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After secretly dating London-born actor Joe Alwyn several months since the pair met last year, it appears Taylor Swift is gradually becoming less private when it comes to keeping her relatively new romance under wraps.泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)去年又识新人——英国演员乔·阿尔文(Joe Alwyn)与乔·阿尔文秘密约会几个月后,泰勒终于无法继续“金屋藏娇”,新恋情再遭曝光I mean, you cant blame her reluctance to share her love with the world, given the none-stop gossip and intrusion of privacy during her relationships with mer boyfriends Calvin Harris, Harry Styles and Tom Hiddleston.在前几段与加尔文·哈里斯(Calvin Harris)、哈利·斯泰尔(Harry Styles)、以及抖森 (Tom Hiddleston)的恋情中,泰勒屡屡遭到流言和隐私侵犯,这也不难理解为何此次泰勒不想再公开恋情However, despite keeping a relatively low profile in recent months in public and on social media (her last show was the Super Saturday Night Concert back in March), the 7-year-old singer was spotted in her hometown of Nashville, enjoying a coffee on a balcony in Tennessee, days after the pair were seen jetting out of the UK together on a private jet.尽管几个月来在公众面前和社交媒体上格外低调(泰勒上一场演出在超级碗,早在三月份落幕),7岁的歌手泰勒仍然在家乡美国田纳西州那什维尔遭到偷拍当时泰勒正在阳台喝咖啡几天前,两人刚刚被拍到乘坐私人飞机一同出国According to E! News, the pair spent time at Taylor mother home, with close friends and family members a small dinner party on Sunday evening. The duo also reportedly ordered a takeaway during their stay at the singer house and invited some friends over the evening.据E! News报道,上周日晚,泰勒和男友与亲朋好友相聚泰勒母亲家共度晚餐据说两人还曾在泰勒家点过外卖,和朋友晚上聚餐Taylor wants to keep this relationship private and has been taking measures to keep things low-key and under-the-radar, a separate source explained to the news outlet.某圈外人士告诉E! News“泰勒不想公开恋情,一直努力保持低调,不被拍到”News of the pair relationship comes weeks after Taylor BFF, Selena Gomez, seemed to give her seal of approval on Joe, suggesting T-Swizzle is happy with new people during an interview.就在泰勒恋情曝光几周前,赛琳娜(Selena Gomez)在某节目采访中表示对“某人”挺满意,暗示泰勒与“某人”相处很好 53第十名:Smile, KY(微笑,美国肯塔基州)  旅行者:能告诉我这里是哪儿么?  路人甲:Smile  旅行者:(傻笑猥琐地笑……)能告诉我这里是哪儿么?Traveler: Can you tell me the name of the place? Passerby A: Smile Travelers: (giggle wretched smile ... ...) can you tell me the name of the place? 86

Zhongwei, China, Zhongwei Welcome, 1980"'We were overwhelmed,' says author Rick Gore, when thousands turned out in Zhongwei to greet the first American visitors in at least thirty years. A sign s 'Proletarians of the world e,' but ideology is no longer a barrier to curiosity." —From "Journey to China's Far West," March 1980, National Geographic magazine 当中卫成千上万的人出来欢迎30多年里的第一批美国客人时,作家里克· 格尔说:“我们感到非常震惊”墙上的标语写着“全世界无产者联合起来”,但是意识形态不再是好奇心的障碍 ——摘自1980年《国家地理杂志3月号《中国的西部旅行 作者: Bruce Dale 来源:《国家地理杂志 75576



