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东莞去哪家医院查激素最好广州天河中山三院打胎一般要花多少钱Like the old saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life,” it’s never a bad time to start moving your career in a better direction. Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions to help.就像谚语中说的那样“每一天都是余生的第一天”。好的职场规划是必需的。1. Pay Attention in ClassTreat every workday like a school day. Be sure you learn something and use it to make yourself more productive. It doesn’t have to relate to your skills set. It may be as simple as understanding how to work with specifi c peers or emotional intelligence. Take mental notes. Don’t sleepwalk through the day.投入精力将每一个工作日都当成一个学习日。每一天你都需要吸收新的东西,让你自己更有竞争力,不一定都得是硬本领,也可以是与同事相处,控制自己的情绪等等。不要浪费时间。 /201001/94426广州输卵管积水手术去那好 New York Times reports end to Iraq warThe ed States has ended the war in Iraq and indicted President George W. Bush on treason charges, The New York Times reported Tuesday. OK, well not really.An elaborate spoof hit the streets of New York on Tuesday: a convincing fake of The New York Times announcing not just the withdrawal of troops from Iraq but a raft of other US liberal fantasies.Bush is indicted, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice apologizes that the fuss about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was invented, and Americans are finally getting national health insurance.And that's just on the front page.The only problem? The free, 14-page "special edition" newspaper is phoney.Website www.gawker.com has identified the pranksters behind the stunt as The Yes men, a liberal group famous for practical jokes.The newspaper was a vision of what Americans would love to see under Barack Obama after he takes power in January.Dated July 4, 2009, its front-page motto s: "All the news we hope to print" -- a play on the Times' famous "All the news that's fit to print."A Times spokeswoman said: "This is obviously a fake issue ... We are in the process of finding out more about it."One of the newspaper's own online commentators had a wittier retort:"Sorry, folks, the paper isn't free. And the Iraq war isn't over, at least not yet."It's not the first time the venerable newspaper has been parodied. One was published during the 1978 newspaper strike.Another came out on April Fool's Day 1999, printed by British business tycoon Sir Richard Branson and titled "I Can't Believe It's Not The New York Times." 据《纽约时报》本周二报道,美国日前结束伊拉克战争,并以叛国罪起诉总统乔治#8226;W#8226;布什。可惜,这不是真的。一个精心策划的恶作剧于本周二引爆纽约街头:当日的一份“高仿真版”《纽约时报》不仅宣布了美国从伊拉克撤军的消息,还刊载了其它很多大快人心的报道。其中包括布什总统被指控;国务卿赖斯承认布什政府在发动伊拉克战争前就知道伊拉克没有大规模杀伤性武器;美国的全民保险制度终于建立等等。这还只是头版的内容……只可惜,这份免费的、14版的《纽约时报》“特刊”是假的。Gawker.com网站通过调查发现,这份假《纽约时报》的幕后操手是一个名叫“应声虫(The Yes men)”的以恶搞而著称的自由组织。这份报纸反映了美国人希望在奥巴马明年1月接任总统后能看到的一些新变化。这份日期为2009年7月4日的《纽约时报》在其头版打出了宣传口号,“我们刊登所有我们希望看到的新闻”,而正版《纽约时报》的宣传语则是“我们刊登所有有价值的新闻”。《纽约时报》的一位女发言人说:“这显然是个恶作剧,目前我们正在对该事件进行调查。”《纽约时报》的一位网络员的反驳则更加诙谐幽默:“不好意思,各位,报纸并不免费,伊战也未结束,至少现在还没有。”《纽约时报》遭恶搞已不是第一次,其中一次是在1978年报业罢工之时。另一次是在1999年的愚人节,当时英国商界大亨理查德#8226;布兰森印刷了一批假报,当时报纸的头条是“我不相信这不是《纽约时报》。” Vocabulary: phoney:赝品;骗人的东西 /200811/56131中山附属三院无痛人流要多少钱

广州第二人民医院看男科英国女性:为了钱不离婚They may have promised to have and to hold for richer and for poorer.But wives are most interested in the richer part.In a British study of married men and women, the majority of wives - 59 per cent - said they would divorce immediately if their future economic security was assured.The survey also found more than half of husbands thought their marriage was "loveless".And among both sexes, more than one in ten wished they had wed someone else.Responding to the astonishing results, relationship experts warned couples to avoid getting stuckin a rut- or risk the trauma of divorce.The survey of 2,000 adults revealed that 12 per cent would stay in an unhappy relationship just for an easy life.Almost 30 per cent said they were staying in a doomed marriage to save themselves going through a massive upheaval.Thirty-seven per cent said they were staying for the sake of the children.Almost a third of those polled were concerned they would be left with absolutely nothing if they walked