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Animals are a familiar theme in North Korean propaganda, but this time Pyongyang has raided the zoo to hit back at senior U.S. statesmen.动物形象是朝鲜宣传手段里的“常客”。这一次朝鲜将目标对准了两位美国资深政客。Former President George W. Bush and current Secretary of State John Kerry are the targets after both of them called North Korea evil. (To be precise, Mr. Kerry doubled up by calling North Korea an evil, evil place.)美国前总统乔治#8226;布什(George W. Bush)以及现任国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)正是此次“动物秀”的主角。他们两人之前都曾经把朝鲜称作“邪恶”之地(严格说来,克里一连用了两个“邪恶”来描述朝鲜)。Mr. Bush made his remark during a recent visit to Seoul, where he met with North Korean defectors and spoke at a forum.布什的“邪恶”论是在最近访问首尔期间做出的,当时他会见了朝鲜脱北者,还在一个论坛上发表了讲话。In bulletins on Friday from its state media, North Korea throws familiar low-tariff barbs, labeling Mr. Bush as a fool, wicked and a political under-wit.朝鲜官方媒体朝鲜中央通讯Korean Central News Agency, 简称:朝中周五发布的公报中又出现了熟悉的冷嘲热讽,将布什称为“傻瓜”、“邪恶之徒”以及“弱智的政客”。Then we venture into the animal kingdom.让我们冒险走进这个动物王国看看吧。The Korean Central News Agency cites someone called Ri Jong Gil, a private first class of the Korean Peoples Army, as giving his reaction to Mr. Bushs comments.朝中社援引朝鲜人民军(Korean Peoples Army)上等兵Ri Jong Gil的话作为对布什言论的回应It was reported that some days ago, Bush, who was like an animal with rare fur, flew into South Korea and dared slander the DPRK, Mr. Ri is ed as saying, using the abbreviation for North Koreas formal name, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.报道援引Ri的话称,据说布什几天前就像个没毛的畜生一样窜到韩国去,并对朝鲜民主主义人民共和国大放厥词。North Korea often likens its hate figures to common beasts like dogs, rats, cockroaches and crows, but in this case its something more exotic.朝鲜总是喜欢把讨厌的人贬低成常见的动物,例如、老鼠、、乌鸦等等,不过这次倒是别具一格。Mr. Ri continues: Bush is well known not only in the U.S. but in the world for his disposition of going on rampage. This wolf-like old man is living on b crumbs thrown by children at a zoo of the U.S.Ri说,布什横冲直撞的狂暴性格不光是在美国、甚至在全世界都臭名昭著,这个老头子就跟一头狼似的,在美国动物园里靠着小孩丢给他的面包屑过活。Mr. Ri also makes it his personal mission to take out Mr. Bush in the unlikely event he would ever get anywhere near him.Ri还表示,一旦有机会接近小布什,他将以除掉小布什为己任,当然他接近小布什的可能性几乎为零Being a good marksman in my company, I will hunt Bush before any others when a war breaks out, he is ed as saying.报道援引他的话称,作为连里的一名神射手,一旦爆发战争,他将抢在别人之前追捕小布什。The wolf theme continues in a separate report about Mr. Kerry. This time, the Norths state media cites Ma Hye Song, tamer at the National Circus as its mouthpiece. Its not clear if this is a man or a woman, but the person appears to believe in the theory that humans take on the traits of their pets, or other animals they spend a lot of time with.另外一篇有关克里的报道延续了狼的主题。在这篇报道中,朝鲜官方媒体援引国家马戏团的驯兽师Ma Hye Song的话为其代言。不清楚这位驯兽师是男士还是女士,但此人似乎相信这样一种理论:一个人会染上其宠物或与其相处很长时间的其他动物的习性People pay attention to the fact that lots of hills and valleys in the land of the U.S. are good habitats for wolves. Probably, Kerry must have wolf-like disposition as he grew up under their influence, the tamer is ed as saying.报道援引这位驯兽师的话称,人们注意到这样一个事实,美国的很多山丘和峡谷都是狼的绝佳栖息地。也许,克里一定有着狼一样的性情,因为他是在它们的影响下长大的。Borrowing on the tamers animal expertise for comments on international relations, Ma says the U.S.s moves to prevent North Korea from having nuclear weapons and missiles are a vicious attempt to reduce the DPRK to a dehorned sheep.这位驯兽师将自己在动物驯养方面的经验用于国际关系中,Ma说,美国防止朝鲜拥有核武器和导弹的举动是一种恶毒的企图,其目的在于使朝鲜变成一只无角的绵羊。Then the tamer really digs deep with a sweeping account of the challenges of his (or her) trade and how that relates to Pyongyang-Washington ties. Well leave you with the full text of the final few sentences of that report in all its bizarre, clunky glory:之后,这位驯兽师进行了深入探讨,全面讲述了他们这个行业的挑战,及其与朝美关系之间有何关系。以下是这篇报道结尾几句的全文,字里行间流露出古怪而蹩脚的骄傲Looking back on history, people have tamed all creatures including dolphin, goat, pig, tiger and lion. However, there is no one who has ever tamed brutal, cruel and blood-thirsty wolves. There will no one in the future, too.回顾历史,人类驯了包括海豚、山羊、猪、老虎和狮子在内的各种动物。不过,从来没有人驯过凶残嗜血的狼。未来也不会有。If a wolf loses taste of blood and eats grass, imitating moo of sheep, then it will not be a wolf any longer.如果一只狼丧失嗜血的本性,吃起草来,模仿绵羊咩咩叫,就不再是一只狼了。A club is fit for a mad wolf and arms fit for the wolf-like U.S. imperialists.对付疯狂的狼要用棍子,对付像狼一样的美帝要用武器。来 /201403/279319。

Full Fare and Half Fare Ticket全价票和半价票May I have two full fare tickets and one half ticket?我能买两张全价票和一张半价票吗?Show me your card. please.请出示您的件Here you are.给你That right,sir. Here are your tickets. Have a nice day.没错,先生这是您的票祝您今天开心Thanks a lot.非常感谢 53919。

第一句:The parking lot is full.停车场满了A: The parking lot is full. I have to park in the street.停车场满了,我只好停在街上B: Dont do that. It no parking there.别那么做,那儿不让停车A: But what can I park my car?可我的车停在哪儿呢?B: Im afraid you have to find another parking lot.恐怕你得找另外一个停车场第二句:Where can I park my car?我能在哪儿停车?A: Excuse me. Where can I park my car?请问我能在哪儿停车?B: There is a parking area near here.这儿附近有一个停车场停车场用英文表达可以是 parking lot 或 parking area有时你会看到这样的标志:No parking. 这里是“此处不停车”的意思 01801。

第一句:I want to check it.我要入住A: Good morning, Miss! What can I do you?晚上好,!有什么需要我效劳的吗?B: I want to check in. My reservation is 180.我要入住,我的预定号是180A: Are you Ms. Nancy Wang?您是王南希吗?B: Yes.是的第二句:Hello, I have a reservation.您好,我有订房A: Hello, I have a reservation.您好,我有订房B: May I have your name?请问贵姓?A: My name is Robert Sue. And here is my confirmation card.我的名字是罗伯特·苏这是我的确认卡B: Fill up this registration card, please.请填这张登记卡入住酒店用check in,如果已经预订好房间,只要说自己的名字及确认号码,即 confirmation number就可以了当一切入住手续办完后,你就可以入住了:Can I enter the room now? 我现在能进房间吗? 0568。