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榆林市市中心医院消化病网上咨询陕西省人民医院消化病价格唐都医院胃病胃肠正规吗 When Julia Fowler was working as a fashion designer in Australia back in the early 2000s, she found herself frustrated by the lack of information available to help her understand and respond to the latest trends.2000年代初,当时还在澳大利亚从事时装设计工作的茱利亚o法勒发现了一个恼人的问题:手头上的信息源太少了,没法帮她及时了解和响应最新的流行趋势。“We had internal data on the performance of previous seasons’ products and access to inspirational trend sites,” she recalls, “but no way to understand opportunities we’d missed or concrete data on how we could improve our product assortment.”“我们掌握着前一季产品业绩的内部数据,也可以访问一些能够给人启发的时尚网站,但是没法知道我们错过了哪些机会,也没有具体数据告诉我们怎样才能改进我们的产品搭配。”她回忆道。With nowhere to turn, Fowler decided to take it upon herself to develop a solution to the problem. Her timing was just right: A methodology and series of technologies collectively called “big data” was beginning to swell in the technology industry.由于不知道向谁求助,法勒干脆决定自己开发一套解决方案。她挑选的时机再恰当不过。当时。一系列被合称为“大数据”的方法和技术刚刚开始席卷整个科技行业。Fowler has since swapped her title of designer for that of co-founder at Editd (pronounced “edited” and stylized in all caps), a company she launched five years ago with technical co-founder Geoff Watts, who now serves as the company’s CEO. Their mission: to help the world’s apparel retailers, brands, and suppliers deliver the right products at the right price and the right time.没过多久,法勒的头衔就变成了Editd公司联合创始人。另一名负责技术的联合创始人吉夫o瓦茨目前担任这家公司的CEO。他们的目标是帮助全球装零售商、品牌和供应商在正确的时间、以正确的价格交付正确的产品。“Every time you see a product on discount, it’s because the wrong decisions were made,” Fowler says. “This leads to a lot of wastage in the industry. I wanted to fix that problem.”法勒表示:“每次你看到一个产品打折,那都是由于错误的决策导致的。它导致这个行业出现了大量损耗,我希望解决这个问题。”Editd says it now has the biggest apparel data warehouse in the world. It offers that data up to customers along with real-time analytics and an assortment of other tools, powered by 120 servers and hundreds of terabytes of data. The London-based company, which has 27 employees and million in investment, counts Gap and Target among its customers. It’s also profitable, Watts says, though he declined to disclose the company’s revenues.Editd公司号称拥有目前全世界最大的装数据库。凭借120台务器和几百兆兆字节的数据,该公司不仅向客户提供各类装数据,还提供实时分析与各种其它工具。总部设在伦敦的Editd公司目前拥有27名员工和600万美元的资本,快时尚品牌Gap和塔吉特百货(Target)等大公司都是它的客户。瓦茨声称,Editd公司目前已经盈利,不过他拒绝透露该公司的具体收入。53 billion data points530亿个数据点Part of Editd’s secret sauce is the way it aggregates fashion trend and sales information from a wide variety of sources around the globe—from retail sites, social media, designer runway reports, and blogs covering trends—and then makes it accessible in real time. The company’s dataset includes no fewer than 53 billion data points on the fashion industry dating back more than four years. It covers more than 1,000 retailers around the globe and boasts 15 million high-resolution images. Its Social Monitor feature, an aggregated dashboard of social activity by fashion influencers and experts, includes more than 800,000 people.Editd的成功秘诀之一是,它汇总了来自全球各种来源的流行时尚数据和销售信息——从零售网站、社交媒体,到设计师的T台走秀报告,再到流行客——然后设法实时获取这些数据。该公司的数据库包含了至少530亿个来自时尚行业的数据点,有些信息可以追溯到四年前。它还涵盖了全球1000多个零售商,同时拥有1500多万张高清图片。它的“社交监控”功能监控着全球80多万名有影响力的时尚潮人和专家的社交活动。To keep its data ily accessible, Editd stores most of it in memory, not on disk. “That’s really important,” Watts explains. “We need to access all of that and query that in any possible way. It needs to be super-responsive.”