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For years the advice has been clear: eating five portions a day of fruit and vegetables is the key to a healthy life. But five may no longer be enough.   在我们日常的饮食中,蔬菜与水果需占摄取食物总量的5成,这也是维持健康的身体与生活状态的关键之一。不过现在看来,50%的蔬果已经不足以满足需求了。   A study has found that to get maximum defence against heart disease, you need to eat at least eight daily servings of fresh food.   据一份最新的健康研究显示,为了能更好的预防心血管方面的疾病,我们每天所要食用的蔬菜与水果至少要占到饮食总量的8成。   The Government’s five-a-day advice has its roots in World Health Organisation guidelines to include 14oz of vegetables in a daily diet.   更具世界健康卫生组织所倡导的“每餐需含有14盎司蔬菜的标准”,英国政府向国民建议,每日摄取的食物中最还有一般为蔬果类。   But there have been doubts over whether eating more than this level of fruit and veg meant even greater health benefits. Now the new study suggests every extra portion provides added protection.   不过有人也对此提出了怀疑,多下更多吃蔬菜与水果就是否一定以为着又会更健康的身体。而现在,这份研究明,提高健康食物所占的体重将对人体提供多大的保护。   Significantly, those in the shy;highest category – eating eight or more a day – have a 22 per cent lower chance of dying from heart disease than those who consume three shy; portions, the UK average.   更要中的是,从英国国民健康水平的平均值来看,每日摄入近8成的蔬果的人要比那些仅仅吃“3份”蔬果的人罹患心脏病的概率小22%。 /201102/125051Taller people are smarterWhile researchers have long shown that tall people earn more than their shorter counterparts, it's not only social discrimination that accounts for this inequality -- tall people are just smarter than their height-challenged peers, a new study finds."As early as age three -- before schooling has had a chance to play a role -- and throughout childhood, taller children perform significantly better on cognitive tests," wrote Anne Case and Christina Paxson of Princeton University in a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research.The findings were based primarily on two British studies that followed children born in 1958 and 1970, respectively, through adulthood and a U.S. study on height and occupational choice.Other studies have pointed to low self-esteem, better health that accompanies greater height, and social discrimination as culprits for lower pay for shorter people.But researchers Case and Paxson believe the height advantage in the job world is more than just a question of image."As adults, taller individuals are more likely to select into higher paying occupations that require more advanced verbal and numerical skills and greater intelligence, for which they earn handsome returns," they wrote.For both men and women in the ed States and the ed Kingdom, a height advantage of four inches equated with a 10 percent increase in wages on average.But the researchers said the differences in performancecrop uplong before the tall people enter the job force.Prenatal careand the time between birth and the age of 3 are critical periods for determining future cognitive ability and height."Prenatal care and prenatal nutrition are just incredibly important, even more so than we aly knew," Case said in an interview.Since the study's data only included populations in the ed Kingdom and the ed States, the findings could not be applied to other regions, Case said.And how tall are the researchers?They are both about 5 feet 8 inches tall, well above the average height of 5 feet 4 inches for American women.