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Nancy was new to America. She came to America speaking only her native language. She brought her 8-year-old son with her. He was all she had in the world.They found an apartment in Arcadia. They were there for only two months when a neighbor’s dog jumped over the fence. The dog ran toward Nancy’s son. Nancy put her body in between the dog and her son. The dog stopped when it saw Nancy screaming at it. She was going to punch it in the nose. The dog turned around.Shaking, Nancy took her son upstairs. They stayed in the apartment all weekend. Then Nancy found another apartment, close to the school that her son was going to attend.She and her son walked everywhere. One day her son started coughing badly. He had an asthma attack. All the walking was making his asthma worse.Nancy knew that she had to buy a car. So she called up the Honda dealer. She talked to a salesman who spoke her language. She told him that she wanted to buy a new car if he could come over to pick her up. The salesman said he would be right over. Article/201103/129604Who do you think breaks the law in our society? If you believe that only tough guys commit crimes, you may have to think again. Answer the following questions honestly. Has anyone you know ever driven drunk? Can you think of a friend who has used drugs? Are you aware that your parents may not always tell the truth when they go through customs? Won't some of your friends admit that they have stolen an item from a store? Have any of your friends ever copied a CD onto a tape for someone else?In case you did not know, all of these acts are against the law. Now, among the people you know, how many have never broken the law? Does that mean that most members of our society should go to jail? Unlike in the movies, we can't divide the world into bad guys and model citizens. Real life is much more complex. In the same way that diseases range from the common cold to fatal forms of cancer, crimes vary in degree. For example, smoking in an elevator will inconvenience people, but much less than threatening them with a gun.In addition to breaking the law themselves, people tolerate various levels of crime. Why are we tolerant of some crimes? It may be that, by seeing others do something, we accept it more easily. We may even start committing that crime ourselves. For instance, most people will find it easier to speed on a highway when everybody else is driving over the speed limit. When people celebrate a sports championship, if they see someone breaking store windows, they might start breaking windows themselves or even steal from the store. So the people around us influence how much law-breaking we can tolerate.We must also wonder whether seeing violence on television or ing about it in the newspapers every day makes us tolerate crime more than we should. We become used to seeing blood on the news on television, or in full color in newspapers and magazines. Because we see thousands of dead people on TV, maybe we just try to ignore the situation behind the violence.If so many citizens tolerate violence and crime, or even commit crimes themselves, it may simply be because of the human mind. Our minds may not care about specific laws. Instead, our minds may have a system of values that usually prevents us from hurting other people to improve our own lives. Yet, when it comes to respecting the rights of a mass of anonymous individuals, we might not be so responsible. While most people would not steal a wallet containing , they may not mind cheating on taxes, because cheating on taxes does not hurt any one