be useful to their organization, but dont just copy your resume. This is a time to tailor the message to the job you are applying for.书写对他们的组织有用的技能,但是不要复制简历。必须与你申请的工作职位相关。If you are mailing or faxing the letter, leave a space for a signature.如果你的求职信通过邮件或传真送达,留下签名的空间。Step 6 Stay within limits6.注意分寸Stay within limits -- this means two paragraphs for an e-mail letter and five for mailed and faxed letters. If you get the letter just right, youll leave the hiring manager wanting to know more!注意分寸——这意味着,电邮求职信需要两张照片,邮寄或传真求职信需要五张照片。如果你的求职信比较好,人事经理会希望更好地了解你。On average, an employer spends less than 20 seconds reviewing a resume.雇主花费在浏览简历上的时间只有不到20秒钟。201301/218050

Losing 10 pounds in a month is difficult to most people, but Dan Roberts, the fitness trainer, guides you through various steps and techniques to lose the weight effectively within a month. So, follow the guide and be fit.对于大部分人来说,一个月之内减肥10磅是很困难的。但是健身教练Dan Roberts可以指导你通过不同的方法和技巧达到一个月之内快速高效减肥的目的。那么,跟随下面的建议,做到健康减肥。So, how can one lose 10 pounds a month thats around about 2.2 pounds about a week? This is a kind of maximum level of fat loss you could achieve but it has to be safe. If people lose more weight than in a week, thats probably water, to be honest, thats supposed to be your fat and what will be insisted in is losing fat, not muscle or water. Now, to lose fat to 2.2 pounds a week, you have to really look at your lifestyle more than anything.怎样才能在一个月之内减肥10磅,也就是一个星期减肥2.2磅呢?这是你能做到的减肥的最高值,但是必须是安全的。如果人们在一周之内减掉的重量超过这个数值,减掉的可能是水。实话说,你减肥减掉的应该是脂肪。我们一贯坚持的是减掉脂肪,而不是肌肉或水。现在,要在一周内减掉2.2磅脂肪,你最应该关注的是你的生活方式,而不是其他。If youre not moving much, if youre sitting in your office all day or sitting in your house all day, you got to keep moving,the more you move, the more calories you will burn. Secondly, you can do exercise. Exercise if fundamental to any kind of change in the body shape and your body weight.如果你的运动量不大,如果你整天坐在办公室或家里,你应该保持运动。运动的越多,燃烧的热量越多。第二,你可以进行体育锻炼。体育锻炼对于改变形体和体重都是最基本的。Now, the best exercises are to mix things up actually, to mix weight training with cardio training has been showing how much quicker results than just in cardio alone. So, weight training with cardio training - it will be more technical. Weight training can compound more to do an exercise such as squats, dead lifts, lat pull down, bench press, dips, pull-ups.最好的锻炼就是混合进行几种不同的活动,将负重训练和有氧运动结合进行要比单独进行有氧运动可以更快看到效果。所以,负重训练和有氧运动相结合可以取得更好的效果。负重训练可以混合俯撑腿屈伸运动,直腿硬拉,滑轮下拉,仰卧举重,屈臂撑,引体向上等。These are harder exercises. You work much more the muscle structure in your body. The more the change, more calories are burned.这些都是较为困难的体育锻炼,可以更有效地调动全身肌肉。锻炼中进行的改变越多,燃烧的热量越多。When it comes to cardio walking or just running or cycling a steady phase for long time, its much more effective to do intricate training. Basically, that means going fast and slow, fast and slow. So, weight training, the compound heavy hard exercises mixed in with the fast-slow, fast-slow together, its a fantastic, best way of exercising to lose 10 pounds.有氧运动方面,长期步行或跑步或骑自行车,坚持进行一段固定的时间。进行综合训练更加有效。基本上来说,就是快慢交替进行。也就是说,负重训练,加上快慢交替进行跑步训练,可以取得令人惊叹的效果。这是一个月内减掉10磅的最佳锻炼方法。At that, hopefully with some last time movements, that means moving a bit more and diet. Eating less and rubbish stuff,eating good clean food. All that together, you have a good chance of losing 10 pounds in a month.除了运动之外,还要节食。进食稍微少一点,不要食用垃圾食品,食用清洁的食物。能够做到这些,你就可以一个月内减掉10磅。Thanks for watching How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month.感谢收看“怎样在一个月内减掉10磅”视频节目。201210/202767

At the back of the herd, the wolves have closed in.在牛群的最后 狼迎头赶上Theyre trying to separate that little one.他们试着引开那只小狼Oh, theyve got it! Both wolves are on him.抓住了 两只狼都在攻击他Both clamping down on him. He got stomped there.都在猛烈地袭击他 被蹂躏了What followed was one of the most emotional and powerful scenes接下来的这一幕 是摄制组录制过的the Frozen Planet team were ever to film.最感人也是最有力的场景Jeff has picked his position perfectly.杰夫选择了一个绝佳的地点He is now only 50 metres from the animals距离战斗场只有五十米and able to film a truly epic battle.足以清楚地记录这场惊心动魄的战斗I had never been so close to a wolf and bison battle.我从未如此近距离地观看过狼牛之战I could hear them breathing.甚至可以听见他们的呼吸And the power of the buffalo,野牛的力量非常大the way he just threw this wolf around like it was a rag doll.把狼抛起的时候就像扔布娃娃I couldnt believe the beating this wolf was taking.我没法想象这只狼所受的攻击The struggles wed had with the winter and the cold and the snow,我们与严寒以及冰雪所作的斗争just felt so insignificant compared to these two animals与这两只为生命而战的动物相比that were struggling for their very lives.显得那么的渺小 /201212/212539

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