  You Will Need  原料  1 whole wheat b slice  一片全麦面包  3 tbsp. pineapple spable cream cheese  三茶匙菠萝奶油芝士  1 canned peach half  半个罐装桃子  What to Do  步骤  1. Toast the b. Place it on the plate. Sp the cream cheese in an oval shape on the toast to look like the white of a fried egg  烤面包,然后再面包上涂奶油芝士,注意要涂成像鸡蛋一样的卵形  . Blot the peach half dry with the paper towel. Place the peach half, cut-side down, on top of the cream cheese to look like the yolk of a sunny side up egg  把桃子放在上面,就像蛋黄一样  1 serving: 3 Calories; .7 g Total Fat; 9 mg Cholesterol; 19 g Carbohydrate; 3 g Fiber; 6 g Protein; mg Sodium  一份含有:3卡路里,.7克脂肪,9毫克胆固醇,19克碳水化合物,3克纤维素,6克蛋白质,毫克钠 78

  Buckingham Palace is the monarch’s present London home,facing St. James’park. It as built the Duke of Buckingham and Normandy John Sheffield in . Buckingham House was bought by George III his wife at the price of ,000 pounds in 61 and the royal family moved there from St. James’Palace. It was enlarged in the Palladian (帕拉弟奥的)style by John Nash in the reign Of George IV and then the building became known as Buckingham Palace. When Victoria came to the throne,she made it the royal palace. In the palace can be found the Marble Hall, Sculpture Gallery,the Picture Gallery,the Throne Room, the Drawing Room,the Library,the Royal Stamp-Collecting Room,the Grand Staircase (楼梯)and Vestibule (门廊),over 600 rooms and halls in all. The grounds cover 0 acres and there are collections of famous paintings and of furniture,most of which are works dating from George IV’s time. Since 1993,Buckingham Palace has been open to the public during the summer months only.它的历史及其得名要追溯到18世纪初那时这个地方是白金汉伯爵的郊外别墅,离伦敦不太远根据同时代人的明,这是“伦敦最美丽的别墅之一” 6年,英国国王乔治三世从谢菲尔德公爵手里以000英镑的价格买下白金汉宫,后者是在守寡的公爵夫人逝世后从她那继承过来的白金汉开始改名叫“王后宫”,作为英国国王夏洛特及其家人的宫殿夏洛特王后在这个宫殿里生下了除她大儿子之外的所有孩子 乔治三世扩建了宫殿,使其现代化:其中,建筑的正面被简化,建立了一个收藏珍贵图书的漂亮图书馆此外,为了装饰“王后宫”,国王还把许多其他宫殿里的艺术作品移到这里他还购买了大量意大利艺术家的作品,为了给皇室人员画像,请来了那个时代英国最杰出的画家——兰杰、卓方尼、金斯波罗、怀斯特历史: 年~年,白金汉公爵在此建造了白金汉府邸 6年:乔治三世把该住宅买了下来,成为王后的私人宫殿   185年:乔治三世聘请著名建筑师约翰#86;纳什对白金汉府邸进行扩展,并将其改名为白金汉宫   1837年:维多利亚女王登上王位, 王室由圣詹姆斯宫迁往白金汉宫这里成为英国王室的正式宫殿   1851年:对白金汉宫进行扩建,在正面增加了一座建筑原正面入口处的大理石拱门(Marble Arch)被迁移到海德公园   190年:在第二次世界大战期间,白金汉宫遭到德国空军的轰炸,英国国王乔治六世仍然留在宫中,以鼓励国民的抗战勇气  199年:温莎城堡发生火灾为了筹建温莎城堡的修复经费,白金汉宫的主要大厅向公众开放 说到英国的皇室当然少不了英国的女皇们--这张英国国家广播公司(B)月19日公布的照片显示的是英国女王伊丽莎白二世的新画像这幅画是澳大利亚画家哈里斯为了庆祝年英国女王伊丽莎白二世80岁诞辰而创作的,将在月日至年6月日期间在白金汉宫对公众展出 9670

  5.Dung Beetles5.蜣螂There are two reasons why dung beetles are included in this list: poop and astronomy. This might surprise you, but these two seemingly-unrelated subjects have been connected by these incredible creatures.将蜣螂列入这项名单的原因有两个:粪便和天文学也许看到这儿你会非常吃惊,但是这两件看似不搭边的事情,却在蜣螂身上被神奇地结合了Dung beetles live a very disgusting lifestyle. They collect animal wastes, roll it up into a ball, and use it several purposes. They can use the ball as their homes, lay their eggs on it, or if theyre hungry, snack on it. Now, what amazing is that dung beetles have the incredible ability to roll their ;dung balls; in a straight line even at night! Intrigued by this fascinating ability, Marie