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One of the Hong Kong booksellers who disappeared last year has said he entered mainland China illegally to help with an investigation and would give up his British citizenship because it complicated the process. 去年消失的香港书商之一表示,他非法进入中国内地协助一项调查,并将放弃他的英国公民身份,原因是这一身份使整个过程复杂化。 Lee Bo appeared relaxed and smiling in a 16-minute interview with Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong television station, his first since disappearing. “I sneaked into the mainland with the help of a friend [or friends] so I didn’t use my home return permit,” said Mr Lee, whose location was not given. 自消失以来第一次在香港电视台凤凰卫视(Phoenix TV)上露面的李波(Lee Bo),神情轻松,面带微笑。“我是在朋友的帮助下偷渡回内地的,所以没有用到‘回乡’,”李波表示。电视台没有透露他身在何处。 “I wanted to secretly visit the mainland and solve my own matters as soon as possible and then return home secretly,” Mr Lee said, adding he would be allowed to leave China when the investigation was over. “我就想偷偷地回内地,尽快解决自己的事情,再偷偷地回香港,”李波表示。他补充说,调查结束后他将被允许离开内地。 He said the investigation related to the other four missing booksellers. On Sunday they admitted smuggling critical political works into China, according to taped confessions and a Chinese news report. 他说,调查涉及另外四名失踪书商。根据录像供述和中国媒体报道,上周日他们承认向中国内地走私批判性政治书籍。 Mr Lee said he had been involved in a company with Gui Minhai, one of their number. 李波表示,他曾在一家公司与其中一名失踪书商桂敏海合作。 “I went back as a witness to assist the investigation into my company’s internal affairs and the issue of my staff, and also Gui Minhai’s suspected crime. It’s still in progress,” he said. “我是以人身份回来配合调查的,配合调查的是我公司的内部事务和员工的问题,还有桂敏海涉嫌犯罪的问题,目前还在进行当中,”他说。 Mr Lee said he had never sought help from the UK and had decided to give up his passport. “Some people took advantage of my UK citizenship and sensationalised the issue, making the issue more complicated. So I decided to give up my UK citizenship,” he said, noting he had informed the UK of his decision. 李波表示,他从未寻求英国的帮助,并已决定放弃他的护照。“有人利用我的居英权问题进行炒作,让事情变得比较复杂,我决定放弃居英权,”他说。他还指出,他已经把自己的决定通知英国方面。 The case has become a cause célèbre in Hong Kong and the UK, which said in its most recent six-monthly report on the former colony that Mr Lee was “involuntarily removed to the mainland without any due process” in a “serious breach” of the city’s legal system. 此案已成为在香港乃至英国广受关注的争议事件,英国在其关于香港这一前殖民地的最新半年报告中表示,李波“非自愿被移送回中国内地,未经任何正当程序”,“严重违反”香港的司法制度。 The interview was aired hours after Hong Kong police disclosed they had met Mr Lee in a guest house at an undisclosed location on the mainland. 对李波的采访播出几小时前,香港警方透露,他们已经在内地某个秘密地点的一个宾馆房间见到了李波。 Mr Gui, one of the owners of Causeway Bay Books, said in a aired on Phoenix TV on Sunday night that the sale of such books was not legal in China and that he and his colleagues had circumvented the rules. 身为铜锣湾书店(Causeway Bay Books)股东之一的桂敏海,在凤凰卫视上周日晚播出的一段视频中表示,出售这些书在中国是不合法的,而他和他的同事们规避了规则。 “After several discussions, we considered ways to avoid Chinese official inspection,” he said in taped comments, the source of which was not revealed. “These included changing the book covers and putting the books into dark nylon bags to avoid X-ray inspection.” “我们几次商量研究规避中国官方检查的方式,”他在录像中供述。“其中包括更换书籍封面、用深色尼龙袋包装书籍,来逃避安检X光检测。”电视台没有公布这段视频的来源。 Three of his colleagues also confessed in broadcast s to helping Mr Gui, a Swedish citizen, and claimed that they regretted their actions. It was not possible to reach them for comment. 在播出的视频中,他的三名同事也供认曾协助有瑞典公民身份的桂敏海,并声称他们后悔自己的行为。记者联系不上他们请其置评。 The Paper, a state-controlled Chinese media outlet, reported they had smuggled 4,000 books into China, distributing them to 380 ers in 28 provinces. 