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福清镜洋男科包皮包茎福清江镜镇做个腋臭手术多少钱奥运在即 里约水域发现“超级细菌” -- :3: 来源:chinadaily A group of Brazilian scientists has detected a drug-resistant bacteria growing off some of Rio de Janeiro most stunning beaches, in research being published a month bee the city hosts the Olympic Games.巴西一组科学家在里约热内卢最美丽的一些海滩外发现了耐药性细菌这一研究结果在里约奥运会开幕前一个月公布According to lead researcher Renata Picao, the ;super bacteria; entered the city waterways when sewage coming from local hospitals got channeled into the bay.据首席研究员雷娜塔#86;皮康称,“超级细菌”在当地医院的污水流入海湾的过程中进入了城市水道;We have been looking uper bacteria in coastal waters during a one-year period in five beaches,; Picao told CNN during a visit to her lab. ;We found that the threats occur in coastal waters in a variety of concentrations and that they are strongly associated with pollution.;皮康在CNN探访其实验室时表示:“过去一年里我们一直在五个海滩的沿海水域寻找‘超级细菌’我们发现,沿海水域的细菌威胁程度不一,并且与污染极为相关”The samples were collected between and . The superbug found was carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE.研究样本收集于至年所发现的超级细菌是耐碳青霉烯类肠杆菌,简称CREPicao said there is no reason to believe the levels have changed because raw sewage continues to flow into many waterways. She said the next step is to test the impact these bacteria can have when humans come in contact with them in coastal waters.皮康说,鉴于未经处理的污水持续流入众多水道,并没有理由相信问题的状况得到了改变她表示,下一步将测试这些细菌对沿海水域与之有接触的人类可能产生的影响The news comes as Rio prepares to host hundreds of thousands of athletes and tourists during next month Summer Olympics.研究结果发布的同时,里约正准备接待上百万运动员和游客他们将在下个月的夏奥期间到访Among the beaches flagged were Flamengo and Botafogo, which border the bay where Olympic sailors are scheduled to compete.亮起红灯的海滩包括弗拉门戈和塔弗戈海滩,它们邻近即将举办奥运帆船赛事的海湾;It a nice sailing area but every time you get some water in your face, it feels like there some alien enemy entering your face,; German Paralympic sailor Heiko Kroger said during a recent visit to Rio. ;I keep my nose and my lips closed.;德国的残奥会帆船选手海科#86;克罗杰在近期拜访里约时说:“这里很适合帆船项目,但每次脸上沾到水,就感觉像受到了外敌攻击我得一直捂好鼻子,闭紧嘴唇”Kroger believes the super bacteria may have caused a severe skin infection in one of his teammates during recent training.克罗杰认为,在最近的训练中,超级细菌可能已经导致他的一位队友出现严重皮肤感染Picao said she believes the city fragile sanitation infrastructure is responsible the presence of the super bacteria.皮康说,她认为里约薄弱的卫生基础设施是超级细菌出现的原因;This bacteria colonizes the intestine and it goes along with feces to the hospital sewage,; Picao said. ;We believe that hospital sewage goes into municipal sewage and gets to the Guanabara Bay or to other rivers and finally gets to the beach.;她表示:“这种细菌占领肠道,并伴随排泄物进入了医院的污水我们相信医院污水汇入城市污水后又流入了瓜纳巴拉湾或者其他河流,最终到了海滩”When Rio made its bid to host the Summer Games back in , it promised to clean up the polluted waterways and connect 80% of homes to the sewage system.里约在年申请承办夏季奥运会时,承诺会清理受污染的水道并将80%的家庭纳入下水道系统中Despite concerns, neither Picao nor international Olympic authorities recommend moving the sailing venue.尽管有这些担忧,皮康和国际奥林匹克相关机构都没有建议更换帆船赛事场地The other beaches that tested positive the bacteria were Leblon and Ipanema, which are very popular among tourists and locals alike.