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Thank you for your kindness, friends. Friends, this is not the speech I wanted to give today because I believe that Britain needed a Labour government. I still do, but the public voted otherwise last night. Earlier today, I rang David Cameron to congratulate him. I take absolute and total responsibility for the result and our defeat at this election. I am so sorry for all of those colleagues who lost their seats. Ed Balls, Jim Murphy, Margaret Curran, Douglas Alexander, and all the MPs and indeed candidates who were defeated. They are friends, colleagues, and standard bearers for our party. They always have been, and they always will be. I also want to congratulate all our candidates who were elected yesterday and who will help take our party forward as well. I want to thank those people who ran our campaign. It was the most united, cohesive, and enjoyable campaign I’ve ever been involved in. I want to thank Douglas Alexander, Lucy Powell, Spencer Livermore, and most of all, all of you, the incredible team at the Labour Party. And I also today want to thank the incredible team of Labour Party members, activists, and all those people who’ve pounded the streets over the past months. Friends: Britain needs a strong Labour Party. Britain needs a Labour Party that can rebuild after this defeat so we can have a government that stands up for working people again. And now it’s time for someone else to take forward the leadership of this party, so I’m tendering my resignation taking effect after this afternoon’s commemoration of VE Day at the Cenotaph. I want to do so straight away because the party needs to have an open and honest debate about the right way forward without constraint. Let me say that Harriet Harman is the best Deputy Leader that anyone could hope for. I worked for her more than 20 years ago, I am proud to have had her as my deputy for my term of leadership. She will take over until a new leader is elected. For me, I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with Justine, Daniel, and Sam. But before I do, I want to say a few things. First of all, thank you to the British people. Thank you to the people who’ve met me on train stations and colleges, in workplaces and schools. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, I have learnt so much for you. It has been an enormous privilege. Thank you for the selfies, thank you for the support, and thank you for the most unlikely cult of the 21st century, Milifandom. Second, I want to address those who voted Labour yesterday. Today you’ll feel disappointed, even bleak, but while we may have lost the election, the argument of our campaign will not go away; the issue of our unequal country will not go away. This is the challenge of our time, the fight goes on, and whoever is our new leader, I know Labour will keep making the case for a country that works for working people once again. Third, I believe in our ed Kingdom, not just because it is our country, but because it is the best way of serving the working people of our country. You know, I believe that there is more that unites us than divides us across the whole ed Kingdom and all of us in the months and years ahead must rise to the challenge of keeping our country together. Finally, I want to say something to my party. Thank you to you. Thank you for the privilege. I joined this party at 17. I never dreamed I would lead it. It has been an incredible force for progress from workers’ rights to the NHS to the minimum wage. No other party in British politics can boast these achievements and yes, it will be a force for progress and change once again. And to all the Labour party members, you’re the most loyal, supportive, amazing people, I thank all of you today. I am truly sorry I did not succeed. I have done my best for nearly five years. Now you need to show your responsibility. Your responsibility: not simply to mourn our defeat but to pick yourself up and continue the fight. We’ve come back before and this party will come back again. And if I may, I say to everyone in our party: conduct this leadership election with the same decency, civility, and comradeship that we believe is the