为了随时读取这些数据,Editd公司把大部分数据储存在内存而不是硬盘里,对此瓦茨解释道:“这是非常重要的。我们需要以任何可能的方式读取和查询所有数据,它必须具有超强的响应力。”It also needs to be easy for a layperson to grasp. “People shouldn’t have to be data scientists to understand the insights,” Watts adds.另外,它必须足够简单易懂,让外行也能知道数据的意义。瓦茨表示:“用户不必非得是一名数据学家才能理解这些数据的含义。”With Editd’s service, apparel professionals in merchandising, buying, trading, and strategy can set up and tailor their own dashboards and monitor whatever they choose from virtually any device. The service spans menswear, womenswear, children’s apparel, accessories, and beauty. Because the output can be customized, a denim merchandiser at a premium retailer, for instance, would see a very different set of data than a women’s knitwear buyer at a mass-market chain store.借助于Editd提供的务,从事新品规划、采购、贸易和战略规划等工作的装业从业者几乎可以在任何设备上设置他们自己的“社交监控器”。Editd的务涵盖男装、女装、童装、配饰和美容等多个领域。由于输出端的信息是可以定制的,所以一家高端装店负责牛仔的业务员所看到的数据,与一家平价装连锁店的女款针织衫采购员所看到的数据是截然不同的。Editd issues daily and weekly retail reports to highlight new and discounted products in chosen market categories. Its analytics tools are intended to help industry professionals track the competition and refine their own product planning. A visual merchandising archive helps shape promotion strategies for upcoming seasons.Editd公司每天和每周分别都会发布反映特定市场类别的新品和打折商品情况的零售报告。它的分析工具则致力于帮助业内人士追踪竞争情况,改进自己的产品规划。Editd还有一个虚拟的销售规划档案工具,可以帮你制定下一季的促销战略。One of the biggest benefits of using Editd is that industry professionals no longer need to “comp shop,” short for competitive shopping, to research the competition. At one of Editd’s more data-driven customers, the entire buying and merchandising team used to stop work for one week every six to spend the time visiting competitors’ websites for information —how many types of skinny jeans are on offer, for example, and how they were priced.使用Editd的最大好处之一,就是业内人士们不必再去“竞争性购物”(即调查竞争对手)了。比如Editd公司就有一个非常重视数据的客户,该公司的整采购和销售团队每过六个星期就要专门抽出一周时间,到竞争对手的网站上搜集信息,比如他们有多少款紧身牛仔裤,每款定价多少钱等等。“They’d put together the reports in Excel, then the booklets were bound and distributed around the company,” Fowler says. “That was their playbook for the next six weeks.”法勒表示:“他们要把这些数据汇总到Excel表格里,然后做成小册子在公司里散发。这就是他们接下来六个星期里的‘销售兵法’。”Not only was the process time-consuming, but it was “fraught with danger,” Watts says. “So many errors creep into things.” In some cases, items might get double-counted. In others, different data collection methodologies might be used.瓦茨表示,这种方法不仅非常耗时,而且“充满了危险,很多错误都可能发生。”在一些情况下,有些项目可能被重复计算,还有些时候,一些不同的数据收集方法可能被混用。In a boundary-blurring business like fashion, categorizing products across retailers is another challenge. Pants, capris, or shorts—or something else entirely? “The way we analyze the kinds of products and the categories of products is very important,” Watts says. “We use computer vision and natural language processing to understand, for example, ‘This is a floral dress’ or ‘This is a cardigan.’ Unifying that and making it one consistent, clean data set is an incredibly important part of what we do.”在时尚业这样一个边界比较模糊的产业里,光是给产品分类就是一个不小的挑战。比如裤子就有长裤、七分裤、短裤等许多种类。瓦茨表示:“我们分析产品种类的方法也非常重要。我们使用了计算机视觉和自然语言处理程序给装分类,比如‘这是一件印花连衣裙’或‘这是一件羊毛开衫’等等。对于我们的工作来说,统一分类标准,生成一个干净、一致的数据库是一个极为重要的部分。”Today, an Editd user can simply run a query on cardigans, for example, and receive results in under a second, Fowler says. More than 50 million SKUs are tracked by the system, she adds.法勒表示,Editd的用户现在只需要输入“羊毛开衫”几个字进行查询,不到一秒钟便可以获取结果。