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广州中医院大学第一附属医院看不孕不育广州番禺无痛保宫人流手术Bratain英国A Tory titan retires一托利党巨人退休William, it was really nothing威廉,真的没关系The Conservatives bid farewell to a talented parliamentarian保守党向一名才华横溢的国会议员告别THE high esteem in which William Hague is held was evident on March 26th even amid the Conservative leader of the House of Commonss shabby last act. To mark the end of the parliament, which also concluded his 26-year-long career as an MP, Mr Hague launched a surprise, failed, bid to oust the speaker, John Bercow, who many Tories dislike. It was typical of the Tories bungling in Parliament; but, MPs tutted, also an unseemly exit for one of its best performers of modern times.就算这位下议院保守党领导人在3月26号的最后一举显得低劣,威廉·黑格享有的崇敬还是显而易见的。为了标记议会的结束,也将他26年的议员生涯画上句号,黑格让人们大吃一惊,他企图将不受托利党人欢迎的约翰·伯科赶下台,但失败了。这是托利党人在议会拙劣之举的典型,但对于近代最佳演员之一的黑格来说,引得议员们嘘声一片,这也是一个不体面的退场。They were wrong. Because the 54-year-old Yorkshireman was following party orders—and that, even more than his laconic drawl and brilliance at the dispatch box, epitomises his career. The episode was also typical of the sort of orders Mr Hague has often had to follow, as an absurdly young Welsh secretary under John Major, as his successor as party leader, and, between 2010 and 2014, as foreign secretary.他们错了。因为这位54岁的约克郡人执行的是党的指令——这一举甚至超越了他简洁、慢吞吞的调子和在政务上的傲人之处,成为了他政治生涯的标志。这一插曲也是黑格经常需要遵从的典型指令,无论是作为约翰·梅杰手下年轻得不可思议的威尔士事务大臣,或是梅杰的继任党派领导人,还是作为2010到2014年间的外事大臣,都是如此。So what did he achieve? In an interview in his parliamentary office, Mr Hague names, without hesitation, a law he got passed in 1995 to outlaw discrimination against the disabled as his proudest legislative achievement. His spell as party leader (“I dont regret taking the leadership on, or giving it up; somebody had to do it”) is harder to enthuse about. After a stab at forging a kinder Conservatism—which remains elusive—he fell back on Euroscepticism, was humiliated in the 2001 election and resigned. That he remained an MP was an act of courage, which he burnished with dazzling speeches and unshakable loyalty to his successors. David Cameron, who took the helm in 2005, called him the Tories deputy leader in all but name.那他到底获得了什么成果呢?在他的议员会议室里进行的一次采访里,黑格毫不犹豫地将1995年他推动通过的一项禁止歧视残疾人的法律视为他最值得骄傲的立法成就。他作为政党领导的魅力(“我不后悔扛上领导的担子,或者将它卸下来,总有人要做这件事”)更难笼络人心。在试图创造一个更为温和的保守主义(仍令人难以捉摸)后,黑格又回到了欧洲怀疑主义,在2001年的选举中颜面全失随后辞职。他仍留任议员实属勇气之举,他用言辞闪闪发光的演讲和对继任者不可动摇的忠诚来修饰了这一行为。2005年掌权的大卫·卡梅伦称其为托利党非名义上的实际代理领导。This made Mr Hague the most powerful foreign secretary since Tony Blair, a globe-trotting prime minister, emasculated the job. Even in a time of cuts—which Mr Hague ensured were lighter at the Foreign Office than they might have been—he had an opportunity to strengthen his office (“the best job in the world”) and Britains place in the world. He did not really take it.这使得黑格成为了最有权威的外事大臣,因为托尼·布莱尔这位游历世界的总理无法胜任这份工作。即使在预算削减的时期(黑格保外事办公室的削减程度比想象中轻),他仍有机会加强办公室的力量(“世上最好的工作”)并提升英国在世界上的地位。他并没有把握住这个机会。He did some excellent things—restoring confidence to a department he found to be “shockingly” demoralised, including through a renewed emphasis on learning languages and other lapsed skills. He also expanded its operations, opening 20 missions, especially in India and China, the focus of a commercial push. He was also bold, early on, supporting Mr Camerons championing of the Arab spring, including the intervention in Libya in 2011. Mr Hague describes their failure to win parliamentary support for strikes on Syrias regime in 2013 as one of his “worst experiences”.