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口语小词:“胡思乱想”用英语怎么说? -- :9: 来源: I randomly searched the word "胡思乱想", so many translations came out:1. have a bee in one's head woolgather; Have a bee in one's bonnet. make blind and disorderly conjectures;3. be lost in various fancies and conjectures;. be moved by confused, foolish reflections;5. entertain all sorts of ideas; entertain foolish ideas;6. go off into wild flights of fancy;7. have a maggot in one's brain [head];8. indulge in flights of fancy;9. let one's mind wander; One's wits go a-wool-gathering.;. spoil one's head [confuse one's brain] by thinking nonsense;. think confusedly. muddle. let one's imagination [fancy] run wild; . random thoughtsWhich one do you prefer? or you have any better idea? 怎么 英语 口语 haveAfter thirty years of married happiness, he could still remind himself that Victoria was endowed with every charm except the thrilling touch of human frailty. Though her perfection discouraged pleasures, especially the pleasures of love, he had learned in time to feel the pride of a husband in her natural frigidity. he still clung, amid the decay of moral platitudes, to the discredited ideal of chivalry. In his youth the world was suffused with the after-glow of the long Victorian age, and a graceful feminine style had softened the manners, if not the natures, of men. At the end of that interesting epoch, when womanhood was exalted from a biological factsintosa miraculous power, Virginius Littlepage, the younger son of an old and affluent family, had married Victoria Brooke, the grand-daughter of a tobacco planter, who had made a satisfactory tune by saking his plantation and converting tobaccosintoscigarettes. While Virginius had been trained by stern tradition to respect every woman who had not stooped to folly, the virtue peculiar to her sex was among the least of his reasons admiring Victoria. She was not only modest, which was usual in the nineties, but she was beautiful, which is unusual in any decade. In the beginning of their acquaintance he had gone even further and ascribed intellect to her; but a few months of marriage had shown this to be merely one of the many delusions created by perfect features and noble expression. Everything about her had been smooth and definite, even the tones of her voice and the way her light brown hair, which she wore a la Pompadour, was rolled stiffly back from her ehead and coiled in a burnished rope on the top of her head. A serious young man, ambitious to attain a place in the world more brilliant than the secluded seat of his ancestors, he had been impressed at their first meeting by the compactness and precision of Victoria's orderly mind. in that earnest period the minds, as well as the emotions, of