Dacke, a biologist from Lund University in Sweden, conducted an experiment. She placed the dung beetles in a planetarium, and watched as the insects were able to successfully roll their dung ball in a straight line by using the ;entire starry sky;.To make the experiment more interesting, Dacke decided to show only the Milky Way Galaxy. Surprisingly, the dung beetles were still capable of rolling their precious dung balls in a straight line. The conclusion: dung beetles are great recyclers and incredible astronomers.蜣螂的生活方式可以说令人作呕它们收集动物的粪便,把粪便滚成一个球这个粪球对它们有很多用途,可以是它们的房子,育婴室,或者供它们充饥的一大块糕点而令人惊奇的是,即使在伸手不见五指的夜里,蜣螂也总是能沿一条直线滚动粪球瑞典隆德大学的一位生物学家——玛丽·达克——对蜣螂的这一奇特能力很好奇,并做了一项实验她把蜣螂放入天象仪投射出的;星空;,观察蜣螂是否能沿直线滚动粪球为了使实验更有趣,达克只投射出了系而令人惊叹的是,蜣螂依旧沿着一条直线滚动着它们心爱的粪球由此得出结论:蜣螂是滚粪球的专家,同时,也是不可思议的;宇航员;.Dragonflies.蜻蜓We humans have the amazing ability of selective attention. Right now, youre using this power to eliminate various distractions and focus on ing and understanding this list. many years, scientists have believed that only primates possess this amazing ability. However, a new research shows that a specific winged creature in the insect world is also capable of selective attention—dragonflies.人类有个很神奇的能力,被称为;选择性注意;阅读本篇文章时,你就是运用了这项能力,剔除其他影响,心无旁骛地将精力集中在阅读和理解上多年以来,科学家们相信只有灵长类动物才具有这一神奇的能力然而,一项新的研究成果表明,一种特殊的带翼昆虫也会;选择性注意;——蜻蜓Dragonflies have very small brains and yet, when hunting food, they rely on selective attention. If a dragonfly sees a swarm of tiny insects, it going to lock its attention on one prey alone. Through selective attention, it eliminates other potential prey within the swarm and focuses solely on its target. Dragonflies are very accurate when it comes to catching their prey. Their success rate is very high – 97 percent!蜻蜓的大脑很小,然而,当追逐猎物时它们也依赖于;选择性注意;面对一大群小虫子的时候,蜻蜓只会专注于捕捉其中的一只通过;选择性注意;,它剔除了这群小虫中其他小虫的影响,只专注于捕捉它的目标猎物蜻蜓在捕捉猎物时非常精准,成功率高达97%3.Ants3.蚂蚁Ants have the amazing ability of always finding their way back home even if theyve wandered far away in search food. Scientists have long known that ants employ various visual cues to remind them of where their colony is. However, in some places, like deserts, where there are no distinct landmarks, how do ants manage to find their way back home? This is the same question that Dr. Markus Knaden, Dr. Kathrin Steck, and Prof. Bill Hanson of the Max-Planck Institute Chemical Ecology in Germany tried to answer with a very simple experiment.蚂蚁很神奇的是,即使因为外出觅食而远离巢穴,它们也总能找到回去的路科学家们早已经发现,蚂蚁可以利用很多视觉线索来当作返回巢穴的路标然而,在诸如沙漠等没有明显地标的地方,蚂蚁又是怎样找到回家的路的呢?