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上一期风河的谜团,在这一期中能否得到解决?听听下文吧。还有我们也许说不定会深入怀俄明州的盆地,看看里面有什么东西等待着我们。 ... in the west. When they came to the area around the Owl Creek Mountains, they assumed there were two rivers. North of the mountain flowed a river which they named Bighorn, thinking it was different to Wind River in the south. But later survey showed that the Bighorn and Wind River are in fact one river that channeled through the mountain. Recently, geologists have come up with a possible answer, an answer that could also explain what happened to the once towering peaks of the Rockies. They proposed that millions of tons of rock eroded away, filled in the valleys and covered the lower parts of the mountains. It completely changed the terrain. "At one point in ancient history, the basins in Wyoming were filled with sediments that had eroded off the mountains. This allowed the river to be at a higher plain and meander wherever it wanted to be on its course." As the water flowed, it carved deep into the sediments and rock underneath. "Eventually it cut down a channel into the mountain and eventually excavated right through the mountain." But this is just a theory. Now geologists needed to find proof on the ground. The search is on for the rock that eroded from the early Rockies. The investigation moves to a series of thousand-foot-tall hills in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. Known as the Pumpkin Buttes, they stand tall in an otherwise wide, empty landscape. Hidden behind the horizon are the Bighorn Mountains - the nearest range of the Rockies. These hills are not formed from solid rock, but a collection of rubble. "This rock, we find all over the top of Pumpkin Buttes in Wyoming, is a granite, the closest granite we find to the series of the Bighorn Mountains nearly 100 miles to the West."小编有约:在一次又一次的猜想和论下,咱们和记者一起发现谜团,然后解开谜团。我想说当福尔斯的感觉还真不差。但似乎本期的问题记者并没有解答论出来,所以Daisy很期待这个。你呢?课后题目:这次Daisy要考察考察大家的地理知识,请问在本期文章中出现了Wyoming的哪些地名?听一听找一找吧。201111/159837哈尔滨宫颈糜烂治疗那个医院比较好The grassroots cause known as the Tea Party movement has brought its demands for lower taxes and smaller government to Washington. The Tea Party rally in Washington was the final stop on a nearly three-week national tour.After stops in 48 cities in 23 states, the Tea Party Express rolled to a stop just blocks from the White House.“茶党快车”在全美二十三个州的四十八个城市作停留后,抵达离开白宫仅几个街区的终点站。The Washington rally coincided with tax deadline day in the ed States, the day Americans must file their income tax returns with the government.在华盛顿举行集会的这一天正好是美国人报税的最后期限,在这一天之前,美国人务必向政府申报自己的所得税。Tea Party Express organizer Amy Kremer addressed a crowd of several thousand people on Pennsylvania Avenue and predicted the movement would bring change to Washington in November's midterm congressional elections.“茶党快车”的组织者克雷默在宾夕法尼亚大道上向几千民众发表讲话,她预计“茶党”运动将在十一月举行的国会中期选举中给华盛顿带来变化。"We have a message for them," said Ms. Kremer. "They may not listen to us now, but I guarantee you they will listen to us in November when we vote the bums out!"克雷默说:“ 我们有话要告诉他们。他们现在可能不会听,但是我向你保他们十一月份的时候会听,那时候我们会把那些不中用的家伙赶出国会。”Tea Party supporters want to cut taxes, government spending and the federal budget deficit. They also oppose President Obama and Democratic congressional leaders, and many want to repeal the recently-passed health care reform law.“茶党”持者们希望减税、减少政府开和联邦赤字。他们也反对奥巴马总统和国会的民主党领袖们,他们中很多人希望废除最近通过的健保改革法。Congressional Republicans who spoke at the rally eagerly welcomed Tea Party supporters.在这次集会上发表讲话的国会共和党人热切地欢迎“茶党”持者。"Thanks for coming to the Devil's city to help us do the Lord's work!" said Senator Saxby Chambliss, a Republican from Georgia. 他说:“感谢你们来到这个‘魔鬼’之城,来帮助我们做上帝的工作。”201004/101765黑龙江省第三人民医院收费高吗India's Technology Industry Fears Cuts in Outsourcing from US印技术行业担心美企减少外包业务  Many in India cheered Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election. But India's technology and outsourcing sector is watching cautiously to see if a new U.S. administration will implement policies that will cut down outsourcing from American companies. 