out on their marriage.And 30 per cent of men said they were scared that they would have to leave without their children.The survey was commissioned by solicitors Seddons after a rush of divorce applications in the first week of the new year.Overall, 12 per cent said they were in a loveless relationship and more than a third (35 per cent) believed their marriage would turn stale in the near future.A shocking 56 per cent admitted they were not completely happy in their relationship - and more than half said they had considered splitting from their partner.A spokesman for the marriage counselling service-Relate said: "It's so easy for married couples to get stuck in a rut once the realities of paying the bills and getting the children's breakfast sets in."Relationships inevitably change over time. Divorce impacts on every single area of a person's life. Dividing up the family home, pets and everything they own is just part of the process." 他们一定都立下过婚誓:无论贫富贵贱,一生相随。不过妻子们还是更愿意在“富贵”的时候相随。英国一项对已婚男女的调查表明,多数女性(59%)表示如果以后在经济上能得到保障,她们会马上离婚。另外,调查发现,超过一半的男性认为自己的婚姻“无爱”。超过十分之一的男性和女性觉得自己找错了人。针对这些令人惊讶的调查结果,婚姻问题专家提醒已婚夫妇不要陷入生活的陈规,也不要冒险离婚。该项调查共有两千名成年人参加,结果显示,12%的受访者表示,为了过上“安逸”的生活,他们愿意忍受不幸福的婚姻。近30%的人称他们为了度过难关,正在忍受不幸福的婚姻。37%的受访者称不离婚是为了孩子。近三分之一的受访者担心离婚后会一无所有。30%的男性害怕失去孩子。该调查由希登斯律师事务所委托开展,该机构在新年后的第一周内收到了大量的离婚申请。总体来看,12%的人说自己正在经受无爱婚姻的折磨,超过三分之一(35%)的人认为婚姻的正在慢慢减退。多达56%的人承认婚后生活并不十分开心,超过一半的人考虑过与对方分开。Relate婚姻咨询务机构的发言人说:“对于已婚夫妇而言,一旦付账单和给孩子做早餐等家庭琐事成为每天的现实,两个人便很容易陷入‘陈规’。”“久而久之,两人的感情必然发生变化。离婚会对个人生活的方方面面产生影响。分家、分宠物、分财产仅是其中的一部分。” /200803/32061广州哪些医院做人工受精最好 27岁的“跳水公主”郭晶晶即将踏上她的第4次奥运征程。毫无疑问,在自己的最后一届奥运会上完成最精一跳,在自家门口卫冕,是她的唯一目标。Regardless of being all-time focus of media attention, Chinese "diving queen" Guo Jingjing only cares about defending her title at her last Olympic Games.Diving is one of the most important Olympic events for China as the country maintains traditional dominance in the sport. Shouldered with high expectations, the 27-year-old Guo hopes to sweep all of the diving gold medals with her teammates.Guo, who is the oldest women's athlete in Chinese diving history, was born in Baoding of northern China's Hebei province on October 15, 1981. She started diving at seven, and made it to the Chinese national team in 1992 when she was 11.At 15, Guo made her Olympic debut in Atlanta, but only finished fifth in 10m platform.Four years later, Guo won two silver medals at the Sydney Games and followed up with her first Olympic title in Athens 2004. She earned gold in the three-meter springboard synchronized with Wu Minxia before finally winning her first individual Olympic gold in the three-meter springboard.Besides the Olympic arena, Guo was crowned at the three-meter springboard in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007 world championships, becoming the first four-straight-time world champ in the sport.Nicknamed "springboard diva", Guo has been the leading member of the Chinese "dream team" since triple Olympic gold winner Fu Mingxia retired.However, at the FINA Diving World Series in Nanjing in May, Guo blundered in her first dive, resulting in an embarrassing 21-point score which cost her a spot in the final."It's not bad to reveal some problems before the Games since we have time to correct them," said Chinese national team manager Zhou Jihong."I hope Guo learns from these mistakes and gets back to her best form before the Beijing Games," she added.Guo's coach Zhong Shaozhen said Guo is the most hard-working diver on the Chinese team and she earned every of her gold medal with arduous efforts.Guo had announced she would retire after the Beijing Olympics.In August, the National Aquatics Center, popularly known as the "Water Cube", will witness her last Olympic competitions with familiar rivals such as Russian veteran Julia Pakhalina and teammate Wu Minxia."I didn't feel too much pressure," said Guo. "I will only have to compete with myself. It's my fourth Olympics, and my only goal is defending champion." /200807/44698广州天河哪里孕前检查

