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Western leaders have called for calm between Iran and Saudi Arabia after renewed tensions at the weekend between the two Middle Eastern powers threatened to stoke the flames of a sectarian conflict across the region.沙特阿拉伯周日宣布与伊朗断绝外交关系,此前沙特处决了知名什叶派教士和活动家谢赫尼米尔尼米尔(Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr),引发伊朗人在沙特驻德黑兰大使馆门前爆发骚乱。Saudi Arabia executed 47 people on Saturday for planning and carrying out terrorist attacks, including the prominent Shia cleric and activist Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, triggering riots at Riyadh’s embassy in Tehran.上周六,沙特以策划和实施恐怖袭击的罪名处决7人,其中包括知名什叶派教士和活动家谢赫尼米尔尼米尔,引发伊朗人在沙特驻德黑兰大使馆门前爆发骚乱。The US, UN and EU all condemned the kingdom’s executions, while warning countries in the region to avoid escalating religious tensions further.美国、联合国(UN)和欧EU)都谴责沙特处决这些人士的举动,同时警告中东国家避免加剧宗教紧张。The Shia cleric’s execution threatens to fuel a power struggle with Iran across the region, particularly in Syria and Iraq where both accuse each other of fanning a sectarian war between Shia and Sunni Muslims.处决这名什叶派宗教人士的举动可能加剧沙特同伊朗在整个地区的权力斗争,尤其是在叙利亚和伊拉克,这两国都指责对方在什叶派和逊尼派穆斯林之间煽动教派战争。The western warnings came as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, said Saudi Arabia would face “divine vengeancefor the “unjustly spilled bloodof Nimr. He urged the world, including Islamic countries, to react to Saturday’s killings.西方的警告是在伊朗最高领袖阿亚图拉阿里哈梅内Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)发表相关言论之际发出的。哈梅内伊宣称,沙特将为尼米尔“不公正的流血”遭受“神圣的复仇”。他敦促包括伊斯兰国家在内的全世界对沙特上周六的处决行动做出反应。Dozens of Iranian hardliners stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran on Saturday and set it ablaze. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard vowed “tough revenge in the not-too-distant futurethat would “trigger the collapseof Saudi rule.上周六,数十名伊朗强硬派冲击了沙特驻德黑兰大使馆并纵火焚烧。伊朗革命卫Revolutionary Guard)誓言,“在不远的将来将发动强硬报复”,引发沙特统治“覆灭”。The US Department of State said Nimr’s execution risked “exacerbating sectarian tensions at a time when they urgently need to be reduced It reiterated the need for leaders throughout the region “to redouble efforts aimed at de-escalating regional tensions美国国务Department of State)表示,处决尼米尔可能会在“迫切需要减缓教派紧张局势的时候加剧紧张”。美国国务院还重申,整个中东地区国家领袖需要“加强降低地区紧张的努力”。Ban Ki-moon, UN secretary-general, said he was “deeply dismayedabout the executions, adding that the UN “deplored the violence by demonstrators against the Saudi embassy in Tehran联合国秘书长潘基Ban Ki-moon)表示对这一处决行为“深感震惊”,并补充说联合国“谴责示威者对德黑兰沙特大使馆的暴力行为”。Federica Mogherini, the EU’s foreign policy chief, said the Nimr case raised serious concerns “regarding the respect of basic civil and political rights She warned it could have “dangerous consequencesfor the region.欧盟外交与安全政策高级代表费代里卡莫盖里Federica Mogherini)表示,尼米尔一案引发了“在尊重基本公民和政治权利方面”的严重担忧。她警告称,该案可能对该地区产生“危险的后果”。Hassan Rouhani, Iran’s centrist president, also criticised Saudi’s rulers for what he called an “un-Islamic actthat he said would fan terrorism and “further tarnish the Saudi image in the world伊朗的中间派总统哈桑脠哈Hassan Rouhani)也批评沙特统治者采取了被他称为“不符合伊斯兰教义的行为”。他说,这一行为会助长恐怖主义的气焰,并“进一步玷污沙特在世界上的形象”。At the same time, Mr Rouhani’s government sought to prevent further escalation by urging protesters to respect diplomatic immunity and not to gather in front of the Saudi embassy, as well as its consulate in the northeastern holy city of Mashhad.与此同时,鲁哈尼政府寻求阻止局面进一步升级,敦促抗议者尊重外交豁免权,不要聚集在沙特大使馆及伊朗东北部马什哈德市的沙特领事馆门前。