印度是世界上接受美国公司外包业务最多的国家。随着美国民主党的奥巴马当选为总统,印度的技术和外包产业都在谨慎地观察下一届美国政府是否会为了保护美国的就业市场而限制美国公司的业务外包。Over the last decade, Indian companies have flourished as overseas companies outsource work such as sales calls, technical help desks, accounting and software development to India. The country's huge pool of English-speaking graduates and software engineers work at a fraction of the wages paid in the West, helping to cut down the cost of doing business.  在过去的10年里,印度公司由于境外企业向这里外包电话营销、技术持、会计和软件开发等业务而蓬勃发展。对于这些海外企业来说,印度拥有庞大的英语人口以及数量众多的信息产业人才,而这里的工资只是西方国家的几分之一。向这里外包业务无疑有利于削减成本。But there is some uncertainty if work will continue to flow from American companies at the same pace under a new U.S. administration. During his campaign, Senator Barack Obama said he will give incentives to companies that create jobs at home, and stop giving tax breaks to those that ship jobs overseas.  不过,美国新政府上台后,美国公司是否还会像现在这样向印度输送业务还是个未知数。奥巴马在竞选期间曾经多次表示,作为总统,他将奖励那些在美国本土创造就业机会的公司,同时停止给那些外包业务的公司提供税收优惠。Indian finance minister, P. Chidambaram, remains optimistic that India's outsourcing sector will not be impacted.  然而印度财长奇丹巴兰姆对于这个问题似乎并不怎么担心。他认为印度承包美国公司业务的部门不会受到影响。"A comment here or a comment there about outsourcing etc. should not bother us," he said. "Once he is in office, he will realize that in an interconnected world, countries have to work together." 奇丹巴兰姆说:“东一句、西一句的各种并不会让我们担心。奥巴马就任后,他会意识到这是个紧密相连的世界。各国必须合作。”However, some industry analysts fear that U.S. businesses, aly battling an economic crisis, will reduce work sent to countries like India. Much of the work is farmed out by clients in the banking, financial services and insurance sector - many of which are hit hard by the financial meltdown. 但是,一些行业分析人士担心,已经陷于危机的美国企业可能会减少向印度的业务输出。目前,印度公司承包的很多业务是在和金融以及保险领域。这些领域在目前的金融危机中遭受打击最重。Others are optimistic that any slowdown in outsourcing will be short lived. The president of Business Process Industries Association of India, Samir Chopra, says eventually economic pragmatism will prevail, ensuring that outsourcing continues to flourish.  其他人则更为乐观一些。他们认为,外包减慢是个暂时现象。电话务中心的行业组织印度商业业务流程协会主席萨米尔.乔普拉说,经济实用主义最终会占上风,这将确保印度承包业的持续繁荣。"There is a little bit of uneasy wariness in this entire process, but it going to be very short term. Eventually what would take over is the economics of the business ... they would have to necessarily outsource to reduce the absolute cost of doing business. So outsourcing definitely would bounce back," said Chopra.  乔普拉说:“整个行业现在都有点不安。但这将是短期的。最终,这种情绪将被商业的基本经济原理取代。这些企业必须将自己的业务外包,这样才能减少绝对成本。所以,外包一定会反弹。”Nearly 400 of the world's 500 largest companies outsource some work to India - and a large chunk of this comes from U.S. clients. Rapid expansion in recent years has helped the technology and outsourcing sector's earnings to grow to billion annually. But in recent months, growth has begun to slow, and many IT and outsourcing companies expect lower profits this year. 全球最大的500家企业当中,将近400家企业向印度外包某种业务。这些公司大部分来自美国。最近几年,技术和外包业务的迅速扩大使得印度相关企业的年收入增长到500亿美元。不过最近几个月来,增长速度开始减缓。印度很多信息技术产业和承包公司预计今年的利润将会下降。200811/55629Public-service reform公共务改革Dave's amazing adventure戴夫大冒险让人惊讶Overhauling the public services is proving slower and harder than the government once hoped 整修公共务:比政府预期还要缓慢艰难HEALTH-CARE reform’s potential as raw material for rappers has hitherto mostly gone unnoticed. Now the government’s plans for the National Health Service have been satirised in a ditty entitled “The NHS is not for sale”; it registered over 150,000 YouTube hits within a week. Nearly a year after the coalition came to power, offering the most sweeping public-service reform agenda since Margaret Thatcher, grind—and ridicule—have beset it. Ministers look tired; U-turns, refinements and clarifications are frequent.医疗保健改革本可以让说唱歌手好好做上一番文章,但迄今为止却少有人慧眼识珠。如今,讽刺英国政府改革国民健康保险制度计划的打油曲“健保系统不卖”,在YOUTUBE上一周已获得十五多万次点击。联合政府执政将近一年,提出了自撒切尔夫人以来范围最广的改革议程;然而这项议程却被琐事和嘲弄包围。大臣们面色疲惫;方针、政策等的急速转变,调整提高以及解释说明屡见不鲜。