一直以来,有调查显示,个高的人比个矮的人挣钱多,而最新一项研究发现,这种不平等不仅缘于社会歧视--其实,个高的人比个矮的人要聪明。普林斯顿大学的安妮·凯丝和克里斯蒂娜·帕克森在美国国家经济研究署刊物上发表文章指出:“个子较高的儿童在接受学校教育之前,甚至从三岁开始一直到整个童年时期,他们在认知测试中的表现都比较突出。”这些研究结果主要根据英国人所做的两项研究和一项由美国人做的研究而得来,其中,由英国人所做的两项研究分别对1958年和1970年出生孩童的成年期进行了追踪,而美国人的这项研究主要针对的是身高和择业之间的关系。另有一些研究表明,个子较高的人自尊心不是很强,身体更好;社会歧视是矮个子收入偏低的罪魁祸首。而凯丝和帕克森则认为,找工作时,身高优势并不只是个形象问题。她们在文中提到:“个子较高的成年人从事高薪职业的可能性更大,由于高薪职业对人的语言、算术能力、以及智力的要求更高,所以他们挣的钱也很多。”在美国和英国,无论男性还是女性,拥有4英寸的身高优势就等于薪水平均高10%。而研究人员称,这些差别早在他们开始工作前就显现出来了。产前护理期以及从出生到三岁这段时间是决定孩子日后的认知能力和身高的关键时期。凯丝在一次采访中说:“产前护理和产前营养相当重要,甚至比我们想象的还要重要。”凯丝说,由于此项研究的数据主要针对的是英国和美国的人口,所以研究结果在其它地区不一定适用。你知道这两位研究人员有多高吗?她们的身高均为1.72米,大大超过美国女性的平均身高1.62米。Vocabulary:crop up: 出现;显现(例如:A difficulty has cropped up at work.工作中出现了困难。)prenatal care : 产前护理 /200809/48998今天你穿高跟鞋了吗?Sexy stiletto heels get our women on a highLiz Avery's collection of 'about 30' pairs of shoes puts her in the top bracket of an ownership survey.Avery hasfallen head over heelsfor shoes. And not just any shoes. Stilettos are what make hergo weak at the knees.The 21-year-old owns "about 30" pairs of heels, but she isby no meansa rarity: a survey of more than 450 Australian women found 32 per cent owned between 26 and 50 pairs of heels, while 31 per cent owned between 11 and 25 pairs.Conducted by American shoe guru Meghan Cleary for two online dating services, the survey found that 80 per cent of women would wear stilettos or strappy heels on a first date.Of those surveyed, 66 per cent said buying shoes was better than eating chocolate, while almost half of the women surveyed said high heels were the best way to boost sex appeal. Black was the colour of choice for 60 per cent of women, while 16 per cent favoured red and 7 per cent pink."Australian women overwhelmingly went for the stiletto as their favourite pair of shoes and shoes for a first date," Ms Cleary said."They also named their first pair of high heels as the most important shoe they will wear in their life."Ms Avery wears "all different types and colours of heels".Her favourite is a pair of leopard-print, peep-toe heels from Australian designer Leona Edmiston, but the brand favoured by more than any other of those surveyed was Manolo Blahnik.Favoured by shoe-crazed Carrie Bradshaw of Sex And The City fame, Manolo Blahniks are famous for their sleek lines, not comfort levels. 艾弗里对于鞋子可谓情有独钟,但并非所有的鞋都能投其所好,细高跟鞋才是她的最爱。21岁的艾弗里有“大约30双”高跟鞋,但她绝对算不上另类。一项共有450多名澳大利亚女性参加的调查发现,32%的女性拥有26至50双高跟鞋,31%的女性有11至25双高跟鞋。美国鞋时尚大师梅根·克利瑞为两家在线约会网站所做的此项调查显示,80%的女性在第一次约会时会选择穿细高跟鞋或绊带高跟鞋。66%的受访者认为买鞋要比吃巧克力有意思,近一半的受访女性说穿高跟鞋是增加性感度的最好办法。此外,60%的女性青睐黑色鞋,16%的女性喜欢红颜色的鞋,7%的人喜欢粉色鞋。克利瑞女士说:“澳洲女性尤为钟爱高跟鞋,她们第一次约会通常都会穿高跟鞋。”“而且她们认为自己的第一双高跟鞋是一生中所穿的最重要的鞋。”艾弗里则尝试过“各种款式和颜色的高跟鞋”。其中,她最喜欢的是由澳大利亚设计师莉澳娜·爱德米斯顿设计的一双豹纹露趾高跟鞋。但据调查,最受女性青睐的鞋品牌是莫罗·伯拉尼克。《欲望都市》中“嗜鞋如命”的卡莉·布拉德肖对莫罗·伯拉尼克牌高跟鞋也是钟爱有加。这个品牌高跟鞋的最大亮点是它优美的弧线,而非舒适度。Vocabulary: fall head over heels : love;fall in love with(喜欢;喜爱;例如:He has fallen head over heels for her.他疯狂爱上了她。)go weak at the knees : 屈的;无骨气的;这句话的字面意思是说“艾弗里见到高跟鞋就没脾气了”,也就是说“她喜欢高跟鞋”。by no means : 决不 /200803/32056Some business advice changes all the time, but there's also some advice that's relevant and useful no matter what year it is, or what business you're in.