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大余县除黄褐斑价格赣州市祛斑多少钱赣州玻尿酸隆鼻 In the global luxury real-estate scene, is Lagos poised to be the next big thing? 拉各斯会成为下一个全球热门豪宅市场吗?The Nigerian city is among a list of 12 up-and-coming luxury markets around the globe, according to a new report from Savills World Research, in cooperation with design firm Candy amp; Candy and Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management. 据第一太平戴维斯全球研究部(Savills World Research)、设计公司Candy amp; Candy以及德意志资产及财富管理(Deutsche Asset and Wealth Management)联合发布的新报告,全球12个前景良好的豪宅市场中包括尼日利亚首都格拉斯。The other cities are Beirut, Cape Town, Chennai, Chicago, Dublin, Istanbul, Jakarta, Melbourne, Miami, Panama City and Tel Aviv. The most expensive city is Tel Aviv, where an entry-level, two-bedroom luxury apartment typically cost .45 million in March; the least expensive was India#39;s Chennai, where a luxury two-bedroom cost around 0,000. 另外11座市场是贝鲁特、开普敦、金奈、芝加哥、都柏林、伊斯坦布尔、雅加达、墨尔本、迈阿密、巴拿马城和特拉维夫。其中豪宅最贵的城市是特拉维夫,3月份特拉维夫一套两居室的初级豪宅公寓的售价通常为145万美元;最便宜的城市是印度的金奈,在金奈一套两居室豪宅的售价大约为16万美元。The report considered economic factors, such as job-market potential and gross domestic product, but also a number of qualitative aspects, like cultural attractions and the presence of English as a first or second language. 这份报告考虑了包括就业市场前景和生产总值在内的经济因素,但也考虑了诸如文化吸引力和英语是否为第一或第二语言等一系列定性因素。In 2013, there were nearly 200,000 people world-wide with wealth exceeding million, according to the Wealth-X amp; UBS World Ultra Wealth Report. As prices continue to rise in prime markets like New York, London and Hong Kong, Yolande Barnes, director of Savills World Research, predicts that luxury buyers will increasingly look to less mature markets for better value. 据Wealth-X amp; UBS World Ultra Wealth报告,2013年,全球有近20万人的财富超过3,000万美元。第一太平戴维斯全球研究部负责人巴尔内斯(Yolande Barnes)预计,随着纽约、伦敦和香港等主要市场房价的继续上涨,豪宅买家将越来越多地在不太成熟的市场寻找更有价值的物业。The cities run the gamut, from well-established markets like Melbourne and Tel Aviv, which have yet to reach their full investment potential, the report notes, to developing markets like Chennai and Lagos, which may have larger returns but more risk for buyers. #39;You have to look at the political risk,#39; said Nick Candy, CEO of Candy amp; Candy, noting that unpredictable currency exchange and ownership hurdles for foreigners in some markets might dissuade some buyers. 报告指出,这份名单既包括墨尔本和特拉维夫这样知名但还没有释放出全部投资潜力的市场,也包括金奈和拉各斯这样潜在收益可能更高但风险也更大的发展中市场。Candy amp; Candy的首席执行长坎迪(Nick Candy)称,投资者必须考虑政治风险。他指出,一些市场难以预测的汇率情况以及对外国人持有房产的限制会让一些买家放弃购买。In Tel Aviv, the Manhattan Tower attracts cosmopolitan buyers, says Tomer Fridman, CEO of Israel Sotheby#39;s International Realty. #39;Ten to 15 years ago, there wasn#39;t an international product,#39; he said. Today, the 10,000-square-foot penthouse in the tower is listed for million. He credits the city#39;s thriving tech industry and interest from Europeans, among others, for the surge in foreign buying. Israel Sotheby#39;s International Realty的首席执行长弗里德曼(Tomer Fridman)称,特拉维夫的曼哈顿大厦(Manhattan Tower)吸引着全球各地的买家。他表示,10至15年前还没有国际性产品,而现在这座大厦上1万平方英尺的顶层公寓标价2,500万美元。他认为,这座城市蓬勃发展的科技行业、以及来自欧洲买家的兴趣是外国人购买豪宅数量激增的主要原因。Other markets on the list are similar to Panama City. The Central American hub is poised for rapid growth thanks to a mix of foreign investment and government policies that benefit international buyers, said Andrea Kam, a consultant for real-estate brokerage Bonavivi in Panama City. 这份名单上的其他城市与巴拿马城相似。巴拿马城房地产中介Bonavivi的顾问卡姆(Andrea Kam)称,得益于外国投资以及巴拿马政府有利于国际买家的政策,巴拿马的豪宅市场即将出现快速增长。The global recession hit some markets on the list particularly hard, but the report says home prices are rebounding. In Dublin, for example, inventory is tightening and demand is rising, said Graham Murray, head of residential for Savills in Dublin. 全球经济衰退对名单上某些市场的打击尤其惨重,但这份报告称,住宅价格正在反弹。第一太平戴维斯驻都柏林的住宅业务主管默里(Graham Murray)举例称,都柏林的住宅存量在减少,而需求却在增长。 /201405/294374赣州做隆胸手术要多少钱

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