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[]又相信真爱啦!好莱坞模范情侣(双语) --3 :53:57 来源:sohu 维多利亚;贝克汉姆和大卫;贝克汉姆-相守19年 Victoria Beckham And David Beckham——19 Years Together 明星情侣总是分分合合有时他们更换伴侣的速度甚至快到让我们跟不上节奏!但并不是所有的名人情侣都会分手没错,绝对不是他们中也有人与伴侣一生厮守,谱写了一段美好恋歌 维多利亚;贝克汉姆和大卫;贝克汉姆,碧昂斯和JAY-Z,贾达;萍克特;史密斯和威尔;史密斯,汤姆;汉克斯和丽塔威尔逊这些明星都榜上有名 Celebrity couples come and go. Actually, they come and go so fast it's hard to keep track of who's dating who these days! But not all famous people break up. Nuh-uh, definitely not. Some of them stay together a lifetime, and it's absolutely beautiful. To prove so,wehas compiled a list of celebrity couples who show us that love can last ever. Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, Beyonceacute; and Jay Z, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson - they're all on the list. 1. 迈克尔;凯恩和夏奇拉巴克-相守3年 Michael Caine And Shakira Baksh - 3 Years Together . 梅丽尔; 斯特里普和唐冈默-相守37年 Meryl Streep And Don Gummer - 37 Years Together 37年?在好莱坞这不叫做婚姻——这是奇迹! 37 years In Hollywood, t hat's not a marriage - that's a miracle! 3. 柯克; 道格拉斯和安娜; 拜登斯-相守6年 Kirk Douglas And Anne Buydens - 6 Years Together 多么般配的一对 What a great couple. . 汤姆;汉克斯和丽塔威尔逊-相守年 Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson- Years Together 是那个小胡子硬汉 That mustache though. 5. 杰梅; 李; 柯蒂斯和克里斯多弗;盖斯特-相守3年 Jaime Lee Curtis And Christopher Guest - 3 Years Together 现在的他们看起来更加光照人! They look even better now....Gorgeous! 6. 凯文; 培根和凯拉塞吉维克-相守年 Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick - Years Together 恩,他们仍然是一对迷人的夫妻 Awww, they are still such a cute couple. 7. 塞缪尔; 杰克逊和理查德森-相守36年 Samuel L. Jackson And Latanya Richardson - 36 Years Together 貌似右边的照片更年轻些... 我眼花了吗? actually they look younger on the right pic... amI missing sth? 8. 迈克尔; 福克斯和特蕾西普兰-相守年 Michael J. Fox And Tracy Pollan - Years Together 一段佳话 Beautiful story 9. 贾达;萍克特;史密斯和威尔;史密斯-相守年 Jada Pinkett Smith And Will Smith - Years Together 他们没有变化... . 波诺和艾莉森; 休森-相守1年 Bono And Alison Hewson - 1 Year Together 怎么完全不像过了1年,难道他们进到了时光机之类的东西里? They don't even LOOK 1 now. Did they jump into a TARDIS or something? . 艾伦; 德杰尼勒斯和波蒂亚德罗西-相守年 Ellen Degeneres And Portia De Rossi - Years Together 她们在一起真是养眼的一对! They look so cute together! . 戈尔迪霍恩和库尔特; 拉塞尔-相守33年 Goldie Hawn And Kurt Russell - 33 Years Together . 丹泽尔和宝蕾塔华盛顿-相守39年 Denzel And Pauletta Washington - 39 Years Together . 斯汀和特鲁迪;斯泰勒-相守年 Sting And Trudie Styler - Years Together 明星也有痴情种,别再给自己的花心找借口! English Source: Bored Panda

双语:低头党威力大 中国手游市场全球第一 -- ::37 来源:   Everybody knows that mobile gaming is big in China. How big? Big enough that, according to a white paper released today by GMGC, China will become the top global market mobile games by . Citing data from Newzoo Global Games Market Premium, the white paper estimates that mobile gaming revenues in will hit US.1 billion – just below the US’s projected revenues this year at US.3 billion.  众所周知,中国有庞大的手机游戏市场这个市场有多大?跟据今天全球移动游戏大会发布的白皮书,它大到中国将在年成为全球最大的手游市场白皮书中引用了调查公司Newzoo的《全球游戏市场报告高级版中的数据,预估中国手机游戏收入将达到61亿美元,仅次于美国的63亿美元  But in China is expected to blow past the US the first time ever, hitting US.7 billion in mobile gaming revenues and become the world’s top market mobile games.  