lovers were orderly. It was an age when eager young men flocked to church on Sunday morning, and eloquent divines discoursed upon the Victorian poets in the middle of the week. He could afd to smile now when he recalled the solemn Browning class in which he had first lost his heart. How passionately he had admired Victoria's virginal features! How fervently he had envied her competent but caressing way with the poet! Incredible as it seemed to him now, he had fallen in love with her while she recited from the more ponderous passages in The Ring and the Book. He had fallen in love with her then, though he had never really enjoyed Browning, and it had been a relief to him when the Unseen, in company with its illustrious poet, had at last gone out of fashion. Yet, since he was disposed to admire all the qualities he did not possess, he had never ceased to respect the firmness with which Victoria continued to deal in other ms with the Absolute. As the placid years passed, and she came to rely less upon her virginal features, it seemed to him that the ripe opinions of her youth began to shrink and flatten as fruit does that has hung too long on the tree. She had never changed, he realized, since he had first known her; she had become merely riper, softer, and sweeter in nature. Her advantage restedswheresadvantage never fails to rest, in moral fervour. To be invariably right was her single wifely failing. his wife, he sighed, with the vague unrest of a husband whose infidelities are imaginary, was a genuinely good woman. She was as far removed from pretence as she was from the posturing virtues that flourish in the credulous world of the drama. The pity of it was that even the least exacting husband should so often desire something more piquant than goodness. 019371

英语口语句:“我想跟你谈谈”的种表达方式 -- :9: 来源:   1. Can I talk to you right now?  我现在可以跟你谈一谈吗?  . You got a minute?  你有空吗?  3. Can I have a word with you?  我可以跟你谈一下吗?  . I need to talk to you  我需要跟你谈一谈  5. May I have a little talk with you?  我可以跟你谈一下吗?  6. Can we sit down and talk it over?  我们可以坐下来好好谈一谈吗?  7. Can we talk?  我们可以谈一下吗?  8. Can I bend your ears a minute?  可不可以借我一分钟?我有事要跟你说  9. May I have a conversation with you?  我可以跟你谈一下吗?  . Do you have time now? I've got something to tell you  你现在有空吗?我有事要跟你说 方式 表达 谈谈 英语口语

流利美语脱口出:流行美语短句+实例对话() -01-7 ::55 来源: 1. What’s good here? 这里有什么特色菜?A:What’s good here?B:Shrimp.A:你们这里有什么特色菜?B:虾. Pig out. 吃得很多A:Oh, I’m afraid I’m gaining weight again.B:I’m not surprised. You pig out on pizza, ice cream and other junk food, don’t you?A:噢,我好像又胖了B:我并不感到意外你不是吃了一堆比萨,冰淇淋和其他垃圾食品吗?3. I’ve decided to go on a stricter diet. 我决定要严格控制饮食A:What are your new year’s resolutions, Peter?B:I’ve decided to quit smoking and go on a stricter diet.A:彼得,你新年有什么打算?B:我决定戒烟,并严格控制饮食. Care seconds? 