天河中心医院哪个医生比较好Family 美国家庭 "Please pass the turkey and dressing." What does this simple request make you think about? If you are an American, you think about Thanksgiving. A turkey dinner symbolizes Thanksgiving for Americans. What does Thanksgiving remind Americans of? Their families. Thanksgiving is a family time. On this holiday, families gather to gobble up the gobbler and stuff themselves with stuffing. Family members enjoy watching parades and football games on TV and just being together. What does "family" mean to Americans? 「请将火鸡与配料递给我。」这个简单的请求令你想起什么?如果你是美国人,你会想到感恩节。对美国人而言,火鸡大餐象征感恩节。感恩节提醒了美国人哪些事情呢?--他们的家人。感恩节是家人聚集的时间,在这个节日,家人聚在一起对着火鸡以及鸡腹中的调味材料大快朵颐;家人享受一起看游行、看足球比赛的电视转播以及同聚的时光。到底家庭对于美国人的意义是什么? The traditional American family is a "nuclear family." A nuclear family refers to a husband and wife and their children. The average American family today has two or three children (and maybe a few pets). In some cultures, people live close to their extended family. Several generations may even live together. In America, only in a few cases does more than one household live under one roof. 传统的美国家庭被称为「核心家庭」。核心家庭包含了先生、太太和小孩子,今日美国的一般家庭有二个或三个小孩(或者再加上几只宠物)。在一些文化里,大家庭住在一起,甚至好几代的人同住。在美国,只有极少的情况下才会有超过一个家庭同住一个屋檐下。 American values receive a warm welcome in the home. Many homes are run like a democracy. Each family member can have a say. A sense of equality often exists in American homes. Instead of fearing Mom and Dad, children may think of them as good friends. Husbands and wives often share household chores. In many cases, a child can enjoy privacy in his or her own bedroom. From an early age, children gain responsibility in handling money. They may receive a weekly allowance or even work part-time jobs. Often parents give children freedom to make their own decisions. Preschoolers choose what clothes to wear or which toys to buy. Young adults generally make their own choices about what career to pursue and whom to marry. 美国人看重对家人回家时热诚的欢迎。许多家庭用民主政治般的方式来治理,家中每个人都有发言权利,公平观念广泛存在于美国的家庭当中;除了敬畏之情外,孩子们也将父母亲当成好朋友,夫妇经常彼此共同分担家务;许多家庭的孩子在自己的卧室内享有隐私权;孩子们在很小的时候便有理财的责任,他们可能每个礼拜会有零用钱或是出去打工;父母亲常会给孩子们自己做决定的自由,学龄前的孩子可以自己选择穿什衣或买什么玩具,青年人则可自由选择职业及结婚的对象。 Families in America, like those in every culture, face many problems. Social pressures are breaking apart more and more American homes. Over half of U.S. marriages now end in divorce. More than one in four American children are growing up in single-parent homes. As a result, many people believe the American family is in trouble. 正如许多其它文化一样,美国的家庭也面对许多问题。社会的压力正将愈来愈多的美国家庭解体。现在,超过半数以上的婚姻在美国是以离婚做结束;每四个小孩中就有超过一位是由单亲养育长大的,它的结果是造成了许多人相信美国家庭有麻烦了。 Even so, there is still reason for hope. Many organizations are working hard to strengthen families. Americans almost unanimously believe that the family is one of the most important parts of life. The vast majority also feel that the traditional two-parent family is best for children. They realize that problems in family life in recent years have brought about serious consequences. As a result, more and more people are making their family a priority. Many women are quitting their jobs to stay home with their children. Families are going on vacations and outings together. Husbands and wives are making a concentrated effort to keep their marriages solid. 即使如此,还是有盼望。许多机构正努力巩固家庭。几乎所有的美国人都相信家庭是生命中最重要的一部份。大多数人也认为传统双亲式的家庭对小孩子是最好的。他们明白近来家庭生活的问题,已带来了许多严重的结果。所以,愈来愈多的人将家庭视为第一优先。许多妇女辞去工作在家陪孩子。全家人一起渡假或出去玩,丈夫与妻子一起集中心力使婚姻稳固。 The ed Nations has declared 1994 the "International Year of the Family." Not just in America, but all over the world, people recognize the importance of strong families. How do you strengthen the family bond? Do special things for each other. Talk to each other. Play together. Spend time together. Oh, and one more thing: be thankful for each other. If you have a family, every day should be Thanksgiving. 联合国已宣布一九九四年为国际家庭年。不止是在美国,全世界的人都明白一个稳固的家庭的重要性。你如何坚固你的家庭呢?为彼此做些特别的事情,一起聊天,一起玩,花时间在一起。喔!还有一件事情:对彼此怀着感恩之心,如果你有家庭,每天都应是感恩节。 /200803/32925 Every time I miss you, a star falls.So if you ever look up at the sky and the stars are gone, it's because you make me miss you too much! 我想你一次,星星就坠落一颗,当你仰望夜空,星星难觅踪影的时候,你就知道我有多想你! /201108/148448广州去哪医院做人流呢天河区长安医院怎么样好吗



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