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新疆美白祛斑价格Buying a bridal gown can be a pretty hefty expense, but some brides eschewing tradition and selling their used wedding dresses online instead of storing them for the next generation.买婚纱花费相当高昂,但是有些新娘却抛弃传统,将自己穿过的婚纱在网上出售,而不是为下一代保留婚纱。Dalia Rhodes from Austin, Texas, has no regrets about sending her wedding dress down the aisle twice. After she wed in 2015, she sold her gown to a stranger online a year later.来自美国德克萨斯州奥斯汀市的达丽雅?罗德斯不后悔自己的婚纱被再度穿上走上婚礼红毯。2015年她结婚后,过了一年,她便将自己的婚纱卖给了一个陌生人。#39;I just wanted someone else to enjoy a pretty dress,#39; said Dalia, who used the website Once Wed to sell it for 0, about half of what she originally paid.达丽雅通过Once Wed(曾经结婚)网站以800美元(合5535元人民币)的价格卖掉了自己的婚纱,大约是她买入价格的一半。她说:“我只希望另一个人也能开心地穿上这条美丽的裙子。”Instead of holding on to wedding dresses for decades, many new brides are willing to swap them online for cash. Several websites cater to them, including Still White and PreownedWeddingDresses.com.现在许多新娘都愿意用穿过的婚纱在网上换取现金,而不是将婚纱保存几十年。迎合这一需求的网站包括Still White(依然洁白)和PreownedWeddingDresses(二手婚纱)。And other online marketplaces, such as eBay, Tradesy and Letgo, are filled with thousands of wedding dresses looking for a new bride.其他在线交易网站,如易趣、Tradesy和Letgo,都有数千件婚纱正在找寻新的主人。Just the idea of buying a used wedding dress was #39;shocking and horrifying#39; before 2008, said Tracy DiNunzio, the founder and CEO of online clothing and accessories marketplace Tradesy.装饰品在线交易平台Tradesy的创始人和首席执行官特蕾西?迪农齐奥说,在2008年前,光是想要买二手婚纱这个想法就足以“令人惊骇”。She noted that began to change about a decade ago during the recession, when cash-strapped brides were looking for a deal, and now millennials, who seemingly are not as attached to material things as past generations, are putting up their dresses for sale.她注意到,这个观念大约在十年前经济衰退时期开始发生改变,当时手头拮据的新娘开始找寻性价比高的婚纱,而现在的千禧一代对于物质的东西似乎也不像以前的人那么执着,她们开始出售自己的婚纱。#39;The money is worth more to them once the wedding is over than keeping a dress,#39; she explained.她解释道:“一旦婚礼结束,钱对她们而言比留住婚纱更有价值。”But don#39;t expect to make quick cash. Not everyone wants a used gown, so it can take weeks or months to find a buyer who also happens to love the style and can fit into the dress.但是别指望卖婚纱能很快拿到钱。不是每个人都想要别人穿过的婚纱,所以可能要过几星期或几个月才能找到一个正好喜欢这种风格又适合这件婚纱的买主。Well-known designer names, such as Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, sell faster, and some brides list their dresses on multiple sites, hoping to reach as many brides-to-be as possible.像王薇薇和莫尼克?鲁里耶这样著名的大牌设计师设计的婚纱卖得快些,此外许多新娘会将自己的婚纱放在许多网站上,希望尽可能多的准新娘能看到。The sites typically let listings stay up for as long as needed, charging a one-time fee or taking a percentage when it is finally sold.交易网站通常会让婚纱按照卖家规定的时间保持上架状态,并一次性收取费用,或者在婚纱卖掉之后收取提成。Dalia said it took about four months to sell her wedding gown on the Once Wed website. To make sure the dress didn#39;t get damaged during shipping she said she wrapped the dress in #39;like, probably, six pounds of bubble wrap.#39;达丽雅说,在Once Wed网站上卖掉她的婚纱用了大约四个月的时间。为了确保婚纱在运输途中不被损坏,她把裙子“用6磅重的气泡膜包裹得严严实实”。