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广元种植牙要多少钱成都隐形牙套的费用电影学口语 Lesson 29:[白雪公主]I will be the cheerleader【精片断】剪辑自《Snow White》白雪公主K.P : Ron, turn down the drama and eat.Ron: Not hungry.Ron: What am I gonna do, K.P?K.P : Well, let us see. The guidance(指导) counselor(顾问) told you that you need an extra-curricular(课外) activity.Ron: Because it’ll look good on my college applications. That’s years away!K.P : There’s plenty of teams and clubs out there. You could join the Mathletes.Ron: Yeah, right! I can’t get in that kind of shape!K.P : How about the debate(辩论) team?Ron: I am not going to argue with you, Kim.K.P : After school activities are great, like cheer squad(合唱班) for me.Ron: Cheer squad!K.P : For me. Not you.Ron: That’s it! I’m upbeat(乐观的). I can do that.K.P : Do what?Ron: Cheerleader(啦啦队长)! Yeah! Go Mad Dogs!【口语财富】1. You need an extra-curricular activity. 你需要做一项课外活动.2. That’s years away! 那是多年前的事情了.3. I am not going to argue with you. 我不想和你吵. /200604/6505成都牙科在线医生 They are here with us tonight:他们今晚同我们一样来到了这里:Sacha Pfeiffer, Mike Rezendes, Walter Robinson, Matt Caroll and Ben Bradlee Jr.萨切,迈克,瓦特,迈特和小本,Please give them a big round of applause.请在场各位为他们鼓掌。A free press is why, once again, we honor Jason Rezaian, as Carol noted.新闻自由像Carol所说,是我们再次表彰Jason Rezaian的原因。Last time this year we spoke of Jason’s courage as he endured the isolation of an Iranian prison.去年这个时候我们说到Jason忍受伊朗监狱的勇气。This year we see that courage in the flesh,今年,我们看到了这位活生生的勇者,and it’s a living testament to the very idea of a free press他就是新闻自由的鲜活明,and a reminder of the rising level of danger and political intimidation and the physical threats faced by reporters overseas.他也提醒我们,海外记者所面临的政治恐吓和人身威胁在升高。And I can make this commitment that as long as I hold this office,我在此做出保,只要我还在任,my administration will continue to fight for the release of American journalists held against their will.我的政府就会继续为解救被强行关押的美国记者而努力。And we will not stop until they see the same freedom as Jason had.直到他们都能像Jason一样重见天日。At home and abroad journalists like all of you engage in the dogged pursuit of informing citizens国内和海外,都有像你们一样的记者,致力于向公民传播信息,and holding leaders accountable, and making our government of the people possible.让领袖对言行负责,让我们成为为人民务的政府。And it’s an enormous responsibility.这是巨大的责任。And I realize it’s an enormous challenge at a time when the economics of the business sometimes incentivizes speed over depth,我意识到这也是巨大的挑战,因为如今经有时济追求快速不求深度,and when controversy and conflict are what most immediately attract ers and viewers.争议和冲突才最能抓住读者眼球。The good news is there are so many of you that are pushing against those trends好消息的,有如此众多的记者在反抗这一潮流,and as a citizen of this great democracy, I am grateful for that.作为这一伟大民主国家的公民,我感谢你们。201607/456536VOA流行美语 57: FOLKS / R ON今天Michael和李华谈到和父母沟通的问题,李华学到了folks和rag on这两个习惯用法。M: (talking to the phone) Hey look, I've got to go. I'll talk to you later. Bye. (sound of putting the phone down). Oh, geez!L: 哎,Michael! 我不想打断你说话。M: Oh don't worry about it, Li Hua. It was just my folks.L: Folks? 你说你在跟谁说话?M: My folks. Here "folks" means "parents".L: 噢,folks就是指"父母"啊。听起来你好象不太想和你爸妈说话。这不太好吧?M: I just get tired of talking to them, that's all. My folks call me two or three times a week to remind me to do things, like go to the dentist, or change the oil in my car. I am an adult now, and they don't need to do that.L: 你爸妈每星期给你打两三次电话,提醒你去看牙医、换汽车的机油,那不是很好吗?哎,对了,Michael, 你去看了牙医了没有?你不是说牙痛吗?M: Please, Li Hu, you sound just like my folks.L: 你呀,真不领情。对了,用folks来称呼父母,这是不是不太礼貌啊?M: No, its not impolite really, but it is very informal.L: 噢,folks是很随便的称呼,但并不是没有礼貌的。哎,Michael, 一般是你会主动给你父母打电话,还是他们给你打电话啊?M: Well, um. Usually my folks call me first! I don't have to call them!L: 你不给他们打电话,那是为什么?M: I don't usually have a lot to say to my folks. They call me so often, I have no new news to tell them. By the way, Li Hua, how often do you talk to your folks?L: 怎么会和父母没话说呢?我和我爸妈每个星期至少要打两次电话呢。