The official line is that reforms to schools, the NHS and other institutions are proceeding as intended. David Cameron is sticking to his plans to devolve more power to those directly delivering the services, cut out bureaucratic middle men and enhance competition. But scratch a bit deeper, and worries about the impact and pace of the changes are evident. “We haven’t succeeded in explaining how our approach saves money and delivers better services,” admits a senior minister.官方方针是学校,健保系统和其他机构的改革正如预期进行。卡梅隆坚持自己的计划,即把更多权力移交给这些直接务的机构,裁减打官腔的中间人员,加强竞争。但是往深里想想,此举的后果和改革步调便显而易见。一位高级大臣承认:“我们没能成功解释这样做为何省钱,为何可以提供更好的务。”Andrew Lansley’s bid to devolve the commissioning of hospital care, and responsibility for much of England’s health budget, to GPs has proved the most contentious policy. Under the health secretary’s scheme, GPs will be obliged to form new commissioning consortia; they will also have more freedom to choose private health-care providers over state ones.英国卫生大臣安德鲁兰斯里的尝试是最具争议的。他计划把医疗保健和大部分医疗预算委任给医生,这样医生必须形成新的医疗联盟;他们还可以更加自由地选择私人健保提供者而不是由国家提供。Mr Lansley points out that his changes are going more smoothly than hostile interest groups suggest: 177 consortia, covering 70% of England’s population, have aly been set up (the deadline for transferring to the new arrangements is April 2013). But the timescale is alarmingly variable. One senior government figure thinks this and other public-sector reforms will take “between five and 15 years” to bear fruit nationally. That might be asking a bit too much of public patience.兰斯里指出他的改革比反对派所说的进展顺利得多:已经设立了177个联盟,覆盖了英国70%的人口(新安排的最终期限是2013年)。但是时间跨度之多变令人警觉。一位高级官员认为,这项以及其他的公共领域改革将需要“五到十五年”来使全国受益。这可能大大超出了公众的耐心。Sell Stockholm, buy Harlem卖掉斯德哥尔,买进哈莱姆Meanwhile the education secretary Michael Gove’s once-prominent focus on new Swedish-style “free schools”—to be funded by the state but run by charities, parents and others—has been wavering. Although he denies a shift, chains of academies—state schools turned over to autonomous providers—are now being heralded as the driving force of schools reform. Mr Gove is sounding keener on American-style Charter schools than on the Swedish model, in part because the Charter programme has a clearer record of helping to transform education for the poor. 同时,教育大臣迈克尔戈夫曾大力推进的瑞典式“免费学校”政策——由国家出资,慈善机构,父母和其他人运转——一直以来也动摇不定。尽管他否认政策转移,却还有许多学院——现在转由独立个人持的公立学校——被宣为教育改革的驱动力。乍听之下,比起瑞典模式,戈夫似乎对美国式的特许学校更感兴趣。一个原因就是特许学校能够使教育更好造福穷孩子。And a bitter row is under way over how far the rise in tuition fees to 9,000 (,500) for some universities should be dependent on them admitting more students from poor and ethnic-minority backgrounds. Supported by Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat business secretary who is responsible for higher education, the Office for Fair Access, a regulator, wants a portion of the higher fees to be diverted to outreach efforts. It threatens to impose a cap for those universities who don’t oblige. Frustration in the universities is matched by outrage among Tories, who are afraid of damaging standards and biasing the system against middle-class applicants.英国大学学费涨价也让大众不满。上调之后,大学学费最高可至9,000英镑(约合14,500美元),但政府规定大学必须采取措施招收更多英国本地贫穷学生和少数族群学生,才能收取最高上限的学费。在主管大学事务的自由民主党人,商务部大臣文斯凯布尔持下,扮演监管角色的公平入校办公室也想在增收的学费中分一杯羹,以主动帮助入学。如果哪个大学不从,它便表示要对其收取罚款。伴随着大学的唉声叹气是托利党人的雷霆怒火。他们担心这么做会有损规矩,造成对中产阶级学生的歧视。Serious reform is always painful: Mrs Thatcher was widely loathed in her radical second term; Tony Blair complained about the “scars on my back” from his fights with public-sector workers. As then, today’s plans pitch fears about the cost and alleged chaos of upheaval against hypothetical arguments for change. But the government’s year-long adventure in reform suggests some other patterns. 严肃改革总是伴随着痛苦:撒切尔夫人在第二任任期一片怨声载道;托尼布莱尔抱怨和国有经济工人争斗时“背上受了伤”。今日,改革计划则让人们大惊失色,忧心出,还有计划可能带来的动乱。但是政府数年来冒险改革也表明了别的模式。