来 /201601/420018China ;strongly condemns; the ruthless murder of a Chinese citizen by the Islamic State extremist group , President Xi Jinping said.习近平表示,中国强烈谴责“伊斯兰国”极端组织残忍杀害中国公民这一暴行;Terrorism is the common enemy of mankind. China firmly opposes terrorism in any form and firmly fights against any violent, terrorist criminal activities that challenge the bottom line of human civilization,; Xi said.习近平称,恐怖主义是人类的公敌,中国坚决反对一切形式的恐怖主义,坚决打击任何挑战人类文明底线的暴恐犯罪活动。Earlier in September, the IS said it had captured a Chinese and a Norwegian hostage, who were identified by ISs English-language magazine Dabiq as Fan Jinghui, a freelance consultant from China, and Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad from Norway.9月初,IS声称扣押了一名中国籍人质和一名挪威籍人质。IS的英文杂志《达比格》(Dabiq)显示,中国人质姓名;FANJINGHUI;,职业是自由咨询师;挪威男子名为Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad。Fan Jinghui, a Chinese citizen, was kidnapped and cruelly killed by the Islamic State extremist group. We express our condolences to the victim and sympathy to his family.中国公民樊京辉被“伊斯兰国”极端组织绑架并残忍杀害。我们谨向遇害者表示哀悼,向遇害者家属表示深切慰问。The Chinese government and people have been very concerned about Fan Jinghuis safety since he was kidnapped. Relevant departments of the Chinese government activated emergency response mechanism upon learning the kidnapping and made all-out efforts to rescue him. However, with no regard for human conscience and moral baseline, the terrorist organization still carried out this cold-blooded and violent action. The Chinese government strongly condemns this inhuman action and will definitely hold the perpetrators accountable.樊京辉被绑架后,中国政府和人民十分牵挂他的安危。中国政府有关部门第一时间启动应急机制,想方设法开展营救工作。但恐怖组织无视人类良知和道德底线,仍然采取惨无人道的暴力行径。中国政府对这一泯灭人性的暴行予以强烈谴责,一定要将犯罪分子绳之以法。Terrorism is the common enemy faced by all humanity. The Chinese government opposes all forms of terrorism and firmly cracks down on any violent and terrorist crime that challenges the baseline of human civilization. The Chinese side will continue to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation with the international community and safeguard world peace and tranquility.恐怖主义是人类的公敌,中国政府坚决反对一切形式的恐怖主义,坚决打击任何挑战人类文明底线的暴恐犯罪活动。中方将继续同国际社会加强反恐合作,维护世界和平与安宁。来 /201511/410712

Meeting for the first time in three years, leaders from China, Japan and South Korea agreed on Sunday that they would meet annually and work toward greater trade ties, even as they continued to wrangle over territorial and historical disputes.本周日举行的会谈,是近三年来中、日、韩三国领导人的首次会面。尽管这三个国家间还存在领土和历史上的争端,三国领导人在会议上一致同意,日后将每年进行会面,加深三国之间的贸易联系。Given their countries long history of mutual grievances rooted in a wartime history, the meeting of Premier Li Keqiang of China, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan and President Park Geun-hye of South Korea was in itself considered progress.鉴于三国之间由战争遗留下的长期怨怼,中国总理李克强、日本首相安倍晋三以及韩国总统朴槿惠的三人会面可以说是一项重大突破;This summit meeting carries a historic significance because it restores a system of cooperation among the three countries, which in turn is an important frame of peace and prosperity in Northeast Asia,; Ms. Park said during a joint news conference with the two other leaders.朴槿惠在联合新闻发布会上说:;此次首脑会议具有极大的历史意义,因为其修复了这三个国家之间的合作关系,并且也相应地为东北亚地区构建了和平昌盛的框架;During their talks, held at Ms. Parks presidential headquarters, the Blue House, the three appeared to have skirted their countries territorial and other thorny disputes, with their joint statement saying they would work for regional peace and stability ;in the spirit of marching to the future while looking squarely at the history.;在青瓦台举办的会谈中,三国领导人刻意回避了彼此之间的领土问题以及其他争端,联合发表声明称他们会就;面向未来、直面历史的精神;而为区域和平稳定做出努力。