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Anchor: Dick Parsons' primary objective in putting together this deal was to make sure that he was securing Time Warner's future. And you know you can't talk about the futrue of media companies these days without looking to the Internet. That's why this deal is so important and if you hear it from Parsons himself, he will tell you that this partnership is going to expand with time. Dick Parsons: We know, you know, virtually everybody knows at some point of time all of the stuff that we do and have done in the past , the moives, the television, even a lot of the content in our magzine, all that's gonna be available online one day. Um, under what business model? We don't currently know, how, who's distributing, how the rights all work, what the, what the splits are, we don't know yet, but we all have to be out there experimenting, trying to open up that new channel of distribution. So the, the nature of the partnership we've just created with Google is going to create first of all a platform to get all of the AOL content online. We've got a partner in the sort of search business and that platform will then serve down the road as a, as a platform for the rest of the Time Warner content , so that this is, this is the first step and an inevitable process of taking this huge libraries of, of...motion pictures, of television, of animation and of text-based information to the Internet. Anchor: But you are saying baby steps? Dick Parsons: I'm saying steps. Anchor: Steps along the way? Dick Parsons: Yeah. I agree with you.Anchor: When might we see that? When might we be able to see some of the AOL moive or the Time Warner movies? Dick Parsons: I think sooner, ur sooner than you might anticipate, but I'm not in a position to make , to preannounce anything at this point. Anchor: Ok, but if I thought soon was two years or may be sooner? Dick Parsons: Oh, sooner than that. Anchor: I also asked Parsons about comments from activist shareholder Carl Icahn who has pened this deal.Dick Parsons: I try to deal with all our shareholders, and particularly the larger ones, um, in the same fashion. Um, you hear their ideas, ur, you evaluate their ideas and when you think they have something, ideas that they are gonna add in value actually when you don't do, eh, you don't act at once. Anchor: Parsons says he has not spoken with Icahn this week, oh, and by the way, when you ask him, Parsons will tell you that he thinks Time Warner shares are screaming buy. 200808/46402。

  • US Envoy in China to Discuss Iran's Nuclear Ambitions美特使访华磋商伊朗核问题   The U.S. ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency is in Beijing for discussions expected to focus on Iran's uranium nuclear program. China has been reluctant to support tougher U.N. sanctions against Tehran.  美国驻国际原子能机构大使正在北京与中国官员举行会谈,预计,会谈的重点是伊朗的浓缩铀项目。北京一直不太愿意持联合国对伊朗实施更加严厉的制裁措施。The U.S. Ambassador to the IAEA, Greg Schulte, told journalists Monday Iran's nuclear program is a threat to stability in the Middle East and that it is in China's interest to help end the program. 美国驻国际原子能机构大使舒尔特星期一对媒体表示,伊朗的核项目对中东地区的稳定构成威胁。帮助结束伊朗核项目也符合中国的利益。"Almost 50 percent of China's crude oil supply comes from the Middle East," said Schulte. "And, so I would argue that actually China has, just from the standpoint of energy security has a major interest in convincing Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions." 他说:“中国的原油供应大约有50%来自中东地区。因此,我认为仅从能源安全角度考虑,中国劝说伊朗放弃核项目实际上也对中国非常有利。”Iran has been under increasing international pressure to stop its uranium enrichment program. Iran says the program is for producing peaceful nuclear power, but the U.S. and other western nations suspect Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons. 伊朗面临越来越大的国际压力,要求它停止其浓缩铀项目。伊朗表示,它的核项目是为了发展和平核能的需要。但是美国和其他西方国家怀疑伊朗打算研制核武器。China supported three rounds of limited U.N. sanctions against Iran, but along with Russia has been reluctant to support tougher, comprehensive sanctions. 联合国对伊朗已经实施了三轮有限制裁,这些措施都得到了中国的持。但是,中国和俄罗斯却一直不愿意对伊朗采取更加严厉的全面制裁措施。Iran is a major supplier of oil to energy hungry China, and despite the sanctions Beijing continues to do business with Tehran. 对迫切需要能源的中国来说,伊朗是重要的石油供应国。尽管联合国在制裁伊朗,中国与伊朗的商业往来却没有中断。Schulte says now is not the time for business as usual. 舒尔特说,现在不是进行正常贸易的时候。"This is a time when the leaders of Iran need to understand that there are consequences for their action and so I think it's important that they get this message consistently from both what countries say and what countries do," he said. 他说:“伊朗领导人现在必须明白,他们的行动会产生严重后果。因此,我认为很重要的是要伊朗知道这些国家的言和行是一致的。”Over the weekend Iran appeared to reject the latest international offer for nuclear power and diplomatic incentives in exchange for suspension of its uranium enrichment program. Iran has said it will not suspend the program for any offer.  