据政府控制的中国媒体机构《澎湃新闻》报道,他们向中国内地走私了4000册图书,把这些书分销给28个省份的380名读者。 Five employees and owners of Causeway Bay Books and Mighty Current Media, its parent publisher, disappeared last year amid suspicions they had been abducted or forced to return to the mainland by Chinese security agents. 铜锣湾书店及其母公司巨流传媒(Mighty Current Media)的5名雇员及股东去年相继失踪,各方怀疑他们被中国安全人员绑架或强迫返回内地。 The case has shaken Hong Kong, which was guaranteed legal independence and free speech by China when it regained the territory from Britain in 1997. The affair has added to fears that meddling by Beijing is undermining the city’s autonomy and way of life. 此案令香港震惊,中国在1997年从英国收回这个特别行政区的主权时,曾保给予香港司法独立和言论自由。这件事加剧了人们的担忧,即北京方面的插手正在削弱香港的自治和生活方式。 Police in Guangdong province and the Hong Kong government have said four of them are being held on suspicion of involvement in unspecified “illegal activities”. 广东警方和香港政府已表示,其中四人因为涉嫌参与“非法活动”(具体不详)而被拘留。 /201603/429609。

Swedish premium carmaker Volvo is to share a factory in China with parent Geely, the first time that Chinese and foreign marques will be made on the same mainland production line.瑞士豪车制造商沃尔沃(Volvo)将与其母公司吉利(Geely)共同使用位于中国的一家制造厂,这将是中外品牌的汽车首次在中国内地的同一条生产线上生产。Volvo’s smaller 40-series model and cars under Geely’s recently launched mid-range Lynk amp; Co brand will be produced in a new facility being built in Luqiao, 350km south of Shanghai, using jointly developed compact modular architecture.沃尔沃较小的40系列车型和吉利最近发布的中档Lynk amp; Co品牌车型,将在上海以南350公里的路桥新建的一家工厂里生产,使用双方共同开发的紧凑模块化架构。The move to bring manufacturing under the same roof is the latest step in efforts to tighten ties between Volvo and Geely by transferring European know-how to Geely while maintaining the Swedish automaker’s business and reputation.通过一面维持沃尔沃这家瑞典汽车制造商的业务和声誉,一面将欧洲的技术专长转给吉利,沃尔沃和吉利努力加强着双方之间的关系。将双方的制造挪到同一屋檐下,就是这些努力当中的最新举措。The Luqiao facility was announced on Wednesday at the revealing of Volvo’s new China manufacturing strategy, under which the company also outlined plans to move production of the new S90 luxury sedan from Sweden to China.有关路桥工厂的消息,是沃尔沃周三披露其新的中国制造战略时宣布的。该公司还简要介绍了依据这项战略将新款S90豪华轿车的制造从瑞典迁往中国的计划。“With three plants — and the designation of one car line for each plant — Volvo creates an efficient production structure ensuring future capacity for growth,” said H#229;kan Samuelsson, president and chief executive.沃尔沃总裁兼首席执行官霍坎.萨穆埃尔松(H#229;kan Samuelsson)表示:“依靠三家工厂、以及为每家工厂指定一条汽车产品线,沃尔沃建立了高效的生产架构,确保了未来的增长能力。”Li Shufu, Geely chairman, has given Volvo long rein and substantial financial support to grow the brand, while nurturing a long-term plan to upgrade Geely’s technical prowess through a research and design centre in Sweden, where engineers from both companies work side by side.吉利董事长李书福为沃尔沃提供了很大自由度和大量的财务持、以壮大该品牌,与此同时还在扶持一项长期计划,通过一家位于瑞典的研发设计中心来提升吉利的技术实力。在这家研发设计中心,吉利和沃尔沃的工程师并肩工作。Mr Li described his approach as a slicker alternative to the outdated mode of cooperation where international automakers build and sell their marques in China, while a domestic partner provides market access and a production facility in a 50-50 joint venture.李书福称,与国际汽车制造商在中国制造和销售其品牌车型的过时合作模式相比,他的模式更为有效。在传统模式下,中国国内的合资方会提供市场准入和一家双方各拥有一半股份的制造厂。“We have made China our second home market,” said Lars Danielson, senior vice president for Volvo Asia Pacific. “We will leverage our advantage of being one company rather than a joint venture.”沃尔沃负责亚太区的高级副总裁拉尔斯.邓(Lars Danielson)表示:“我们已把中国当成了我们的第二个本土市场。我们将利用我们是一家公司而不是一家合资公司的优势。”Mr Li is also among a growing contingent of Chinese executives and policy makers who say the 50 per cent shareholder limit is preventing the Chinese auto industry from moving up the value chain and launching globally competitive marques.