person. It hurts society, but "society" remains an abstract idea that is not as real as a neighbor or a friend's friend. Perhaps this is why someone who robs a few dollars by force from a corner store will often end up with a longer jail term than a fraud artist who swindles thousands of dollars: threatening the life of an individual is not acceptable in our society.When we look at the questions in the first paragraph and realize that many people have misconceptions about law-breaking, we could think it is surprising that only about 10% of Canadians have a criminal record. How could we improve the level of honesty in our society? Would a larger police force keep everyone honest? Would severe laws help make our society better? Probably not. The police would never be able to keep an eye on everyone, and people would still find ways to bend new laws. Honesty will have to come from social pressure: in the family, at school, on the job, each and every one of us can encourage honesty by showing which behaviors are unacceptable. Teaching respect should become everyone's responsibility.你认为在我们的社会里哪些人会触犯法律?如果你认为只有暴徒才会犯罪,那你可能就必须重新考虑考虑了。老老实实地回答下列问题:你所认识的人中有没有人曾经有酒后开车的行为?你能否想起来,你有个朋友曾经使用过毒品?你有没有觉察到你父母在过海关时很可能并不总是讲老实话的?难道你的朋友没有人曾经把激光唱碟CD上的内容替另外一个人转录到录音带上?假如你过去不懂,那么现在你应该知道,这一切做法都是违法的。那么,现在看看在你所认识的人中,有多少人根本从严就没犯过法?那么,这是否意味着把我们这个社会的绝大多数成员都该关押起来?跟电影片子里的情况不同,我们不能把世人简单地分成坏蛋和好人。真实的生活要复杂得多。人生病,有的是普普通通的着凉,也有形形色色致使的癌症,罪行同样也会有严重程度上的不同。例如,在电梯里抽烟会使人感到讨厌,但总比用来威胁他人要轻得多。人们除了自己会犯法,一般也能容忍程度不同的罪行。人们为什么会容忍某些罪行呢?这可能是因为看看其他人干了某件事,我们就轻易接受。我们自己甚至会开始犯那种罪行。例如,在公路上大家都超速行驶时,大多数人都会发现自己也比较容易超速行驶。当人们在庆贺某项体育冠军时,如果他们看见某人正在砸烂商店的橱窗,也许他们自己也会开始动手去砸橱窗,甚至会从商店里偷东西。所以我们周围的人会影响到我们对违法行为的容忍程度。我们也可能会怀疑,是否因为我们每天都看到电视上的暴力场面,每天都读报报纸上的暴力新闻,这一切都使得我们对本来不应容忍的犯罪行为变得更加能够容忍了。看到电视新闻中的血腥场面或看到报刊上的五颜六色的血腥图片,我们现在已经习以为常了。因为我们在电视上看到了成千上万的死人,也许我们就不大理会在这些暴行场面背后的情况了。如果有非常多的市民能容忍暴力和犯罪行为,甚至这些市民自己就在搞犯罪活动,这很可能只是因为人的思想在作怪。我们思想对某些具体的法律条文可能不够重视,代替这些法律条文的是我们思想中有一套自己的是非价值观念。这些观念使我们不能为了改善自己的生活而去伤害他人。然而,当涉及到尊重众多的无名小辈的权利时,我们很可能就不那么认真负责地对待这些问题了。尽管绝大多数人不会去偷窃里面装有50美元的一个男用皮钱包,但是他们很可能在交税方面有欺骗行为,偷税漏税。因为偷税漏税不会伤害任何一个具体的人。偷税漏税伤害到社会,不过"社会"仍然是个抽象概念,社会并不像某位邻居或某朋友的朋友那样具体的人。也许这就是之所以一个人从街拐角的一家商店里抢劫力三两美元,其后果常常要比诈骗了数千美元的冒牌艺术家蹲监狱的刑期还长的原因:用武力来威胁任何一个人的生命在我们的社会里都是根本不能允许的。当我们看了本文第一段中的几个问题并且我们意识到了许多人对犯法这一概念有错误的理解之后,加拿大人只有百分之十的人有过前科,这一点非常令人吃惊。我们怎样和能让我们的社会中的人变得更加诚实呢?扩大警力的队伍会让每个人都诚实吗?严厉的法律有助至高无上我们把社会搞得更好一些吗?未必会吧。警察们永远也不会用眼睛盯着每一个人,人们总会找出种种办法去曲解新颁布的法律条文。诚实将不得不来自社会上的压力:在家里,在学校,在工作岗位上,我们每个人以及我们全体都要鼓励诚实的言行。要表明哪些行为是人们所不能接受的。教会人们尊重别人也教会人们自我尊重,应该成为每个人的职责。 Article/200802/279912 The pool of tears第2章 泪水潭;Curiouser and curiouser!;said Alice.(She was very surprised,and for a minute she forgot how to speak good English.)“越奇越怪!”爱丽丝说。(她很奇怪,一会儿她就忘了怎么说好英语了。);I shall be as tall as a house in a minute,;she said.She tried to look down at her feet,and could only just see them.;Goodbye,feet!;she called.;Who will put on your shoes now?Oh dear!What nonsense I#39;m talking!;“只需要一分钟我就会长得像一所房子那么高,”她说。她试着看看自己的脚,刚刚能看到脚。“再见吧,脚!”她叫了起来。“现在谁能穿上你的鞋?噢天哪!我在胡说些什么呀!”Just then her head hit the ceiling of the room.She was now about three metres high.Quickly,she took the little gold key from the table and hurried to the garden door.正在这时,她的头碰到了天花板上。她现在大约有3米高。她赶快从桌上拿了小金钥匙,跑到通往花园的门那儿。Poor Alice!She lay on the floor and looked into the garden with one eye.She could not even put her head through the door.可怜的爱丽丝!她趴在地板上,用一只眼睛往花园里瞧。她连头都塞不进门里。She began to cry again,and went on crying and crying.The tears ran down her face,and soon there was a large pool of water all around her on the floor.Suddenly she heard a voice, and she stopped crying to listen.她又哭了起来,哭个不停。泪水从脸蛋儿滑落,很快在她周围的地板上积成一大潭水。突然,她听到一个声音,她止住哭声仔细听。