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  • 10. Laundry Room Rules 10.洗衣房的规则A: I need to wash my clothes.A:我需要洗我的衣。B: As a tenant of this apartment, you have access to the washer and dryer.B:作为这栋公寓的房客,你有权使用洗衣机和烘干机。A: Is that so? I didnt know that.A:是吗?我不知道。B: Its good that you know now.B:你现在知道也很好。A: Are there any laundry rules I should know about?A:有什么我需要知道的洗衣房规则吗?B: Yes. There are certain hours you are allowed to use the laundry room.B:是的。只有特定的几个小时可以使用洗衣房。A: What are the hours?A:哪几个小时?B: You are only allowed to wash clothes from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.B:上午6点至下午10点是洗衣时间。A: Thats good to know. Is there anything else I should know?A:很高兴知道这个规则。还有什么别的我应该知道吗?B: Youre responsible for your belongings.B:你要为自己的东西负责。A: Well, thats common knowledge.A:嗯,这是常识。B: Also, there is no food or drink allowed in the laundry room.B:同时,洗衣房不允许食物或饮料。A: Thanks for going over the rules and hours with me.A:谢谢你告诉我这些规则并陪我这么久。B: It was my pleasure to help a fellow neighbor. B:很高兴帮助新邻居。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413642。
  • Ade: Good afternoon Chris, tell me, we want to know what are your favorite places in your country?阿德琳娜:下午好,克里斯,我们想知道你最喜欢你们国家的哪些地方?Chris: My favorite places in my country. Well Belgium is actually a city country, I mean we have ... of course we have a beach which is a pretty long beach. Its not the most beautiful one but it has, I mean a lot of opportunities for children to play to make these nice sandcastles. When the tide is low you can go jogging, play ... play even tennis on hard sand beach. Then apart from the beach we also have our hills, I mean theyre not that high, I mean the highest one is about 700 meters, its a nice place full of nature where you can have nice walks and you can also ride a bike. There are nice tracks to ride a bike. And then of course you have the cities, I mean best cities, there is ... my city is Antwerp, thats where I come from. Antwerp is of course really known for its commercial port, nice shopping opportunities, also night entertainment. Night time entertainment is really nice in Antwerp.克里斯:在我们国家我最喜欢的地方。嗯,比利时其实是一个城市国家,我的意思是,我们有很长的海滩。虽然不是最漂亮的海滩,但是孩子们有机会在海滩上搭沙堡。退潮时可以在海滩上慢跑,甚至是在硬沙上打网球。除了海滩,我们也有山区,虽然山不是很高,最高的山有大约700米,山区充满大自然的气息,你可以在那里漫步,也可以骑自行车游玩。那里有很不错的自行车道。当然比利时的城市也很棒,我来自安特卫普市。安特卫普以其商业港口而出名,而且这座城市也是很好的购物选择,夜生活也很丰富。安特卫普市的夜生活很精。Ade: Really!阿德琳娜:真的吗?Chris: Of course, you should try it. I mean if you come once, Ill be your tour guide.克里斯:当然了,你应该尝试一下。如果你来玩,我可以给你当导游。Ade: Oh, thank you so much.阿德琳娜:哦,太谢谢你了。Chris: And if you come ... I mean you should come three days, but I mean its nice to visit three days, I wouldnt come longer, three days. One day to see Antwerp, another day to see, for example, Brugges. Brugges is a really idyllic place, its a really romantic place with the river running through town, some nice ancient buildings, chocolate shops in every corner. We can try the real Belgian chocolate. And then of course you have our capital, Brussels, which is full of history. I mean Brussels you see one history place next to the other, and museums, plazas, our famous Manneken Pis as they say.克里斯:如果你来玩,我建议你用三天的时间游览比利时,我认为三天的时间足够了,不用太长,三天就可以了。第一天游览安特卫普市,第二天去布鲁日。布鲁日是一个田园般的地方,那是一个极具浪漫的地方,河流穿过这座城镇,到处都有古老的建筑和巧克力店。