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Were back with Justin Bieber.回到现场我们正在对话贾斯丁比伯。And uhh so it must be very hard for you cuz youre very busy to have time to date.呃,那么,这对你来说很难 因为你太忙了以至于没有时间去约会Yeah.Very hard.Yeah.But you know it happens.It does?恩,是挺难的 恩 但是我还是和女孩子约会过的。 是吗Yep,You know I like to,hang out with girls and date and stuff like every other 16 year old boy.是的,我就像其他16岁男孩一样, 喜欢和女孩子们约会啊出去玩什么的Yeah. Now what do you get to do, where can you go to have a date,那你能做什么呢 你能去哪儿约会呢like a football game or something like that?Well I...比如说去看一场足球比赛之类的 恩...我...Could you go like, just a regular football game.你能很平常的就是去看场足球赛么?Football game and stuff..Im like...yeah Yeah.足球赛什么的..恩,可以的 是嘛..Will that be weird if you go to a football game and nobody bothers you?你去看足球赛而没人过来打扰你,你会不会觉得有点怪异?Yeah,it was weird that no one bothered me at all.恩,确实有点怪,根本没人过来打扰我。Just you? and who do you go with?I went with Jaden.Jaden? Jaden Smith?你自己一个人去看么?你和谁一起去? 我和贾登一起去过 贾登 贾登史密斯Yeah, and Will. You know we are.And wheres your girl?恩,还有威尔史密斯。 就我们。 那有没有女孩儿?Yeah there was.Who was it?Her name is Selena.Selena Gomez?Yeah.有啊。 是谁啊? 她叫Selena。Selena Gomez? 恩,是的。She just happens to be the same game you were at?她就刚好和你在看同一场比赛It was weird you know, we were at a high school game,I mean she just, she came to it.当时挺奇怪的,我们在看一场高中联赛, 然后,然后她就来了Wow, so you just run to her in there.Yeah哇 所以你就是碰巧在那里遇见了她。恩。So you happened to sit next to each other?Yeah, it was the weirdest thing.Yeah.然后你们就碰巧坐在了一起 恩,这才是最诡异的事 是的。 /201604/435571。

  • Bankruptcy and the economy破产与经济A fresh start一个全新的开始New evidence that rules for debtors are too tough新据表明,对债务人的要求太苛刻LAST year nearly 1m Americans filed for bankruptcy. That is far fewer than the number who used to seek bankruptcy protection before the law was made tougher a decade ago. This reform may have done more harm than good.The aim of bankruptcy law is to give people relief from unpayable debts. Some two-thirds of individual bankruptcies are due to a lost job. Many bankrupts need time to get back on their feet. In the mid-2000s 7 rules made it easy to wash away debts. That irritated credit-card firms, which claimed that spendthrifts abused the system; so in 2005 the law was toughened. The idea was to shift people to a 13 bankruptcy, where they would have to repay some of the debt.去年,将近100万美国人申请破产。十年前,法律对于破产保护条件非常严苛,而那些曾经寻求破产保护的人数却远超过申请破产的人数。这项改革可能弊大于利。[破产法旨在帮助人们减轻无法偿还的债务。约有2/3的个体破产源于失业。许多人破产后需要一定时间才能从中恢复过来。21世纪中期,第七章规定有利于摆脱债务。这激怒了信用卡公司,并声称,“败家子们”滥用了系统;也因此2005年,法律变严格了。这样做的初衷是让人们适应第13章破产规定,即他们必须偿还一些债务。The reform had a big impact. At least at first, 13 filings rose relative to 7 ones. And a new paper, from Stefania Albanesi, of the New York Federal Reserve, and Jaromir Nosal, of Columbia University, finds that the reform led to a permanent drop in the bankruptcy rate.这项改革曾意义深远。至少,一开始,第13章文件与第7章文件相关联的。纽约联邦储备的Stefania Albanesi与哥伦比亚大学的Jaromir Nosal共同完成了一篇新的论文,指出这项改革实现了短暂的破产率降低。However, other recent research suggests that this is not necessarily a good thing. Will Dobbie, of Princeton University, and Jae Song, of the Social Security Administration, look at 13 bankruptcies before the reforms of 2005. They link half a million bankruptcy filings to tax records and use a novel technique to analyse them. Because some bankruptcy judges are more lenient than others, people in similar straits may end up with different bankruptcy decisions. This quirk allows some useful comparisons.