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长春医大一院做药物流产多少钱九台区妇幼保健医院预约电话是多少德惠市做人流一般多少钱 Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has admitted he personally killed criminal suspects as mayor of Davao.菲律宾总统罗德里戈·杜特尔特日前承认,自己在担任达沃市市长期间曾亲手杀死过犯罪嫌疑人。It is the first such admission he has made since becoming president in June, but echoes comments he made in 2015.这是他在今年6月成为总统以来第一次这样承认,但这也与他在2015年的相呼应。He ran the southern city for two decades, earning a reputation for cutting crime, and criticism for allegedly supporting death squads.罗德里戈·杜特尔特管理达沃这座南方城市长达二十年,在减少犯罪方面赢得了声誉,但因持敢死队而受到批评。It is the latest in a series of controversial and sometimes contradictory comments by Mr Duterte.本次的这一言论是他一系列有争议、有时自相矛盾的中最新的一则;In Davao I used to do it personally. Just to show to the guys that if I can do it why cant you,; he said.他说:“在达沃,我以前经常自己动手--就为让那些家伙们(警察)知道,我都能做,你为什么不胀?;And Id go around in Davao with a motorcycle, with a big bike around, and I would just patrol the streets, looking for trouble also. I was really looking for a confrontation so I could kill.;“我会骑着一辆托车、开着一辆很大的车在达沃市转,也会在街道上巡逻,看看哪里有麻烦。实际上我是在寻找冲突,那样我就能开了。”In 2015, he admitted killing at least three men suspected of kidnapping and rape in Davao.2015年,他承认自己至少杀死了三名有绑架和强奸嫌疑的男子。The comments have been condemned by human rights group Amnesty International, which has called on him to put an immediate end to the killings.不过这些已经遭到了人权组-国际特赦组织的谴责,该组织呼吁他立即结束杀戮。But just hours before Mr Dutertes latest remarks, he insisted ;I am not a killer;, in a speech for The Outstanding Filipino Awards 2016.不过就在他发表这一最新言论前几个小时的016年杰出菲律宾人”的颁奖典礼演讲中,杜特尔特坚称:“我不是杀手”。来 /201612/485214长春不孕不育检查好多钱

长春市吉大第三医院无痛人流要多少钱US and European leaders have warned Turkey’s president to use restraint in his increasingly wide-reaching crackdown against plotters of Friday’s coup amid widesp alarm at the speed of arrests of military officers and prosecutors.美欧领导人警告土耳其总统在其打击面越来越大的针对上周五政变策划者的镇压中保持克制。土耳其军官和检察官被大量抓捕的情况引起了广泛警觉。“We urge the government of Turkey to uphold the highest standard of respect#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;for the rule of law,John Kerry, US secretary of state, said after meeting his EU counterparts in Brussels. “We support bringing the perpetrators of the coup to justice, but we caution a reach that goes beyond that.”“我们敦促土耳其政府对法治……保持最高标准的尊重,”美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)在布鲁塞尔与欧盟(EU)外长们开会后表示。“我们持将政变策划者绳之以法,但我们也告诫不要让打击面超出这一步。”Some EU leaders went still further. The European Commission official responsible for Turkey policy accused President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of having a prepared list of targets for arrest even before the coup was launched.不过,有些欧盟领导人的表态更不客气。欧盟委员会负责对土耳其政策的官员指责土耳其总统雷杰#8226;塔伊#8226;埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)甚至在政变发起之前,便准备好了一份清洗名单。“It looks at least as if something has been prepared,said Johannes Hahn, commissioner in charge of Turkey’s EU membership bid. “The lists are available, which indicates it was prepared and to be used at a certain stage. I’m very concerned. It is exactly what we feared.”“看来,好像至少有些事情早就准备好了,”负责土耳其申请加入欧盟事务的专员约翰内#8226;哈恩(Johannes Hahn)说。“名单是现成的。这表明,它是事先准备好的,打算在某一阶段使用。我对此非常担心。这正是我们所害怕的事情。”The expressions of concern came in as the number of officials and soldiers arrested by Mr Erdogan’s allies continued to rise. Binali Yildirim, the president’s handpicked prime minister, announced that 7,543 people had been detained, including 6,138 from the military, 755 prosecutors and 650 civilians.外界发出担心的声音之际,遭到埃尔多安的盟友逮捕的官员和军人的数量在持续增加。