检测到超级细菌的海滩还有莱伯伦和伊帕尼马,它们在游客和当地人中都很受欢迎;I dont take my children to these beaches,; Picao said. ;We still need more studies to tell what would be the risk to human health of this exposure through the water.;皮康说:“我不会带我的孩子去这些海滩我们还需要更多的研究来了解在水中与细菌接触会对人类健康造成怎样的风险”英文来源:CNN翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校amp;编辑:丹妮宏路街道妇幼保健院专科医院 休斯敦:3岁男孩死于高温的车内 --19 ::36 来源: 一个三岁的男孩爬进汽车里找玩具,却无法出去,最终被困死在车里 Your car can be deadly, even when parked.你的车可能是致命的,即使是停在那里A 3-year-old boy who wandered into a car while looking his toy died after being unable to get out of the vehicle, according to authorities.据官方消息,一个三岁的男孩爬进汽车里找玩具,却无法出去,最终被困死在车里On Thursday, the boy entered the car parked near a house to retrieve his toy from the back seat, said Kese Smith, spokesperson of the Houston Police Department. He entered through the unlocked front door and climbed into the back seat.休斯敦警察局发言人史密斯说,星期四,这个男孩进入停在家附近的车里,到后座找寻他的玩具车子前门没锁,他是从前门爬到后座上去的Once he got into the back seat, he couldn’t open the back door because the child protective locks were on, Smith said.史密斯说,等他到后座上去后,由于童锁装置是启动状态,他打不开车门It was extremely hot in Houston on Thursday, with a high of 0 degrees.那一天,休斯敦的气温恰恰非常高,车内估计达到了0度Family members found the boy in the back of the car, about 30 to 5 minutes after he was last seen. He was in cardiac arrest and a family member began perming CPR.大约在30到5分钟后,家人才发现孩子在车后座上,此时他已经停止了心跳,一名家庭成员对他进行心脏复苏术A 9 call was made around p.m. The boy was taken to the Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, where he later died, according to the Houston Fire Department.据休斯敦消防部门称,下午两点左右,他们打9报警孩子被送往林顿B约翰逊医院,在那里抢救无效去世Smith said this appears to be a tragic accident.史密斯表示这真是一个悲剧Police are still investigating and no charges have been filed.警方尚在对此事进行调查中,并未提出指控世界先生冠军是他 这颜值我的鼻血啊 --30 18:00: 来源:chinadaily Rohit Khandelwal has won Mr World contest and the title the world's most desirable man held Southport in the UK on last Tuesday evening. 英国南安普顿上周二晚上Rohit Khandelwal在世界先生大赛中脱颖而出并且赢得了世界上最理想男人的称号 Judges of the biennial male pageant base the results over days of five different challenges. 两年一次的男性选美大赛裁判是基于超过天中五个不同的挑战的成绩进行评判 Mr Sur Roy, a friend and photographer, has seen him transm himself from a 'humble, simple guy' into the sharp-looking model and actor. 他的摄影师朋友Sayan Sur Roy告诉澳大利亚每日邮报说,他见了Khandelwal从一个谦虚、简单的男孩到今天优秀的模特和演员的转变 According to Mr y, Khandelwal hadn't heard about the Mr India bee until a friend told him about it he worked hard, especially on his fitness, to take the title. 据Sur Ro先生说, 此前Khandelwal从没听说过印度先生,直到一位朋友告诉他这件事,他努力锻炼,特别是健身的时候,就是为了赢得这个称号 Mr Sur Roy said Khandelwal has worked very hard since arriving in Mumbai two years ago aspiring to be a model and actor. Sur Roy先生说Khandelwal自从两年前来到孟买之后就一直努力工作,励志成为一名演员和模特 'I feel so privileged and humbled to be Mr World .... It has been an amazing journey to this point, and I cannot wait to see what happens next' “能成为年世界先生我感到很荣幸和骄傲...至此我感觉这简直是一个神奇的旅行,我已经迫不及待想要看看接下要发生的一切” Sayan Sur Roy said 'he’s aly a big sensation in the country at the moment' and hopes winning the pageant will open more doors him. 他的事迹已经轰动了印度这个国家,希望为他赢得选美比赛会使很多机会的大门向他敞开 Mr Sur Roy said that he will be returning to India the entire country is extremely proud of him Sur Roy说Khandelwal很快会回到印度,整个国家都为他而感到骄傲福建省福清市第三人民医院妇科