越来越多的中国高管和政策制定者表示,50%的持股比例限制正妨碍中国汽车业向价值链高端攀升和推出有全球竞争力的品牌。李书福也持这样的观点。Critics argue that instead of allowing a gradual transfer of expertise, as originally planned, the regulations have made China’s largest automakers over-reliant on the sale of profitable JV-branded cars and deters them from taking risks to launch and develop their own brands.批评者声称,这种监管规定不但未像最初计划的那样催生技术的逐步转让,反而令中国大型汽车制造商过度依赖于销售利润颇丰的合资品牌车型,阻碍它们冒险去推出和开发自有品牌。The launch of Geely’s international mid-range brand Lynk amp; Co in Berlin in mid-October was a leap for a company that started out as an ultra low-cost carmaker, with Mr Li once claiming Geely would sell the cheapest cars ever made.对于吉利这样靠生产极为廉价的汽车起家的公司而言,10月中旬在柏林推出Lynk amp; Co这一国际化中档品牌是一次飞跃。李书福曾声称吉利要造中国最便宜的轿车。But the latest phase of Volvo’s integration with Geely may also mean the Swedish brand finds itself competing for sales with cars produced under its own roof.不过,沃尔沃与吉利最新阶段的整合也许还意味着,这家瑞典品牌会发现,它要与自己工厂生产出来的汽车争市场。China sales have been a major force in Volvo’s recovery from years of poor performance under Ford. Sales have tripled over the past three years, making China Volvo’s largest single-country market.在福特(Ford)旗下时,沃尔沃的业绩多年不佳。中国市场的销售已成为沃尔沃复苏的主要推动力之一。过去三年,沃尔沃在华销量增长了两倍,在各国当中,中国已成为该公司最大的市场。Volvo sold more than 63,000 cars in China in the first nine months of 2016, up from 57,000 in the same period last year.2016年头九个月,沃尔沃在华售出逾6.3万辆汽车,去年同期为5.7万辆。 /201611/475738。

Father#39;s Day marked a grim milestone for Chicago, as the city recorded its 300th homicide of 2016. A total of 13 people were killed and 43 were injured in shootings over the weekend.Of Chicago#39;s 300 homicides this year, more than 200 of them have been from firearms. About 1,800 people have been shot this year in Chicago.在300起凶杀案中,有超过200起来自击。今年芝加哥大概已经有1800人被击中过。Unspeakably sad.这是无法形容的悲伤。There are nearly 12000 gun murders a year in the U.S. - and despite falling crime rates, that number has barely changed since the late 1900s.全美一年的击谋杀大约12000起。虽然总体的犯罪率下降了,但击案数量从上世纪90年代末至今几乎没变。 /201606/451080。

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - Malaysian police said on Saturday they had arrested a North Korean man in connection with the murder of the estranged half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as a diplomatic spat over his body escalated.路透吉隆坡:马来西亚警方周六宣布逮捕了一名和金正男遇刺案有关联的朝鲜人。于此同时,围绕金正男尸体处置的外交争端升级。金正男是金正恩同父异母哥哥。Kim Jong Nam died this week after being assaulted at Kuala Lumpur International Airport with what was thought to be a fast-acting poison. South Korean and U.S. officials have said he was assassinated by North Korean agents.金正男本周于吉隆坡国际机场遇袭。外界普遍认为是中毒而死。美国和韩国官员指是朝鲜特工所为。Malaysian police said the latest arrest connected with the murder was made on Friday night, and the suspect was identified as Ri Jong Chol, born on May 6, 1970. He was in possession of a Malaysian i-Kad, which is an identification card given to foreign workers, they added.马来西亚警方在周五晚逮捕了这名与遇刺案有关联的朝鲜人,李正哲。生于1970年5月6日,持有马来西亚Ikad类型劳工签。;He is suspected to be involved in the death of a North Korean male,; a statement.根据警方的声明,“他是导致朝鲜一名男性死亡的嫌疑人之一”The police chief for Selangor state, Abdul Samah Mat, said the suspect had been remanded in police custody.Selangor州警察局长Abdul Samah Mat指出,嫌疑犯已被拘押。Two female suspects, one an Indonesian and the other carrying Vietnamese travel documents, have aly been arrested, while a Malaysian man has been detained. At least three more suspects are at large, government sources have said.政府消息源指出:另有两名女性嫌疑犯被拘押,分别持有印度尼西亚护照和越南护照。还有一名马来西亚籍疑犯也被拘押。