埃尔多安精心挑选的总理比纳#8226;耶伊尔德勒姆(Binali Yildirim)宣布,已543人被拘捕,其中包138名军人,755名检察官50名平民。The state-run news agency said that more than 100 generals and admirals had been detained. It ed the interior ministry as suspending 8,777 employees including police officers and governors of 30 of Turkey’s 81 provinces.土耳其官方新闻社表示,已有超过100名将军和海军上将遭到拘捕,并援引内政部的话表示,8777名雇员——包括警官以及土耳其81个省当中30个省的省长——已被停职。“We cannot accept a military dictatorship but we also have to be careful that the Turkish authorities do not put in place a political system which turns away from democracy,said Jean-Marc Ayrault, France’s foreign minister.“我们不能接受军事独裁,但也必须谨慎,不要让土耳其当局实施偏离民主的政治制度,”法国外长让-马克#8226;埃罗(Jean-Marc Ayrault)说。A spokesman for Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, also warned Mr Erdogan that acceding to widesp demands from supporters to reinstate the death penalty for the plotters would end the country’s EU accession hopes.安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)的发言人也对埃尔多安警告称,若同意大批持者的要求、对政变策划者恢复执行死刑,那将让该国加入欧盟的希望化为泡影。Turkey abolished capital punishment in 2004, clearing the way for the country to start the formal process of EU accession talks. Senior Turkish officials reacted angrily to accusations that they were overreacting to the plot. One official said critics were “ignoring the fact that the parliament was hit 11 times by hijacked F-16sand had taken the Turkish president’s remarks that the coup “was a gift from Godout of context.土耳其004年取缔了死刑,为该国开启加入欧盟谈判的正式流程扫清了道路。土耳其高级官员愤怒地回应了有关他们对政变反应过激的指责。一名官员说,批评者“忽略了遭劫持F-16战机对议会发1次攻击的事实”,并对土耳其总统有关政变是“真主赐予的礼物”的言论断章取义。Turkish officials said Mr Erdogan’s narrow escape from the plotters was a clear sign that he in no way sought the coup as a way to cleanse the Turkish state of his political enemies. They said suspects had been rounded up based on prior investigations which revealed connections to the core group of plotters, and on lists of new appointees that putschists had distributed in the early hours after the plot was launched.土耳其官员表示,埃尔多安从叛乱者手中侥幸逃脱清楚地表明,他绝没有寻求自导自演政变,以便清洗自己的政敌。他们表示,嫌疑人被捕的依据是表明他们与核心策划者有关联的前期调查,以及反叛者在起事后不久分发的新的被任命者名单。来 /201607/455310长春6个月人流多少钱 If something cannot go on forever, it will stop. The question is how long that will take with Donald Trump. It is little use speculating about the next four years. Just multiply Mr Trump’s first four weeks and ask how long America’s system can take the strain.如果有些事无法永远继续的话,它就会停止。问题是唐纳特朗Donald Trump)能够撑多久。对接下来的四年作猜测没什么意义。就以特朗普上任的头四周为基础做乘法,再问问美国体系还能承压多久吧。In his first month Mr Trump has declared war on the intelligence agencies and the media. It looks like the judicial branch is next on his list of enemies. There is no middle ground in Mr Trump’s Washington. Either the forces that are against the president will bring him down or he will destroy the system. My bet is on the first. But I would not stake my life on it.在上任头一个月,特朗普对情报部门和媒体宣战。司法部门似乎是他列出的下一个敌人。在特朗普领导的华盛顿,没有中间地带。要么是反对他的力量把他赶下台,要么是他摧毁这个体系。我打赌是第一种,但我不会用性命做赌注。Do not be reassured by Mr Trump’s cabinet. Many of them are experienced individuals. James Mattis, the secretary of defence, Rex Tillerson, secretary of state, and Steven Mnuchin, the nominee for Treasury secretary, are professionals. We may dispute their priorities but we have no basis to contest their hold on reality.不要对特朗普的内阁放心。其中很多人经验丰富。国防部长詹姆斯?马蒂James Mattis)、国务卿雷克蒂勒Rex Tillerson)和财政部长史蒂文?姆努Steven Mnuchin)都是专业人士。我们可能会质疑他们的优先任务,但我们没有理由质疑他们对现实的把控。