但到了年,预计中国手游市场收入将达77亿美元,首次超过美国,成为世界第一大手游市场  Those are just projections, of course, but there’s plenty of reason to believe China’s mobile gaming market will continue to grow as smartphone penetration and 3GG subscription rates continue to rise. The white paper also points out China is particularly fertile ground mobile games: Chinese phone users spend way more time per day (35 minutes) playing games than they do using any other kind of app. That also puts them well ahead of American mobile gamers, who spend just minutes a day with their games on average. China’s day one and week one retention rates users who’ve downloaded a new game are both slightly higher than the comparable rates in the US as well. In other words: Chinese gamers keep and play games longer than their American peers.  虽然毫无疑问,这些仅仅是预期,但许多原因都让人相信中国的手游市场会持续增长,例如智能手机的广泛应用,以及3GG套餐的订阅率持续上升这份白皮书同时指出,中国之所以会成为手机游戏的沃土,是因为中国手机用户每天打游戏的时间(35分钟)不仅比花在其他任何应用上的时间都多,也高于美国手机玩家们的平均游戏时间(分钟)此外,在中国,下载一个新游戏后,第一天和第一周后仍然保留该游戏的玩家比例也都略高于美国换句话说,中国玩家比美国玩家玩游戏玩的久  China may be a fertile market mobile gaming, but it isn’t a particularly friendly one to newcomers or outsiders. The vast majority of Chinese mobile games lose money, and according to the white paper only four eign game publishers managed to get games into the top 50 on China’s Android game rankings . The top spots are dominated by major domestic players like Tencent and Netease.  中国的手游市场潜力很大,但它并不十分适合新加入者或外来人绝大多数中国手游都陷入亏损,根据这份白皮书,只有四家外国游戏发行商的游戏能进入中国安卓游戏排名前50靠前的排名都被腾讯、网易等国内巨头占据

《傲慢与偏见与僵尸:电影混搭新潮流 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:如果你是《行尸走肉这类丧尸片的忠实剧迷,也痴迷于唐家屯里的爱恨纠葛,看完正片还忍不住要扒一遍网友的同人文,那一定不能错过美国电影《傲慢与偏见与僵尸你能想象彬彬有礼的英国贵族们和狰狞恐怖的僵尸厮杀的画面吗?As a fan of both Downton Abbey (-) and The Walking Dead (since ), you can imagine how excited I was when I heard about a film named Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. After all, what could be more entertaining than watching the orderly world of the British gentry get thrown into chaos by a bunch of filthy, undead villains?作为《唐顿庄园和《行尸走肉的铁粉,你应该可以想象当我听说《傲慢与偏见与僵尸这部电影的名字时有多么兴奋毕竟还有什么比看着英国贵族井井有条的生活被一群肮脏不堪的不死恶魔搅得一团糟更有意思呢?The film begins just as Jane Austen’s 18 novel does: Mrs Bennet fervently inms her five daughters of the news that the rich and eligible Mr Bingley has moved to the neighborhood. But you immediately know you’re not in the same world imagined by Austen. Rather than sewing or drawing, the girls are busy polishing their guns and swords. They are all trained to combat the zombie plague that has surrounded London.电影开篇和简?奥斯汀18年的那本小说如出一辙:英俊多金的宾利先生搬到了附近,班纳特太太激动地把这个消息告诉了自己的5个女儿但你马上会意识到这与奥斯汀笔下的世界并不一样姑娘们可不是在写诗作画做女红,而是在舞刀弄她们正在严格训练,准备与在伦敦爆发的僵尸瘟疫奋战到底The romance between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy is as tense as it is in the novel, but the film takes their war of wills a bit further. Moments that used to be filled with witty and wounding banter are replaced with scenes of actual punching, kicking and sword fighting.伊丽莎白?班纳特与达西先生之间的浪漫爱情如小说中一样跌宕起伏,但电影更深入地刻画了两人情感上纠葛小说中那些谈笑风生的片段都被电影中真实弹的扭打,剑斗镜头所代替This is probably why the film received a lot of attention, particularly in the wake of its US premiere in February.这可能是这部电影大受关注的原因,尤其是二月份在美国上映之后被热捧“[It’s] an Austen adaptation that’s even more fearlessly feminist than Jane was”, wrote Alynda Wheat, senior writer at People Magazine. “Ladies are valued more their ability to take a head shot at paces than their skills on the pianote.”《人物杂志资深作家艾琳达?