way the country should be run. I believe I have brought a culture to this party, an ability to have disagreement without being disagreeable. I urge everyone to keep this in mind in the months ahead. Finally, I want to say this. The course of progress and social justice is never simple or straightforward. Change happens because people don’t give up, they don’t take no for an answer, they keep demanding change. This is my faith: where we see injustice, we must tackle it. In a couple of hours I will no longer be leading this party, but you see, for me, that has never been the only way to achieve change, because I believe it isn’t simply leaders who achieve change, it is people who make change happen. I will never give up on that idea, I will never give up on that cause, I will never give up on fighting for the Britain I believe in. That faith will always be my faith, that fight will always be my fight, that cause will always be my cause – and I will always be there in that cause with all of you. Thank you very much.201507/386171People tend to think of prohibition as the ultimate form of regulation when in fact it represents the abdication of regulation with criminals filling the void.人们倾向于认为:禁止就是最终极的管制方案。而事实上,它代表的是放弃管制,并由罪犯去填补这个空缺。Which is why putting criminal laws and police front and center in trying to control a dynamic global commodities market is a recipe for disaster.这就是为什么要把刑法和警察放在最前线和最核心的位置来试图控制,一个瞬息万变的全球性商品市场,这就是灾祸之因。And what we really need to do is to bring the underground drug markets as much as possible aboveground and regulate them as intelligently as we can to minimize both the harms of drugs and the harms of prohibitionist policies.而我们真正需要做的是把地下的毒品交易市场,尽可能带回地面上来并且尽我们所能地,明智地,规范它,以减少药物的伤害和禁毒政策带来的危害。Now, with marijuana, that obviously means legally regulating and taxing it like alcohol.这样,当我们提到大麻,显然指的是像酒精一样的依法管制和征税。The benefits of doing so are enormous, the risks minimal.这样做的好处是巨大的,而风险极小。Will more people use marijuana?会有更多的人使用大麻吗?Maybe, but its not going to be young people,because its not going to be legalized for them,and quite frankly, they aly have the best access to marijuana. 也许吧,但年轻人不会这样,因为大麻不会对他们合法化,而且坦白地说,他们已经有最好的获取大麻的途径了。I think its going to be older people.我认为这将会是上了年纪的人。Its going to be people in their 40s and 60s and 80s who find they prefer a little marijuana to that drink in the evening or the sleeping pill or that it helps with their arthritis or diabetes or maybe helps spice up a long-term marriage.大概40多岁、60多岁和80多岁的人,他们发现自己宁愿吸点大麻,来代替晚上喝的一杯酒或者吃的一片安眠药,或者是用它来舒缓他们的关节炎或糖尿病又或者,用它来给老夫老妻的婚姻生活增添点情趣。And that just might be a net public health benefit.所以这对公众健康或许也有一些益处。As for the other drugs,look at Portugal, where nobody goes to jail for possessing drugs,and the governments made a serious commitment to treating addiction as a health issue.至于其他药物,看看葡萄牙,在那儿没人会因为拥有毒品被抓去坐牢,政府作出了郑重承诺,会把上瘾作为一个健康问题来治疗。Look at Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands,Denmark, England, where people who have been addicted to heroin for many years and repeatedly tried to quit and failed can get pharmaceutical heroin and helping services in medical clinics, and the results are in:再看看瑞士、德国、荷兰、丹麦和英国,在这些地方那些对海洛因上瘾多年,多次试图戒毒但失败的人,可以从医疗诊所获得药用海洛因和援助务,而这样做的成果是:Illegal drug abuse and disease and overdoses and crime and arrests all go down,health and well-being improve,taxpayers benefit,and many drug users even put their addictions behind them.非法药物的滥用、疾病、药过量、犯罪和拘捕 统统下降,健康和福祉提高,纳税人受益,许多吸毒者甚至戒掉了毒瘾。Look at New Zealand, which recently enacted a law allowing certain recreational drugs to be sold legally provided their safety had been established.看看新西兰,他们最近通过了一项法律,允许某些软性毒品的合法销售只要这些药品的安全性已经得到确认。Look here in Brazil, and some other countries,where a remarkable psychoactive substance,ayahuasca, can be legally bought and consumed provided its done so within a religious context. 再来看看巴西,和一些别的国家,他们有一种引人注目的精神类药物,死藤水,可以被合法地购买和用只要是在宗教背景下。Look in Bolivia and Peru,where all sorts of products made from the coca leaf,the source of cocaine,are sold legally over the counter with no apparent harm to peoples public health. 看看玻利维亚和秘鲁,各种由古柯叶制成的产品,就是可卡因的原料,都在柜台上合法地销售这样做并没有对人们的健康带来明显的危害。I mean, dont forget, Coca-Cola had cocaine in it until 1900,and so far as we know was no more addictive than Coca-Cola is today. 