她还补充道,Editd的系统可以追踪到5000多万个SKU(注:SKU即‘库存最小单位’。对于装业来说,某一款装的某一个颜色的某一个尺码,即是一个SKU。)One Editd customer, the British online retailer Asos, credits the company’s services for the 33% jump in sales it saw in the last quarter of 2013. The company gave 200 of its employees access to the Editd system with a particular focus on improving the pricing of its goods.Editd的用户之一英国在线零售商Asos声称,使用了Editd的务后,其2013年第四季度的销售额跃升了33%。这家公司尤其注重产品定价环节的改善,已经给予200多名员工进入Editd系统的权限。“What this technology and the changes to the industry are unlocking is the ability for customers to have exactly what they want and not necessarily what’s been decided for them,” Watts says. “It lets consumers be more fluid with their tastes and it lets the market be more efficient and more green.”瓦茨表示:“这项技术以及它给行业带来的变革,使客户能够获得他们真正想要的东西,而不是由别人决定给他们什么东西。它使客户可以更加动态地掌控他们的时尚格调,也使市场更加绿色。”A million products, 11 million SKUs100万个产品,1100万个SKUEditd isn’t the only fashion-focused company dipping its toes in the big-data waters. Vying for a share of the market is the British trend forecaster WGSN, which just last year launched its own first big-data offering, Instock.Editd并不是唯一一家试水大数据的时尚公司。英国时尚预测机构WGSN也想在这个市场上分一杯羹。WGSN去年刚刚推出了它的首个大数据务Instock。WGSN claims its dataset has more than a million products and 11 million SKUs each day from more than 10,000 global online brands and retailers. Instock, essentially a retail analytics service, is intended to complement its widely used trend-forecasting service by adhering to the same product-categorization taxonomy.WGSN称,它的数据库每天都从全球10000多个在线品牌和零售商那里搜集100多万个产品和1100多万个SKU数据。Instock本质上是一项零售分析务,它恪守着同一种产品分类方法,旨在补充该公司被广泛使用的时尚趋势预测务。“We link the taxonomy from the trend side in terms of how we categorize a specific shirt or dress or kimono and how we track it coming through and being presented in WGSN Instock,” explains Helen Slaven, global managing director for Instock. It’s a single, end-to-end taxonomy, in other words. By unifying the many ways in which different companies might interpret the same product line, industry professionals can make more effective decisions, she says.该公司负责Instock业务的全球常务董事海伦o斯拉文表示:“我们对一件T恤、一条裙子或一件和进行分类,并且将这种分类与它在WGSN Instock上的分类展示结合起来。”换句话说,它是一种统一的、端对端的分类方法。斯拉文指出,鉴于不同的公司对同一条产品线的命名可能存在差异,通过统一不同的命名口径,业内人士可以据此做出更有效的决策。More than 6,000 customers use WGSN’s trend service today. The newer Instock service counts almost 50 global clients in nine countries. This season, WGSN plans to complement its existing data on womenswear, footwear, and accessories with information on kids’ apparel and menswear. A new service called Analysis+ will offer custom cuts of the data and the option of additional analysis.目前已经有6000多个客户在使用WGSN的趋势务。最新推出的Instock务也已经在9个国家拥有了50名全球客户。除了女装、鞋类和配饰之外,WGSN还计划在本季继续补充童装和男装数据。另外,该公司还计划推出一项名叫Analysis+的务,用于向用户提供定制数据和附加分析功能。“It’s a really exciting time for big data and retail,” Slaven says. “By providing a lot more actionable insight, it’s completely changing the way retailers think about their process.”斯拉文表示:“对于大数据和零售业来说,现在真是个非常令人兴奋的时代。通过提供大量更加有可操作性的见解,大数据正在彻底改变零售商对业务流程的看法。”Watts, of Editd, agrees. “We help retailers have the right product at the right price and the right time,” he says. “That’s the kingmaking thing in retail. When you get that right, it unlocks a fortune.”Editd公司的瓦茨也认同这一点。“我们帮助零售商在正确的时间,以正确的价格,提供正确的产品。这在零售业可以说是惊天动地的事情。如果你做对了,它会为你带来一大笔财富。” /201409/332856陕西省康复医院胃病胃肠新地址