再吃一点吧?A:Care seconds, Mr. Black?B:No, thanks you. I’m full.A:布莱克先生,再吃一点吧?B:不了,谢谢我已经吃饱了5. Would you like it with the works? 所有的配料你都要加吗?A:Would you like the hotdog with the works?B:Oh, yes, I’d like everything on it.A:您的热所有的配料都要加吗?B:啊,好,都加吧 美语 实例 对话美国地道习语:软骨头 -- :30:55 来源: 每种语言都有一些特殊的词汇用来形容人的不同特性例如,在中文里我们把那些只会念书的人叫做“书呆子”,把那些老是屈从于别人意志的人叫做“软骨头”等美国人也有好多类似的习惯用语今天我们首先要给大家介绍一个美国人常用的字:wimp美国人经常用wimp这个字来形容一些比较软弱,缺乏勇气,办事无效的人参加竞选的政界人士往往喜欢用wimp这个字来描述竞选对手不管是不是符合事实,有的时候,这种形象就在选民心目中留下了印象例如,下面这个人正在和一个朋友讨论投哪个候选人的票他对他的朋友说:  例句-1: "As far as I know, this guy Roger Bly is honest. And he's had a pretty good voting record in Congress. But he looks like such a wimp: I'm afraid he doesn't have the guts to handle a real crisis when it comes up. So I guess I'll vote the other guy."  他说:“就我所知,罗杰?布莱这人很老实他在国会里就各种问题投票的记录来看也很不错可是,他看起来像个软骨头我担心,在真正发生危机的时候,他可能不会有足够的勇气来处理问题所以,我想我还是投另外一个候选人的票”  我们在生活中不难看到有些人胆小怕事,不管是不是他错,他老是听任摆布下面就是一个例子,这是一个人在说他的夫:  例句-: "I'm afraid my sister married a real wimp. Sure, he makes a good salary and treats her well. But he lets himself get pushed around by everybody--waiters, clerks in stores, the guy who pumps gas--he's afraid to stand up his rights."  这个人说:“我看我的大概是嫁了一个真正的软骨头不错,他工资不低,对她也很好但是,他听任周围任何人的摆布:饭馆务员、售货员、加油站的人等,他从来不敢维护他的权利”  下面我们要给大家介绍的一个字是:turkey大家大概都知道,turkey就是火鸡,美国人在感恩节和圣诞节时家家户户都要吃火鸡可是,活的火鸡非常难看,行动迟钝,而且笨头笨脑的所以,要是你把一个人形容为turkey,那你就等于说,那个人是愚蠢无用的下面是一位父亲在说他女儿的男朋友:  例句-3: "I'm worried about this young fellow my daughter is dating. He never finished school, he doesn't have a job, he dresses like a bum--he looks like a real turkey to me."  这位父亲说:“我真担心我女儿的那个男朋友他书没念完,也没有工作,穿得像个叫化子我看,他真是个愚蠢的,毫无用处的人”  每个大公司或机构里总会有几个什么事也干不了的人,可是要想开除他们还不容易下面这个人说的是一些机构如何处理这些人的办法:  例句-: "Some private firms and official agencies have what they call a "turkey farm", a part of the organization where their turkeys can be sent to get them out of the way until it's possible to fire them."  这个人说:“有些私营公司和政府机构都有一种叫做“火鸡农场”之类的地方,这是那个机构的一部份,为了不让那些生产力低的人影响其他人的工作,这些单位可以把他们送到“火鸡农场”去,直到能够开除他们为止”  以上我们给大家介绍了两个美国人常用的字,一个是:wimpWimp就是形容那些软弱,受人摆布,不敢坚持己见的人我们给大家介绍的另一个字是:turkeyTurkey是指那种愚蠢,毫无价值,没有用的人 美国 地道 习语

新新人类必须知道的英语词语 -- :: 来源: 新新人类必须知道的英语词语A Appreciate (英文直译:欣赏) 我有自己肤色,不看别人脸色 A+ (英文直译:A加,优异成绩) 争上游B Baby (英文直译:宝贝、小婴儿) 你是说我家的小吧?我可不是什么小孩了 C Cheese (英文直译:奶酪) 年轻,就是有点怪味 Curiosity (英文直译:好奇心) 没有好奇又怎能有创造 Cute (英文直译:可爱) 精灵古怪是年轻人的专利 D DIY, Do It Yourself (英文直译:自己做) 想自己所想的,做自己想做的 Doraemon (机器猫,著名的日本卡通形象) 大头叮当 E e-life (英文直译:e生活) 就是网络虚拟新生活 Eager (英文直译:渴望) 渴望着下课、渴望着放学、渴望长大 Energetic (英文直译:精力旺盛) 浑身是劲,不用充电 Examination (英文直译:考试) 青春日记中最难熬的体验,偏偏又被重复多次 F Fantasy (英文直译:幻想、怪念头) 奇妙的梦幻是青春的音符 Fast food (英文直译:快餐) 我爱麦当劳 我爱肯德基 我爱肯德熊… Feel (英文直译:感觉) 妙不可言 Free (英文直译:自由) 自由吗?不自由吗?