伊朗在上一个周末似乎是拒绝了国际社会提出的新建议,也就是:伊朗暂停浓缩铀项目以换取核能和外交方面的好处。伊朗表示,不管是什么样的建议,伊朗都不会停止浓缩铀项目。Schulte is in Beijing for consultations with Chinese officials on Iran and other nuclear concerns. He says he would also like to see China, a member of the IAEA board, be more vocal in criticizing Syria's nuclear ambitions. 舒尔特在北京与中国官员就伊朗以及其他国家的核问题进行磋商。他说,他也希望中国,作为联合国国际原子能机构理事会成员之一,能更公开地批评叙利亚的核野心。"Being on the board, being on the Security Council, China can add its voice to others basically saying to Syria, both publicly and privately, that you need to cooperate fully with the IAEA," said Schulte. 他说:“中国作为理事会成员,以及联合国安理会成员,可以与其他国家一起,不管是公开的,还是私下的,对叙利亚说,你必须与国际原子能机构全面合作。”Washington says Syria was developing a secret nuclear facility before Israel bombed it last September. 华盛顿说,叙利亚曾经秘密修建核设施,不过去年9月被以色列炸毁。200806/42174。
  • Anchor: Well, for years, people have been trying to keep up with the Joneses, but instead of competing with your neighbors, how about actually trying to get along with them? Joining us with some simple tips on how to deal with those likeable and not so likeable neighbors is Betty Wong; she is the Executive Editor of Family Circle magazine. Good morning, Betty.Betty: Good morning, Anna.Anchor: Well, in an ideal world, I guess we would all get along with our neighbors, wouldn't we?Betty: Right, right. We hope so.Anchor: But why is it important to have a good relationship with them?Betty: Well, you know, your home is your sanctuary. And how you get along with your neighbors really plays a large part in your health wellbeing and happiness, because you know, your neighbors really kind of make your home. And so it's important at least to establish a good, cordial, or at least polite relationship with your neighbors, and that...Anchor: How do we establish that? When you move into a neighborhood, right, should you reach out to the neighbors or should they be reaching out to you?Betty: I think it could work either way. I mean, certainly, if they don't reach out to you, don't assume that they are being rude or unfriendly. They just might be holding back because they think you are too busy--unpacking and settling in. So if they don't make that first step, you know, after a few days, go ahead and introduce yourself, because I think once you are on a first name basis with your neighbors, it makes that much easier to, you know, prevent problems later on, or maybe call on them for a favor down the road like if you are on a vacation and you need them to water your plants and pick up your mail. It's much easier when you know them personally.Anchor: Yeah, neighbors can be really really helpful, but of course they can also be annoying. So we went out on the street, and we ask some people what sorts of problems they may be having with their neighbors. Here's one answer that we got.Interviewee1: Our neighbor plays music, really really loudly. He's three houses down, and it's extremely loud from early in the morning to late at night. What do we do to ask him to not play music so loudly?Anchor: Forever, this is a pretty common problem, you hear this a lot. Betty: Yes, it is. Loud music is one of those top complaints, and I think you know for most reasons... people, they probably aren't even aware that they are causing problems for their neighbors. And I think if you bring it up to that your neighbors' attention they will be more than happy to fix it. But you can take that, you know it's- not- you, it's-me approach. You could say something like, you know, I kind of, I'm really a light-sniff sleeper or I suffer from migraines. Can you help me out by, you know, turning down the music during those evening hours or the early morning, or come up with a compromise that works for both of you, a resolution that works for both of you. Anchor: Don't just call the police, right? which a lot of people do. So that's a common complaint: loud music, but also sometimes we can have smells and other things that assault our senses as in the case of another person we talked to on the street.Interviewee2: My neighbor upstairs cooks a lot. She's pounding on the counters a lot, and a smelly foods smell comes right to the vent, so what should I do, how should I handle this?Anchor: Oh, the trials and tribulations of apartment living.Betty: Well, that's a tough one. That's a really sensitive situation. Because you want to live in the comfort of your own home, and not have to deal with unpleasant smells,(Right.) but then your neighbors are just as entitled to cook whatever she likes in the comfort of her own home. So I'd, you know, say , approach her if you work up the nerve, you could say, you know, I am not sure if you realized what's happening but you know I can smell something coming from your kitchen, could you, would you mind opening your windows or maybe using your exhaust fan? You try to approach them, you know, politely, reasonably, and if that doesn't work, you could also just talk to management because maybe there is something wrong with your building's ventilation system.