The buyer, Heidi Cundari of Thunder Bay, Canada, said she opted to purchase a used dress to keep her wedding costs down. She searched several pre-owned wedding dress websites before she fell for Dalia#39;s tulle and organza gown.买主是来自加拿大桑德贝的海蒂?昆达里,她说她选择买二手婚纱是为了节省婚礼开。她看过了几个二手婚纱网站,才最终被达丽雅这件欧根纱礼所吸引。#39;It seemed wasteful to spend thousands of dollars on a dress for one day,#39; she explained.她解释道:“花数千美元购买一条只穿一天的裙子感觉很浪费。”Dresses listed on Once Wed take about six months to sell and go for an average of about ,600, said Once Wed founder Emily Newman. She noted that more and more women are listing their dress for sale before they even get married, so they can ship the dress out once the ceremony is over.Once Wed网站的创始人艾米莉?纽曼说,挂在Once Wed网站上的婚纱被卖掉一般需要六个月的时间,价格平均为1600美元左右。她指出,越来越多的女性甚至在结婚前就将自己的婚纱上架,这样她们一举行完婚礼就可以把婚纱寄出。Some sites have seen their popularity soar recently. Still White, for example, said sellers earned 0,000 through the site in the past month, up 50 percent from the same time last year.某些婚纱交易网站的热度近来一直在飙升。Still White网站声称过去一个月卖家通过该网站挣了50万美元,比去年同期多挣了50%。#39;Modern brides are less sentimental, more budget savvy, eco-friendly and are comfortable making large purchases online,#39; said Still White#39;s co-founder and CEO Bruno Szajer.Still White网站的联合创始人、首席执行官布鲁诺?萨杰尔说:“现代新娘没那么感性,更善于控制预算、更注重环保,也愿意在网上进行高额消费。”However, Dahlia said she did hold on to two keepsakes: her veil and belt, which she said her future children are more likely to wear than her dress.但是,达丽雅说,她还是留下了两样东西作纪念:她的头纱和腰带,她表示,相比穿她的婚纱,她未来的孩子更可能戴这两样东西。Heidi, meanwhile, said she plans to keep the dress and not try to sell it again. Last month she sent pictures of her wedding to Dalia, so she could see the dress in its second trip down the aisle.与此同时,海蒂说她打算保留这件婚纱,不会试着再把它卖掉。上个月她将她婚礼的照片发给了达丽雅,这样她就能看见这件婚纱第二次经历婚礼。#39;We kind of forged a long distance friendship,#39; Heidi said.海蒂说:“我们之间有一种远距离友谊的意思。” /201703/497239新疆省整形美容医院激光祛斑多少钱 We lost a couple of lives in the process...在此过程中我们失去了几个生命……But we did end up with a perfectly made hummus, bon appetit!但是我们确实得到一个完美的鹰嘴豆泥,祝你好胃(法语)! /201610/468254新疆省去色斑多少钱

乌鲁木齐市激光去痘印多少钱As Amy Winehouse once said: ;Love is a losing game ;.歌手艾米`怀恩豪斯曾经说过:“爱是一场注定失败的游戏”。It certainly is for a young man from Guangzhou, China, who was put down in near Shakespearean tragedy.这句话对来自中国广东的一名年轻男子很适用,他的遭遇堪比莎士比亚悲剧。The student staged one of the fruitiest and elaborate marriage proposals in recent times, putting together an astonishing heart of pomelos on the floor of his university mall.近日,一个学生上演了一场最具水果味、精心设计的求婚,他在大学城的商业广场上用柚子摆成一个超震撼的求爱心形。He#39;d collected and laid out 999 pomelos, his sweetheart Mumu#39;s favourite fruit, and waited there with a bunch of flowers.他搜罗了999个柚子拼成心形,这是他喜欢的女孩最爱吃的水果,男孩手捧一束鲜花在广场等她。Chinese news reports that the man sang to Mumu as she arrived on the scene.据中国新闻报道当女孩出现在广场时男孩为她献唱。“She is my idol;, he sang.他唱到:“她是我的女神”。;She likes eating pomelos, so I’ve bought a lot of them for my proposal.”Pomelo means ;you; in Mandarin.But Mumu rejected him.“她喜欢吃柚子,所以我表白的时候买了很多”。柚子在普通话中的发音是英语“你”的意思,但是木木拒绝了他。“I don’t like you;, she allegedly told the would-be Romeo.“我不喜欢你”,她直接告诉这位表白的男生。