福清地区妇幼保健院新院开展无痛人流吗研究发现:看“擦边球”色情影片的人对女性的态度更消极 -- 19:1: 来源: 据英国心理协会的一项报告显示,经常看色情影片的人会对女性持有消极态度,而经常看“擦边球”影片的人可能会更加看不起女性 Previous studies have shown links between hard-core pornography and increased sexual deviance, including sex offences, negative attitudes to intimate relationships and acceptance of rape myths.之前已经有研究表明,色情影片和性异常行为的增加有关与之相关的性异常行为包括性侵犯、对亲密关系的消极态度、以及对强奸神话的接受But the effects of soft porn, including images found in tabloid newspapers and websites, are less well studied.但是对于包括小报纸和网页上的“擦边球”色情来说,相关的研究却非常少Sophie Daniels and Dr Simon Duff from the University of Nottingham said this lack of research is surprising, as people are more likely to be exposed to ’soft-core’ semi-nude images of women through the media, advertisements and using social media.据来自诺丁汉大学的索菲亚·丹尼尔斯和西蒙·达夫士表示,这一领域少有人关注的现象令人非常吃惊,因为通过媒体、广告和社交媒体等手段,人们更容易接触到“软性”色情,例如半裸的女性照片The pair looked any links between how much someone was exposed to soft-core images of women and their thinking and behaviour towards women.这两人不放过任何一个线索,积极寻找测验者在接触软性女性图片和对女性的看法、行为等之间的联系They found that people who were frequently exposed to soft-core images were desensitised to them and were less likely to describe them as ’pornographic’ than people with lower levels of exposure.他们发现那些经常接触软性色情图片的人对自己的行为不太敏感,相较于那些浏览内容更无下限的人来说,这些人不太可能说自己“色情”In addition, the study showed that people who viewed soft-core images often were less likely to hold positive views of women.更甚者,这份研究发现,那些浏览软性色情图片的人更难以对女性保持一个积极的态度However, the researchers add that it’s unclear whether the habit drives the attitude or vice versa.但是,这两名研究者还补充说,他们不清楚到底是这个习惯导致了这些人对女性的观点,还是说这些人对女性本来就是这个态度,所有才会产生这种行为习惯’This research is unfinished at this stage and certainly isn’t enough to draw conclusions about cause and effect or about any public health threat,’ said Kaye Wellings, Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health, London School of Hygiene Tropical Medicine.伦敦卫生和热带医药学院的性与生殖健康教授凯·威灵斯说道:“在目前这个阶段,这份研究还没有完成而且很显然,还不能够对原因和结果、以及任何对公共卫生的威胁下定论”’There is extremely limited data available so we can’t know how robustly the research has been carried out. Those surveyed were a small sample of undergraduate students and are not representative of the population.“我们可以获得的数据非常有限,我们不知道对这个领域的研究进展如何这项研究的数据样本很小,而且全部是本科学生,并不能代表所有人口”Researchers talked to more than 1,000 children aged to as part of the study, which is the most extensive look at the impact of porn on secondary school pupils in the UK to date.在这项研究中,研究者们访谈了00名到岁大小的孩子,这是目前为止在英国就色情影片影响初中生最为广泛的一次调查Children’s charity NSPCC said an entire generation of children was at risk of being ’stripped of their childhoods’ through exposure to pornography at a young age.据英国儿童慈善机构“全国防止虐待儿童协会(NSPCC)”表示,由于在很小的时候就接触到色情,英国整整一代儿童都有被“剥夺童年”的风险A Department Culture, Media and Sport spokeswoman said the government was working to impose stricter age verification methods to websites.