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栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。 Article/201608/430398This little big shot doesn#39;t do anything. Nothing.Nada.此次登上舞台的小达人什么都没做,什么都没做。All he does, he just stares at you.除了他的眼神。But he does it just about as good as anybody.他的眼神和其他人一样完美。From Omaha, Nebraska, here#39;s 10-year-old Sammy.欢迎来自内布拉斯加州奥马哈市的10岁男孩萨米。Sammy, how you doing man? Good. Good.萨米,最近好吗?我很好。很好。Just staring. Mm-hmm.就是盯着你。是的。So, what happened was there was this . In the where were you?其实都来源于视频中的故事。你在视频中出现了吗,在哪里?It was the College World Series.其实它是一个大学生棒球系列赛的视频。Oh, the College World Series. I watch that on ESPN sometimes.哦,大学生棒球系列赛。我有时会在ESPN上看。And somebody captures you staring?然后有人看见了你的眼神?It was actually a robo-camera, and I didn#39;t even know it was recording, so...它其实是一个电子摄像头,我甚至不知道它在录像。And so, it was just going, and it caught you, and you just stared at it? Yep.摄像头在录像,捕捉到了你的眼神,是吗?是的。All right, let#39;s take a look. Look right here.来让我们重温一下,看这边。Overnight, 50 million views.一夜之间,5000万点击量。50 million views of just staring. Yeah.5000万点击量,就为了你的眼神。是的。When your mom showed you the cellphone, what was she showing you?你妈妈当时让你看了眼手机,手机上有什么?Everybody was texting her that we were on TV.所有人给她发短信说,我们上电视了。When you go back to school, man, and you on this show, too. Whoo-wee!当你再回到学校,你成为了“小小达人秀”的嘉宾。欧耶!You about to be the big dog on the block.你将成为所有人的王。Okay, Sammy, so, this is the idea I got.萨米,听我说。Since you#39;re the world#39;s greatest starer, you and I are going to have a stare off. Let#39;s do it!你是世界上最酷的“眼神王”,我们要来一场比赛。开始吧!Welcome to the biggest sporting clash since the Rumble in the Jungle, the Thrilla in Manilla, and The War to Settle the Score.自“森林之战”“马尼拉之战”以及最伟大的摔跤比赛之后,我们又迎来了一场规模宏大的比赛。It#39;s the Little Big Shots Stare Off.那就是“小小达人秀眼神之战”。Our first contender is 10 years of age with piercing blue eyes. From Nebraska, it#39;s the Omaha eyeballer, Sammy.我们的第一位参赛选手是拥有锋利之光,年仅10岁的内布拉斯加州奥马哈市男孩,萨米。And our second contender with two brown eyes and one mighty mustache, it#39;s the Ohio Ogler, Mr. Steve Harvey.第二位选手拥有一双棕色眼睛,浓密胡子的俄亥俄迷眼,史蒂夫·哈维先生。The rules are very complicated. The first to blink, loses.规则很复杂。首先眨眼的即输掉比赛。Gentlemen, 3...2...1...stare!各位,3...2...1...开始。You won, man.你赢了。Ladies and gentlemen, let#39;s hear it for Sammy!女士们先生们,为萨米鼓掌! Article/201707/515691

Conversation A : At Home in the Evening?EILEEN: Did you finish your workMARTIN: Yes, I did. Where are the childrenEILEEN: Sue is ing. Alan is dressing.?MARTIN: DressingEILEEN: For the party. He's going to a party tonight.?MARTIN: Oh, yes. That's right. When is the partyEILEEN: The party begins at ten o'clock.?MARTIN: Is he dressing now? It's only seven o'clock.?EILEEN: I know. But he's dressing. The party is important. Martin, are you going to take Sue to the movies tomorrowMARTIN: I can. Does she want to go tomorrowEILEEN: Yes, she does. When is your meeting tomorrowMARTIN: In the morning.?EILEEN: When is the meetingMARTIN: At eleven o'clock.?EILEEN: Can you go to the movies in the afternoonMARTIN: Yes, I can. WhenEILEEN: At four o'clock.?MARTIN: OK.?EILEEN: Sue wants to go to Jennifer's house tomorrow. She can go in the morning.MARTIN: When is dinnerEILEEN: You didn't eat lunch. Do you want dinnerMARTIN: Very much!?EILEEN: Dinner is at seven-thirty.?SUE: Hi. May I come inMARTIN: Of course.?SUE: Did you finish your workMARTIN: Yes, I did.?SUE: Can we go to the movies tomorrowMARTIN: Yes, we can.?SUE: WhenMARTIN: In the afternoon.?SUE: Can we go at six o'clock? I want to go to Jennifer's house.?MARTIN: That's very late. You have school on Monday. Let's go at four o'clock.SUE: When can I go to Jennifer's houseEILEEN: You can go to Jennifer's house in the morning.?SUE: May I phone Jennifer nowEILEEN: No. It's time for dinner.?SUE: When may I phone herEILEEN: After dinner.?SUE: When is dinnerEILEEN: At seven-thirty.?MARTIN: Dinner In a few minutes.?SUE: OK. I'm going to .?EILEEN: I'm going to finish dinner. Come help me.?MARTIN: OK.?Practice 1:情态动词 may 和 can 在构成疑问句时,都用倒装句型,移到主语之前,有时都可表示“可以”的意思,但 may 有“许可”的含义,can 有“能够”的含义。?Examples: SUE: May I come inMARTIN: Of course.?SUE: May I phone Jennifer nowEILEEN: No. It's time for dinner.?SUE: Can we go to the movies tomorrowMARTIN: Yes, we can.?SUE: Can we go at six o'clockMARTIN: No, that's very late.?SUE: When can I go to Jennifer's houseEILEEN: You can go to Jennifer's house in the morning.?Practice 2:比较笼统的时间用语,一般表示一段时间。确切的时间用语常常由一个数字,后面加上 o'clock(点钟)构成。?Example One:?EILEEN: Tonight.?Tomorrow.?MARTIN: In the morning.?EILEEN: In the afternoon.?MARTIN: On Monday.EILEEN: After dinner.?MARTIN: In a few minutes.?Example Two:?MARTIN: At seven o'clock.?At eleven o'clock.?EILEEN: At four o'clock.?At seven-thirty.?SUE: At six o'clock.?MARTIN: At four o'clock.会话A : 晚上在家里?艾 琳:你干完工作了吗马 丁:是的,干完了。孩子们在哪儿艾 琳:苏在看书,艾伦在穿衣打扮。?马 丁:穿衣打扮艾 琳:为了参加晚会,他今晚将参加一个晚会。?马 丁:噢,是的。对了,晚会什么时候开始艾 琳:晚会10点开始。?马 丁:他现在正在穿衣打扮吗?才7点。?艾 琳:我知道。但他已在穿衣打扮,因为晚会很重要。马丁,明天你将带苏去看电影吗?马 丁:我能带她去,她明天想去吗艾 琳:是的,她想去。你明天什么时候开会马 丁:在上午。?艾 琳:会议什么时候举行呢马 丁:11点。?艾 琳:你能在下午去看电影吗马 丁:是的,能。什么时候。?艾 琳:4点。?马 丁:好吧。?艾 琳:苏明天想去詹尼弗家,她可以上午去。?马 丁:晚饭什么时候开饭艾 琳:你还没吃午饭,你想吃晚饭吗马 丁:非常想吃。?艾 琳:晚饭在7点半。?苏 :你们好,我可以进来吗马 丁:当然可以。?苏 :你干完工作了吗马 丁:是的,干完了。?苏 :我们明天能去看电影吗马 丁:是的,能去。?苏 :什么时候马 丁:在下午。?苏 :可以6点去吗?我想去詹尼弗家。?马 丁:那太晚了,你星期一还要上学。咱们四点去。?苏 :我什么时候能去詹尼弗家呢艾 琳:你可以在上午去詹尼弗家。?苏 :我现在可以给詹尼弗打个电话吗艾 琳:不可以,现在是吃晚饭时候。?苏 :那我什么时候可以给她打电话艾 琳:晚饭后。?苏 :什么时候吃晚饭艾 琳:7点半。?马 丁:几分钟后。?苏 :好吧,我去看书。?艾 琳:我去把晚饭准备好,来帮我一把。?马 丁:好吧。 /200602/3399

Three minutes of scoffing in Rosie#39;s house, non stop.在罗西家狼吞虎咽了三分钟 毫无停顿How embarrassing.太尴尬了We#39;ve watched this several times,我们多次观看了这段视频and he doesn#39;t spend much time lifting his head, looking around.并发现他没有花太多时间抬头观察周围的情况- Worrying about anything. - Exactly. He#39;s at home.-担心些什么 -没错 他非常自在- This is normal. - I feel that he#39;s confidently doing this,-这很正常 -我感觉他很有自信and so he#39;s done this probably more than once,所以他这么做了也许不止一次this may be routine for him.这可能是他的日常活动Oh, dear.噢 天啊So, yes, midnight snacking是的 吃宵夜is definitely happening in Claude#39;s life.绝对是克劳德生活的一部分I think one of the things that I#39;ve been surprised by令我惊讶的事情之一就是has been just how many cats are going into other people#39;s houses.