;I have been treating you as my best friend. But I’ll keep the pomelos.”Wow~“我一直把你当作我最好的朋友,但是我会收下你的柚子”。哇噢~In a bid to break the tension, one of Mumu’friend grabbed the mic and said, ;hey! Mumu said everyone can take some pomelos.;为了打破僵局,木木的一位好友抢过话筒说,“木木说,柚子大家可以随便拿!”When Mumu agreed, the crowd tore apart the displayed to get the fruit . All 999 pomelos were gone in about 2 minutes, media reported.在得到木木首肯后,围观的人群迅速散开去拿柚子,媒体报道999个柚子在两分钟内被一抢而空。 /201609/466162 A talented teenage girl has an incredibly risky make-up routine - that involves applying her eyeliner with a KNIFE. And the danger doesn#39;t stop there for the youngster.一名天赋异禀的女孩有一项令人难以置信的、极具风险的化妆程序--用刀画眼线,而危险并没有让这名年轻人停下来。Anamika Kothari, 14, uses her knee to hold onto the blade before she dips it black kajal to apply her eyeliner. Her flexibility and steady hand has even earned her a stint on India#39;s Got Talent.年仅14岁的印度女孩Anamika Kothari可以用自己的膝盖托住刀,然后用刀尖蘸黑色眼线液来画眼线。她的柔韧性以及稳定的手让她在印度的《达人秀》里声名大噪。Anamika, who lives in Ajmer in Rajasthan, northern India, said: ;I#39;m usually a shy and conservative person.;住在印度北部拉贾斯坦邦阿杰梅尔的Anamika说道:“通常我很保守害羞。”;I never wanted to be famous but I love performing tricks now. It#39;s a real buzz doing this trick. I want to keep pushing myself and perform lots of challenging yoga positions.;“我从来没想过出名,但是我现在喜欢表演这项绝技,做这项技能确实可以出名。我想要继续鞭策自己,表演许多富有挑战性的瑜伽动作。”Anamika began learning yoga just two years ago. Her father and trainer, Narendra Kumar Kothari, 35, has been determined to give his children a talent in life after he was forced to quit school with no prospects.Anamika学瑜伽仅仅两年,她今年35岁的爸爸Narendra Kumar Kothari是她的教练,在他被迫退学、毫无前景后,他不得不让自己的孩子学习一项技能。He said: ;My parents didn#39;t have enough money to educate me or nurture any of my talents. But my children will not suffer the same. I#39;m determined to make sure they#39;re a success in everything they do.;他说道:“我的父母没有足够的钱来供我上学或者培养我的技能,但是我的孩子不会步我的后尘,我要保他们在他们从事的任何领域中有所建树。”After experimenting with a variety of stunts Anamika decided to try and achieve something exceptional. ;I saw something similar online,; she said. ;So I adapted it a little and came up with this stunt. It was risky at first but I took it slow. Now it#39;s fun.;在尝试过一系列绝技后,Anamika决定尝试完成一些特别的东西。“我在网上看见一些类似的东西,”她说,“所以我做出了一些改变,想出了这个绝技,最开始很危险,但是我慢慢的做,现在很有趣。”Last year, she even made it on India#39;s Got Talent with her eye-watering stunt. ;My friends got jealous when I appeared on TV,; she said. ;They avoided me at school. But when more people came to know about my talents my popularity grew. My friends quickly came back. I#39;m ok with it, it#39;s life.;去年她甚至在印度的《达人秀》上表演了她的画眼线绝技。她说道:“我的朋友嫉妒我出现在电视里。他们在学校躲着我,但是随着越来越多的人知道我的绝技,我的人气也逐渐增长,我的朋友也迅速地回到我身边,我对此没有意见,这就是生活。”She#39;s won several medals and certificates at national level but the dream is to be world famous and break world records. But more importantly show India – a country that values males more than females - that #39;girls are as good as boys#39;.她已经赢得了几枚国家级的奖牌以及书,她梦想闻名世界,打破世界纪录。不过更重要的是,她要向印度明(一个比起女性更重视男性的国家)女孩和男孩一样优秀。 /201703/499328新疆石油管理局乌鲁木齐医院光子脱毛手术多少钱乌鲁木齐溶脂手术哪家医院好



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