惠特这样道,“这是一部由奥斯汀的小说改编而成的电影,但它比原著更加大胆地宣扬了女权主义比起弹钢琴的技巧,姑娘们更重视步以内对僵尸爆头的能力”But after the initial novelty wears off, the film starts to get a little boring. The zombie part isn’t nearly as exciting as what’s offered by the hit TV series The Walking Dead, and the romance is also undermined by the bloody theme. American Seth Grahame-Smith, a zealous fan-fiction writer, wrote the best-seller that inspired the film, and he was careful to retain the charms of Austen’s classic novel. His previous works also include Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, another book that failed to translate well on-screen. Perhaps the film industry is not yet y this kind of crossover genre.但当起初的新鲜感逐渐消退,这部电影开始变得有点无聊了僵尸的情节不如热门美剧《行尸走肉惊险刺激,而爱情故事又被恐怖血腥的主题所掩盖本片灵感来源于美国知名同人作家赛斯?葛雷恩?史密斯于年创作的畅销书,他在该书中尽力保留了奥斯汀经典小说的原汁原味他还创作过小说《吸血鬼猎人林肯,不过这部小说改编的电影也不太成功或许现今的电影业还没做好准备迎接这类跨题材作品“The idea to simply add zombies to the Jane Austen classic is a winning concept [...] but director Burr Steers couldn’t seem to find the sweet spot between the original and the re-imagining to make the big screen rendition work as well as it could have,” wrote Perri Nemiroff, editor of movie news website Collider.电影新闻网站《对撞机编辑佩里?雷米诺夫写道:“简单地把僵尸元素加入简?奥斯汀的名著中不失为一个成功的卖点……但导演布尔?斯蒂尔斯似乎没能在经典与重塑之间寻得最佳平衡点,所以大银幕作品并未取得应有的成功”That said, this kind of mash-up is still an appealing idea, particularly young science fiction fans. Perhaps, bee long, we’ll be expecting similar productions such as something like “The Old Man and the Sea and Godzilla”, “Oliver Twist in Hogwarts”, and “A Tale of Two Cities–Zootopia and Transylvania”.即便如此,这种混搭电影仍然是一个吸引人的卖点,尤其是对年轻的科幻小说迷来说我们或许可以期待一下不久后类似的作品,例如《老人与海与哥斯拉,《霍格沃茨的雾都孤儿,以及《双城记——疯狂动物城与精灵旅社

全球十大最好吃泡面名单出炉 -- ::6 来源:sohu 泡面达人今年一共尝试了357种方便面的新口味,并成功完成他第二千篇泡面报告他只希望能够尝试来自世界各地、不同品牌的方便面新发布的名单是今年精选的泡面快来看看今年出版的全球十大最好吃泡面名单 The author reviewed 357 new instant noodle varieties and hit his 00th review. He wanted to try flavors from around the world and have been able to do just that. This new list is a compilation of the best of the best. let's have a look at The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodles Of all Time Edition. 第十位: 缅甸妈妈牌-椰奶味方便面 . MAMA Instant Noodles Coconut Milk Flavor – Myanmar 甜甜的(不是太甜)椰子和鸡味汤底加上面条, 这特别的味道令人不可抗拒这是它第一次打入十大最好吃泡面的排行榜 Great noodles enjoy their time in a sweet (but not overly sweet) sea of coconut and chicken flavor. It is very unique and compelling. This is Myanmar's first time on the top ten instant noodles list. 第九位: 台湾曾拌面-香葱川椒味拌面 9. Zeng Noodles Scallion With Sichuan Pepper Flavor – Taiwan 宽面条很有嚼头,酱料分量适中,能完全拌均面条 The noodles have a broad, flat character with a very nice chew to them. The sauce coats the noodles completely – not too much, not too little. 第八位:斯里兰卡新加坡佳食面- 奶油鸡汤面 8. Prima Juzz's Mee Creamy Chicken Flavor – Sri Lanka Singapore 汤底像奶油鸡汤,但味道更浓郁 The broth is very elegant; more like cream of chicken soup – but with a rich and thick flavor. 第七位: 中国五谷道场-西红柿牛腩紫薯面 7. Wugudaochang Tomato Beef Brisket Flavor Purple Sweet Potato Noodles – China Via http:sanwen8.cnpaLRFK.html 西红柿味的汤底配上口感一流的牛肉, 味道不错这是第一次有中国品牌的泡面上榜 The broth is very good – excellent tomato flavor with beef notes and a very gourmet texture. This is China’s first appearance in the top ten instant noodles list. 第六位:马来西亚-槟城白咖哩汤面 6. MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 它巳经连续第三年登上十大最好吃泡面宝座! This is its third year in a row on the top ten instant noodles list. 