德国马克思慕朗科化学生态学研究所的马库斯·克纳登和卡特琳·施特克士,以及比尔·汉森教授曾做了一个简单的实验来回答这个问题 their experiment, the scientists used Tunisian desert ants. They placed four different odors around the entrance of the ants nest, and made sure that the entrance was barely visible. After letting the ants associate the odors with their nest, they were then removed and then placed in a different location, one with no nest and no entrance. Only the four odors used previously in the first location were present.Surprisingly, the ants went to the area where the odors were located (the same spot where the nest entrance should have been)! This experiment proved that ants can smell in stereo, which means that they can sense two different odors at the same time from two unique directions. Moreover, it also proved that in places, like deserts, ants dont rely on visual cues. They create an ;odor map; of their environment by relying on their ;stereo sense of smell;. As long as the odor is there, they will always find their way back home.实验中,科学家们选用了突尼斯沙漠蚂蚁他们在蚁巢出口周围散放了四种不同气味的东西,并确保蚁巢出口很隐蔽,不容易被看见当蚂蚁已经将这四种气味和蚁巢建立起了联系,科学家们就把这四样东西从蚁巢出口附近移开,放置在没有任何巢穴和入口的地方令人吃惊的是,蚂蚁爬到了这四样东西被移动到的地方(并且是先前蚁巢入口应该在的那个点)!这个实验明,蚂蚁的嗅觉是立体的,它们可以同时闻到两个不同方位发出的不同气味同时这个实验也实了,在诸如沙漠的这些地方,蚂蚁并不依赖于视觉线索它们通过;立体嗅觉;描绘出了周边环境的;气味地图;只要气味还在,它们就不会迷路.Voodoo Wasps.巫毒黄蜂Voodoo wasps are called such because of their ;magical; ability to turn their prey or enemies into ;zombies;. This might sound like something youd see in a sci-fi flick, but scientists have proven that voodoo wasps are indeed capable of inducing other insects into a zombie-like state. What more eerie is that, once the insects become zombies, voodoo wasps can control them.巫毒黄蜂之所以被称为;巫毒黄蜂;是因为它们像有;巫术;一样,可以将它们的猎物或者天敌变成听话的;僵尸;这听起来就像是科幻小说里才会出现的桥段,但是科学家们已经实,巫毒黄蜂确实有这样的能力,可以将其他昆虫诱变成;行尸走肉;更奇异的是,化身;僵尸;的昆虫还会变成巫毒黄蜂最听话的仆人Voodoo wasps lay their eggs inside the bodies of young geometrid caterpillars. The larvae inside the caterpillars survive by feeding on the bodily fluids of their host. Once the larvae achieve full development, they find their way out of the caterpillar body by eating its skin. Then, they create a cocoon and attach themselves into a leaf or a branch. Here comes the slightly terrifying, yet equally fascinating part. The host the caterpillar doesnt leave the cocoon — instead of doing its usual business, the caterpillar acts as the cocoon bodyguard, protecting it from various predators.Researchers conducted an experiment which showed that infected caterpillars do become the ;zombie bodyguards; of voodoo wasps by introducing stinkbugs. Caterpillars which were not infected didnt do anything to stop the stinkbug from going near the cocoon. On the other hand, infected caterpillars protected the cocoon by knocking the bug off the branch. Scientists dont know why the infected caterpillars protect the cocoon. However, they did find out that this incredible ability of voodoo wasps is crucial their survival.巫毒黄蜂将卵产在幼生期的尺蠖毛虫体内,孵化出的黄蜂幼虫以宿主的体液为食一旦幼虫发育成熟,它们就咬破毛虫的皮肤钻出来,之后在树叶或枝杈上结茧至此,最可怕也是最精的部分就来了——尺蠖毛虫非但没有离开茧去继续它的生活,反而像个保镖一样守在茧旁,替黄蜂幼虫抵抗各种捕食者研究人员引导臭虫接近黄蜂幼虫的茧,通过这个实验实了尺蠖毛虫确实被蜂毒变成了;僵尸保镖;他们发现,正常的尺蠖毛虫对臭虫的行为没有任何反应,而中了蜂毒的尺蠖毛虫则像保镖一样展开了攻击科学家们目前还没有研究出为什么蜂毒可以使尺蠖毛虫保护虫茧,但可以肯定的是,巫毒黄蜂的这一能力对它们的生存是至关重要的1.Bombardier Beetle1.