他做了一些了不起的事:重塑这个他发现道德”惊人“沦丧的部门的信誉,包括重新强调学习语言和其他失效技能的重要性。他还扩大了部门的运作范围,新派出了20个驻外使团,特别是在印度和中国这些商业动力的中心。早些时候,他也十分大胆地持卡梅伦对阿拉伯之春的拥护,还包括2011年对利比亚的干预。黑格认为他们在2013年没能赢得议会对叙利亚统治下罢工的持是他”最糟的体验“之一。But after that setback Mr Cameron seemed to lose interest in the world. And Mr Hague did nothing obvious to fill the gap. He did not demur when Mr Cameron ordered a pullout from Afghanistan more abrupt than Britains allies wanted. “We would have been there for decades” otherwise, he says; NATO only wanted Britain to stay, with a tiny force, for a year or two.但那次挫折之后,卡梅伦似乎对全球事务失去了兴趣。黑格也没有做什么明显的事来填补空白。当卡梅伦以超乎英国盟友期望的速度突然命令从阿富汗撤军时,黑格并没有提出异议。他说,不然“我们本可以在那儿呆上几十年”。NATO希望英国仅在那儿保留少量武力一到两年。Mr Hagues absence from the early Franco-German efforts to end the Ukraine crisis seemed similarly indicative of shrunken ambition. “You cant be everywhere”, he protests. But when it comes to tackling the continents biggest security threats, Britain should always be with its main European allies. That Mr Hague was meanwhile more prominent in campaigning against rape in war, often alongside the film star Angelina Jolie, seemed a bit odd. The cause was important, but there was little in the history of such campaigns to suggest it would succeed, and the foreign secretary was required elsewhere.在早期法德希望结束乌克兰危机的努力中,黑格的缺席似乎同样是其野心缩减的暗示。他抗议道:“你不可能无处不在。”但若到了处理这片大陆最大安全威胁的关头,英国应该始终与主要的欧洲同盟站在一条线上。黑格在反对战争强奸方面似乎更为闻名,他经常与电影明星安吉丽娜·朱莉一起参加相关活动,这看起来有一点奇怪。原因很重要,但历史明这种活动鲜有成功,其他地方更需要外事大臣操心。He retires to a pile in Wales and the 18th century, about which he writes fine books. It has been a thoroughly commendable political career; but, especially when set against Mr Hagues gifts, not a great one.他在威尔士衣锦而归,还写了一些关于18世纪的好书。这是一段完全值得赞赏的政治生涯,但与黑格的天分相比,这又略显逊色。 译者:王颖 校对:张娣 译文属译生译世 /201504/368863广州附件炎的治疗 According to family members, at least four Americans are still missing after the Brussels bombings. 据家庭成员,至少有四名美国人在布鲁塞尔爆炸案后仍然失踪。The missing include a husband and wife from the South and a brother and sister from New York City. 失踪人员包括来自南部的一对夫妻,来自纽约的一对兄。Both pairs were at the Brussels airport when two blasts rocked the check-in area, killing at least 11 people there Tuesday morning. 周二早上登记处的两起爆炸造成至少11人死亡,这两队人员当时就在布鲁塞尔机场。According to the State Department, about a dozen Americans were injured in the bombings, leading one lawmaker to suggest an American counter at the airport was targeted.据国务院消息,大约有十几名美国人在爆炸中受伤,一名议员表示机场的一美国柜台被攻击。译文属。201603/433428听力参考文本(文本与听力不全一致,敬请谅解):How do you express your feelings when a team of experts sits you down to tell you your child is developmentally disabled?When Janice Fialka? of Huntington Woods came home reeling from such a case conference about her five-year-old son Micah, she sat down and tried to put her feelings into words.The result was a poem she calls Advice to Professionals who must ;conference cases.;;I want my son back,; she writes. ;I want him back now. Then Ill get on with my life.;And that she did. Fialka and her family - husband Rich, daughter Emma and son Micah - launched themselves on a mission to prove that labels and IQ tests are not true measures of someones ability to be valuable to the world, to contribute, to learn.Her book is titled What Matters: Reflections on Disability, Community and Love.Fialka joined us today to share Micahs story and what shes learned through raising and supporting her son.Fialka will be on campus at the University of Michigan this coming Friday for a Qamp;A and book signing as part of an event called Disability Inclusion.201609/465307番禺医院人流