M: Wow, that must be expensive.L: 还好啦。我和我爸妈都有电脑,这样我们就可以通过电脑免费通话了。******L: 哎,你知道吗,Michael, 你真是应该多给你父母打电话。你们都住在同一个城市,不打电话太不应该了。M: Li Hua, please stop ragging on me about my parents. I still visit them all the time!L: 你说要我不要怎么啦?Ragging on? 那是什么意思啊?M: I said, "Stop ragging on me". "To rag on someone" means "to scold or tease someone over and over."L: To rag on someone就是说你不断地责备或者取笑某个人。嘿,我才提醒你两次,这样也算是ragging on you啊?M: Well, not really. You're not as bad as my folks. They rag me all the time about all kinds of things.L: 等等,你刚才说they rag me,那rag后面到底有没有on啊?你说清楚好不好?M: Ok ok, stop ragging on me! "To rag" can be used with "on", or without "on." The meaning is just the same.L: 噢,我懂了。哎,那你爸爸妈妈他们老是说你什么?M: They rag on me about not cleaning my car, not eating right, drinking too much, not having a girlfriend, not going to church, not calling them, not calling my other relatives.L: 哎,等等,等等。你说你父母说你不洗车,不吃健康食物、喝酒太多,还有,没有女朋友,又不去教堂,也不给他们打电话。哎哟,这批评还真不少啊。我的父母好象不怎么说我哎。M: Well, anyway, its getting late. Want to get some pizza?L: Michael, 干吗不自己做点健康食物呢?M: First my folks, and now you. It seems like everyone wants to rag on me today.李华今天和Michael一起谈到和父母沟通的问题的时候,学到了两个美国用语的用法。Folks是指父母;Rag on则是不停地批评和嘲笑他人的意思。 /200602/3132成都牙齿美容冠

新都区镶牙去哪里医院好Every hour of every day, my Administration is focused on creating jobs for our people and I mean good jobs.这让企业不太可能进行竞争。我的政府,在每一天的每一个小时,都关注于为我们的民众创造就业岗位,我是说好工作。More jobs, better jobs, higher-paying jobs - thats our mission.更多的工作,更好的工作,更高工资的工具--这是我们的任务。This week, I also met with Sheriffs and Police Chiefs from across the country.本周,我也会见了全国各地的警长和警察局长们。I pledged to them that we would stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement我向他们承诺,我们将和杰出的执法人员站在一起and so too will our great new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.我们杰出的司法部长杰夫·赛辛斯也是这样。My administration is committed to your security,我的政府致力于你们的安全。which is why we will continue to fight to take all necessary and legal action to keep terrorists, radical and dangerous extremists from ever entering our country.也因此,我将继续采取所有必要和合法的行动,让恐怖分子和激进危险的极端分子不能再进入我们的国家。We will not allow our generous system of immigration to be turned against us as a tool for terrorism and truly bad people.我们将不允许我们慷慨的移民体系,变成恐怖主义和真正的坏人使用的工具,来对抗我们。We must take firm steps today to ensure that we are safe tomorrow.我们现在必须采取稳定的步骤,确保我们在未来是安全的。We will defend our country, protect our Constitution, and deliver real prosperity for our people.我们将保卫我们的国家,捍卫我们的宪法,并为我们的人民提供真正的繁荣。God bless you, God bless America. Have a great week.上帝保佑你们,上帝保佑美国。祝你本周快乐。201702/493700温江区龅牙什么价格 Good afternoon, everybody. If we could get started. If everybody could take their seats, please. Just to summarize where weve been, in the morning session we discussed the extensive and impressive national action steps that many of us have taken, and the collective efforts that weve made to reduce the amount of nuclear material that might be accessible to terrorists around the world. During lunch, we focused on international institutions. And I was heartened by our collective commitment to ensure that the IAEA, Interpol, the ed Nations, and the various coalitions that have formed are properly resourced and supported by various nation states in order for them to be able to carry out the ongoing work that will be required to ensure that the commitments and pledges and practices that we have put into place during the course of these Nuclear Security Summits carry forward. This afternoons session turns the focus on the terrorist networks themselves. It tells us the possible consequences of terrorists obtaining and using a weapon of mass destruction. Fortunately, as I said this morning, no terrorist group has yet succeeded in getting their hands on a nuclear device. Our work here will help ensure that were doing everything possible to prevent that. This is also an opportunity for our nations to remain united and focused on the most