第五位: 新加坡百胜厨- 咖哩全谷拉面 5. Prima Taste Singapore Curry Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore 面条厚且有嚼劲,汤头浓郁,最精的不得不说是它的酱料和椰子粉 Noodles are thick and chewy, the broth thick and strong, especially with their wonderful paste and coconut powder. 第四位: 马来西亚-槟城红东炎汤面 . MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 浓郁的冬阴功作汤底–配上大虾、柠檬草和西红柿味道, 新配方有更浓的蘑菇味 The broth is a thick tom yum goong – strong shrimp, lemongrass and tomato notes abound as well as a lot more mushroom taste in this new recipe. 第三位:马来西亚佳珍-娘惹咖哩叻沙汤面 3. CarJEN Nyonya Curry Laksa Improved Taste – Malaysia 这是它第二年打进十大最好吃泡面排行榜 This is its second year on the top ten instant noodles list. 第二位:马来西亚- 香辣虾汤面 . MyKuali Penang Spicy Prawn Soup Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 从去年的第七位升至今年的第二位,而跃升的真正原因是它正宗的新口味配方丰富的甜虾味浓汤,不错! Up from seventh place last year, MyKuali really upped their game with this new Authentic Taste recipe. The broth is just amazing – good thickness and so rich and flavorful with a sweet prawn flavor. 第一位: 新加坡百胜厨- 叻沙全谷拉面 1: Prima Taste Singapore Laksa Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore 汤头的配方看来没有改变味道依旧浓郁, 辣度也在大众容易接受的范围内 The broth seems unchanged. The flavor is rich and spiciness very accessible to most folks. 还记得我们以前也发布过类似的文章吗? 但它是介绍全球十大难吃的泡面,快以下连结,看看哪些是属于泡面界的地狱! http:mt.sohu.comn6866 快留言分享一下你们觉得好吃的泡面吧! English Source: The Ramen Rater

美国政府利用社交媒体玩出新高度--确认恐怖威胁 --01 1::30 来源: 美国政府越来越多地使用社交媒体来调查可能对国家造成恐怖威胁的人 The ed States government is increasingly using social media to investigate people who may represent a security threat to the country.美国政府越来越多地使用社交媒体来调查可能对国家造成恐怖威胁的人The latest example comes from the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection office. It wants to ask eign visitors to provide inmation about their s on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.最新的例子来自于国土安全部海关和边境保护局该局想要让外国游客提供像脸书和推特这样社交网站的账号信息An optional – or non-required – question would be added to the m that people must complete bee entering the ed States.The m asks inmation like the person’s name, phone number, and countries they have visited since .一个可选的——非强制性的——问题将会被添加到表格中,这个表格是进入美国之前必须填的表格会问姓名、电话号码以及年以来都去了哪些国家之类的信息The proposed social media question would only concern travelers who do not need a visa to enter the ed States. Travelers from 38 countries are permitted to enter the U.S. without a visa.提出的这个和社交媒体有关的问题只牵涉到不用持签进入美国的游客美国对来自38个国家的游客实行免签The Customs and Border Protection office said in its proposal that adding the question would affect about million people.There is a 60-day comment period the public to share their opinion about the proposal.U.S. lawmakers have also proposed bills concerning the use of social media researching possible terrorism links.海关和边境保护局称添加这个问题会影响到近00万人在60天的意见征询期内,公众可以就该提议发表自己的看法美国议员们也提出了利用社交媒体搜索潜在恐怖主义的议案Senator John McCain sponsored a bill that would require the Department of Homeland Security to look at internet activity and social media profiles of anyone seeking entry to the ed States.约翰·麦凯恩参议员提出了一项议案,要求国土安全部监视想进入美国的所有人的网络活动和社交媒体资料Senators Martin Heinrich and Jeff Flake sponsored a bill that would permit the Department of Homeland Security to “search open source inmation, including internet and social media postings” of people applying a visa to enter the U.S.参议员马丁·海因里希和杰夫·弗雷克提出了另一项议案,允许国土安全部“搜索开源信息,包括申请来美签者的互联网和社交媒体的内容”Senator Chuck Schumer has proposed a different plan to help officials search possible terror links. He wants to reward people who send officials terrorism-related inmation from social media posts. Anyone whose inmation leads to the arrest of someone planning an attack in the U.S. would be paid money.