Even Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer Mr Trump’s controversial adviser and press secretary would probably look fine if they were working for a different president. Mr Trump could populate his administration with America’s most diligent public servants and it would not change the most important thing. They would still be required to execute the orders of a man who divides the world into friends and enemies and nothing in between.甚至连备受争议的特朗普顾问凯莉安康韦(Kellyanne Conway)和新闻秘书肖斯派Sean Spicer)都可能看上去不错——如果他们是为别的某位总统工作的话。特朗普可以用美国最勤恳的公务员填充他的政府,但这不会改变最重要的事情。他们还是得执行这位将世界划分为朋友和敌人——没有中间地带——的总统的命令。Robert Harward, the ex-navy Seal who turned down the job to serve as Mr Trump’s national security adviser, is a harbinger of things to come. In any normal circumstance, someone of Mr Harward’s background would have leapt at the honour of such a high position. But Mr Harward could not stomach the prospect.前海军海豹突击队队员罗伯哈沃Robert Harward)拒绝了担任特朗普国家安全顾问的邀请,这是一个预兆。通常情况下,具备哈沃德这种背景的人会欣然接受这一高职。但哈沃德却不能接受这种未来。It would have meant serving a president who thinks he knows more than his generals about war, more than his spies do about intelligence and more than his diplomats do about the world. The only people with whom Mr Trump agrees are those who agree with him. It is an open question how long it will take for Mr Trump’s existing appointees to reach the same conclusion. There is a thin line between doing your duty and being humiliated.如果接受,那将意味着侍奉一位自以为比他的将军们更懂战争,比他的间谍们更懂情报,比他的外交官们更懂世界的总统。特朗普唯一认同的人是那些认同他的人。特朗普目前已经任命的人将花多长时间得出这一结论仍是一个未知数。尽职与蒙受羞辱之间的界限很难区分。The US intelligence agencies aly appear to have crossed that line. No fewer than nine intelligence sources leaked details of Michael Flynn’s phone call with the Russian ambassador to the Washington Post. Some of this was surely revenge for the contempt Mr Flynn dealt out to intelligence agents, who coined the term “Flynn factswhen he was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency. But some of it was motivated by deep alarm about a president who is so cavalier with US national security.美国情报机构似乎已越过这一界限。不少于9个情报来源向《华盛顿邮报Washington Post)泄露了迈克尔?弗林(Michael Flynn)与俄罗斯大使的电话通话细节。其中一些显然是对弗林轻视情报间谍人员的报复,在他担任国防情报局(Defense Intelligence Agency)局长时,间谍人员曾造出“弗林事实Flynn facts)一词。但其中一些是因为对这位对美国国家安全毫不在乎的总统感到严重恐慌。Mr Trump has likened the Central Intelligence Agency to Nazi Germany and accused it of working for Hillary Clinton. In contrast, he has nothing but praise for James Comey, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose last minute intervention helped to tip the election Mr Trump’s way.特朗普将中情局(CIA)比作纳粹德国,并指责中情局为希拉里?克林Hillary Clinton)工作。相比之下,他却对联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯?科米(James Comey)称赞有加,科米在最后一刻的干预,曾帮助美国总统大选朝着有利于特朗普的方向发展。The message is clear: be like Mr Comey or be treated as the enemy. It is hard to imagine there are many public servants who see Mr Comey as a role model. Some of them risk their lives at relatively low pay to serve their country. Mr Trump is not their country.这其中的信息很清楚:你或是选择像科米一样,或是选择被视为敌人。很难想象会有许多公务员将科米视为榜样。其中一些人冒着生命危险,领着相对微薄的工资,务他们的国家。而特朗普不是他们的国家。Then there is the lying media or the “Lügenpresseas Mr Trump’s alt-right supporters say in echo of the Nazi slur. On Thursday Mr Trump subjected the media to an 80-minute diatribe disguised as a press conference in which he accused them of dishonesty, peddling “very fake newsand conspiracy to undermine his presidency.然后是“说谎的媒体”——特朗普的极右翼持者用纳粹时代诋毁用语“Lügenpresse”(译注:意为说谎的媒体)来指称媒体。上周四,特朗普打着新闻发布会的幌子,让媒体遭受0分钟的“狂轰滥炸”,他指责媒体不诚实,散布“非常虚假的新闻”并且密谋破坏他的执政。