They also produced widely expected pledges to stay committed to ending North Koreas nuclear weapons ambitions and to add momentum to efforts to negotiate a trilateral free trade agreement, a new engine for joint economic advancement. They also agreed to meet again next year, in Tokyo, in a continuation of discussions that were suspended for three years because of political tensions between Japan and the other two.同时,他们也不负众望,承诺会共同致力于遏制朝鲜发展核武器,并且投入更多精力来商议三边自由贸易协定,为三国经济共同发展注入新动力。三国领导人也同意明年于日本东京再次会面,重启先前因为政治冲突而搁置三年的讨论。Even before the three leaders met on Sunday, few analysts expected any major deal to emerge. But their discussions reflected the fact that their countries, which are among the worlds largest economies, rely on one another for badly needed growth, despite the persistence of animosities rooted in Japans colonial aggression in the early 20th century.即便是在这三位领导人的周日会面之前,没有几位分析人士认为此次会谈会催生什么重大交易。但是他们的谈话表明,尽管日本在20世纪初的殖民侵略遗留下的深深仇恨仍未散去,这三个在世界名列前茅的经济体因为迫切的增长需求而互相依赖。During the news conference on Sunday, Mr. Abe said he had had a ;quite frank exchange of opinions; with Ms. Park and Mr. Li. But he did not mention any of the issues that have distanced his country from the two neighbors, like the recruitment of Korean, Chinese and other Asian women who were forced or lured into working in front-line brothels for Japans World War II soldiers.在周日的新闻发布会上,安倍晋三说他同朴槿惠以及李克强;相当坦率地交换了观点;。但是他并未提及任何使日本与其他两国疏远的事件,譬如二战时期从中、韩以及其他亚洲国家征召慰安妇的事件。Mr. Li came close to calling Mr. Abe to task during the news conference. Without mentioning Japan by name, he said that the three countries needed to ;heighten mutual political trust; and that ;mutual trust is conditioned on a mutual understanding of historical and other important issues.; He said that Beijing did not want its trilateral and bilateral ties with the others to be disrupted again.在新闻发布会期间,李克强靠近安倍,叫他分配任务。李克强并未刻意提及日本,说三个国家需;加强彼此政治互信;,并;这种互信建立在对于历史以及其他重要事件的共同认识之上;。他说中国不希望其三边及双边合作关系再次破裂。Leaders of the three neighbors held five annual trilateral meetings between 2008 and 2012, but those ended after Mr. Abe took office in late 2012. Tokyos relations with Seoul and Beijing, aly frosty because of territorial disputes over islands and conflicting interpretations of wartime history, chilled further after the Japanese leader visited or sent offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, where war criminals, as well as other war dead, are honored.008年到2012年期间,这三个相邻国家的领导人曾举办了五次年度三边会议,但自2012年底安倍晋三上台执政后中止。日本对中、韩关系因为领土争端和彼此矛盾的侵略战争历史观而不断恶化,并因日方领导人祭拜靖国神社和供奉战犯而更加恶劣。Mr. Abes insistence that there was no proof that Japans military systematically forced Korean and other Asian women to serve as sex slaves during World War II so angered South Koreans that Ms. Park has refused to meet with him one on one. She has met with Mr. Li and President Xi Jinping of China several times since taking office in early 2013.安倍晋三坚称,没有任何据表明二战期间日军曾有组织地逼迫韩国以及其他亚洲妇女成为性奴。此举一度激怒朴槿惠,使她拒绝和安倍一对一会面。朴槿惠013年上任来已与中国总理李克强、中国国家主席习近平有过几次会面。Mr. Abe was traveling with no compromise on historical issues, South Korean officials said. The rift between him and Ms. Park remained so wide, especially over the sex slaves, known euphemistically as comfort women, that South Korea decided not to hold a state banquet for him, an honor it bestowed on Mr. Li on Saturday, when he discussed trade and other ties with Ms. Park and South Korean business leaders.