查克·舒默参议员提出了不同的计划来帮助官员查找潜在的恐怖主义线索他希望能够奖励把社交媒体中的恐怖主义相关信息发送给官员的人如果有人提供的信息帮助抓获了计划在美国实行恐怖主义袭击的人,就可以领到钱Schumer’s proposal would make use of the Justice Department’s Rewards Justice program.Schumer said that investigators need the public’s help. Schumer said he wants to award people who come ward with inmation anywhere from ,000 to million.舒默的提案会用到司法部的“正义悬赏”计划舒默说,调查人员需要公众的帮助他说他希望能够奖赏提供线索的人5000美元到500万美元不等In the House of Representatives, Congressman Stephen Fincher proposed a bill that centered on stopping prisoners from becoming radicalized.His bill would require volunteers in federal prisons to provide their social media s during their background investigations. Fincher called U.S. prisons a “breeding ground” Islamic radicalization.在众议院,斯蒂芬·芬奇尔国会议员提出了一项议案,希望能够阻止囚犯变得激进他的提案希望联邦监狱的志愿者们能够在背景调查期间提供他们的社交媒体账号芬奇尔认为美国监狱是伊斯兰极端主义的温床

厦大教授毕业赠言走红:不要随便叫人老公 --6 ::7 来源: 又到一年毕业季,各式各样的毕业典礼,总能勾起一代学子的念念不舍之情——那些在校园的青葱岁月,那些与同学谈天说地的日子,那些为了考试毕设奔前跑后的辛酸和值得……面对又有一批学子即将离开校园,老师总不免嘱咐几句鸡汤热泪,该洒的都洒了……但是今年厦门大学的毕业典礼上,代表教授的发言:“图书馆带不走,实验室带不走,小师…哦,这个好像可以带走…还有,不要随便叫陌生男人老公,不论他多有名有钱”笑倒了一片……看多了励志毕业演讲,好像这种幽默范儿反而更让我们笑中带泪了呢~国外也有滑稽幽默的毕业演讲哦,英语君节选了部分,在幽默中,寻一寻回忆里的感动和对未来的展望吧!1. ELLEN DEGENERES, Actress, Tulane University, 著名脱口秀主持人、演员艾伦·德詹尼丝,年杜兰大学毕业演讲Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else path unless youre in the woods and youre lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that.追随你的,忠于自己,别盲从别人的路,除非你在树林里并且你迷路了,那么你务必要走你看到的那条路. ERIC IDLE, Actor and Comedian, Whitman College, 演员、喜剧明星艾瑞克·爱都,年惠特曼学院毕业演讲You probably remember the first time you got drunk. Who knew the room would go round and round and round? They dont say that on the bottle, do they? Warning: The room will go round and round and round. So be careful of that. When the room is spinning, youve pretty much had enough. It the same with marriage.你可能还记得第一次喝醉谁知道整个房间会转啊转啊转啊?贪杯的人不会那么说,不是吗?友情提示:房间将变得转啊转啊转啊你得小心了当房间正在旋转,你已经喝的差不多了婚姻也是如此3. STEPHEN COLBERT, Writer, comedian and TV host, Northwestern University, (《扣扣熊报告深夜秀)主持人、作家、喜剧演员史蒂芬·科拜尔,年西北大学And we didnt have cell phones. If you made plans to meet someone in a snow storm, and they didnt show up, you just had to assume they were devoured by wolves and go on with your life.……且我们没有手机如果你计划与某人在暴风雪中见面,并且他们没有出现,你就不得不假设他们被狼吃掉了并且继续你自己的生活. FRED ARMISEN, Actor, Oregon Episcopal High School, 演员弗莱德·阿米森,年俄勒冈主教高中毕业演讲Remember that there no one way of doing things. You know how when you unscrew something it righty tighty, lefty loosey? If you just get a hammer and hit it really hard, whatever it is, I guarantee you itll open.记住,做事情并不止一种方式你知道拧开什么东西的时候“右拧拧实,左拧拧开”是怎么操作的吧?如果你拿一个锤子,用力敲打,不管它是什么,我向你保你能打开它5. BRADLEY WHITD, Film and television Actor (N West Wing), University of Wisconsin, 电影、电视(N电视剧《白宫风云)演员布莱德利·惠特福德, 年威斯康星大学毕业演讲The sad truth is, I dont even remember who the speaker was at my graduation. I remember squinting a lot and a vague sense that I would never again be around so many attractive, available young people in my life. It is my solemn duty to inm you that that fear is entirely well founded. This is coming from a guy who works in Hollywood, by the way.一个令人伤心的事实是,我甚至不记得我毕业的时候是谁做的演讲我记得我眯着眼,有着一个模糊的感觉,我的生活中永远不会再有如此之多、有着吸引力的年轻人了我很负责的告诉你,恐惧是完全有理由的顺便一提,这是来自一个在好莱坞工作者的心得

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