许多猫会进入别人家I#39;m not sure yet quite how many of those people are aware我不确定有多少人知道that those cats are coming in,那些猫进来过but one of the main reasons they come in will be to get food.但他们的主要目的之一是为了食物They#39;ll be stealing food from other cats, essentially.他们会从其他猫那里偷取食物I think you can almost bounce that off这几乎可以说明against the rather small numbers为何这周我们发现的猎物of prey that we#39;ve seen this week.数量十分稀少Some of that may be down to the weather,天气可能是其中一个原因but I think a lot of it is these cats are getting可我认为这里许多猫a varied diet by raiding other people#39;s houses,通过打劫别人家以获得多样的饮食they don#39;t really need to go out and kill things.他们根本不需要外出捕猎重点解释:1.look around 环视例句:You have 15 minutes to look around.你有15分钟的时间到周围看看。2.more than 超过例句:There are more than 5,000 adjectives in that dictionary.那本词典中有5000多个形容词。3.go out 出去例句:He goes out drinking most evenings.晚上他差不多都到外边喝酒。 Article/201608/463775零起点英语口语 第53讲:My health这是一套初级英语口语书。翻开了“从零开始学口语”,你会发现,学习口语是那么的容易。学好英语的最佳入门法则,就是找对老师,找对教材。本教材先从最基础发音篇开始--字母,音标。发音准确,首先口型就要正确。第二阶段直接进入经典字型,这类表达可以让您触类旁通,举一反三。第三阶段高频口语惯用句,英语中的一些简单而重要的表达语句,大部份都是一些简单的迷你惯用句--二字/三字/四字/五字等。第四阶段,主题单词和情景会话。其实,我们每天所说的中文都是相当简单的中文。那么,简单的中文,当然也能用简单的英文来表达。不需要道理,没有冗长的语法解说。您所要做的就是重复地听,大声地跟着念,很快就能够把它学会。不用再苦苦思量,舌头打结,学过多年英语的你,将会恍然大悟,原来英语可以这么轻轻松松就说出口。从零开始学口语--最聪明的学习方式:躺着学,每天睡觉前固定,反复听一段,10分钟。天天学,不求多,每次只要30分钟。 相关专题推荐:从零开始学口语英语口语999句疯狂英语现场教学新英语900句视频色拉英语乐园视频 /200811/55744This year, there are a lot of amazing contenders.这一年,有很多强劲的对手。Maybe the winner will be a comedy, or a drama, or an action film, with state-of-the-art special effects.或许赢家将会是一部具有先进特效的喜剧、戏剧、又或是一部动作电影。There might be a big reveal.可能有个盛大的发布。A memorable song, an unlikely villain, an unexpected true love story –that#39;s always a crowd pleaser.一首难忘的歌曲,一个不太可能的坏人,一个意想不到的真爱故事——总是深受大家喜爱。Truth is, even a single standout performance could put any one of them over the top.事实是,即使是一个出色的表演也会让他们中的任何一个脱颖而出。But whether it#39;s a thriller... a rom-com, a horror movie or a foreign film.但是不管是一部惊悚片…一部浪漫喜剧,一部恐怖片还是一部外国电影,The award for best picture will always belong to you.最佳照片奖肯定非你莫属。 Article/201706/515724

If you#39;re watching this on a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should probably turn off the phone and stick it in your fireplace.如果你正在用三星Galaxy Note7看这个视频,你或许应该关了手机,把它插入你家的壁炉。The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall for about a million Galaxy Note 7s sold in the U.S. because the phone#39;s lithium-ion battery can overheat and catch on fire.美国消费者产品安全委员会宣布召回约100万部在美国销售的Galaxy Note 7,因为手机的锂离子电池会过热并着火。Samsung received 92 reports of the phone batteries overheating, dozens of which caused injuries and property damage.三星收到92份手机电池过热报告,数十起造成人员受伤和财产损失。Samsung issued a recall earlier in September, but it#39;s been anything but smooth. It took nearly two weeks to coordinate the recall with the U.S. government. In the meantime, Samsung#39;s market value plummeted by billions of dollars.早在九月初,三星就对手机发布召回,但一直不顺利。三星花了近两周时间与美国政府协调召回事宜。与此同时,三星的市场价值骤跌数十亿美元。Caught in the middle are people like a Florida man who said he didn#39;t hear about the recall until after his phone exploded and the flames sp to his jeep, destroying the vehicle.