广州石井医院妇科检查广州天河长安检查二胎怎么样好不好 Its a hangover from times when these birds nested on islands with predators.这是它们在有捕猎者出没的岛上筑巢的时期遗留下来的习惯。Flying in and out at night was one way to avoid them.夜晚飞出去是躲开捕食者的一种方法。Parents find each other in the dark by their raucous calls.父母间通过刺耳的叫声找到对方。The pair reaffirms its bond before the returning bird enters the underground nest.它们在进入地面巢穴之前要确定它们在一起。Although theres a little housekeeping to be done first.尽管首先有一点家务需要做。Both parents share nursery duties,and they take turns to fly great distances in search of food.父母分担育儿的义务,它们轮流飞很远去寻早食物。They may be at sea for several days.它们可能呆在海上几天。They leave as they arrived, in the dark.离开和到达一样,都在夜里。Well before sunrise,they line up in clearings like aircraft taxiing for takeoff.日出之前,它们在空地上排好队,就像飞机滑行准备起飞。 译文属201512/414745广州长安妇科医院卵泡穿刺多少钱

广州做药流一般多少钱 On a previous show we mentioned how not all shooting stars have the same speed.前面的文章中我们提到为什么不是所有流星都有相同的速度。Some disappear almost immediately, while others make a nice slow line across the sky.有些几乎立即就消失了,而有些拖着长长的尾巴穿过天空。If you enjoy watching the slow ones, there is a way of upping your chances of seeing them.如果你喜欢观看缓慢的流星,那么有一种方法可以增加你看到它们的几率。Go out just after sunset.日落后就出门。Thats because the slowest meteors come in the evening and the fastest ones come in the morning, just before sunrise.最慢的流星在夜晚出现,最快的流星出现在早晨,就在太阳升起之前。Can you guess why?你猜猜为什么呢?The speeds of meteors we see are increased or decreased by the earths motion.我们看到的流星的运动速度随着地球的运动情况而增减。If we charge into them head-on our speed is added to their speed.如果地球正对着流星的方向运动,那么我们的运速就会增加至它的运动速度中。If, on the other hand, we aremoving away from them, our speed is subtracted from their speed.反之,如果我们背向它们运动,那么它们的运速中就会减去地球运速这一部分。Now imagine yourself standing at the north pole, facing the direction the earth is moving through space.现在想想你自己站在北极,面向地球穿过空间移动的方向。You rise up magically, far enough away that you can see the whole planet rotating underneath you while you yourself remain stationary.你奇迹般地上升,远到可以看到整个地球在你的脚下转动,而你自己保持静止。Which direction is it turning?它是在向哪个方向运动呢?Counterclockwise. Where is thesunlight?逆时针。太阳光在哪里呢?From your perspective, its on the left side of the planet.从你的角度来看,在地球的左侧。That means that the front of the planet, or the part thats charging into oncoming meteors, is the placewhere morning is beginning for people on earth.这意味着在地球的前端,或者是在正对流星运动的地方,就是早晨的开始。The back of the planet, meaning the part thats movingaway from meteors, is where evening is beginning.地球的背面,也就是背向流星运动的地方,就是夜晚的开始。It may seem funny, but every morning when you look up into the sky, you are looking in the same direction as the planet is moving.这似乎非常有趣,但是每天早晨当你仰望天空时,你就是望着与地球转动相同的方向。In the evening you are looking the other way.晚上,你就是望着相反的方向。And the speed ofshooting stars confirms it!流星的速度实了这一点。 201411/343639广州白云妇女医院广州天河权威的妇科医院



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