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大理洱源县妇幼保健人民中心中医院妇科咨询大理不孕不育去哪个医院英语日常口语 84:A visit from the police来自警察局的询问本单元是关于来自警察局的询问的对话Police 1: You see sir, we've received a complaint from a Mr Hall about a gentleman's watch that you sold to his wife just before Christmas. It would appear that the authenticity of the watch is in doubt. Tim: Oh - Oh, I see...Police 1: Would you mind answering a few questions for us? Tim: Well, no, but I think you should be talking to my boss about this.Police 2: We've aly spoken to your boss sir, at some length as it happens. That's why we'd like to talk to you now. So, if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions...Tim: What, here?Police 2: We can always go down to the station if you think you'd be more comfortable there, sir...Tim: No, no, that won't be necessary. Would you like to come through to the office?Vocabulary 词汇 authenticity (n) 真实性the quality or condition of being real, trustworthy, or genuinein doubt 有疑问under question, not fully believedat some length 相当详尽地thoroughly, completely or repeatedly; for a long timeas it happens 实际上this is an informal expression which means 'actually'本单元的语言点是动词后面加动词+ing 形式,在英语中有些动词后面跟不定式,有些要跟动词+ing 形式,请看下面的解释和例句。Verb + verb-ingBackground 背景 When a verb is followed by another verb, the second verb must be either an infinitive with 'to' such as 'to do', 'to make', 'to go' etc. or an -ing form such as 'doing', 'making', 'going'. In this episode of The Flatmates, the police officer says 'Would you mind answering a few questions...?' The form of the second verb depends on the first verb, and/or the speaker's intended meaning.Some of the rules about verb + verb-ing are given here. Basic verbs 基本动词 Verb-ing is used after these verbs:Examples:The children admitted taking the sweets.I considered becoming a singer when I left school.Do you fancy going to see a movie tonight?Would you mind opening the window? It's rather hot in here.He suggested eating out, but I had aly prepared dinner at home. Phrasal verbs 短语动词Verb-ing is used after these phrasal verbs:Examples:The children carried on playing even though it had started to rain.I gave up smoking 3 years ago.The teacher went on talking even though some of the students weren't listening.Why do you keep on eating fatty food when you know it's bad for you?Negatives 否定To make the -ing verb negative, use not:Would you mind not making so much noise?I like not having to get up early at weekendsSomebody 某人 It is possible to use the structure verb + somebody + verb-ing:I can't imagine you living in a foreign country.I don't like you telling me what to do all the time.In the passive form, use being and the past participle:I don't like being told what to do all the time. /200708/16893云南大理东方医院在那儿 我没料到这个无耻的女人居然同她好友的丈夫调情。 [误] I had not expected that this shameful woman should flirt with her best friend's husband. [正] I had not expected that this shameless woman should flirt with her best friend's husband.注:shameful 通常指某事物是“可耻的,丢脸的”,而 shameless 表示 having or showing no feeling of shame; immodest or impudent,它一般用来指人“不知羞耻的,不要脸的”或“伤风败俗的”。原文也可译为:It's shameful that the woman should flirt with her best friend's husband. /200805/40382大理剑川县b超多少钱

大理无痛人工流产手术多少钱138. 生命短暂而艺术永恒。 [误] Life is short, and art is long. [正] Art is long, and time is fleeting.注:这是一句传诵千古的名言,若直译成英文会显消极和晦气,没有了原汁原味的神韵。 /200807/44553大理东方妇产医院引产多少钱 1. May I help you? / What can I get for you today?每个店员都会问的。回答:Yes.这句也可以不答,直接点餐。 /201102/124990大理排卵白带

大理人流手术的价钱逆向式英语口语 所谓逆向,即反正统而为之。逆向式英语口语即先从听入手,把基本常用的英语句子听熟,掌握好语音语调,然后经反复操练,以把这些句子变成您自己的语言。逆向式英语口语每期十个句子,中英双语音结合,从基本常用句子入手,注重句子实用性,与您一起告别哑巴式英语。温馨提示:请听录音写出相应的口语句子,参考在第二页,注意要听写出句子才有效果的。。本期句子:1. 我忙得四脚朝天.2. 别偷懒!3. 尽你的全力!4. 悠着点儿.5. 打起精神来.6. 你可以找我呀!7. 连喘口气的工夫都没有.8. 你怎么耽搁了?9. 换个工作是惟一的解决办法.10. 你应该更加努力工作. /05/69792 Power Walk Getting more exercise劲走 得到更多的锻炼Ive been thinking and talking and writing about how I need to get some exercise.我一直在想,在说及在写我需要如何去做些运动。But I havent done much about it.但我还没有做很多运动。So, the other day, after a radio show, I went for a walk.所以,有一天,在一个广播节目后,我出去散步了。I walked a little faster than normal, so it could be considered a power walk.我走的比平时快一点,所以它可以被认为是一种劲走。But I didnt walk too fast.但我没有走的太快。That way I could enjoy the walk and not feel I was exercising.这样我能享受行走却不觉得我是在锻炼。There were a lot of nice flowers out and the green plants all waved at me as I passed by.有很多漂亮的花,绿色的植物在我经过的时候向我招手呢。Walking is not only a great exercise but it also gives me a chance to go outside.步行不仅是一种伟大的锻炼,这也给我一个到外面去的机会。Sometimes I feel I spend all my time indoors.有时候我觉得自己在室内花掉了所有的时间。Taking a walk outside helps me get away from everything.外面散步帮助我摆脱一切。I can forget my work , or my problems at least for a while.至少一段时间我能忘记我的工作、我的问题。And I also get a chance to appreciate nature.我也有机会欣赏大自然。There werent many people out walking, so I pretty much have the path to myself.很多人不会出去走走,所以我有自己的道路。Back home and when you go for a walk, you other people who are walking.当你回家,去散散步,你会遇到与你一样走路的人。You may say ;Hi!; or ;Nice day for a walk!; or just simply nod and smile as you pass them.当你经过的时候你也许会说:;嗨!;或;这是适合行走的美好一天!;或者仅仅是微笑点头。It was a bit lonely yesterday, but it was nice to get out and get the blood plumping.昨天有点孤独,但是出来舒活舒活筋骨确实不错。You should try it. I highly recommend it.你应该试一试。我强烈推荐。Who knows? We might even meet.谁知道呢?我们也许会打个照面也说不定呢。Talk about it:谈论下面话题:Do you ever go out for walks?你出去散过步吗?Where do you go for walking?你去哪里散步呢?Who do you usually walk with?你通常和谁一起步行?Do you walk quickly or slowly?你走得快还是慢?Do you ever talk to other people that are walking?你曾经跟其它走路的人交谈吗?What do you say to them?你对他们说了什么呢?Do you enjoy the scenery when you walk?当你行走的时候你喜欢看风景吗?Do you walk for exercise or another reason?你步行是为了锻炼还是别的什么原因?How long do you usually walk for?你通常步行多长时间?How does walking make you feel?走路让你感觉如何? /201203/173784云南大理妇科医院哪家好大理看输卵管堵塞的医院



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