我要说,别忘了,可口可乐直到1900年配方里都含有可卡因,但到正如大家所知,没有人觉得它比现在的可口可乐更让人上瘾。Conversely, think about cigarettes:相反,想想香烟:Nothing can both hook you and kill you like cigarettes.没有什么比香烟更令你上瘾,更让你加速死亡了。201503/363076Well have to work hard to get back to fiscal responsibility and a strong middle class.我们必须努力工作,重新承担财政责任,使中产阶级强大。But on the day we live in an America whose middle class in thriving and growing again, where all Americans, no matter where they live or where their ancestors came from, can earn a decent living, we will live in a stronger America. And that is why we must help elect Barack Obama our president.而当我们有朝一日居住在一个中产阶级重新得以繁荣发展的美国,所有的美国人,不管他们住在哪里,也不管他们的祖先来自何方,都能够体面地生活时,我们便拥有了一个更强大的美国。这就是为什么我们要帮助巴拉克·奥巴马竞选总统的原因。Well have to work hard to foster the innovations that will make us energy independent and lift the threat of global warming from our childrens future.我们必须努力工作来促进创新,这些创新使我们的能源能够自给自足,使我们的子孙后代免受全球变暖的威胁。But on the day we live in an America fueled by renewable energy, we will live in a stronger America.而当我们有朝一日居住在一个可燃烧再生资源的美国时,我们便拥有了一个更强大的美国。And that is why we have to help elect Barack Obama our president.这就是为什么我们要帮助巴拉克·奥巴马竞选总统的原因。Well have to work hard to bring our troops home from Iraq and get them the support theyve earned by their service.我们将努力让我们在伊拉克的战士们回家,并且给予他们役所应得的供养。But on the day we live in an America thats as loyal to our troops as they have been to us, we will live in a stronger America.而当我们有朝一日居住在一个对军队忠诚得就像他们对我们一样的美国时,我们便拥有了一个更强大的美国。And that is why we must help elect Barack Obama our president.这就是为什么我们要帮助巴拉克·奥巴马竞选总统的原因。This election is a turning-point election.这场选举是一个转折点。And it is critical that we all understand what our choice really is.而我们必须了解我们的选择究竟意味着什么,我们的真正的选择是什么——Will we go forward together, or will we stall and slip backwards?我们将共同前进,还是停滞不前,一起倒退?201411/340444

I said, through my interpreter, whats the word in your... do you have a word in your language that could be a name that means new beginning? 我通过翻译问她 你们有没有一个词 你们的语言中有没有一个能用来做名字的词语 意为新的开始 And this woman got a big smile on her face, and she said to me through the interpreter, she said yes, lucky for you 这位女士挂着大大的笑容 通过翻译告诉我 她说 有的 正巧 In our language, the word dawn DAWN is a boys name, not a girls name 在我们的语言中 黎明这个词 可以用作男孩的名字 不是女孩的名字 We will name this boy Dawn 我们给这个男孩起名叫黎明 And he will be the symbol of our new beginning 他会象征着 我们的新的开始 I am telling you this because no matter what happens to you, 我跟你们讲这个故事 是因为无论你们遇到什么挫折 it is highly unlikely that you will ever face anything as awful as what happened to that mother and father 你们基本不可能 会面临着比这家的父亲母亲 还要悲惨的遭遇 They somehow found the strength to treasure the one who remained, and to serve others 他们找到了力量 去珍爱幸存的孩子 去为大众务 That is the heritage you take with you from Howard 这就是你们从霍华德离开时要继承的传统 That is what your people are doing in Rwanda half a world away 这就是和你们一样的人在半个地球之外的卢旺达在做的事情 If you do what makes you happy, and you dont give up, and you keep serving, 如果你们能做让自己感到开心的事 而且不言放弃 为大众而务 I think you will live the most interesting, prosperous and peaceful time in human history 我认为你们会赶上人类历史上最为有趣 丰富多的和平年代 Good luck and God bless you all 祝你们好运 上帝保佑你们 201508/390677

Hi, everybody. 大家好!This week, I visited a community college in Florida, where I spoke with students about what we need to do to make sure our economy rewards the hard work of every American.本周,我走访了佛罗里达州的一所社区大学,在那里我与学生们谈论了为了保经济发展惠及所有辛勤工作的美国人,我们所需要做的事情。More specifically, I spoke about making sure our economy rewards the hard work of women.更确切的说,我谈论的是经济发展如何惠及辛勤付出女性的事情。Today, women make up about half of our workforce, and more than half of our college graduates. 现如今女性占到了劳动人口的一半,而在大学毕业生中的比例更是超过一半。More women are now their families main bwinner than ever before.更多的女性则成为了家里的顶梁柱,这是以前绝无仅有之事。But in a lot of ways, our economy hasnt caught up to this new reality yet. 但在很多方面,我们的经济还没有跟上这种现实的发展步伐。On average, a woman still earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man does. 平均而言,在工作中一个男性可以得到1美元同时女性只能拿到77美分。And too many women face outdated workplace policies that hold them back-which in turn holds back our families and our entire economy.而且有更多女性要面对阻碍她们发展的陈旧的工作规则,这也成为我们的家庭进步和经济发展的阻碍。A woman deserves to earn equal pay for equal work, and paid leave that lets you take a day off to care for a sick child or parent. 