商业忠告始终在变,但是有些忠告无论在什么年代、对什么行业都是相通并有帮助的。1 --Push through your limitations 突破你的限制"The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn't like to do."--Thomas Edison“成功的人养成了做失败者不愿干的事的习惯。” ——托马斯·爱迪生Business is scary. It can be new, difficult, frustrating, and many other things--but if you push through those limitations and do the things that are hard you might see the best of what business can be: rewarding, lucrative, challenging, and fun.商业是充满风险的。它可能是全新的、困难的、让人灰心的以及其他遭遇——但是如果你突破这些限制,并按照自己的意愿努力工作,商业中好的一面将呈现在你的面前:回报、利益、挑战和乐趣。Pushing yourself can be hard, but it's worth it in the end.自我超越可能会很困难,但最终它是值得的。1. frustrating adj. 产生挫折的;使人沮丧的,令人泄气的After three hours' frustrating delay, the train at last arrived. 经过三个小时令人厌烦的耽搁后,火车终于到达了目的地。2. lucrative adj. 获利多的,赚钱的She has a lucrative business selling leather goods.她做皮货生意, 利润丰厚。 /200907/77059Eating three bananas cuts your risk of a stroke, scientists say.   科学家称,每日吃三香蕉有助于降低换上中风的危险几率。   A banana for breakfast, one for lunch and one in the evening would provide enough potassium to reduce the chances of suffering a blood clot on the brain by around 21 per cent.   在早中晚三餐时分别吃一香蕉,这将为人体提供丰富的钾元素,从而使得大脑血管梗塞的风险降低21%。   The findings, by British and Italian researchers, suggest thousands of strokes could be prevented by the consumption of other potassium-rich foods such as spinach, nuts, milk, fish and lentils.   英国与意大利的研究人员发现并鼓励大家用过食用例如菠菜、坚果、牛奶、鱼类和小扁豆这样含钾丰富的食物来预防中风的发生。   Although some previous studies have suggested bananas could be important for controlling blood pressure and preventing strokes, results have not always been consistent.   尽管在之前的研究中发现,香蕉对于控制血压和预防中风有着重要的作用,但该结果一直未被广泛的认可。   In the latest research, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, scientists analysed data from eleven different studies - dating back to the mid-Sixties - and pooled the results to get an overall outcome.   科学家在最近分析了十一份不同报告的数据,其中最早的可追溯至上世纪六十电脑,由此得到了一个总结性的研究结果。 /201104/131954

In August 2005, he attended a wedding in the small mountain town of Grand Lake, Colo. He arrived alone for a weekend of events populated mostly by married couples. Then, at a lakeside gathering after the rehearsal dinner, Nora Burnett passed by in a flash of green pashmina, tan skin and glistening hair.She seemed “electric,” remembered Mr. Abrams, a gregarious Denver native and Harvard graduate known to favor ski slopes and rodeos. Now an owner of a mergers and acquisitions advisory firm in nearby Englewood, he remembers being captivated by Ms. Burnett’s hearty laughter. “She was confident and charming and radiant,” said Mr. Abrams, 30.But he didn’t make a move, because he assumed the man at her side, Stuart Nagae, was her husband.Unfortunately, Mr. Abrams looked away just as she left with Mr. Nagae — and his wife.The next night it was Ms. Burnett’s turn to notice Mr. Abrams as he boarded a bus carrying guests to the wedding. She was immediately attracted to his “upbeat, optimistic, fun-loving personality,” said Ms. Burnett, also 30, a born-and-bred New Yorker who is a doctoral student in art history at New York University.At the reception she tried to catch his eye, “but he wasn’t paying any attention,” she said. So she enlisted Mr. Nagae, a former classmate of hers at Stanford, as her wingman. But as they approached Mr. Abrams, he abruptly turned and left the room.