在那里可以品尝到真正的比利时巧克力。当然还要去比利时首都布鲁塞尔,这座城市历史悠久。我的意思是,在布鲁塞尔有很多充满历史感的地方,比如物馆、广场,还有著名的“小于廉”。Ade: Oh yeah, I heard about it, its the little children making pee.阿德琳娜:哦,我听说过那个,是一个尿尿的小孩。Chris: Its our mark. Its Brussels brand lets say. Its Mannekan Pis. Everybody wants to see it and take pictures, I mean, its full of people taking pictures of it, but its actually just a little man, lets say peeing, and its not, I think its not more than 40 centimeters. Thats it actually.克里斯:那是我们的标志。那是布鲁塞尔的标志。那就是小于廉。所有人都想参观那个雕塑并照相,有很多人在那里拍照,其实那只是一个小孩在尿尿,那座雕塑不超过40厘米。就是这样。Ade: Nice.阿德琳娜:很好。Chris: And more, I think thats about it for Belgium. I mean, its a nice country to live in. Its pretty gray. It has some nice cities. It has its beach. It has its hills. It has everything, but it just doesnt have the good weather.克里斯:我认为这就是比利时。比利时是一个适合生活的国家。比利时的天经常是灰蒙蒙的。比利时有很棒的城市、海滩和山区。比利时什么都有,但是天气不太好。Ade: Ah, thats why all Belgians come to Spain.阿德琳娜:嗯,这就是比利时人都来西班牙的原因。Chris: Thats right. Thats why Im living actually in Spain right now.克里斯:没错。这也是我现在生活在西班牙的原因。Ade: Ah, perfect. I hope you like it.阿德琳娜:完美。我希望你喜欢西班牙的生活。Chris: Sure!克里斯:当然了!Ade: OK, Chris, thank you very much.阿德琳娜:克里斯,非常谢谢你。Chris: No problem.克里斯:不客气。 译文属 /201701/489295。
  • unit 517借侦探小说dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good morning. Mrs. Smith.A:早上好,史密斯夫人。B:Good mornig! Can you help me, please? Im looking for some books for my mother.B:早上好,您能帮我一下吗?我想给我妈妈找一些书。A:What kind of books does she like?A:她喜欢什么样的书?B:Shes very fond of detective stories.B:她非常喜欢侦探小说。 /201608/460031。
  • unit 487询问货币兑换业务dialogue 英语情景对话A:May I help you?A:您需要什么务吗?B:Yes. Do you exchange foreign money here?B:需要。请问你们这儿兑换外币吗?A:Yes. Our bank is authorized to deal with foreign exchange.A:晃。我行经授权可以办理外汇业务。B:What kinds of currency do you change?B:你们兑换哪几种货币?A:We can change only three kinds of currency, USD, Japanese Yen and HK Dollar in our savings office.A:我们储蓄所只能兑换三种货币,美元、日元和港币。B:Could you tell me what the exchange rate for USD is today?B:您能告诉我今天的美元汇率是多少吗?A:The buying rate is 826.44 yuan for 100 dollars.A:买入价是每100美元换826. 44元人民币。B:I want to change some US dollars to cover my expense here.B:我想换一些美元来付我在这里的一些费用。A:Please go to Counter No.2, the foreign exchange counter. Its over there.A:请到2号柜台,外汇柜台办理。兢在那边。B:Thank you.B:谢谢。 /201607/454666。
  • 1.惯用口语句子:No way. Theres no way. No. Nope.不行。No can do.无论如何都不行。Nothing doing.那没办法。You shouldnt do that.你不应该那样做。You shouldnt think like that.你不应该那么想。In a pigs eye.决不。Pigs might fly.除非太阳从西边出来。No chance. Not a chance.没有任何可能。It doesnt stand a chance.那是不可能的事。Not likely.不可能。Absolutely not!绝对不行!It will be a cold day in hell before I do that.我绝对不会同意的。Dream on! Only in your dreams!做梦去吧!You wish!你想得倒美!Not in your wildest dreams!做你的美梦去吧!I dont like this idea at all.我一点也不喜欢这个主意。I will never say yes.我永远不会同意的。Save your breath. Dont waste your breath.不必多说了。Save it.不必白费口舌了。Youre barking up the wrong tree.你这是在白费力气。Youre wasting your time/energy.你在浪费时间/精力。breath n. 气力,呼吸bark v. 犬吠,大声说话Over my dead body.除非我断了这口气。Forget it.休想。You couldnt pay me to do it.给我多少钱我也不干。Not for a million dollars.就是给我一百万也不行。Not in a million years.等一百万年也不行。million n. 百万I said no.我说过了,不行的。Sorry.对不起。 /201504/370164。
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