据英国文化、媒体和体育部门的一位发言人表示,政府正致力于在网上实施更加严格的年龄验措施They added: ’Keeping children safe online is one of Government’s key priorities. Just as we do offline, we want to make sure children are prevented from accessing pornographic content online which should only be viewed by adults.’他们说道:“保障儿童的网络安全是政府的关键优先事项之一就像我们在现实生活中所做的那样,我们必须确保儿童无法接触到那些只能够被成年人浏览的色情内容”福清/正规医院有哪些 日本奇葩霓虹面条你敢吃吗? -- :55:31 来源: 日本奇葩霓虹面条你敢吃吗?'Bad scientist' creates neon noodles - but would you eat them your dinner?A man who created neon noodles is being scrutinised as he's refusing to reveal what exactly has given them their crazy colours.由于拒绝披露关于“五面条”的上色细节,霓虹色面条的发明者受到严厉审视The fluorescent foodstuff is unbelievably bright to look at, but has sparked heated debate over exactly what they might taste like.这种荧光食品拥有难以置信的亮丽色,其口感到底如何也激起了热烈讨论The udon noodles, were given a special treatment by a Japanese scientist who has declined to say exactly what it was that he did to get the electrifying effect.这种乌冬面由一位日本科学家进行了特殊改良,但他却拒绝透露他究竟是如何打造出这种令人震惊的视觉效果的But it appears to involve colouring the noodles with a special dye, and then shining what appears to be ultraviolet light onto them in order to produce the special effect.不过他似乎是运用了一种特殊的染料为面条上色,接着将其置于紫外线下照射,使其产生特殊的视觉效果Ultraviolet radiation is known to cause many substances to glow and it is believed this is how the scientist achieved this effect.目前已知紫外线的照射能使许多物质发光,这也被认为是该科学家实现这一视觉效果的方法The Japanese are well-known their love of colourful food, which in the past has included black and bright red burgers, deep blue curry and all sorts of other exotic variations on traditional dishes.日本人对于五颜六色的食品的热爱是出了名的以前出现过的色食物包括红黑汉堡、深蓝咖喱以及其他各种传统菜肴的奇异变体But a neon sign-like version of Japanese noodles is believed to be a first.但有如霓虹灯般五颜六色的日本面条,据信还是首次出现Many online users want to know what they tasted like after they were posted online by Japanese Twitter user Reraku, a self-proclaimed "bad scientist".自称“不良科学家”的日本推特用户Reraku将该面条的照片发到网上,不少网友表示很想知道面条口感究竟如何He used the pictures to post that he had created "electrical udon" and included a poster showing that they were going to go on sale at a special event at the end of the month in the Osaka area of Japan.他用面条照片明是他创造了这种“带电的乌冬面”;他上传的图片中还包括一张海报,海报显示这种面条将会在本月底于日本大阪(Osaka)地区的某个特别活动上出售The neon sign noodles have been given the star billing the Unbelievable Science festival which takes place on August 30 and where they will be sold to visitors alongside purple curry and fried food "pumped up with flavour steroids".即将于8月30日举办的的“不可思议科学节”上,“霓虹灯”面条被认为将是最畅销的明星产品;届时售卖给参观者的还有紫色咖喱和“用类固醇调味的”油炸食品Vocabularyneon:霓虹的scrutinise:仔细查看fluorescent:发荧光的ultraviolet:紫外的steroid:类固醇英文来源:镜报译者:liangliangzl审校编辑:刘明福清市妇幼保健院怎么去

一都镇妇幼保健医院是不是三甲医院自由球员杜兰特宣布加盟勇士队 -- :6: 来源: NBA下赛季的工资帽达到史无前例的9.3万美元,各球队在休赛期豪掷钞票,大合同满天飞而今年最大牌的自由球员之一--杜兰特终于宣布了自己的去向--加盟勇士队 Oklahoma City Thunder free agent Kevin Durant announced Monday on The Players Tribune that he will join the Golden State Warriors.雷霆队自由球员杜兰特在The Players Tribute网站上宣布将加盟金州勇士队Durant agreed to a two-year, million deal with a player option in the second year, sources told The Vertical.