还有至少三名嫌疑犯在逃。Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, had spoken out publicly against his family#39;s dynastic control of isolated, nuclear-armed North Korea.金正男是金正日的长子。曾公开反对朝鲜的家族世袭以及发展核武器。South Korea#39;s intelligence agency told lawmakers in Seoul that Kim had been living with his second wife in the Chinese territory of Macau, under China#39;s protection.韩国情报机构告诉议员,金正男和第二任妻子一直居住在,受到中国的保护。He had been at the Kuala Lumpur airport to catch a flight to Macau when he was killed. An autopsy is being performed at a hospital in the capital city.金正男在吉隆坡机场遇刺时正打算飞往。据悉,尸检正在首都的一家医院进行。Selangor state police chief Abdul Samah told Reuters that the autopsy report was not complete yet. He dismissed media reports that a second autopsy would have to be conducted.Selangor 州警察局长告诉路透社记者,尸检报道尚未完成 ,他否认了进行第二次尸检的传闻。North Korea said in the early hours of Saturday that it would categorically reject Malaysia#39;s autopsy report on the death of Kim Jong Nam, and accused Malaysia of ;colluding with outside forces;, in a veiled reference to rival nation South Korea.朝鲜在周六早些时候发表声明称会“断然拒绝”尸检结果。并且指控马来西亚和外部势力共谋。含蓄地暗示韩国在其中起到的作用。Malaysia hit back by saying the country#39;s rules must be followed. The foreign ministry has yet to make any comment.马来西亚回击称只是依法处置。马来西亚外交部尚未对此做出置评。Health minister Dr S.Subramaniam told state news agency Bernama that Malaysia was waiting for the toxicology report to complete the autopsy.卫生部长S.Subramaniam 告诉国有的 Bernama 新闻通讯社,官方正等待毒理学报告以完善尸检结果。He said the autopsy report would hopefully be released ;within this week;.他指出尸检报告有望在本周公布。The case threatens to weaken North Korea#39;s ties with Malaysia, one of the few countries that has maintained good diplomatic relations with Pyongyang.金正男被刺已经影响到了马来西亚和朝鲜的关系,马来西亚是少数和朝鲜仍维持良好外交关系的国家。North Korea#39;s nuclear arms and weapons programs have alarmed the West, most recently its test of a ballistic missile earlier this month in its first direct challenge to the international community since Donald Trump became U.S. president.朝鲜的核武计划在西方引发担忧。本月早些时候发射的弹道导弹是特朗普担任总统以来朝鲜对国际社会最直接的挑衅。Pyongyang#39;s main ally and trading partner is China, which is irritated by its repeated aggressive actions but rejects suggestions from the ed States and others that it could be doing more to rein in its neighbor.平壤的主要盟友和贸易伙伴中国对朝鲜不断的挑衅举动感到恼怒,但回绝了美国及其他国家要求中国更加努力控制朝鲜的建议。On Saturday, China said it had further tightened trade restrictions with North Korea by suspending all imports of coal starting Feb. 19, although it did not say why. Coal exports to China are a vital source of revenues for Pyongyang.周六,中国宣布从2月19日起全面暂停从朝鲜进口煤炭。但没有公布原因。煤炭出口是朝鲜的一个主要收入来源。Kim Jong Nam was assaulted at the low cost terminal of Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Monday with what is believed to be fast acting poison before he could board a flight to Macau. He sought help but died on the way to the hospital.金正男是在准备去的航班时遇袭,他在去医院抢救的途中死亡。外界普遍认为是被毒杀。North Korea demanded on Friday night that Kim Jong Nam#39;s body be released immediately. It had earlier tried to persuade Malaysian authorities not to carry out an autopsy.朝鲜周五晚要求立即归还金正男的遗体,并在早些时候施压马来西亚不要进行尸检。;The Malaysian side forced the post-mortem without our permission and witnessing,; the North Korean ambassador Kang Chol told reporters outside the hospital where the body of Kim Jong Nam is being kept.;We will categorically reject the result of the post mortem ... ;“马来西亚方在没有在我方允许和在场的情况下对尸体进行了解剖。”朝鲜驻马来西亚大使在进行尸检的医院外对记者表示“朝鲜会断然拒绝尸检结果”He said Kim Jong Nam had a diplomatic passport and was under the consular protection of North Korea.他表示金正男持有朝鲜的外交护照并受朝鲜的领事保护。 /201702/493112。