韩国官员称,安倍此次与会并没有任何在历史问题上妥协的意味。安倍和朴槿惠之间的嫌隙极深,尤其是在慰安妇问题方面。此次韩国并未以国宴规格招待安倍晋三。而在周六,李克强则受到国宴规格的款待,当时他和朴槿惠以及韩国的商业领袖们一起讨论贸易和其他往来联系。Washington has repeatedly asked Japan and South Korea, its key allies in Northeast Asia, to mend ties to cope with Chinas growing regional influence.美国一直敦促其在东南亚的重要盟友要修复和中国的关系,以应对其日益壮大的区域影响力。Mr. Abes arrival in Seoul came as many Japanese accuse Ms. Park of taking South Korea too close to China, to the detriment of the regional security partnership linking Japan, South Korea and the ed States. South Korea recently completed a free-trade agreement with China, aly its biggest trading partner.安倍在首尔的露面引发了日本国内对朴槿惠的诸多不满,许多人指责朴槿惠与中国太过亲近,会对日、韩、美三国的区域安全合伙造成不利。近期,韩国和中国达成一项自由贸易协定,中国俨然成为其最大的贸易伙伴。来 /201511/407492

Barack Obama has urged the leaders of Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim economies to help him overcome the few remaining “logjamsin the way of creating a vast regional trade bloc.美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)敦促日本以及其他10个太平洋沿岸经济体的领导人帮助他克剩余的几个阻碍创建庞大区域性贸易集团的“僵局”。After last week’s midterm election losses, the US president assured a meeting in Beijing of leaders involved in negotiations over a Trans-Pacific Partnership that he expected trade to be one area of bipartisan co-operation with the new Republican-controlled Congress.在上周中期选举失利之后,奥巴马向在北京参与《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定Trans-Pacific Partnership, TPP)谈判的各国领导人保,贸易将是他与由共和党控制的新一届国会展开两党合作的一个领域。Following years of negotiations, momentum was building towards a final agreement on the TPP, he said, and leaders needed to help “break some of the remaining logjams “It’s up to all of us to see if we can finalise a deal that’s both ambitious and comprehensive,Mr Obama said. “This has the potential to be a historic agreement.”奥巴马表示,经过多年谈判后,TPP达成最终协议的势头日渐累积,各国领导人有必要帮助“打破一些余下的僵局”。他表示:“我们能否敲定一项既雄心勃勃又全面的协定取决于我们大家。它很有可能成为一项历史性的协定。”The TPP pointedly does not include China and is openly described by members of the Obama administration as a strategic response to the rise of China and other emerging economies.TPP令人瞩目地不包括中国。奥巴马政府官员公开表示,TPP是针对中国和其他新兴经济体崛起的战略回应。Mr Obama’s comments yesterday came after a weekend in which the US saw off an attempt by China to accelerate negotiations over a broader Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific, viewed by many as a potential rival to the TPP.奥巴马昨日发表上述言论前,美国在周末顶住了中国的企图——中国希望加快有关创建更为包容的亚太自由贸易Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific)的谈判,许多人认为亚太自由贸易区是TPP的潜在竞争对手。With their Chinese hostssensitivities in mind, the US and other TPP countries have gone out of their way to play down the possibility of any big breakthroughs in Beijing. The US has also been creeping closer to an agreement with China aimed at ending an impasse in negotiations at the World Trade Organisation over updating global tariffs on IT goods.考虑到东道主中国的敏感,美国和其他TPP参与国特意淡化在北京取得重大突破的可能性。美国也在一直悄悄推进与中国达成协议,以便结束世贸组WTO)中围绕更新IT产品全球关税的谈判僵局。But in a statement issued at the end of the meeting, leaders made clear they were intent on closing a deal over the TPP soon. “With the end coming into focus, we have instructed our ministers and negotiators to make concluding this agreement a top priority,they said.但在会议结束后发表的声明中,各国领导人明确表示,他们打算在不久之后达成TPP协议。他们表示:“鉴于终点在望,我们已指示各自的部长级官员和谈判代表把达成这一协定列为第一要务。”