然而,其他最新研究表明,这未必是一件好事。普林斯顿大学的威尔·多比(Will Dobbie)与社会保障总署的宋杰(Jae Song)于2005年改革前就研究第13章破产法。他们认为,这100万人中有一半破产与税收记录有关,并且使用一项新技术对其进行分析。因为一些审判破产的法官网开一面,所以处于类似困境的人有可能会有不同的破产决议。像这样的案例带来了用价值的对比。Messrs Dobbie and Song argue that easier bankruptcy laws have good microeconomic effects. If a creditor may no longer claim large chunks of a bankrupts salary, that may increase his incentive to work—and decrease his need to slip out of town, change his job and close down his bank account. On average, those granted bankruptcy earned over 6,000 more in the subsequent year than similarly-placed plaintiffs who were rejected. The unlucky ones found it trickier to service their mortgages. Michelle White of the University of California, San Diego and colleagues found that bankruptcy reform caused the default rate on prime mortgages to rise 23%.多比先生和宋先生辩解道,破产法越简单,其产生的微观经济效应越好。如果债权人不再索要大量破产者的薪水,如此一来,或许可以刺激他工作,而且他也不用搬去郊区、更换工作、关闭账户。与那些有类似遭遇且遭到拒绝的原告相比,这些有保障的破产,平均可以在接下来的一年里挣6千逾美元。倒霉的人发现越来越难偿还抵押贷款。圣地亚哥加利福尼亚大学的米歇尔·怀特以及其同事发现,破产法改革导致贷款市场的拖欠债务率上调了23%。Making consumer-bankruptcy law more debtor-friendly could hit Americans in other ways. If lenders are exposed to bigger losses, some argue, interest rates for such things as credit cards are bound to rise. But that danger can be overstated. Credit-card companies may be reluctant to charge rates higher than their competitors lest they attract the dodgiest customers—those not put off by high rates because they know that, with luck, they wont have to pay their debts back.消费者—破产法越有利于债务人,越是在其他方面冲击美国人。一些人争辩道,倘若借出方蒙受更大的损失,类似信用卡的利率势必上涨。但是,这种担忧或许有点言过其实。信用卡公司或许不愿意改变高于对手的利率,唯恐竞争对手会偷偷吸引顾客——这些顾客深知,如果运气好,即使利率再高,他们也可以不用偿还债务。Figures released on March 6th by the Federal Reserve show that consumer debt rose for the 41st straight month (see chart). With inflation low and wages weak, that is worrying. Ms White wants to roll back some of the reform of 2005, making bankruptcy cheaper. Whether that just increases profligacy remains to be seen.美国联邦储备局3月6日发布数据表明,消费者债务连续第41个月上升。通胀率低、工资减少,情况很不乐观。怀特想把2005年改革压到最低标准,把破败变得更加廉价。此举是否助长享乐主义,仍为一个未知数。译者:黄柳 译文属译生译世 /201503/364861。
  • Politics this week本周政治新闻Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for the White House in 2016. She vowed to get “unaccountable money” out of politics “once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment”. Her campaign is expected to raise at least 1 billion. On the Republican side Marco Rubio, a Florida senator, joined a field that is fast becoming crowded.希拉里·克林顿宣布将参加2016年的总统大选。她郑重宣告:在其政治生涯中将彻底地清除“来路不明的资金”,即使这会需要建立宪法修正案。她的竞选团队有望筹到至少10亿美元的资金。佛罗里达州参议员马尔科·卢比奥表示,共和党加入了一场飞快变得激烈的战斗。A Florida doctor, Salomon Melgen, was indicted for defrauding Medicare, the government health scheme for the old, which he had billed for 105m over six years. Earlier this month Mr Melgen and Senator Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, were indicted for trading gifts for favours. Both men denied.福罗里达州的医生所罗门·梅尔根因涉嫌诈骗美国国家老年人医疗保险机构被指控,他在6年里获利高达1.05亿美元。本月早些时候,梅尔根与新泽西州民主党参议员鲍勃·梅内德斯一道被指控权钱交易,但是他们对此予以否认。Sudan held a presidential election and, though the results will not be announced until April 27th, most believe President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is sure of another term in office. Opposition groups boycotted the poll. Sudan is war-ravaged and its economy is struggling. But Mr Bashir, indicted for genocide by the International Criminal Court, has never looked stronger.