;Oh,the Duchess,the Duchess!She#39;ll be so angry!I#39;m late,and she#39;s waiting for me.Oh dear,oh dear!;“噢,公爵夫人,公爵夫人!她要气坏了!我迟到了,她在等我呢。噢天哪,天哪!”It was the white Rabbit again.He was hurrying down the long room,with some white gloves in one hand and a large fan in the other hand.又是白兔,他正从那长房间那边走过来,一只手上拿了些手套,另一只手上拿了把大扇子。Alice was afraid,but she needed help.She spoke in a quiet voice.;Oh,please,sir—;爱丽丝有点害怕,但她需要帮助。她轻声说:“嗯,先生,请——”The Rabbit jumped wildly,dropped the gloves and the fan, and hurried away as fast as he could.兔子猛地跳了起来,丢下手套和扇子,风一样地跑了。Alice picked up the fan and the gloves.The room was very hot,so she began to fan herself while she talked.;Oh dear! How strange everything is today!Did I change in the night? Am I a different person today?But if I#39;m a different person, then the next question is—who am I?Ah,that#39;s the mystery.;爱丽丝拣起扇于和手套。房间里很热,于是她一边自言自语一边扇着扇子。“噢我的天!今天的每一件事都多么奇怪!晚上我是不是变了呢?今天我是另外一个人了吗?但如果我变了个人,那下一个问题是——我倒底是谁?啊,真是个谜。”She began to feel very unhappy again,but then she looked down at her hand.She was wearing one of the Rabbit#39;s white gloves.;How did I get it on my hand?;she thought.;Oh,I#39;m getting smaller again!;She looked round the room.;I#39;m al- y less than a metre high.And getting smaller every second!How can I stop it?;She saw the fan in her other hand, and quickly dropped it.她又伤心起来,然后她看看自己的手。她正戴着兔子的一只手套。“我怎么戴上这手套的呢?”她想。“噢,我现在又变小了!”她四下看看。“我已经不到一米高。每秒钟都在变小!我怎么才能不变小了呢?”她看到另一只手里的扇子,赶快扔了。She was now very,very small-and the little garden door was locked again,and the little gold key was lying on the glass table.她现在很小很小了——可通往花园的小门又锁上了,而小金钥匙还在玻璃桌上。 Article/201203/174075Happy Birthday to Hubble 哈勃望远镜十周岁Saturn, taken on Hubble's eighth birthday in 1998 (哈勃望远镜在98年第八个生日时拍摄的土星照片) Scientists have been paying tribute to the Hubble telescope, 10 years after it was launched. The Challenger space shuttle carried the US-European space telescope into orbit on 24 April 1990, opening a new era in the history of astronomy. David Leckrone, a scientist at Nasa's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, said. "Not since Galileo aimed a small 30-power telescope into the night sky in 1609 has humanity's vision of the universe been so revolutionised in such a short time span by a single instrument." 世界各地的科学家们为哈勃望远镜庆祝十周岁生日。1990年的4月24日,挑战者号航天飞机将欧美合作制造的哈勃望远镜送入太空,从而宣告了天文学新时代的到来。“自从1609年伽利略将他的30厘米望远镜指向夜空起,还没有任何工具在如此短期内给人类的视野带来如此重大的变革。” 美国航空航天局马里兰Goddard空间飞行中心的科学家David Leckrone说。 Article/200803/32038

All houses are unique. Even if they look the same from the outside, they are very different on the inside. I think houses are very interesting. I like looking at the way they are built and the style they are built in. In London there are many houses that are hundreds of years old. These are beautiful. You can still see much of the original wood and stone structure. Modern houses are also interesting. It’s funny how they copy many of the features of older houses. I love looking at houses when I travel. Every country has its own special designs, from Japan to Arabia to Greece. Nowadays people are building eco-friendly houses. They want houses that save energy and help protect the planet. Article/201105/135578

Have you ever thought how strange fashion is? People tell us what clothes to wear. That’s weird. Fashion stores tell us what is “in” this summer or this winter. People then buy the same clothes and look like everyone else because they want to feel trendy. The thing is, fashion is about being an individual, but then we all wear clothes that are the same as everyone else’s! Keeping up with fashion is expensive these days. Everyone is into brand fashion. Have you seen how much the most fashionable sneakers are? How can kids afford those? The craziest fashion is the luxury brands. People spend a month’s salary, or more, on a handbag or watch. That’s crazy. I’m happy with an unknown brand at half the price. I don’t mind being unfashionable. Article/201104/132591