榆林市中医院胃肠症状口臭胃胀便秘胃下垂陕西肠炎犯了怎么办 No one will be surprised to learn that texting is nearly universal among young adults with cell phones (so, um, all of them?). According to the data, 97 percent of cell phone users under 30 text every day. Oldsters are not far behind them: 92 percent of the 30 to 49 set text every day and 72 percent of the 50 to 64 age group do too.有手机的年轻人发发短信早已屡见不鲜了。(呃,所有人都这样?)数据统计显示,在30岁以下年龄段,97%手机用户每天发短信;年纪长点的也不甘落后:在30-49岁年龄段,有92%的人每天发短信;在50-64岁年龄段,72%的人也每天发短信。And while texting can be a great way to stay in touch, to make seamless plans and to share the minor frustrations and comedies of daily life in almost real time, it sure has a downside. What do we lose when we settle for the plugged-in and tuned-out life? Read on to learn why it really might be time to put the phone down -- even if it#39;s just for an hour or an afternoon or a day.当然,发短信可以保持联络,敲定缜密计划,即时分享日常生活的喜怒哀乐;可是,发短信也有弊端。我们在满足于手机生活的同时究竟又失去了什么?请往下读,了解为何应该放下手机——哪怕只是一个小时、一个下午或一天时间。1. It#39;ll help you sleep better tonight使你今晚睡得更踏实We all know that cell phone use during the wee hours can be disruptive to our sleep patterns, but it#39;s also true that texting during the day could harm our ability to get a good night#39;s sleep, according to a recent study in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture.众所周知,凌晨用手机会扰乱睡眠模式;其实,根据期刊《大众传媒文化心理学》的最新研究,白天发短信也会影响到晚上的睡眠质量。In the study, researchers followed the stress levels, texting habits and sleep of first year college students. They found that regardless of stress levels, the more people texted during the day the poorer their sleep was.在该项研究中,研究人员跟踪调查了大一学生的压力程度、发短信习惯以及睡眠状况,结果表明,撇开压力不谈,人们白天发短信越频繁,睡眠质量也越差。2. Your divided attention could keep you from what#39;s truly important注意力分散,错失真正重要的东西We#39;re not just talking about missing special moments -- although surely, texting during time spent with loved ones can prevent full engagement. We#39;re talking about priorities.这里要讲的不是错失特殊时刻——当然,和爱人在一起时发短信会妨碍约会。这里强调的是优先次序。3. Your posture is suffering姿势不当,身体受累Texting can actually harm your whole body. People get so focused on these devices that they end up holding their neck and upper back in abnormal positions for a long period of time; enough that other people coined the phrase ‘text neck,’ which is essentially referring to postural pain.发短信其实对全身都有危害。人们专心发短信时,脖子和上背容易长久保持不当姿势,因此出现了所谓的“短信脖”一词,暗指因姿势不当而引发的疼痛。Want to counteract the effect of all this stooping and texting? Bring your phone to eye level while you use it or actually training for your endurance texting with back, neck and core strengthening exercises. Oh, and give your phone a rest!想治好发短信时驼背哈腰造成的疼痛吗?那就在使用时把手机放到视线齐平的位置,或端正脖子及后背的姿势。还有,让手机消停一会儿吧!4. We can#39;t believe we still have to say this, but it disrupts your driving不得不再次强调:开车时发短信相当危险!Hopefully you know by now that you can#39;t text and drive (since it#39;s the law and all), but an astounding 80 percent of college-aged drivers admit to engaging in this behavior, despite knowing how dangerous it can be.希望你现在已经知道:法律规定,不可以边开车边发短信!尽管如此,仍有80%大学生年纪的人不顾个人安危,边开车边发短信。You are 23 times more likely to crash if you#39;re texting behind the wheel, according to a federal report. And cell phone use was associated with 18 percent of ;distraction;-related deaths.据美国一份联邦报告显示,开车时发短信,出车祸的几率要高上23倍。而且,因“分神”而造成的死亡,18%是手机惹的祸。5. It makes you a less responsible pedestrian使你走路时磕磕碰碰Even if you aren#39;t driving, your texting could be a liability to the people around you. A study in the British Medical Journal found that one in three people are distracted by mobile devices while walking and that texting was the most distracting of all the mobile activities -- including listening to music and talking on the phone.