消息源告知Vertical栏目,杜兰特签下的是一份两年价值500万的合同,第二年为球员选项"Kevin made an indelible mark on the Thunder organization and the state of Oklahoma as a founding father of the franchise," Thunder executive vice president and general manager Sam Presti said in a statement. "We can’t adequately articulate what he meant to the foundation of this franchise and our success. While clearly disappointing that he has chosen to move on, the core values he helped us establish only lead us to thanking him the many tangible and intangible ways that he helped our program."“凯文作为球队元老,为雷霆队和俄克拉荷马州留下了难以磨灭的印记,”雷霆队高级副总裁和总经理萨姆·普莱斯蒂在一份声明中说道“千言万语也难以表达他对于球队的创建和球队取得的成绩的意义他选择离开令人感到失望,然而球队在其帮助下建立起的核心价值却只会令我们感谢他做出的有形和无形的贡献”Golden State, Boston, Miami, San Antonio and the Los Angeles Clippers met with Durant and his inner circle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the Hamptons on Long Island in New York.金州勇士队,波士顿凯尔特人队,迈阿密热火队,圣安东尼奥马刺队和洛杉矶快船队于上周五至周日期间在纽约长岛的汉普顿斯与杜兰特和其核心团队会面Durant made his announcement on the Players Tribune – which he is deputy publisher – in a short story headlined, "My next chapter."杜兰特于本周一在Players Tribute网站上(杜兰特兼任该网站副总编)发表了一篇题为“我的下一章节”的亲笔信,公布了自己的决定以下为杜兰特亲笔信的全文:The primary mandate I had myself in making this decision was to have it based on the potential my growth as a player — as that has always steered me in the right direction. But I am also at a point in my life where it is of equal importance to find an opporty that encourages my evolution as a man: moving out of my comt zone to a new city and commy which offers the greatest potential my contribution and personal growth. With this in mind, I have decided that I am going to join the Golden State Warriors.作为一名运动员,职业生涯发展的潜力总是引领我找到正确的方向,撑我做出了如今的决定然而此时此刻,作为一名男人,得到一个利于成长的机会,对我来说同样重要:离开现在的安乐窝,前往新城市,加入一座最有可能令我为之奉献,得以成长的新社区基于这些因素,我决定加盟金州勇士队I’m from Washington, D.C. originally, but Oklahoma City truly raised me. It taught me so much about family as well as what it means to be a man. There are no words to express what the organization and the commy mean to me, and what they will represent in my life and in my heart ever. The memories and friendships are something that go far beyond the game. Those invaluable relationships are what made this deliberation so challenging.我的家乡是华盛顿特区,但真正养育我的是俄克拉荷马城在这里我学到了许多关于家庭和如何成为一名男子汉的道理球队和社区对我的意义,它们在我心中和我人生中的分量是任何言语也无法表达的我对这座城市的记忆和在这里结下的友谊远远超过了比赛的意义,正是这些无价的亲密关系令上述决定如此富有挑战性It really pains me to know that I will disappoint so many people with this choice, but I believe I am doing what I feel is the right thing at this point in my life and my playing career.我非常清楚这个决定令我痛苦,令许多人感到失望但我相信这是一个对我目前的人生和职业生涯来说非常正确的决定Durant was considered the top free agent on the market and now joins a team that is coming off back-to-back NBA Finals, a championship in and a 73-win regular season.杜兰特是今年自由球员市场上的大牌之一,而他选择加盟的球队获得了-赛季的总冠军,在-赛季常规赛创下73胜9负的历史最佳战绩并再次杀入总决赛Durant, 7, will join ces with All-Stars Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to m perhaps the most dangerous offense in the league.杜兰特将和斯蒂芬·库里,克雷·汤普森以及德拉蒙德·格林等三大全明星成为队友,这套阵容很可能将成为联盟最恐怖的进攻阵容The Warriors came back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Thunder in seven games in the Western Conference finals, then fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals after leading 3-1.