Every Monday night, Felix checked the big blue container in the carport behind his apartment building. If the container was at least a third full, he would take it out to the street for pick-up. Monday night, it was two-thirds full. He rolled it out into the street.The next day, he checked the container. It was still almost full of recyclables. That was odd, because all the other blue containers across the street were empty. He could tell because a couple of lids were open. He walked across the street to double-check. Hmm, he wondered. Then he looked up his side of the street. There were two blue containers standing there. He walked about 120 feet up the street and lifted each lid. Both containers were empty. How could the truck have missed his container?He went upstairs to his apartment and called city hall. They connected him to the public works department. Susan said she would call Acme Trash to let them know about the missed container. On Wednesday, Felix checked the container again. It was still full. But, the big green dumpster in the carport was missing. Apparently, the message that Susan sent to Acme Trash had been misunderstood. Acme picked up the big green dumpster, which had aly been emptied on Tuesday, instead of the blue container.Felix left a message on Susan’s answer machine, saying to forget it. Then he went downstairs and pulled the almost full container back into its space in the carport. Let it sit there till next Tuesday, he told himself. Had he left another message, he was worried that his building would accidentally get dropped permanently off Acme’s pick-up list. Article/201104/131647

The Internet can be a scary place these days, especially because of cyber-bullying. It’s difficult to open a newspaper these days and not see a story about this. It’s a really nasty and growing problem. Cyber-bullies are real cowards. They hide behind their computer and scare people, send them hate mail or threaten them. Even worse is when they publish pictures of their victims online. I have a friend who had a really bad time at the hands of a cyber-bully. He or she sp lots of gossip and lies on the Internet. My friend’s reputation was badly damaged. A really bad thing is how young cyber-bullying starts. Many schoolchildren physically bully others in class and then continue online. Their victim isn’t safe anywhere. Article/201104/131460

MOSES amp; JESUS 西和耶稣 A burglar breaks into a house. He sees a CD player that he wants so he takes it. Then he hears a voice "JESUS is watching you". He looks around with his flashlight wandering "What The HELL Was That?". He spots some $ on a table and takes it......Once again he hears a voice " JESUS is watching you". He hides in a corner trying to find where the voice came from. He spots a birdcage with a parrot in it! He goes over and asks " Was that your voice?". It said "YES". He then says "What's your name?". It says "MOSES". The burglar says " What kind of person names his bird moses" The parrot replys "THE SAME PERSON THAT NAMES HIS Rottweiler "JESUS".一个窃贼潜入一户人家。他看到一个喜欢的CD机,他赶紧拿了。就在这个时候他听到有人说:“耶稣正在看着你。”他照着手电看来看去,嘀咕着:“到底是什么人在说话?”这时,他看到桌子上有些钱,他又拿了。。。那声音又来了:“耶稣正在看着你。”他躲到一个角落,想找出是谁在说话。结果看到一只鹦鹉,于是他问鹦鹉:“是你在说话吗?”鹦鹉承认了。 小贼说:“你叫什么名字?”“西”。小贼说:“什么人给鸟取这种名字?”鹦鹉回答:“就是那个给他的罗威那犬取名为‘耶稣’的那个人啊。” Article/200804/34635

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