苏丹举行了总统大选。虽然选举结果要等到本月27日才会公布,.但是大多数人认为现任总统奥马尔·哈桑·艾哈迈德·阿尔-巴希尔一定会再次当选。反对党派抵制此次选举投票。苏丹目前饱受战火摧残,本国经济也陷入泥潭。但是,尽管被国际刑事法院指控进行种族屠杀,巴希尔却比以往任何时候都更强势。Russia has lifted a self-imposed ban on the sale to Iran of an advanced air-defence system, a move criticised by the countries involved in talks to limit Tehrans nuclear programme. America and Israel opposed selling the S-300 system to Iran on the grounds that it would make any air strikes on its nuclear facilities harder and upset the regions balance of military power.俄罗斯已经撤销对伊朗的禁令。这个昔日俄方自主发布的禁令规定:禁止向伊朗出售高端防空导弹。有关国家正在就限制伊朗发展核项目问题进行对话,因而此举受到它们的指责。美国与以色列都反对向伊朗出售S-300导弹,因为这将会使得任何针对伊朗核设施的打击行动变得更加困难,同时还打破了该区域的军事力量的平衡局面。The Shabab, al-Qaedas affiliate in Somalia, exploded a car bomb outside the Ministry of Higher Education in Mogadishu, the capital. At least 19 people were killed, including seven attackers. It comes on the heels of the Shababs massacre at a university in Garissa, Kenya, in which gunmen killed 148 people.隶属于基地组织的索马里青年党在该国首都加迪沙的教育部大楼外制造了一起汽车爆炸案,造成至少19人遇难,包括7名袭击者。此前,青年党在肯尼亚加里萨市的一所大学制造袭击事件,造成148人死亡。Three weeks of air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition have done little to halt the advance of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Pakistan has affirmed that it will not send in ground troops. Muhammad Javad Zarif, Irans foreign minister, has laid out a four-point plan to resolve the crisis.沙特联军的系列空袭行动已经过去3个周了,但对阻止也门国内伊朗持的胡塞武装的进攻却无济于事。巴基斯坦已经确定不会派出陆战部队。伊朗外长穆罕默德·贾瓦德·扎里夫已经拟定了4点计划以解决此次危机。Yemens civil war has benefited al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the groups most dangerous branch, which has taken over Mukalla, a Yemeni port. But an American drone strike killed Ibrahim al-Rubeish, a top figure in the outfit.也门内战给阿拉伯半岛最危险的分—阿拉伯半岛基地组织暗中“助力”。该组织已经占领了也门的穆卡拉港口。但是美国无人机的空袭干掉了该组织的一个重要头目—易卜拉欣·鲁贝什。A court in Japan blocked the reopening of a nuclear power plant in Fukui on the main islands west coast. The Takahama plant had aly obtained approval from Japans nuclear regulator. It is a blow to Shinzo Abe, the prime minister. Nuclear power generated 30% of Japans electricity before the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster, after which the countrys nuclear power stations were shut down.日本一家法院暂不批准重启本州岛西海岸福井核电站。高滨核电站已经获得了日本核能监管机构的批准,因而在法院受阻对于日本首相安倍晋三是个不小的打击。在福岛核电站灾难发生之前,核电站的发电量占到了全日本的30%;此后,该国的核电站都被关停。The government in China released five feminist activists detained for planning protests against sexual harassment on public transport on March 8th, International Womens Day. They may still be prosecuted for supposedly creating a disturbance.中国政府释放了被拘禁的5名女权主义人士,她们曾计划于妇女节当日就公共交通工具上的性骚扰问题举行抗议活动。据悉,她们仍有可能因制造骚乱而被起诉。In response to protests in Hong Kong against mainland Chinese who buy goods in bulk to resell, China limited residents of Shenzhen, across the border from Hong Kong, to visiting the territory just once a week. Goods in Hong Kong are cheaper and more trusted, but a surge of mainland Chinese visitors has bred resentments.港人抗议陆客抢购商品回内地倒卖,为此中国限制深圳(海关的另一侧)居民每周只能过境一次。香港的东西便宜又放心,招来大量陆客,引发港人不满。India relaxed the last of the restrictions on the production of goods, including pickles and chutneys, that are “reserved” exclusively for small businesses. At the peak of industrial policy in the 1970s some 800 goods were similarly reserved.