放屁甲虫When it comes to defensive strategies in the insect world, nothing beats the Bombardier beetle. This creature has the incredible ability to fire a hot mixture of chemical solution strong enough to injure its enemies. The toxic solution sprayed by the beetle can reach an impressive temperature of degrees Fahrenheit, or 0 degrees Celsius.谈到昆虫的防卫策略,放屁甲虫的本事绝对位居榜首这种小虫子有一项绝技,它们可以喷射出一种高温的化学溶液混合物,以此来攻击它们的天敌值得一提的是,放屁甲虫喷射出的有毒溶液温度高达华氏度,或者说摄氏0度But what even more fascinating is the intricate design of the Bombardier beetle body. You see, the two chemicals, hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinone, which this insect uses to injure its enemies are dangerous and fatal. If not stored and combined properly, these chemicals would cause the Bombardier beetle to explode! Were it not their well-designed bodies, Bombardier beetles would have never existed. At the end of this insect abdomen are two glands. These two glands separate the hydrogen peroxide from the hydroquinone. If the Bombardier beetle feels threatened, its sphincter muscles will squeeze the right amount of chemicals into a certain body part where they are mixed together with other toxic substances. The result is a hot mixture of toxic chemicals capable of hurting the Bombardier beetle enemies.更吸引人的是放屁甲虫复杂的身体构造它们用来抵御天敌的两种化学溶液过氧化氢和对苯二酚,都是高危致命的化学品如果储存和混合不当,放屁甲虫就会被炸得粉身碎骨如果不是完美的身体构造,根本不会有放屁甲虫这个物种的存在在放屁甲虫的下腹尾端有两条腺体,分别储存着过氧化氢和对苯二酚当放屁甲虫感受到威胁时,它们就会收缩括约肌,将适量的化学溶液挤压进特殊的混合腔最后将混合后的高温有毒混合物喷射出体内,重伤天敌翻译:程锦 来源:前十网 395195在最新公布的全球生活质量最佳城市排行中,瑞士的苏黎世、日内瓦和伯尔尼分列前十名中的第一名、第二和第五名世人于是惊呼,小小的瑞士真的是“人间天堂” 889



  哈利波特系列电影 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is the first novel in the Harry Potter series written by J. K. Rowling and featuring Harry Potter, a young wizard. It describes how Harry discovers he is a wizard, makes close friends, and a few enemies at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and with the help of his friends thwarts an attempted comeback by the evil wizard Voldemort, who killed Harry's parents and tried to kill Harry when he was one year old. 哈利波特是一个孤儿,从小寄养在姨妈家,受尽欺凌但就在哈利岁生日的时候,他意外收到了霍格沃茨学院的入学通知书哈利从该学院派来接他的巨人海格口中得知,这是一间魔法学院,并得知了自己的身世,原来哈利的父母都是伟大的魔法师,在对付伏地魔的战斗中双双献身,唯有哈利幸免于难…… 88

  Top Plundered Artifacts世界十大遭掠夺文物1:中国兽首 Chinese Bronzes The recent attempt to sell a pair of brass Chinese animal heads took an inventive turn after they were put up auction as part of the sale of French designer Yves Saint Laurent's art collection. A million bid was received the two heads (a rabbit and a rat), which French and British troops removed from a clock at China's Old Summer Palace during the second Opium War in 1860. One hitch — the buyer had no intention of paying. Chinese art dealer Cai Mingchao submitted the massive bid to protest the sale of the heads, which many Chinese see as unfairly torn from their cultural patrimony.