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特别声明该文章中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: I hear that you are in love with Mike.我听说你和麦克相爱了。B: You are kidding.你真会开玩笑。A: Don’t you hit it off?你们不是相处得很好吗?B: Although we have many things in common, we are not soul mates.虽然我们有许多共同之处,但是我们并非情投意合。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】a soul mate【解词释义】mate有“伙伴”的意思,soul表示“精神”。A soul mate的意思是指“精神上很相投的人”“性情相投的人”。 Her daughter claims that she wouldnt marry anyone until she runs into a soul mate of hers. 她的女儿说如果她找不到一个和她性情相投的人,她决不结婚。 Having a soul mate is one of the niceties of life. 得一知己乃人生一大乐事。 Miss Watkins was a nobody. She was a drifter. No family, no close friends.沃特金斯是一个无名之辈。她四处漂泊,没有家,也没有知己。 She unbosomed her secret to her intimate friend. 她向知己吐露自己的秘密。 第二、词海拾贝1. in love with:与......相爱 He would most probably have fallen violently in love with her. 他十有八九会炽热地爱上她的。 Every guy in class thinks hes in love with that little tart.班上的每一个家伙都认为自己爱上了那个小骚货。 In a word, Sophia was in love with him to distraction. 简单一句话,苏菲亚爱他爱得神魂颠倒了。 Jack is totally in love with his girlfriend. 杰克爱他的女友爱得五体投地。 2. hit it off:投缘,合得来,相处很好The two didnt get along in the past but now they hit it off well.过去他俩不大对头,现在却合得来了。These children hit it off well in the kindergarten.这些小孩在幼儿园里相处得很好。She and Mr. Gryce would not be likely to hit it off.她和古莱先生不见得合得来。My brother and my boyfriend hit it off right from the start.我哥哥和我的男友两人一见如故。 /201307/247871Police said eight people were killed when an avalanche struck a Japanese ski resort on Monday.警方称,周一日本滑雪胜地发生雪崩,造成八人死亡。Located about 100 miles north of Tokyo, dozens of high school students and about 12 teachers had been taking part in a mountain climbing safety training exercise in the Nasu area.地点位于东京以北大约100英里处,数十名高中学生和约12位老师在Nasu地区参加登山安全训练演习。A local disaster management official told N News that seven of the victims were male students while the eighth was a male teacher.当地一位灾害管理官员告诉N新闻,有七名遇难者是男学生,第八位是一名男老师。According to a spokesman for Tochigi Northeast Area Fire Department Operation Center, two other people suffered serious injuries. 据枥木县东北地区消防部门运营中心的发言人表示,另有两人受伤严重。36 people were being treated for non life-threatening injuries.36人受伤正在接受治疗,但没有危及生命。译文属。201703/500933

1.You can never teach an old dog new tricks. 老古董学不会新东西You're never going to teach your father at the age of 79 to use a computer. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, you know.不要指望教你79岁的老父亲学会电脑。年长的人学不会新事物。2.meaner than a junkyard dog 冷漠,不友好He is a man meaner than a junkyard dog.他是一个残酷、冷漠的男人。3.His bark is worse than his bite. 刀子嘴、豆腐心I wouldn't be scared of her if I were you. Her bark's a lot worse than her bite.如果我是你,我不会怕她。她是个刀子嘴,豆腐心的人。4.let sleeping dogs lie 不要自找麻烦、自讨苦吃Green is trying to let sleeping dogs lie.格林在努力避免招惹是非。5.the dog days of summer 一年中最热的三伏天I can do nothing except for swimming in the dog days of summer.在三伏天里,除了游泳,我什么事也做不成。6.to rain cats and dogs 下倾盆大雨In the middle of the picnic it started to rain cats and dogs, and everybody got soaked.野餐进行到一半时,天开始下起大暴雨,每个人都湿透了。 /201110/159464

听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):Many Americans were stunned and blindsided by Donald Trumps victory over Hillary Clinton.Thats largely because months and months of polls pointed to a defeat of our new president-elect.Zach Gorchow, editor of Gongwer News Service, joined us today to talk about those polls.;Polling has a lot of problems. Its just not able to model the electorate successfully, and that seems to be especially true in Michigan,; Gorchow said. ;It just flat out failed to model the African-American turnout correctly, it failed to model the rural turnout correctly.;Gorchow urged us all to take polls with a bigger grain of salt in the future.;As reporters, were trained to be skeptical, you know, trust but verify everything. But … the one thing we tend to just sort of accept on faith is polls,; he said.;Hopefully this is the latest wake-up call, and hopefully its a big wake-up call that we have got to just use this as one piece of the puzzle and not get so obsessed with it.;201611/477018

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