First, expectations matter. Before last year’s election the Tories reassured voters that there would be no “top-down reorganisation of the NHS”. Mr Lansley’s plans might have caused less of a rumpus with more explicit warning. The civil service matters too: Number 10 complains that it is being insufficiently zealous in implementing the government’s agenda. Officials counter that the problem is the volume of new measures, and varying competence in departments, rather than intransigence.首先,期望很有关系。去年大选前托利党人向选民保不会有“自上至下的健保改革”。兰斯利的计划可能引起了一点吵闹和警告。行政部门也有关系:首相府抱怨无法赶不上完善政府计划。官员认为问题在于新政的内容太多,部门间能力不同,而不是死不妥协。Just as importantly, the coalition has learned that the messy happenstance of everyday government can be disruptive and demoralising. A climb-down on the proposed sell-off of forests was followed by a concession over the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance, a subsidy intended to keep 16-19-year-olds in learning, after a threatened legal challenge. Number 10 recently intervened to demand a reversal of plans to cut school-sports funding. None of these was a major reversal; but they have rattled MPs, who wonder whether to stick their necks out to defend bigger schemes that might be cancelled or amended.同样重要的是,政府也学到日常政治生活中的偶然事件也会扰人不休,令人气馁。在售卖森林方面的提案撤回后,在废除教育维持津贴政府又做出让步。这项津贴本来是要让16至19岁的孩子继续求学的。首相最近也干涉其中,要求不要削减学校体育基金。这些转变都不大,但是却让议会恼火。议会质疑是否应该态度更加强硬才能不让计划被取消或者修正。Finally, the exigencies of coalition have been a burden. A plan to reform housing benefit, vaunted by the Tories in opposition, has been dropped from the government’s welfare-reform bill after rows with the Lib Dems about whether it would penalise low-earners. (The broader plan to introduce a single “universal credit” to replace multiple allowances for those out of work has created its own new network of unintended complexities and forthcoming climb-downs.) The emphasis on fairness in the Tories’ coalition agreement with the Lib Dems helps to explain the reorientation of Mr Gove’s ideas. 最后,联合政府的急切需要成为了负担。托利党人原先吹嘘的改革住房计划,在他们在和自由民主党大吵数架,争论其是否会对低收入者不利后,跌出了政府的福利改革议案(更宏大的引入“通用信贷”来取代失业津贴的计划不亚于画地为牢,执行复杂,前景不佳)。高夫为什么要重新定位也可用托利党和自由民主党的协定中对公平的强调来解释。So far, the architecture of the coalition has held up well. Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem deputy prime minister, share a vision of a public sector enlivened by greater competition and less dependent on a dwindling pot of state funding. They do, however, need to make a bolder case for why they are fighting on quite so many fronts—and to tell the public when it can expect to feel the benefit of the slimmer, fitter Leviathan it has been promised. 到目前为止,联合政府的架子站得还挺稳。卡梅隆和英国自由民主党党魁尼克克莱格都认为更多竞争,更少对政府资金的依赖会为公有经济注入活力。然而,他们的确需要告诉公众,为何政府要在诸多方面如此奋斗,还要告诉公众何时他们才能享受到政府允诺的更合适,更便捷的务。201105/134419哈尔滨中心医院的产科怎么样

哈尔滨巴彦县人民医院妇科检查怎么样黑龙江省哈尔滨一院几点下班哈尔滨市无痛人流术的费用It was a record year for tourism in Israel thanks to a lull in violence. There were 3.45 million visitors in 2010, 14 percent more than the previous record two years ago. 由于暴力事件减少,以色列去年迎来了旅游观光的新记录。2010年的到访游客多达345万人,比上一年增加14%。Mark Feldman, who heads the Israeli travel agency Zion Tours, says tourism is booming. 马克.费尔德曼是以色列锡安旅游公司的负责人,他说,旅游在迅速发展。"More and more flights… that's the biggest reason we are breaking 3 million for the first time," said Feldman. "We have charter flights from London, from Copenhagen, all over. We have conferences, congresses, delegations. It's bringing in billion of revenue." 他说:“来往的班机越来越多。这就是我们首次突破300万游客的最主要原因。我们有来自伦敦、哥本哈根以及世界各地的包机,我们接待会议,接待了无数代表团,带来的经济效益达200亿美元。”Most of the visitors were Jews and Evangelical Christians. Some 625,000 Americans came, more than any other country. 多数游客是犹太人和福音派基督徒,来自美国的游客有62万5000人,为各国游客人数中之最。Richard Martin of Atlanta, Georgia said he decided to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, because the security situation has improved. 来自美国乔治亚州亚特兰大的理查德.马丁说,他到圣地去朝圣的决定是由于当地安全局势有了改善。"It's wonderful being in Israel, just knowing that you're in the place where Jesus walked and lived and ministered for the three years. And we feel perfectly safe," said Martin.他说:“来到以色列感觉很好,踏上耶稣基督曾经走过的土地,他生活和贡献了三年的地方,让人感觉非常美妙。我们在这儿也非常安全。”201101/122473黑龙江省哈尔滨第八医院在线咨询

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