当法国设计师伊夫-圣-罗兰决定将其收藏品进行拍卖后,最近的这次对中国兽首兜售的尝试有了与以前完全不同的进程这两个在第二次鸦片战争中被英法军队于圆明园抢夺而来的兽首,先是以四千万美元成交然后最意外的事情发生了,买家并没有付款的意思中国的艺术商蔡铭超重金拍得兽首,仅仅是是为了抗议对两个兽首的拍卖行为因为在中国人的眼中,拍卖是对他们文化遗产的不公平的掠夺Current Status: Saint Laurent's partner said he plans to keep the heads and is "thrilled" the sale failed. And while Christie's may consider charges against Cai, they will likely relent after an outpouring of support from the Chinese public his actions.目前状况:Saint Laurent's的合伙人宣称他将会自己保有这两个头像,并且他对拍卖的流产表示很震惊尽管佳士得(拍卖公司)有可能考虑将蔡铭超送上法庭,但面对中国无数公众对蔡的强大持,它(佳士得,译者注)也不得不三思而后行:埃及皇后勒菲绨缇的半身像 Nefertiti's Bust During a 19 Egyptian excavation, German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt discovered the bust of Nefertiti, a th Century Egyptian queen. He claimed to have an agreement with the Egyptian government that included rights to half his finds and — using this as justification — Berlin has proudly displayed the item since 193. But a new document suggests Borchardt intentionally misled Egyptian authorities about Nefertiti, showing the bust in a poor light and lying about its composition in order to keep his most-prized find. The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities has repeatedly asked Germany to give the bust back — or at the very least let it return home on a temporary basis.19年,在埃及的一个考古挖掘中,德国的路德维格.波哈特发现了公元前十四世纪,埃及皇后勒菲绨缇的半身像他声称,根据他与埃及政府达成的一项协议,他可以拥有他一半的发现(利用此协议为托词),柏林也冠冕堂皇的从193年就开始展出这一文物可是,根据最新发现文件,哈特在当年在半身像的归属问题上,故意的误导了埃及政府为了能够留住最珍贵的半身像,他让埃及官员在灰暗的光下查看文物,还对半身像的构成撒了谎埃及古迹最高委员会已反复要求德国将文物归还,至少让它暂时的回到埃及故土Current Status: Germany insists their ownership of Nefertiti is without doubt, and Berlin's Egyptian Museum curators maintain that even a brief loan may damage the bust.目前状况:德国坚持他们对勒菲绨缇像拥有绝对所有权,德国埃及物馆馆长则认定即使是短暂的借出也会对文物造成损害3:埃尔金大理石雕 The Elgin Marbles The Elgin Marbles receive their name from the British lord who craftily spirited them away from Greece. Thomas Bruce, the 7th Earl of Elgin and ambassador to the Ottoman Empire — occupiers of Greece in the early th century — grew to admire the Parthenon's extensive collection of ancient marble sculptures and began extracting and expatriating them to Britain in 1901. Lord Elgin claimed his imprimatur from an Ottoman sultan, who said he could remove anything from the Parthenon that did not interfere with the ancient citadel's walls. Despite objections that Lord Elgin had "ruined Athens" by the time his work was done in 19, the British Government purchased the marbles from him in 18. They've been housed at the British Museum ever since.