“In my mind she was married,” said Mr. Abrams, who had started his first company at 25 but had never had a long-term relationship, “I kept noticing her in spite of myself.”This went on until the morning hours as they made their way to an after-party at the Lariat Saloon. They were both a little worse for wear, with Ms. Burnett sporting a six-inch wine stain on the front of her ivory dress.“All of a sudden I turned around and she was right next to me,” Mr. Abrams said. “Then I noticed her hand.”There was no wedding ring. He was confused yet hopeful, and fortified by liquid courage he blurted out, “Where’s your ring?” In quick succession he asked the whereabouts of her husband, fiancé or boyfriend.Taken aback, she replied: “I’m single. There’s nobody in my life. Thanks for reminding me.” Her good humor and, most important, single status delighted him.But the bar was closing in less than a half-hour. “I was racing against the clock,” he said. Soon the lights were on, and he had yet to get her phone number.But he needn’t have worried. “For most people it was the end of the night,” she said. “But for us this exciting thing had just started.” They walked down the moonlit mountain road, hand in hand, and then he gently kissed her.“I felt butterflies all over,” she said. Like “something out of high school.”She wrote her e-mail address and phone number in lip liner on a Post-it note. Within hours she was back in New York. And back to the reality that they lived nearly a continent apart.The first person Mr. Abrams told about her was his sister, Katie. “He said, ‘I met the greatest girl last night and I have to find a way to be with her,’ ” Ms. Abrams said. “He had never been excited about a girl before in his life.”He sent Ms. Burnett an e-mail message the next day and by October was visiting New York, pretending it was for business. Ms. Burnett suspected otherwise, but didn’t want to jinx things.“I am someone who’s really pragmatic,” she said. But once he arrived with flowers in hand (“not roses, because I didn’t want to come off too strong,” he said), pragmatism went out the window.And in February 2007, on a pre-Valentine’s Day trip to Colorado, he surprised her with a return visit to the Lariat Saloon.He asked her if she remembered his first words to her. She said, “Where’s your ring?” And on bended knee, he provided one.On Sept. 20, Rabbi Robert N. Levine married them at Guastavino’s, an event space in New York, below the 59th Street Bridge. Under its famous arched granite masonry, they vowed an enduring love. Then, as the couple kissed, their 268 guests gave a mile-high cheer.“It was love at first sight and love at last call,” said Brooke Borgen, at whose wedding the couple met. “Things can happen at that last moment that can change your life forever.”More Articles in Fashion amp; Style raquo; A version of this article appeared in print on September 28, 2008, on page ST13 of the New York edition. 2005年8月,他出席了一个婚礼,婚礼在科罗拉多州的山中小城大湖城举行,他独自去一个大多是已婚夫妇参加的周末活动。晚餐会后,人们来到湖边聚会,而她有着独特的晒成小麦色的的皮肤和泛着光泽的头发,她身着绿色羊绒衫,快速穿过人群。她似乎全身“带电”,艾布拉姆斯先生回忆道。艾是一个爱交际的丹佛人,毕业于哈佛大学,尤其喜欢滑雪和马术。现在附近的恩格尔伍德拥有一个兼并和收购咨询公司。