(Exactly) If something is coming into your apartment, that might be a quick fix, without, you know, having that uncomfortable conversation. Anchor: What if the things that you say in this month's Family Circle is that there is power in numbers, right? So when you are approaching your neighbor, what should you do?Betty: Yeah. I mean sometimes it does help to gather up some troops, you know, get support from your fellow neighbors, but you have to be sensitive that you are not ganging up on your next door neighbor. so..Anchor: Right, you don't want it to be like an intervention or something like that, (Yeah, exactly) what about a noisy neighbor,(Well.) I mean a nosy neighbor, (Oh, nosy)I mean someone is always like, you know, you feel they're always like cut it around, checking out your every move.Betty: Right, I think a lot of time as we may mistake noisy behavior for being, you know, nosy or poky when they are just being kind of trying to be friendly, or maybe that person's lonely. It's... You kind of have to see what the motive is there, and oftentimes, if you, if you are little evasive, or, you just don't answer their question, they often take the hint and back off.Anchor: And the neighbor that come to visit and won't go away?Betty: Well, I think, you know that, there are might be somebody who is just really lonely and wants a friend. You know oftentimes I think the rule is five, ten minute-visit, is fine. Because you know that way you are up imposing on that person's schedule or that person's plan. But you know, you don't have to be best friends with your neighbor at all, you can just be civil and polite, and say hello in the morning as he come and go, and that makes everybody's relationship so much better.Anchor: Well, that's important. Betty Wong, Thanks so much for the tips we appreciate from Family Circle magazine and for more on this topic and others, head to the Early Show website at CBSnews.com.200807/44112。
  • New Report Predicts Economic Growth for Asia Despite US Recession联合国报告预测亚太经济持续增长  An annual U.N. Economic and Social report is projecting that economic growth in the Asia Pacific region will continue this year, despite the expected recession in the ed States. The survey says that together with U.S. economic uncertainty, rising food prices and poor agricultural policies are key challenges for the region. 联合国一份经济与社会报告预测,尽管有人担心美国会出现经济衰退,但是亚太地区今年经济将持续增长。这份报告认为,美国经济的不确定性、外加食品价格的提高和不良的农业政策,都是亚太地区面临的主要威胁。The ed Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific says developing countries in the Asia Pacific region are expected to grow at a slightly lower rate, at 7.7 percent in 2008, after enjoying its fastest growth in a decade in 2007.联合国亚太经济社会委员会预测,亚太地区发展中国家2008年的经济发展速度是7.7%,比2007前10年的最快发展速度略有下降。China and India, the region's economic drivers, are projected to grow at 10.7 percent and 9 percent. And for the region's developed economies, the U.N. says they can expect a growth of 1.6 percent this year, slightly lower than the two percent recorded in 2007.中国和印度这两个地区经济引擎将分别增长10%和9%。报告说,亚太地区的发达国家今年的经济会增长1.6%,略低于2007年的2%。Shamika Sirimanne is a senior ed Nations economist. She says while the Asia Pacific economies will see some moderation in growth through 2008, they are fundamentally stronger than a decade ago during Asia's 1997 financial crisis.莎米卡.斯瑞曼是联合国高级经济学家。她说,虽然亚太地区国家经济2008年不会显著增长,但经济状况从根本上说还是比1997年亚洲金融危机期间强很多:"We think these economies are very, very resilient," she said. "They have low debt, they have budget deficits under control, surpluses in trade balances inmany places plus there is about three-point-five trillion dollars in reserves. Plus the fact at the moment there is very low exposure to theU.S. subprime crisis in the region." “我认为这些国家经济非常强韧。他们债务很低、预算赤字得到控制、很多地区贸易盈余、外加有大约3万5千亿美元的外汇储备。而且这个地区目前受美国次级贷款危机的影响很小。”But Sirimanne warns there are still great uncertainties facing the region, especially over the degree of the slowdown in the ed States economy.但是斯瑞曼警告说,当地还面临很大的不确定性,特别是美国经济会下滑到什么程度。The U.N. report noted that rising food prices are a much greater inflation challenge than oil prices, because food accounts for a far higher proportion of consumer spending. 联合国报告说,由于食品占据消费开的比例更大,所以食品价格的升高比石油价格升高更容易导致通货膨胀。The Food and Agricultural Organization says food costs worldwide spiked 23 percent from 2006 to 2007. Grains went up 42 percent, while dairy increased by 80 percent.联合国粮食及农业组织说,世界范围内的食品开销2006年到2007年增长了23%,粮食价格提高了43%,奶制品价格升高了80%。The survey also stressed that chronic neglect of the agriculture sector in the region is keeping 218 million people stuck in extreme poverty. 