勇士队在西部决赛前四场以1-3落后雷霆队,战满七场后方逆转战胜雷霆队,杀入总决赛总决赛前三场,勇士队以3-1领先骑士队,未料也遭到骑士队逆转,丢掉了总冠军Durant, the No. overall pick in the draft, averaged . points, 8. rebounds and five assists this past season. He led the Thunder to the NBA Finals in and was the league’s MVP in .杜兰特是年的榜眼秀,上赛季场均得到.分,8.个篮板和5次助攻杜兰特于年带领雷霆队进入总决赛,并于年荣膺常规赛最有价值球员 香港兴起怪异“食日”减肥法 -- :38:19 来源: 香港兴起怪异“食日”减肥法Worrying new 'health' fad sees Chinese women replacing food with staring into the sun to lose weightA new 'health' trend in Hong Kong sees women staring straight at the sun in the belief that it will replace their need food and even improve their vision and sleep quality, reports Oriental Daily.据《东方日报报道,香港女性中兴起了直视太阳的“养生”新潮流,她们认为这样就不需要进食,甚至能改善视力、提高睡眠质量The women, between and 30 years old, reportedly head to the Sam Ka Village beach in Lei Yue Mun every evening and take off their shoes bee setting their phone timers and stand to stare at the sunset - some using an umbrella or a tissue to protect their skin.报道称,每晚都会有一批到30岁的女性前往鲤鱼门的三家村沙滩,脱掉鞋子,下手机计时器,凝视落日,也有人撑伞、用纸巾遮脸以防晒伤The concept of "sun gazing' or 'sun eating' revolves around consuming the sun's solar energy instead of food and that by doing so it can reduce the body's needs.“凝视太阳”论或“食日”论的要点是以太阳能代替食物能量,以此减少身体需要Photographs show the women lined up together in the blaring sun, seemingly unaware of the people around them as they engage in the bizarre practice.照片中,女士们在刺眼的阳光下一字排开,旁若无人地沉浸在这项怪异活动之中Some of the women choose to wear pinhole glasses to limit the UV rays getting to their eyes and causing permanent damage.有些女士会带针孔眼镜防止紫外线灼伤眼睛,造成永久伤害Some of the sun gazers stress they are doing it health reasons, not weight loss. 'We practice sun-gazing as a substitute eating. Some of us who have finished the therapy now eat less, and others don’t have to eat at all,' one woman told Oriental Daily. She said they start by looking at the sun up to seconds on the first day, adding seconds every day until they reach minutes by the ninth month of practice.她们中有人强调这样做是为了养生,而不是减肥一名女子接受《东方日报采访时说,“我们用凝视太阳代替进食我们中已经有人完成食日疗程后食量减少,有些人甚至无需进食”她说,“食日”者第一天凝视太阳秒钟,每天加秒钟,到第9个月增至分钟Dermatology specialist, Hou Xiang Jun, is concerned about the rising trend, saying the subtropical region, high ultraviolet degree and water reflection is leading to far too much ultraviolet light absorption. 'Even if painted with sunscreen they can only withstand five to six per cent of the damage, an umbrella or cap can only take - per cent and long exposure, in addition to sunburn, will increase the risk of serious skin cancer,' Mr Xiang Jun told Oriental Daily.皮肤学专家侯钧翔则对这一新趋势表示担忧,他指出,香港位于亚热带地区,紫外线度数很高,加上海水反射,人体吸收过多紫外线即使涂上防晒用品只能抵挡五至六成的伤害,撑伞或者带帽也只能防晒%-%长期在太阳下暴晒,除了会导致晒伤,还会增加患皮肤癌的风险”Ophthalmology experts are also concerned, naming conjunctival disease, cataracts and macular degeneration as potential side effects.眼科学专家同样表示担忧,他们指出这项活动会导致结膜病变、白内障和黄斑点退化等潜在副作用VocabularyUV: 紫外线,ultraviolet的缩写dermatology: 皮肤病学ophthalmology: 眼科学conjunctival: 结膜的cataract: 白内障macular: 视网膜黄斑的英文来源:每日邮报译者:阿甘太达福建福清市中山男科联系电话福清公立医院有人工授精吗



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