active terrorist network at the moment, and that is ISIL. A majority of the nations here are part of the global coalition against ISIL. A number of our countries have been targeted by ISIL attacks. Just about all of our nations have seen citizens join ISIL in Syria and Iraq. So this is a threat to us all. In Syria and Iraq, ISIL continues to lose ground. Thats the good news. Our coalition continues to take out its leaders, including those planning external terrorist attacks. They are losing their oil infrastructure. They are losing their revenues. Morale is suffering. We believe that the flow of foreign fighters into Syria and Iraq has slowed, even as the threat from foreign fighters returning to commit acts of horrific violence remains all too real. In fact, as ISIL is squeezed in Syria and Iraq, we can anticipate it lashing out elsewhere, as weve seen most recently and tragically in countries from Turkey to Brussels. This means that the sense of urgency that weve shown in destroying ISIL in Iraq and Syria also has to infuse our efforts to prevent attacks around the world. We need to do even more to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters. After the Paris attacks, the ed States deployed surge teams to Europe to bolster these efforts, and well be deploying additional teams in the near future. We all have a role to play. Were all going to have to do more when it comes to intelligence-sharing. We simply cannot afford to have critical intelligence not being shared as needed – whether between governments or within governments. And today is an opportunity to explore ways to step up those efforts. Looking around this room, I see nations that represent the overwhelming majority of humanity – from different regions, races, religions, cultures. But our people do share common aspirations to live in security and peace and to be free from fear. The fight against ISIL will continue to be difficult, but, together, we are making real progress, and Im absolutely confident that we will prevail and destroy this vile organization. As compared to ISILs vision of death and destruction, I believe our nations together offer a hopeful vision focused on what we can build for our people. With that, what Id like to do is ask the press to depart. We will then be showing a that focuses attention on possible scenarios that might emerge with respect to terrorist networks. It will give us a good opportunity to test those areas where we still have work to do, and how we can strengthen our collective efforts against these networks. So, if I could ask the press to depart promptly, please.201604/436729成都牙科医院排名

成都美容冠需要多少费用From the beginning, America has been a place that has cherished the freedom of worship.从一开始,美国一直是个珍视自由信仰的地方。That is the promise the first settlers saw in our vast continent这是首批定居者见到我们广袤大陆时的承诺and it is the promise that our bravest warriors have protected for all of our citizens in centuries since, a long time ago.这是我们最英勇的士兵们从数个世纪前开始保卫我们所有公民时的承诺。这很长时间了。Sadly, many around the globe do not enjoy this freedom不幸的是,很多全球的人们并不享有这样的自由and one of the gravest threats to religious freedom remains the threat of terror.其中一个最严重的宗教自由威胁,仍然是恐怖的威胁。On Palm Sunday, as Christians around the world celebrate the beginning of Holy Week,在棕枝全日,世界各地的基督徒庆祝宗教周的开始,ISIS murdered at least 45 people and injured over 100 others at two Christian churches in Egypt.ISIS在埃及的两个基督教堂谋杀了至少45人,100多人受伤。We condemn this barbaric attack.我们谴责这样的野蛮袭击。We mourn for those who lost loved ones.我们为那些失去亲人的人们悲痛。And we pray for the strength and wisdom to achieve a better tomorrow我们为实现更好明天的力量和智慧祈祷one where good people of all faiths, Christians and Muslims and Jewish and Hindu, can follow their hearts and worship according to their conscience.各种信仰的优秀的人们,基督徒,穆斯林,犹太教徒,印度教徒,遵循着他们的道德心,跟随着他们的内心和信仰。201704/505481 宜宾种植牙多少钱成都牙齿矫正的效果如何



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