在工作上,一个女性应该得到与男性同样的待遇,让她们有足够的工资收入可以腾出时间照顾生病的孩子和父母。Congress needs to act on these priorities.国会应该优先考虑这些事情。And when women hold most lower-wage jobs in America, Congress needs to raise the minimum wage. 当下女性承担着全美大量的低工资岗位,国会更应该提高最低工资标准。Because no woman who works full-time should ever have to raise her children in poverty.因为任何全职工作的女性的孩子都不应该生活在贫困之中。Now, the good news is that in the year since I first called on Congress to raise the minimum wage, six states have passed laws to raise theirs. 现在,好消息是自从我第一次呼吁国会提高最低工资标准以来,有六个州先后立法通过提高了各自的工资标准。More states, counties, and cities are working to raise their minimum wages as we speak. 在我讲话的同时,还有更多的州、郡、市在争取提高辖区的最低工资标准。Small businesses like St. Louis-based Pi Pizzeria, are raising their wages too-not out of charity, but because its good for business. 像圣路易斯披萨店这样的小企业都已经提高了工资标准,并不是出于善心,而是这样做对其企业发展有好处。And by the way, Pi makes a really good pizza. 另外,Pi这家店做的披萨真心不错。And in this year of action, I signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to pay their employees a fair wage of at least ten dollars and ten cents an hour.在今年的施政计划中,我签署了一项行政命令,要求所有联邦合同承包商为其员工提供至少10.10美元每小时的工资。But if were truly going to reward the hard work of every American, Congress needs to join the rest of the country and pass a bill that would lift the federal minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. 但如果我们真的希望激励所有辛勤付出的美国人,国会就应该与全国人民一起,通过一项法案,提高联邦的最低工资标准至10.10美元每小时。This wouldnt just raise wages for minimum wage workers-its effects would lift wages for nearly 28 million Americans across this country.这不仅仅是为工薪阶层提高了最低工资标准,这还将影响到全美将近2800万人的工资收入的提高。It will give businesses more customers with more money to spend, and grow the economy for everybody. 这将为企业带来更多客户和更多收入,促进经济增长惠及每一个人。So call up your Member of Congress and let them know its time for “ten-ten.” 因此,请呼吁你们的国会代表,让他们知道,10.10美元的最低工资标准,时不我待。Its time to give America a raise.提高全民收入水平时不我待。A true opportunity agenda is one that works for working women.真正的机会平等是让每一个工薪女性都能被顾及。Because when women succeed, America succeeds. 因为只有女性获得了成功,国家才能得到成功。We do better when everyone participates, and when everyone who works hard has the chance to get ahead. 只有人人参与,每个辛勤工作的人都能进步的时候,我们才能有更美好的未来。Thats what opportunity means-and its why Ill keep fighting to restore it.这才是机会的真正含义,这也是我将继续位置奋斗的目标。Thanks, everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201403/282310

So actually there is a Big Brother. But hes not a malevolent fiction, hes actually all of us and he lives in our search engines. So no matter how many times I do the calculations, I come up with a social job, the positives bounce the negatives, the axis equal the wise, and our hopes weigh as much as our fears, but I hesitated on that last one because fear, good lord, fear is a powerful physiological force in 2011.所以事实上还是有“老大哥”。但是他不是恶毒的、虚幻的,他就是我们大家,而且他就在我们的搜索引擎里。所以,世界空间是变好还是变坏,不管我怎么算,都是它们打成平手。正面和负面的发展彼此抵消、蠢人和聪明人一样多、希望与恐惧两者并存。但是我对后者有些犹豫,因为恐惧,天啊,恐惧是2011年一股非常强大的生理力量。We here, up in the stands and surrounding your graduation class, look to you as we do every year, hoping you will now somehow, through your labors, free us from what we have come to fear, and we have come to fear many things. Fear has become the commodity that sells as certainly as sex. Fear is cheap. Fear is easy. Fear gets attention. Fear is sp as fast as gossip and is just as glamorous, juicy and profitable. Fear twists facts into fictions that become indistinguishable from ignorance. Fear is a profit-churning go-to with a whole market--being your whole family.我们站在这里的演讲台上,周围是即将毕业的你们,像每年一样,期待你们会通过你们的努力,让我们不再恐惧,而我们已对许多事情充满恐惧。恐惧成了很好卖的商品,跟性一样。恐惧很廉价,很容易制造,又引人注意。它传播快速、八卦耸动,而且有利可图。它把事实与虚构搅和在一起,让人由于无知而无法辨别。恐惧就是利润的搅拌器,有广泛的市场,也可以进入你的家里。Youre sitting in the house, one day, watching a game on TV not long ago along came a preamble for the local nightly news, ;Are our schools poisoning our children?;某一天,当你在家里看电视的球赛转播,看到了一则当地夜间新闻的预告:“学校是否在毒害我们的小孩?”That story in summer is hot bikinis at night eleven. In that I had school-age kids, at the time I feared, they were, in fact, being poisoned at school, and summer was a few weeks away. So, I turned in to get to school.夏天晚上11点时听到那个故事简直让人眼前一亮。因为家里有小孩在上学,我担心孩子们正在学校里受到毒害,而且马上就是夏天了,我特地在当晚收看。201406/306723

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