His next logical step is to accuse the media of treason. In a tweet he later deleted Mr Trump called the media an “enemy of the American people This cannot end well. Anonymous death threats have become a normal way of life for many journalists in Washington. I fear it is only a matter of time before this results in violence. The same applies to the judiciary. The judges who shot down Mr Trump’s “Muslim banearlier this month are also receiving death threats.合乎他本人逻辑的下一步,是指责媒体叛囀?特朗普曾发布一条Twitter帖子,称媒体是“美国人民的敌人”,后来他删除了这条帖子(后来特朗普把这条帖子修改后又重新发出,但仍然保留了称媒体是“美国人民的敌人”的内容——编者注)。这事不会善了。对于华盛顿的许多记者而言,匿名的死亡威胁已经是家常便饭。我担心,或早或晚,这最终将导致暴力。司法机构的境况也是如此。本月早些时候叫停特朗普“穆斯林禁令”的法官们也收到了死亡威胁。Where does this end? Panglossian types cling to the hope that Mr Trump will make a course correction. In this happy development, he would clear the White House of firebrands, such as his close advisers Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller, and replace them with seasoned operators.这一切的终点在哪里?过分乐观的人坚持怀抱特朗普将修正路线的希望。如果事态照这种乐观的情形发展,特朗普将清除白宫中挑起争端的人士,比如他的亲密顾问斯蒂芬?班农(Stephen Bannon)和斯蒂芬?米勒(Stephen Miller),并且用经验丰富的人士代替他们。Such a purge is possible at some point. It may even be likely. Few advisers can long survive proximity to the white heat of a demagogue. Unless Mr Trump replaced himself, the siege would go on.这样的清洗在某些时刻是可能的。甚至还很有可能。少有顾问能够近距离接触一个煽动家的狂热并且长期幸免于难。除非特朗普找人替换自己,否则这种围攻还会持续下去。Nor can we bank on a personality transplant. Mr Trump could spend 95 per cent of his time taking the advice of experts and 5 per cent going against it. That 5 per cent would still drive the agenda. But Mr Trump is not a reformable character. The more besieged he becomes, the more he lashes out. He is now vowing an investigation into leaks and an implied purge of disloyal officers.我们也不能指望性格转变。特朗普可能会花95%的时间听取专家的建议,花5%的时间反对这些建议。这5%依然将推动议程。但特朗普不是一个可以改变的人物。他越是被围攻,越是会出手反击。现在特朗普誓言对泄露事件进行调查,并且暗示将清除不忠诚的官员。It is hard to predict how long it would take to resolve the battle between Mr Trump and the so-called deep state. It is also hard to say how long a Republican Congress could stand the heat. As I say, multiply the past four weeks by three, or six, or nine. The neutral ground will vanish. At some point this will boil down to a choice between Mr Trump and the US constitution.很难预测,要解决特朗普和所谓的国家深层势力之间的斗争需要多长时间。也很难说由共和党主导的国会能够在围攻之下坚持多长时间。我的观点是,将过去周乘,或,或。中间地带将会消失。在某个时刻上,这将归结于选择特朗普还是选择美国宪法。来 /201702/493453辽源人民医院专家

乾安县人民医院生殖科A U.N. human rights working group has ruled that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been ;arbitrarily detained; at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, but the group has no authority over British police seeking to arrest him.联合国一个人权工作小组判定,维基揭秘创办者阿桑奇在厄瓜多尔驻伦敦大使馆被强制拘禁,但该小组无权向寻求逮捕阿桑奇的英国警方发布指示。The working group announced its findings Friday, some three-and-a-half years after Assange took refuge in the embassy to avoid arrest and extradition to Sweden on rape charges.这个联合国工作小组星期五宣布了上述判定结果。为避免因强奸指控被逮捕并引渡到瑞典,阿桑奇在厄瓜多尔驻英大使馆避难已长年半左右。British authorities have not yet responded to the ruling.英国当局还没有对联合国工作小组的这一判定做出反应。On Thursday, Swedish prosecutors predicted the U.N. ruling and said Assanges confinement has no impact on the rape case against him in Sweden.瑞典检察官星期四预料到了联合国工作小组会做出这一判定,并表示,阿桑奇受困不会对他在瑞典被控强奸一案有任何影响。Assange, who is Australian, published on WikiLeaks a number of leaked diplomatic cables and other sensitive documents the ed States considers classified information. It was one of the largest information leaks in U.S. history.阿桑奇是澳大利亚人,他在维基解密网站上发表了很多泄露的外交密电和美国认为属于机密的其他敏感文件。这是美国历史上最大规模的泄密事件之一。来 /201602/425846 长春省二院门诊部怎么样长春医科大学附属第一医院体检收费标准



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