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(一):Its the newest model and has alt the latest functions. 这是最新的款式,有所有最新的功能。A: Its the newest model and has all the latest functions.甲:这是最新的款式,有所有最新的功能。B: Can you explain it in detail?乙:可以再详细解释一下吗?介绍款式:This style prevails and picks up momentum.这种款式很流行,而且越来越风行了。I think career people will buy the moderate fashions.我认为职场人士会买大众化的款式。We are aiming at 2000 sets minimum per new pattern.我们对每一款新产品的最低目标数量是2000套。(二):How about the after sale service of your product? 你们这个产品的售后务怎么样?A: How about the after sale service of your product?甲:你们这个产品的售后务怎么样?B: We offer a 90-day return policy.乙:我们提供90天退货保。介绍售后务:We provide necessary after sale service.我们提供必要的售后务What is your return policy?你们的退货政策怎样? /201409/32728954.小聊几句常用应急场景范例一:In the supermarket counterHi, Francis.Oh, Mike. How are you doing?Not bad. It seems you are super yogurt lover. You have so many in your cart.Well, I prefer yogurt to all the other drinks. Have you ever tried a kind of yogurt with old milk in it? It tastes great and very healthy too.Oh, I haven’t noticed that before. Maybe I will try next time.Why don’t you go ahead of me? I have more items than you.Thank you. In fact, I am in a hurry. My wife is waiting for me at the parking lot.You’re welcome. It was good seeing you again.Me too. Have a great day.范例二:In the elevatorAre you watching the soccer match tonight? It must be the most exciting one in this season.Well, of course I can’t miss it. Which team are you for?Manchester ed. What about you?Me too. Do you think they are going to get the championship this time?I have confidence in them. /201002/964091. I will send you some brochures, if you are interested. 如果您有兴趣的话,我可以寄给您一些介绍产品的小册子。 /201005/103076第58期:参加展会When is the deadline for registration?登记参展的期限是什么时候?A:When is the deadline for registration?A:登记参展的期限是什么时候?B:Its in Beijing on March the 27th and 28th.B:商展的时间是3月27日、28曰在纽约展出。Where do I send the registration form that was in the paper,and the money?报上的这个登记卡还有参展的钱,我要寄到什么地方呢?A:Where do I send the registration form that was in the paper, and the money?A:报上的这个登记卡还有参展的钱,我要寄到什么地方呢?B: To the address that appears on the bottom of the form.B:寄到表格底下的那个地址。How large is the space that costs $ 100?100美元的位子有多大?A:How large is the space that costs 0?A:100 美元的位子有多大?B:It is 2x3,big enough for a small table.B:大概是2尺长、3尺宽,足够放一个小桌子。The signed copy reserving you a space will be notarized and then mailed to you.预约参展位子的签名原件,会做公后再寄给您。A:The signed copy reserving you a space will be notarized and then mailed to you.A:预约参展位子的签名原件,会做公后再寄给您。B:OK. My check should be arriving any day.B:好的。我寄出的票,你、们应该很快就会收到。notarize(vt.)明,确认Is there any way that we could have a spot in the middle somewhere?有没有办法帮我们找一个较靠近中间的位子呢?A:Is there any way that we could have a spot in the middle somewhere?A:有没有办法帮我们找一个较靠近中间的位子呢?B:Yes. They cost more,though.B:可以。不过会比较贵。Have we booked our site at the exhibition center?我们在展览中心的场地预订好了吗?A:Have we booked our site at the exhibition center?A:我们在展览中心的场地预订好了吗?B:Yes,we did that two weeks ago.B:我们两个星期前就预订好了。Do we have to construct the stands ourselves?我们必须自己搭建展台吗?A:Do we have to construct the stands ourselves?A:我们必须自己搭建展台吗?B:No,we hire a firm of contractors that specialize in this kind of work.B:不,我们雇佣一家专门从事这项工作的承包商公司。What sort of amenities are we thinking of?我们考虑使用哪些设施?amenities (n.)(康乐)设施Suppose someone turns up whose language none of us can speak?假如出现有人说我们都不慷的语言怎么办?A:Suppose someone turns up whose language none of us can speak?A:假如出现有人说我们都不懂的语言怎么办?B:In that case,well have to use the interpreting service at the center.B:如果那样的话,我们就只好使用展览中心的翻译务。turn up( v.)出现How should we get people to come to our booth?我们应怎样吸引客户到摊位来?A:How should we get people to come to our booth?A:我们应怎样吸引客户到摊位来?B:We should have a presentation every thirty minutes.B:我们应该每30分钟举办一个展示会。Will you please tell us about the exhibit?请你给我们讲一讲那件展品,好吗?A:Will you please tell us about the exhibit?A:请你给我们讲一讲那件展品,好吗?B:The stand-attendant will show you the equipment in operation.B:讲解员会给你们表演操作那套设备的。I will be sending free samples to everyone that attended the trade show.我会给每一个参观商品展览会的人寄免费样品。A:I will be sending free samples to everyone that attended the trade show.A:我会给每一个参观商品展览会的人寄免费样品。B:That will be good. Then,I could see how it works for our sales.B:那太好了,我可以看看是否能对我们的销售有所帮助。Does it sell well?销售好吗?A:Does it sell well?A:销售好吗?B:Business activity is brisk,and the deals concluded at the fair exceed half a billion US dollars.B:商业洽谈非常踊跃,成交额已超过5亿美元。The pavilion is designed in traditional Chinese style.展区按中国传统的风格设计。pavilion(n.)(供公共或展览等用的)轻便临时建筑;展台,展区Relevant literature and publicity materials are supplied at the fair.展览会上提供有关的资料和宣传品。We hope that our exhibits can be disposed of locally after the fair comes to an end.希望我们的展品在览会后能在当地出售。be disposed of出售 /201503/364230