自由吗… G Green (英文直译:绿色) 青春:青葱岁月 H Happy (英文直译:快乐) 没什么比快乐更重要 Hard Candy (年轻线的化妆品牌) 展现真我风采 Hip-hop (目前没有中文翻译,字面意义是轻摆扭臀) 不放电子乐的舞派对,节奏舒缓,长长久久地跳,反正你爱说Hip-hop是什么就是什么 I Icq便捷的沟通方式 Identity (英文直译:身份) 我是谁 Innocence (英文直译:纯洁) 纯真最美 J Jeans (英文直译:牛仔) 给我仔裤,其余免谈! K Kawaye (日语:卡哇伊,可爱的意思) “酷”已经是“一般”的意思了 L Lemon (英文直译:柠檬) 亮丽而不无酸涩的青春 Love (英文直译:爱) 将爱情进行到底 M mp3大家都喜欢mp3,除了唱片公司 N Now (英文直译:现在) 一切从现在开始 O Opporty (英文直译:机会) 有扑错,没放过 P Pimple (英文直译:青春痘) 只要青春不要痘 PlayStation (英文直译:照片快拍机) 玩自拍吧 Party (英文直译:派对) 自由自在的时刻 Q Query (英文直译:问题) 永远没有蠢问题 R Rebel (英文直译:反叛) 反叛是年轻的权利 Ready (英文直译:时刻准备) 准备好了吗?GO! S Second Hand (英文直译:二手货) 伸手一族的无奈 School (英文直译:学校) 不得不把大把青春花费掉的地方 Sunshine (英文直译:阳光) 青春就是阳光灿烂的日子 T T-Shirt (英文直译:T恤衫) 青春和T恤是绝配 Temptation (英文直译:诱惑) 不确定的诱惑总是很多 U Utopia (英文直译:乌托邦) 白日梦天天做 V Vacuous (英文直译:茫然的) 无所事事的闲逛 V频道:音乐电视频道 W Wolf (英文直译:狼) 谁爱做小绵羊?要做有性格的大灰狼 X X’Mas (英文直译:圣诞节) 比春节好玩多了 Y Yeah (英文语气词) !耶! Young Generation(英文直译:年轻一代) 早晨的太阳  Y-Girl (英文直译:由Young-Generation引申而来,指1979年以后出生的女孩) 新新女生  Z  Zeal (英文直译:热情) 热情无限耐心有限 新新人类 英语 词语

30句在英国最常用的英语口语 -- :5: 来源: 1、“Can I get a…”  英国人吐槽:当某些人想要什么东西时,我经常听到他们说:“Can I get a…(我能要一个……)”这让我大为恼火这里又不是纽约,又不是90年代,你以为你是在Central Perk里演《老友记啊,真是的!  英式表达:Please can I have I’d like to order the…  、“least worst option”  英国人吐槽:下次要是有人跟你讲XXX是the “least worst option”(最好选择),你就告诉他们对于他们来说最最最好的选择是滚回去学语法  英式表达:The lesser of two evilsthe better of the two  eg:I think going with him is the better of two evilsis the better of the two options.  3、”two-time” and “three-time”  英国人吐槽:我经历过的渐渐渗入到英语里的短语(特别是播音员使用的)是“two-time(两次)”和“three -time(三次)”难道double啊triple啊什么的都彻底消失了么?从语法上来说,这根本构不成短语,而且用在口语中更糟糕每次听到或者看 到它我就心跳加速这对我的健康造成了威胁,因为基本每天都要经历这些我去!  英式表达:double,triple,quadruple,quintuple  Eg:a double occurrence (not a two-time occurrence)  、7  英国人吐槽:使用7来表达“全天候”,不如就朴实地说“all day, every day”  英式表达:All the timeconstantly.  Eg:He plays game the whole timehe constantly plays games. (不要:he plays games 7!)  5、“deplane”  英国人吐槽:我不能忍受的就是“deplane”这个词,意思就是下飞机,用法是这样的:“You will be able to deplane momentarily(您很快就能下飞机了)”  英式表达:“deplane”这个词英国人全然不用,连我也只能猜出是什么意思!正确的词: disembark, get off the plane.  6、“wait on”  英国人吐槽:有次我读了一个朋友就在车站等车的消息“waiting on a train”,他所表达的意思是火车一直没到站,而我却以为朋友在车上  英式表达:Wait on wait . Wait train, not wait on a train.  7、“It is what it is”  英国人吐槽:“It is what it is.(这就是事实)” 同情同情我们吧!  英式表达:不如说:That’s just what’s happened. That’s just how it’s turned out.  Eg:We tried everything to make the situation easier, but that’s just how it’s turned out.  8、“fanny pack”  英国人吐槽:敢不敢提fanny pack(腰包)啊?  英式表达:Fanny Pack Bum bag. 美语中的fanny是屁股的意思,但英式英语中fanny的意思就指女人的生殖器,慎用! But fanny packsbum bags aren’t really around anymore, they’re not considered to be cool!  9、 “Touch base”  英国人吐槽:“Touch base(联系)”——这让我不停地哆嗦  英式表达: Touch Base 意思不大清楚,get in touchget in contactmake contact with s.o 都更好点  、“physicality”  英国人吐槽:“Physicality(物质性)”真的是一个词吗?  