哪怕你没在开车,发短信也会给身边人造成不便。《英国医学杂志》上一项研究发现,1/3的人走路时会因使用移动设备而分心,其中,发短信远比听歌或煲电话等更容易引起分心。The researchers observed more than 1,000 pedestrians during rush hour in Seattle and recorded their phone habits and safety precautions as they crossed traffic junctions. They reported that texting pedestrians were almost four times more likely to ignore traffic lights, fail to look both ways at a cross and to cross outside of the demarcated crosswalk.在西雅图的高峰时段,研究人员观察了近1000名行人,记录下他们过马路时的电话习惯和安全防范措施。结果表明,发短信的人无视红绿灯的几率高达4倍,而且这些人既不注意两边路况,也常常走到人行道外面去。6. Your school or work performance will suffer影响学习或工作Your texting could be holding back your productivity at work or school. According to one study of college students, female first year students spend an average 12 hours texting and engaging in social media -- and extensive media use is associated with lower academic performance.发短信可能会影响工作效率或学习成绩。根据大学生的一项调查显示,大一女生平均有12小时耗在短信和社交媒介上,而沉溺于社交媒体和较差的学业大有关联。But it isn#39;t just college students who face texting distractions. A study conducted at the University of Michigan found that short interruptions at work -- even just the duration of ing or sending a text -- can increase the number of errors a worker makes during a single task, reported HealthDay.而且,不仅大学生有“短信分心”现象,根据HealthDay的报道,密歇根大学的一项调查还发现,工作时的短暂干扰——哪怕只是查看或发送一条短信,也会增加工作出错几率。7. It can prevent you from really enjoying the activities you cherish妨碍你享受真正值得珍惜的活动Google executive Bonita Stewart banishes her cell phone from her ballet class so that she can enjoy her dance practice unfettered by her to-do list.谷歌高级主管妮塔-斯图尔特在上芭蕾课时绝对不用手机,只有这样,她才能按照任务清单专心享受舞蹈训练。 /201310/262831西安唐都医院消化病网上咨询

陕西省二一五215医院胃病胃肠好不好BEIJING (AP) — The world#39;s only survivinggiant panda triplets were doing well as they turned 100 days old Wednesday.北京(美联社)——周三,随着出生百日的到来,世界上仅存的熊猫三胞胎成长状况良好。Each weighs more than 5 kilograms (11pounds), up from just over 100 grams at birth. They started teething at around80 days old and have two small teeth each.三只熊猫宝宝的体重均超过5千克(11英镑),而刚出生时它们的体重仅超100克。大约在出生80天时,它们开始长出乳牙,现在它们都有两颗小牙齿。The cubs were born on July 29 within fourhours, the female cub first and then her brothers.7月29号,熊猫宝宝们在四小时内先后来到了世上,雌性熊猫宝宝在先,然后是她的两个弟弟。Physical exams show the cubs#39;health to beideal, said Dong Guixin, general manager of ChimelongSafari Park in Guangzhou,capital of south China#39;s Guangdong province.广州市长隆野生动物园总经理董贵信(Dong Guixin)说,体检表明三只幼崽健康状况理想。Starting Wednesday, the cubs will bedisplayed to visitors for limited times.周三开始,动物园将在限定的时间内向游客展示熊猫宝宝们。The cubs are also taking turns living withtheir mother for five-day cycles.熊猫宝宝们还将以5天一周期的方式轮流与它们的母亲住在一起。;It is imperative to help the tripletsform a good relationship with their mother and keep them in close contact. Wehope that they can live together if the cubs grow healthily,; Dong said.董说,“让三胞胎与母亲建立良好关系并保持密切关系是至关重要的。如果幼崽健康成长的话,我们希望它们可以生活在一起”。According to the park, four births of pandatriplets have been recorded, but in each of the previous instances, at leastone died due to physical defects or being underweight.据该动物园,目前有四对记录在案的熊猫三胞胎,但之前的案例中至少有一只熊猫宝宝因身体缺陷或体重不足而夭亡。The cubs haven#39;t been named, but the parkis seeking suggestions from the public.熊猫宝宝们的名字还没有定下来,动物园正向公众征集意见。 /201411/341032 西安市中医院萎缩性胃炎反流性胃炎食道炎第四军医大学西京医院消化病官网专家在线咨询

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