他记得自己被伯内特的开怀大笑所俘获。“她那一刻光芒四射,自信十足,迷人极了”,三十岁的艾布拉姆斯说。但是他并没有采取行动,因为他以为她身边那个名叫斯图尔特·拿卡的男士是她的丈夫。不巧的是,当她离开拿卡先生----和他妻子的时候,艾布拉姆斯先生也转移了自己的视线。第二天晚上伯内特开始注意艾布拉姆斯先生了,他登上一辆送亲的车。她马上被他“乐观、开朗、幽默的个性所吸引,”同样年为30的伯内特说。伯内特女士是土生土长的纽约人,现在是纽约大学历史系的士生。在务台,她试图和他对上眼,“但是他一点儿也没有注意到我,”她说。所以她邀请拿卡先生作为他的同伴,拿卡先生是她在斯坦福大学的同学。但是当他俩接近艾布拉姆斯先生的时候,拿卡突然转身离开了房间。“我以为她结婚了,”艾布拉姆斯说,他25岁才开始他的第一次恋爱,但是从没有过一段长时间的交往,“我不自禁地老看她”。这样一直到第二天早上,他俩去Lariat的大厅去参加婚后派对。他俩都穿的挺糟糕,伯内特穿着一条象牙白的裙子,前面有六英寸的酒渍。“我转过头来,突然间就看到她就在我身边,”艾布拉姆斯说:“然后我就注意到了她的手。”没有婚戒。他觉得奇怪,但又充满了信心,借着酒劲他脱口而出:“你的结婚戒指呢?”他马上又追问她的丈夫或者未婚夫或者男朋友哪里去了。她大吃一惊,回答说:“我是单身,还没有人陪我生活。不过谢谢你提醒我啊!”她的幽默,尤其是她单身的消息让他欣喜不已。但是,酒吧不到半小时就要关门了。“我当时就在和时间赛跑,”他说。但不久酒吧打烊灯亮了,他却还没有要到她的电话号码。但是他没有必要担心。“对于许多人来说,那一晚就结束了,”伯内特说,“但是对于我俩来说,好戏才刚刚开始。”他俩走在洒满月光的山路上,手牵着手,然后他轻轻地吻了她。“我感到身在满是蝴蝶的花丛中,”她说,就像“回到了高中时代一样”。她在一张小纸条上用唇线笔写下了她的电子邮箱地址和电话。几小时后她回到了纽约。并意识到一个尴尬的现实---他俩的住处几乎隔着一个大陆。艾布拉姆斯首先告诉了他的凯蒂。“他说,‘我昨晚上见到了我的梦中情人,我要想办法和她在一起,’”艾布拉姆斯说,“他长这么大还从来没有为一个女孩如此激动过。”他第二天给伯内特发了封电邮,借口说他十月份将要到纽约出公差,伯内特虽然怀疑,但也不想扫他的兴。“我是一个十分务实的人,”她说。但是当他手捧着一大束鲜花(不是玫瑰,因为我不想表现得太过激,他说)站在我面前时,我的 那些实用主义思想都抛到窗外去了。2007年2月,在情人节的前一天,他去了科罗拉多,但是他突然回到了Lariat俱乐部,这足实让她吃了一惊。他问她是否记得他对她说的第一句话。她说,“你的结婚戒指呢?”他马上跪下来,拿出了一个。9 月20号,在纽约59街大桥下的活动大厅,拉比·罗伯特·N·雷文主持了他们在瓜斯塔维诺举行的婚礼。在其著名的花岗石拱下,他俩说出永恒的誓言。他俩接吻的时候,268位来宾热烈地欢呼。“这真是一见钟情又终成眷属啊,”布鲁克·伯根说,他俩就是在伯根的婚礼上认识的。“最后一刻发生的事情也许就会永远改变你的人生。” /200810/53686

If you want to know whether your relationship will last, don't listen to those sweet nothings. But do pay close attention to the rest of your partner's language.如果你想知道自己和另一半的关系能否持久,那些“甜蜜的废话”就不用听了,倒是不妨去听听另一半的“闲言碎语”。According to scientists, it is possible to predict whether a couple will break up by using a word association test - and it's much more accurate than simply asking them how they feel about each other.科学家近日指出,通过一项所谓的“文字联系测试”便有可能预测出两人是否会分手——而这种方法得出的结论要比直接询问双方感受得出的结论更加精确。In a study, volunteers were shown positive words, such as "peace" and "sharing", and negative words, such as "grief" and "hostile", alongside words they had supplied to describe their partner. In the first test, they were asked to press a button whenever they saw either positive words or partner-related words, and in the second, to do it whenever they saw negative words or partner-related words. The test had a time limit.研究中,志愿者们面对的词汇不仅有自己曾用来描述另一半的词汇,还有积极词如“平和”、“乐于分享的”,也有消极词如“悲伤”、“怀有敌意的”。在第一项测试中,志愿者被要求一看到积极或者自己曾用来形容另一半的词汇就压下按钮,而在第二项测试中,志愿者需要在看到消极或者自己曾用来形容另一半的词汇按下按钮。测试均有时间限制。Study author Ronald Rogge said: "What really excited me in our results was that our measure seemed to do a better job of predicting outcomes than what the people told us about their relationships. People who exhibited negative feelings to their partners were about seven times more likely to break up over the next year."研究论文撰稿人罗纳德-罗格称:“让我振奋的是,在预测二人关系方面,我们的这种计量方法似乎要比听人们讲述他们的关系得到的效果好一些。那些在实验中表示出对另一半消极感受的志愿者在第二年分手的可能性要比普通情况高出7倍还多。"It really is giving us a unique glimpse into how people were feeling about their partners - giving us information that they were unable or unwilling to report. A lot of people don't want to tell you if they're starting to feel less happy in their relationship," Rogge said.“‘文字联系测试’让我们得以窥到人们对另一半的真实感受——该测试提供了人们不能或者不愿诉说的信息。许多人开始对自己和恋人的关系不甚满意时并不想告诉你真实情况,”罗格说道。 /201010/115471

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