英式表达: Physicality是泛指物质的physical statecondition. Use “physical”state instead!  Eg:You will be able to disembark the plane shortly you’ll be able to get off the plane shortly. 3 30 句 在英国The newspaper I previously worked employs a very friendly receptionist. All receptionists are supposed to be friendly, but Connie Abbott has such a positive tone, she could brighten your day by saying, ;Did anyone ever tell you that you look like a movie star? You ought to go to Hollywood and audition the title role in a new movie The Return of King Kong.;我以前工作的那家报社曾经雇用过一位非常友善的接待员其实待人和善是对所有接待员的基本要求,但康妮bull;阿伯特总能用积极的口吻为你一整天带来好心情:;有没有人曾说你长得很像一个电影明星?你应该去好莱坞试演那部新电影《金刚归来的主角;;A movie star?; youd say. ;Thank you so much. That the best compliment Ive received since my music teacher told me I sing as well as Milli Vanilli.;;电影明星?;你会说,;太谢谢你了这是我的音乐老师夸我唱歌唱得像米利bull;凡尼利一样好以后,我得到的最好的夸奖;I appreciated Connie friendliness because Ive encountered a few unfriendly receptionist including one at the Indian embassy in Washington D.C. who could make both King Kong and Godzilla scamper away in fear.我欣赏康妮的友善,因为我碰到过一些不太友好的接待员,其中包括一位印度驻美大使馆的接待员,她的恶劣态度会让庞大的金刚和怪兽哥斯拉都仓皇奔逃During a stop at the embassy several years ago, I watched her harass visitor after visitor and thought to myself, ;One billion people to choose from and they couldnt hire anyone friendlier. This woman could single-handedly ruin India tourist industry. If the Indian government were smarter, theyd appoint her to a new position Director of Prisons. The crime rate would drop so fast, many politicians would lose money.;几年前,有一次我在印度驻美大使馆逗留,亲眼目睹她;炮轰;一个又一个来客于是我心里想:;印度有十亿人,他们就不能雇一个友善一点的人吗?这个女人单凭一己之力就能给印度的旅游业带来灭顶之灾如果印度政府明智一点的话,他们应该给她安排另一个职位:监狱主管这样一来,印度社会的犯罪率肯定会大幅度下降,许多政客的收入也会锐减;In contrast, Connie is so pleasant that some people are willing to call the newspaper every day just to greet her and say, ;When my wedding picture going to appear in the paper? Hopefully bee the divorce.;相反,康妮非常友善,以至于有人每天打电话到报社,就是为了听到她的声音: ;我的结婚照什么时候才会刊登出来呢?希望在离婚之前吧;Whatever they say, Connie remains friendly and polite. She an excellent receptionist and a true success. Yes, a success.不管他们说什么,康妮总是一如既往地待人友善,彬彬有礼她是一位优秀的接待员,一个真正的成功者对,一个成功者 some reason, we seem to reserve the term ;success; people with money, fame or power. But who gave them such a monopoly? Alan Greenspan? You dont have to be an actor or entrepreneur or software whiz to be a success. Receptionist farmer teacher janitor homemaker plumbers can be just as successful, even if theyve never made a single appearance on Oprah.由于某些原因,我们似乎总觉得;成功;只属于有钱、有名或有权力的人但谁给了他们独占;成功;的权利呢?艾伦bull;格林斯潘吗?就算你不是演员,不是企业家,不是软件奇才,你也可以是一个成功者接待员、农民、教师、看门人、家庭主妇、水管工人,他们都可以成功,哪怕他们从未在奥普拉的节目上露过一次脸In fact, if Oprah Winfrey invited me on her television show, Id tell her all about it.