The biggest obstacle facing the TPP has been the slow bilateral negotiations between the US and Japan over opening their respective agricultural and auto sectors to greater competition. Negotiators on both sides, however, say those discussions are nearing a conclusion.TPP迄今面临的最大障碍是美日在各自开放农业和汽车行业、加大竞争方面的谈判进展缓慢。然而,两国谈判代表均表示,谈判接近尾声。Trade ministers from the 12 countries also indicated they had made “substantial progressin other key areas. These included rules on intellectual property, new rules of origin, guidelines for state-owned enterprises and “enforceableenvironmental and labour standards.12个国家的贸易部长们还暗示,他们在其他关键领域取得了“重大进展”。这些进展包括知识产权规则、新的原产地规则、国有企业指引以及“可执行的”环境和劳工标准。The TPP discussions have accelerated over the past six months in large part because US negotiators and their counterparts recognise that if a deal is not done by early next year it is likely to run up against presidential politics and the 2016 election in the US. Mr Obama’s trade agenda, blocked by Democrats in Congress for much of this year, also appears to face an easier political path at home after the midterm losses.TPP谈判之所以在过去6个月加速,在很大程度上是因为美国和其他国家的谈判代表认识到,如果到明年年初还没有达成协议,它就可能遭遇总统政治016年美国大选。在中期选举失利之后,奥巴马的贸易议程在国内的政治道路似乎也变得容易了一些——在今年大部分时间,这些贸易议程遭到国会中的民主党人的阻扰。Senior Republicans last week said they were willing to work with the president on trade and nominated giving him all-important “fast-trackauthority to conclude trade agreements as a priority.资深共和党人上周表示,他们愿意与奥巴马在贸易领域合作,并提到给予他至关重要的“快车道”谈判授权,以求从快缔结贸易协定。来 /201411/341753The US has said it plans to return to contested areas of the South China Sea, with a top military commander saying it has conducted similar operations worldwide ;for decades;.美国计划重返颇有争议的南海地区,其最高军事指挥官称,美国几十年来在全世界范围内一直进行着此类维护航行自由原则的巡航。The sailing of a US warship within an area claimed by China last week angered Beijing, which issued a warning.美国军舰进入中国上周宣布的领土地区,这一行为引起了中国政府的不满和警告。Adm Harry Harris, speaking in Beijing, said such moves should surprise no-one. An unnamed US official earlier told Reuters similar patrols would take place at least ;twice a quarter;.美军太平洋总部司令哈里斯在北京时表示,人们不应该对美方的这一行为感到吃惊。一位不具名美国政府官员早期告诉路透社,美方将每季度将至少进行两次此类巡逻。Admiral Harris, of the US Pacific Command, said in a speech at Peking University: ;Weve been conducting freedom of navigation operations all over the world for decades, so no-one should be surprised by them.; ;Our military will continue to fly, sail, and operate whenever and wherever international law allows. The South China Sea is not - and will not - be an exception.; But he also added that the operations, which he described as ;routine;, should ;never be construed as a threat to any nation;.美军太平洋总部司令哈里斯在北京大学演讲时称:“美国几十年来一直在全世界范围内进行维护航海和飞越自由的例行巡逻,人们不应该对此类举动感到吃惊。美军将继续在任何时间、任何地点行使国际法赋予的航行和飞越自由,南海不是例外。”他还说到,他所提到的“例行巡航”不应被看作是对任何国家的威胁。His remarks came a day after US deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said ensuring freedom of navigation in the South China Sea was in the US interest. ;We have a responsibility to demonstrate that were going to be there but fostering peaceful resolutions,; he added.哈里斯发表这番讲话的前一天,美国国家安全事务副助理罗兹表示,维护美国在南海的航行自由符合美国的利益。他还说到,“我们有责任到那里,但是我们会寻求和平的解决办法。”The US and Chinas naval commanders spoke by link last week after the USS Lassens trip. China told the US that a minor incident could spark conflict in South China Sea if the US did not stop its ;provocative acts;.美国拉森号军舰事件之后,中美海军指挥官在上周进行了视频对话。中方表示,如果美方不停止其“挑衅性行动”,类似的事件将在南海引起冲突。来 /201511/407880

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