调查报告还强调说,当地长期忽视农业,让2亿1千8百万人陷入极端贫困。Malcolm Cook is the Program Director for East Asia at the Lowy Institute in Australia. He says policy makers in many parts of the Asian region, including the Philippines and Indonesia, have failed to improve some vital areas of its agricultural sector, and have financially lost a lot because of it.马尔科姆.库克是澳大利亚罗伊研究所东亚计划主任。他说,菲律宾和印度尼西亚等亚洲地区很多国家的政策制定人都未能改善农业一些关键领域,因此财政损失巨大。"Maintaining irrigation systems, extending irrigation systems, and improving farm to market access roads, so pretty much your meats and potatoes of agricultural policies," he said.库克说:“维持灌溉系统、延伸灌溉系统,改善农庄通往市场的道路,这些都是农业政策的关键项目。”The report called on governments to implement policies that focus directly on improving agricultural productivity, such as connecting the rural poor to cities and markets and making it easier for farmers to access loans and crop insurance.调查报告呼吁亚太政府贯彻直接提高农业生产率的重点政策,比如将农村的贫困人口同城市和市场相连接,让农民更容易得到贷款和农作物保险务。The report also says liberalizing global trade in agricultural would bring 48 million people out of poverty. Agriculture provides employment for 60 percent of the working population in the region. 联合国的报告还说,实现农业全球贸易自由化能让4千8百万人脱贫。农业占亚太地区劳动人口的60%。200803/32618。
  • I'd like to make an announcement, Hogwarts Castle will not only be your home this year, but home of some very special guests as well. Please welcome our friends from the North, the proud sons of Durmstrang, and now the lovely ladies of Beauxbatons. Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter): I was more sort of excited about it than nervous, I mean there's always sort of notes about doing...I...I suppose you get notes about specific things like I was nervous about the Voldermort and then about taking Cedric's body back, and that's, cause that's more...more enchanting than I have ever had to do before.Emma Watson(Hermione Granger): I have to say I was brain nervous acutaly ...em...more so than I have been in any other film. Em...I had a new challenge. Em...you know, before, I never really had to...I mean, this whole introduction of romance.Rupert Grint(Ron Wesley): Yes. It's good acts, someone, something so solved of Halix or growing up. It's like sort of teenagers now and we'll see Ron, he has this sort of, sort of moody moments like a really...has a few arguments and the...yeh, he's good at control. Yeah. he's so different..Hogwarts has been chosen to host a legendary event-the Tri-Wizard/ Tournament. And now the champion selection! Viktor Krum! Fleur Delacour! Cedric Diggory!...Harry Potter!!!How did you do it? I didn't put my name in that cup. I don't want eternal glory!Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter): I think it's partly , the...cause it is quite an escapist thing, the magic. But I mean in this one...that doesn't apply so much because it shows you what evil things magic can lead to. So I mean, I...simply I just I don't know, I think they're just great stories.Emma Watson(Hermione Granger): It's amazing you think that after four years you'll kind of get a bit complacent, a bit bored thing, OK, now the Harry Potter film. Here we go again. Let's get get up. But no. No no no. em...there's a new director and there's always, always new challenges.I was just wondering if maybe you want to go to the ball with me...Mr. Weasley, place your right hand on my waist.Where?Rupert Grint(Ron Wesley): I...I actually got out for the proper safe pool and a choreographer to take Cheff(可能是个人名) around and set to dance and I got out that somehow, cause er...cause Ron throughout the ball always is supposed to be sort of pit off and I'm not dance till so, you know, hope pleased with that. Is that Hermione Granger? With Viktor Krum?No, absolutely not.Emma Watson(Hermione Granger): It's meant to be em...in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts kind of turns around in a store, and you see her. Or like, well dress-up everything, I think,( She looks beautiful.) (Yes, she does.)the way that she's bring in the way that Mike sees Dase that...it is... you know, a really magical moment where she's barely recoganizable from what she was before and what she is now.Daniel Radcliffe(Harry Potter): The dancing you see, my parents were both fantastic competition winning dancers, the genes, however, have skipped a generation: I am not blessed with the dance.Eeverything is going to change in Ausenten) 200807/45045。
  • fulminate ———— 怒斥(不及物动词)英文释义 (intransitive verb) To express a vehement denunciation or an explosive verbal attack.例句 When he discovered that his former business partner had stolen some of our company secrets, and several of our customers, our president fulminated for hours.我们总裁发现前商业合作伙伴偷走了我们公司的机密还拉走好几家客户,他怒骂了好几个小时。 /201609/464997。
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