Narrator: 再见了Mr Socrates! 他回美国了!让伦敦的团队来处理怎样扩展 Tip Top 贸易公司的欧洲市场。Paul: Sorry to keep you waiting. I had to go to the airport with Mr Socrates to see him off. We had a good chat in the taxi and he said some very positive things.Denise: Oh yes. Like what?Paul: Err, well… well, how nice English beer is.Tom: Yeah but what about the European marketing strategy – what are we going to do about that?Paul: Well, Anna is supposed to lead on that, Im taking a more biscuitorial control over it.Anna: A what?Tom: It means you do all the work while he eats all the biscuits.Paul: Do you mind Tom. Now, what Im thinking is we put the feelers out – do some cold calling, see what people are buying at the moment.Anna: Cold calling? But I like to be warm when Im on the phone.Denise: No Anna. Cold calling is when you call prospective clients when theyre not expecting you to, to ask them something or to sell them something. Im very good at calling people.Tom: Yeah, usually the hair dresser! So Paul, where do we begin, who do we call?Paul: Track down some potential clients in Europe, see what theyre buying now, see what they want in the future. Make them think its our laser-curved fruit they want!Denise: But keep your calls brief, international calls are very expensive.Narrator: OK Anna, 现在轮到你打冷电话了。你要说些什么呢?Anna: I dont know.Narrator: 先要知道跟谁打电话,有亲和力,有礼貌。问清楚谁是负责采购的,然后问这个负责人能跟你聊两句吗?Anna: OK. Here goes. (Looking through a telephone directory) Lets have a look… fruit growers, fruit pickers, fruit traders… Fruit Traders International… (Dials number) 0-0-4-3-9-8-4-5-5-4-4.Trader: Bonjour?Anna: (surprised) Ah, erm, oh….Narrator: 别觉得奇怪!你打电话给一个法国公司,他们当然是说法语。你可以问问他们能不能说英语。Anna: Oh hello. Is it possible to speak to you in English?Trader: Oui… yes.Anna: Great. Are you the person who purchases plastic fruit for your company?Trader: I am. How can I help you?Anna: Yes, can you spare a few minutes of your time? I want to sell you some laser-curved fruit.Trader: What?Narrator: 你太直接了。你得先告诉别人你的名字和打电话的目的。问问他们公司的情况是什么。你可以说 Id like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit. 问问他们 how much plastic fruit do you buy? 电话结束时别忘了谢谢别人 thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon. 好了,你来试试吧, Anna.Anna: OK. Erm, hello my name is Anna. How are you today?Trader: Good thank you.Anna: Thats good. Id like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit.Trader: Oh yes.Anna: Our company is called Tip Top Trading and we are the UKs number 1 plastic fruit manufacturer – and well, were so proud of our fruit that weve decided to let the rest of Europe enjoy it too.Narrator: 非常棒!Anna.Anna: We make our fruit using laser-curved technology. In fact weve just launched our best product ever, the Imperial Lemon – it looks so real you want to squeeze it.Trader: Hmm, lemons, interesting.Narrator: Anna 好像已经很上手了。Shes on fire, 不,我是说她做得很好。她的冷电话已经不是冷的了。她产品介绍差不多了,现在要促销才行。Anna: …so thank you for your time. I hope you may consider us when you next purchase some plastic fruit.Trader: We will certainly consider your company.Anna: Well, we hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye. (Puts phone down) Tom, Tom, how are you getting on?Tom: (On phone/angry) …well if thats what you think then you can shove your kumquats… hello? Hello? (Slams phone down)Anna: Whats wrong?Tom: Theyve hung up on me. Really! He said the plastic fruit industry is in meltdown. But Anna, if I dont get any contracts soon Ill be fired.Anna: Well, this calls for teamwork Tom – tomorrow, Tuesday, were going to tackle this task – together!Narrator: Hooray for Anna. 她有领导风范了。她还掌握了打冷电话的一些技巧和短语,比如:My name is Anna. Can you spare a few minutes of your time?Id like to tell you about our great new laser-curved fruit.How much plastic fruit do you buy?Thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon.Phone ringsDenise: Anna. Theres a call for you – from someone in France – they want to talk to you about lemons.Narrator: 好像有希望。 我们下期节目再看发生些什么事情。再见。 听力挑战:Denise 说她的强项是什么?上期:What is the name of the pub the team takes Mr Socrates to?伦敦团队请Mr Socrates 去了哪家酒吧?Answer: The Rose and Crown:The Rose and Crown /201211/211112

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