印度放宽了包括泡菜、酸辣酱等商品在内的生产限定,专门为小型企业“保留”下来。在1970年代的产业政策高峰期,也同样保留了约有800样商品。The British election creaked into third gear with the launch of the partiesmanifestos. With the polls still too tight to call, the Conservatives promised more free child care and subsidies for social-housing tenants. Labour vowed to avoid further borrowing and keep cutting the deficit.随着两党先后发出宣言,英国大选即将进入第三轮。民意调查显示两方不相上下,保守党承诺将有更多的儿童享受免费保健,并为租户提供社会住房补贴。工党发誓要避免继续举债并努力削减财政赤字。Good weather encouraged more boatloads of would-be migrants across the Mediterranean. The Italian coastguard rescued hundreds, but as many as 400 were feared drowned after one boat capsized off Libya. The UN said not enough was being done to save lives好天气使得一批又一批的准移民横跨地中海。从利比亚出发的一艘船发生倾覆,虽然意大利海岸警卫队解救了数百人,但恐怕还是有多达400人葬身大海。联合国表示他们并没有尽最大努力来拯救生命The extreme-right Jobbik party shocked Hungarys ruling right-wing Fidesz party by winning a by-election. Jobbik claims that it, not the left, is now the only plausible opposition to the Fidesz prime minister, Viktor Orban.极右政党尤比克党赢得了递补选举的消息震惊了匈牙利的执政党,右翼的青年民主党。尤比克党声称,只有该党敢于向首相维克特.奥尔班(来自青年民主党)说不,左翼政党不足成事。Turkey attacked Pope Francis and the European Parliament after both described the Ottoman massacres of Armenians in 1915-16 as genocide. Turkish objections to the word have intensified in the run-up to the centenary of the start of the killings on April 24th.教皇弗朗西斯和欧洲议会都将1915年-1916年的奥斯曼亚美尼亚人大屠杀描述为种族灭绝,引发了土耳其的攻讦。在即将迎来这场屠杀开始的4月24日的百年纪念时,土耳其对“种族灭绝”一次的反感更深了。Despite a purported ceasefire, renewed violence broke out in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine said six of its soldiers had been killed; pro-Russian rebels said one of their fighters had died.虽有停火协议在先,但在乌克兰东部又发生了暴力事件。乌克兰方面宣称有六个士兵丧生;亲俄反对派说他们的一个战士已经死亡。Barack Obama and Raul Castro held the first substantive meeting between the leaders of the ed States and Cuba in nearly 60 years at a summit in Panama. Mr. Castro railed against the embargo that the ed States imposed on Cuba, which was loosened last December, but called Mr. Obama an “honest man”. After the summit the ed States removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. The decision eliminates an obstacle to restoring diplomatic relations.距巴拿马峰会美国和古巴领导人会晤之后近60年,奥巴马和劳尔·卡斯特罗才有了第一次实质性的会谈。卡斯特罗指责美国对古巴的禁运,直到去年12月份才有所放宽,但他也称奥巴马为“诚实的人”。在峰会后,美国把古巴从持恐怖主义国家的名单上划去,这一决定消除了恢复外交关系的障碍。FARC guerrillas killed at least ten Colombian soldiers and wounded 17 more. The army claimed that the FARC initiated the attacks. That would make it the most serious breach yet of a ceasefire declared by the rebel group in December. Colombias president, Juan Manuel Santos, ordered a resumption of air raids on the FARC, which he had suspended in March. The two sides have been holding talks aimed at ending the 50-year conflict.FARC游击队至少杀害了10个哥伦比亚士兵并至少打伤了17人。军方称,哥伦比亚革命武装力量率先发起了攻击。该行为严重违反了12月由叛军组织发布的停火协议。战火在三月份已经暂停了,但如今哥伦比亚总统胡安?曼努埃尔?桑托斯下令继续对FARC进行空袭,为了结束持续50年的冲突,双方本已谈判了一段时间。Eduardo Galeano, a radical Uruguayan writer, has died, aged 74. He is most famous for “Open Veins of Latin America”, which blamed the regions problems on European colonisers and the ed States. Late in life he said that the book belonged to “a past era”.乌拉圭的激进派作家爱德华多·加里诺已经去世,享年74岁。他是最著名的著作当属《拉丁美洲:被切开的血管》,而该地区的问题应归咎于美国和欧洲殖民者。他晚年时说道,这本书属于“过去的时代”。译者:江虹蕾,戴秀平 校对:韦永睿 译文属译生译世201505/374334。
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