事实上,如果奥普拉bull;温弗瑞邀请我参加她的电视脱口秀节目的话,我会这样对她说Oprah ;It my pleasure today to welcome the world-renowned expert on succes Melvin Durai, author of the new self-help book Im Successful, Youre Successful. He says he can spot a successful person a mile away.;奥普拉:很荣幸,今天我们邀请到了世界著名的成功学专家,梅尔文bull;杜莱,他最近出版了一本励志书《我成功,你成功他说他能在一里(500米)之外辨认出谁是成功人士Me ;Yes, Oprah. My clients pay me thousands of dollars to tell them theyre successful. Many of them have no clue. Just the other day, I told Julia Roberts that she a success. She was so excited, she gave me her Oscar.;我:对,奥普拉我的客户付给我几千美元,要我告诉他们,他们是成功者他们中许多人对于自己是否成功一无所知就在前几天,我告诉茱莉亚bull;罗伯茨说,她是一个成功者她兴奋得不得了,把她的奥斯卡小金人送给了我Oprah ;Well, let talk about other celebrities. What about Howard Stern, the radio shock jock who has offended many people with his ethnic and religious jokes? Is he a success?;奥普拉:好了,我们谈谈别的名人吧霍华德bull;斯特恩,另类的电台主持,他因为拿种族和宗教开玩笑而得罪了不少人,他是一个成功者吗?Me ;Yes, of course he a success.;我:是的,他当然是一个成功者Oprah ;What do you mean? Dont you think he an idiot?;奥普拉:什么意思?难道你不认为他是一个白痴吗?Me ;Ye but he a successful idiot.;我:没错,但他是一个成功的白痴Oprah ;Please explain that to our audience. I can see a few confused faces.;奥普拉:能给观众解释一下原因吗?我看到有些观众很困惑Me ;Well, can you think of a better idiot than Howard Stern? He the best idiot on the radio. He plays the role of idiot well. That makes him a success as an idiot. In fact, if we had an Idiot Hall of Fame, hed be voted in unanimously.;我:好的你能想到比霍华德bull;斯特恩更优秀的白痴吗?他是广播界最出色的白痴作为一个白痴,他尽职尽责,表现出色所以说,他是一个成功的白痴其实,如果我们设立一个;白痴名人堂;的话,他肯定会全票通过的Oprah ;What about ordinary people who dont appear on television every day at p.m. like me? Can they be successful?;奥普拉:那么,那些从来没试过像我这样每天下午四点在电视节目上露脸的普通人呢?他们也算是成功者吗?Me ;Yes, of course, Oprah. It doesnt matter what you do-if you do it well, you can consider yourself a success. Just because you dont have money, fame or power, dont let anyone tell you youre not a success.;我:当然了,奥普拉你从事什么工作并不重要,只要你干得出色,你就可以把自己看作是一个成功者就算你没有钱,没有名望和权利,别人也绝不能说你不是一个成功的人Oprah ;Wow! I never thought of it like that. Would you like to be a regular guest on my show?;奥普拉:哗!我还没从这个角度想过这个问题呢你愿意今后经常来参加我的节目吗?Me ;Really? Oh my gosh. Now my mother may actually believe Irsquo;m a success.;我:真的吗?哦,我的天啊!现在,恐怕我妈妈真的相信我是一个成功者了 196口语小词误用大总结:Indifferent() -- :5:30 来源: 这一词表示冷漠、无动于衷的意思很容易用,用起来就让人觉得地道既然这么好用,我们就该多用,用过了也没事其名词形式是indifference例句:1、为什么对这次海啸受害者有些人却无动于衷?Why some people are so indifferent to the victims of this tsunami?、他对别人对他的侮辱与嘲笑不屑一顾He was indifferent to insults and scorns thrown at him.When I was very young, I liked a girl named "Xiaofang" very much, and I tryied all means available to please her, but she was still indifferent to me. At last I became utterly frustrated and lost my patience.It's not my story any way:)总评:使用频率:造句功能:西方思维: 总结 口语 very 于衷

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