其中像一名佛罗里达州的男子说,直到手机爆炸火焰蔓延到他的吉普车并烧毁前,他没有听到召回的消息。Consumers have until Sept. 21 to exchange the phone. A CPSC spokesman said roughly 97 percent of Galaxy Note 7 phones sold in the U.S. should be eligible for a refund. You can visit Samsung#39;s website to see if your phone qualifies.消费者在9月21前可以去更换手机。消费者产品安全委员会的一名发言人表示,大约百分之97的在美国销售的Galaxy Note 7手机应退款。你可以访问三星的网站看看你的手机是否有资格。译文属。 Article/201609/466402Conversation A : In a Small TownMARTIN: Good afternoon. I'm Martin Learner.?ASSISTANT: Good afternoon, Mr. Learner. I'm Mayor Walker's assistant. The Mayor is expecting you. Please go in.?MARTIN: Thank you. Good afternoon, Mayor Walker.?MAYOR: Hello. How are youMARTIN: Fine, thanks, How are youMAYOR: Fine, thanks. What can I do for youMARTIN: I'm a reporter. I want to talk about the work people do in this town.?MAYOR: Fine.?MARTIN: How long have you been mayor of GreentownMAYOR: Three years.?MARTIN: How many people live in GreentownMAYOR: Thirteen thousand.?MARTIN: Let's talk about the work people do. What do they doMAYOR: They work in small factories. They work in small businesses.?MARTIN: How many factories do you haveMAYOR: We have five small factories.?MARTIN: What do they makeMAYOR: Look at these pictures. See these peopleMARTIN: Yes.?MAYOR: They work in the battery factory. They make batteries.?MARTIN: What do they makeMAYOR: They work in the tire factory. They make tires.?MARTIN: What do they makeMAYOR: They work in the glass factory. They make windows and windshields.MARTIN: What do they makeMAYOR: They make bottles. And they make plastic bags. Come see the town.MARTIN: Thank you, I'd like that.?MAYOR: Do you see those people? They work on the roads and streets.?MARTIN: I see. How many teachers do you haveMAYOR: About one-hundred. They teach in the schools. Look at that school.MARTIN: Is it a new schoolMAYOR: Yes, it is. Twenty teachers teach in that school.?MARTIN: Is that a hospitalMAYOR: Yes, it is. It's small. Twenty-three nurses work in the hospital.Practice 1:询问对方的工作地点,我们通常用:?Where do you work? 你在哪工作其回答方式是:“I work+地点介词短语”. 我在……工作。Examples: MARTIN: Where do they workMAYOR: They work in small businesses.?MARTIN: Where do they workMAYOR: They work in the battery factory.?MARTIN: Where do they workMAYOR: They work in the tire factory.?MARTIN: Where do they workMAYOR: They work in the glass factory.?MARTIN: Where do they workMAYOR: They work on the roads and streets.?会话A : 在小镇马 丁:下午好!我是马丁·勒纳。?助 手:下午好,勒纳先生。我是沃克市长的助手。市长正等你呢!请进。?马 丁:谢谢。下午好。沃克市长。?市 长:你好,你怎么样马 丁:很好,谢谢。你怎么样市 长:很好,谢谢。我能为你做什么马 丁:我是个记者,我想和你谈谈这个城市的人们所做的工作。?市 长:好的。?马 丁:你担任格林市市长有多久了市 长:3年了。?马 丁:格林市有多少居民市 长:一万三千人。?马 丁:让我们谈谈他们的工作吧。他们都做什么工作呢市 长:他们在小工厂里上班。他们在小企业上班。?马 丁:你们有多少厂子市 长:我们有5个小厂。?马 丁:生产什么市 长:看看这些照片,看到这些人了马 丁:是的。?市 长:他们在电池厂工作,生产电池。?马 丁:他们做什么市 长:他在轮胎厂工作,生产轮胎。?马 丁:他们生产什么市 长:他们在玻璃厂工作,生产窗玻璃和挡风玻璃。?马 丁:他们生产什么市 长:他们生产瓶子。他们生产塑料袋。来看看这座城市。?马 丁:谢谢。我很愿意。?市 长:看到那些人了吗?他们在街道上作业。?马 丁:我看到了。你们有多少教师市 长:大约100。他们在学校教书。看那所学校。?马 丁:是所新学校吗市 长:是的。有20名教师在那里教书。?马 丁:那是个医院吗市 长:是的。小医院。有23名护士。 /200602/3383When they looked further, there were clear signs that the fish had been killed by a volcanic eruption,他们继续搜寻后发现,一些显著迹象表明这些鱼的确死于火山爆发but then the evidence became more confusing.可是后来的据开始变得模棱两可When Oliver#39;s team looked on land they found nothing,当Oliver的小组研究陆地状况时,他们一无所获no sign of an extinction event affecting the dinosaurs.没有据表明灭绝事件影响了恐龙Whatever had killed the fish and caused the mass extinction in the oceans, it hadn#39;t affected life on land.不管是什么杀死了鱼,并导致海洋中的大灭绝,它并没有影响到陆地生物That meant dinosaur evolution couldn#39;t have been kick-started by a mass extinction. That theory was wrong.也就是说恐龙的进化并非由大灭绝引爆,这种假设是错误的It meant scientists would have to find something else,这意味着科学家们必须找出其它原因something equally connected to the break-up of the super-continent超大陆的分裂还关系到另一事件and powerful enough to have transformed the evolution of the dinosaurs,它的强大作用也足以改变恐龙的进化历程so they turned to another theory: climate change.因此他们开始关注另一种观点:气候变化。 Article/201705/509042

Do you hear a J sound in this phrase?;Could you? Could you?;你在这个短语中听到J音了吗?;Could you? Could you?;There#39;s no J sound written, but that does happen sometimes in American English pronunciation.里面并没有写出J音,但在美式英语发音中有时会发生这种情况。In this , we#39;ll look at why.在这个视频里,我们来看看这是为什么。I#39;ve had several people ask me about when the word ;you; follows a T or a D sound.First, let#39;s look at some examples.有一些人问我单词“you”出现在T音或D音后面怎样发音。首先,我们来看一些例子。;Could you, could you. Could you be there?;;Want you, want you. I want you to come.;你可能在那儿吗?我想要你过来。Do you notice the JJ sound in ;could you;, or the CH sound in ;want you;?你注意到“could you”里面的JJ音和“want you”里面的CH音了吗?The JJ and CH sounds that you#39;re hearing are coming in because of the mouth position.你所听到的JJ音和CH音是因为嘴型而出现的。The shape of these sounds -- JJ, CH -- is similar to the ;oo; as in ;boo; sound.JJ音和CH音的形状和“boo”里面的“oo”很相似。So what#39;s happening is the lips are beginning to move for the oo vowel sound, even as they#39;re making the T and the D consonants.所以,在这里,即使是在发辅音T和D,嘴唇要做出oo元音的形状。And these things blending together make more of a JJ or CH sound.这些混合在一起就发出了JJ音或CH音。Let#39;s look at some more examples.;What would you do?; (loop three times)It doesn#39;t have to be pronounced this way.让我们再看一些例子。;What would you do?; (循环三次)它并不一定要这样发音。;Could you? Could you?; Where you make a separate D and Y sound: totally appropriate, and you will hear that.;Could you? Could you?; 分别发出D音和Y音:完全合适,并且你也会听到它。However, in more casual conversation, the JJ and CH sound does tend to come into play.然而,在更随意的谈话中,JJ音和CH音就更常用了。Let#39;s look at some more examples.;I want to know what you thought.;让我们再看一些例子。;I want to know what you thought.;;I want to know what you -- I want to know what you thought.;我想知道,我想知道你是怎么想的。;Would you hand me that? Would you, would you. Would you hand me that?;你能把那个递给我吗?你能把那个递给我吗?I hope this helps to clear up what many of my students hear and find confusing.我希望这能够帮助我的学生们弄清楚他们听起来或觉得令人困惑的地方。That#39;s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel#39;s English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachel#39;s English。 Article/201707/516337

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