埃尔金大理石雕的名字得自一名的将石雕偷运出雅典的狡猾英国贵族托马斯 布鲁斯,他是埃尔金第七世勋爵,同时也是驻奥特曼帝国(希腊世纪初的的宗主国)的大使,因为托马斯开始倾心于帕特农神庙的一幅幅的大规模古代石雕作品,在1801年,他开始将石雕在庙中取下,运回英国埃尔金勋爵宣称他有奥斯曼帝国苏丹王的特许明,只要他不破坏古庙的墙体,他可以搬走庙中的任何东西18年,尽管有人以埃尔金勋爵“毁了雅典”为由极力反对,英国政府依然于购得石雕从此之后,它就一直被存放于大英物馆Current Status: Greece considers Lord Elgin's agreement with the Ottomans dubious at best. They claim the Sultan was bribed and that, as an occupier, he really had no authority over the Parthenon to begin with. Calls to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece have fallen on deaf ears; the British argue that giving the marbles back would do everything from irreparably destroying them to creating more demand the return of ancient art, draining the collections of European museums. 目前状况:希腊认为埃尔金勋爵与奥斯曼人的协议实在是可疑他们宣称苏丹王是被贿赂的,而且,即使是占领者,他也没有任何权利去对帕特农神庙下手然而希腊人的奔走呼号,没有受到任何重视;英国方面坚持认为,返还石雕不仅会对文物本身带来不可弥补的伤害,而且会激发其他要求返还的要求,而这会榨干全欧洲的藏品的:霍屯都的维纳斯 The Hottentot Venus The Hottentot Venus was not a piece of art at all. Instead, it — rather, she — was a person named Sarah Baartman. An indigenous woman from an area now located in South Africa, Baartman was taken to London in 18 and paraded through Europe, on display the public to gawk at her full figure and scientists to explore the reasons her voluptuous appearance. The indignities continued past her death at the age of 6 — until 1985, Baartman's sex organs and brain were housed in Paris' Musee de l'Homme, ostensibly scientific study.霍屯都的维纳斯并不是一件艺术品相反的,它,更准确的应该是她,是一个叫做Sarah Baartman的女人一名来自属于今天南非地区的土著女,18年,Baartman被带到伦敦,随后被带往欧洲各国展览,让无聊的公众贪婪的看她的胴体,而科学家们则去研究她为何会如此的丰满这种亵玩并没有与6岁生命一同消失,一直到1985年,baartman的性器官和大脑依然被保存在巴黎的人类物馆,他们对外声称是为了科学研究Current Status: Calls by South Africans the return of Baartman's remains began in the early 1980s; bowing to pressure, the Musee de l'Homme took the body off display. In 199, Nelson Mandela, then the president of South Africa, issued a mal request the Baartman's return, but it took a decade more of hand wringing the French to repatriate her remains. She was buried in South Africa on August 9, .目前状况:从上世纪80初年代开始,南非人就要求将baartman的遗体归还南非;迫于压力,人类物馆将遗体撤出展览199年,尼尔森 曼德拉,当时的南非总统,发出了要求归还遗体的正式要求,但还是的过了漫长的十多年后,法国才归还了遗体年 8月9日,她终于在故土南非被安葬5:拉美西斯木乃伊 Ramses Mummy With a history equally rich in antiquities and the looting of said antiquities, Egypt is exhaustive in its attempts to recover stolen artifacts. Few items are more prized than the mummified remains of its ancient pharaohs, and Egypt has tried years to recoup what is likely the 3000-year-old body of Pharaoh Ramses I from U.S. museums. It is suspected that grave robbers sold the body to a Canadian museum sometime in the 1860s.  埃及的历史不仅有着拥有众多遗迹,各种宝物,而且也有着相同众多的被掠夺,为此埃及不得不竭尽全力的去找回被偷走的宝物很少的文物可以与埃及古代法老的木乃伊的价值相提并论,所以,埃及花费了数年的努力去追回存放于美国物馆的一具极有可能是拉美西斯一世的木乃伊根据人们的猜测,可能是在19世纪年代的时候,木乃伊被盗墓者卖给了加拿大物馆,从此离开了埃及  Current Status: In 1999, Atlanta's Michael Carlos Museum received the mummy and used carbon dating and CT scans to place the mummy to the era of Ramses I. Upon confirmation, they offered to return the body to Egypt, where it is now housed at the Luxor Museum.  目前状况:1999年,亚特兰大的迈克尔·卡洛斯物馆得到了这一木乃伊,通过碳定年和CT扫描确定这具木乃伊产生于拉美西斯一世时期基于这一实,他们将木乃伊归还给了埃及,木乃伊现在被存放于卢克索物馆 68


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