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Prince George Christening: Archbishops Message The Most Reverend Justin Welby speaks about the moment when he will baptise the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges son Prince George.-A few months ago, millions of people around the world celebrated the birth of Prince George. These extraordinary reactions were all over the world. New were celebrating the next huge important moment, which is his christening.And this the Chapel Royal at St James Palace, where archbishop of the Canterbury will baptize Prince George on Wednesday in front of the Duck and Duchess of Cambridges closest family and friends.-Ill mark Prince George with the sign of the cross on his forehead. Ill splash water on the head of Prince George three times, by which we understand that this person belongs to God.The Chapel Royal has been the setting for historical royal occasions ever since the reign of Henry VIII, such as the marriage of Queen Victoria in 1840. It will be beneath the all hand ceiling, where the future supering governor of the Church of England will be christened George Alexander Louis. -Being baptized means you join the family of church, almost 2,000 million people around the world. What a family! But its a family that is d*ing in size. Barely half of the number of baptisms take place today, compared to a time when Prince Charles was christened at the Buckingham Palace, but its not an altogether worrying trend argue some.-My experience as a baptist is that people have the needs to coming forward to have the child christened. They tend to be more sincere. They tend to be a genuine interesting faith. And I always think, be honest with you, child on front of you, n* child is a good thing.The Reverend Sally Hitchenet has worked with Justin Welby and knows William and Kate will be in very safe hands.-Hes actually quite normal. Hes very makes of joke when things are funny. Hes not afraid to sort of smile if something goes wrong. I would imagine his welcome will be very warm, very personal.And no doubt uplifting, at time when parenthood may still seem a little adornting. -My message to them would be what a treat! What an amazing gift! What wonderful times that you will have!Paul Harrison, Sky News, St James Palace. /201310/262100We were lucky enough我们非常幸运 that we found a male guarding a female.见到一只雄鹿守护着雌鹿And out of nowhere, this male came round the corner.突然之间 又有一只雄鹿出现了And almost immediately faced up to our male.几乎立刻和我们观察的雄鹿针锋相对Absolutely no warning that this was going to happen,没人预料到会发生这样精的一幕so it was complete pandemonium in the car.所以我们当时就手忙脚乱地在车里搭器材But luckily I got the camera up and running in time幸运的是 我及时架好了摄像机to actually capture this fight正好捕捉到打斗场景and it all came down to one minute in real time.整个过程不到一分钟When I filmed it, you dont see it in slow motion.我当时拍摄的时候 看到的并不是慢动作And you just have to go with the flow.你只得按照他们的节奏Youre not experiencing the fight,你无法体会到打斗的激烈youre just basically framing it and capturing it.只能想方设法地捕捉下来So it was only afterwards, when we looked at it in slow motion,所以直到后来 我们用慢动作回放that you could really understand how ferocious it was.才明白战斗的残酷You can see the impact on the skin.你可以看到皮上的撞击You can see the ripples going through the flesh.可以看到血肉之躯震动波四起But it was the final blows that delivered the real surprise.但那最后一击才是最令人震惊的It was like one of those chimneys falling down.就像烟囱倒下了一般At the last moment, the head just went clunk!在最后时刻 头部轰然倒地201312/267354

We came over to Hong Kong and that was when they showed the premiere of The Big Boss.The theatre was packed.我们去了香港,那时《唐山大兄》首映,影院人满为患。Bruce and I sat there towards the back.我和布鲁斯坐在最后排When Bruce Lees first movie showed in Hollywood I was so elated I was so emotional seeing my friend, my teacher, on the screen.当李小龙的第一部电影在好莱坞上映的时候,我因能在荧幕上看到我的朋友兼老师而欣喜若狂,不能自已。When the movie finishes, it is so quiet...You could hear a pin drop.And Bruce is like, ;Oh no. They hate it. You know.;电影结束时一片寂静,掉根针都能听见。布鲁斯说,糟糕,他们不喜欢这电影。And all of a sudden...A huge roar goes up.And theyre cheering and laughing and clapping.It was wonderful.Every time he came on and did his fight scene, everybody applauded.突然,欢呼声起,观众欢呼狂笑,鼓掌不止。太棒了。他每次出现在动作场面中都会赢得一片欢呼Thats when we knew he was a movie star now.And then they started to spot Bruce in the audience.They carried him out on their shoulders.那时我们意识到他是个电影明星了,然后人们在观众席中认出了布鲁斯。他们把他架在肩膀上。Oh, it was thrilling. It was thrilling to him.;Finally I have been appreciated in my work.;It was wonderfu, a very high moment in his life.令人激动,他十分激动。最终我在自己的作品中获得认可。太棒了,那是他人生的至高点。Its The Pierre Berton Show the programme that comes to you from the major capitals of the world.欢迎收看皮埃尔·波顿访谈,我们从世界各地的大都市为您播放该节目。This edition comes to you from Hong Kong.And Pierres guest, the newest Mandarin superstar.His name is Bruce Lee and he doesnt even speak Mandarin.Heres Pierre.本期城市是香港,本期嘉宾,新兴国语巨星,名叫李小龙 但他甚至不说国语。我是皮埃尔。201312/268062

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