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Caught in a sticky situation? Practice these skills and get y to cope.陷入非常尴尬的境地?练习下面的技巧,学会处理这种情况。You Will Need你需要Listening skills倾听技巧Quick thinking快速反应Tact得体Politeness (optional)礼貌(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Shift the subject1.改变话题Shift the subject by listening for words in a conversation that can lead you to a memorable or funny situation off the current topic.改变话题,从对话中寻找一些词语,可以让你谈到值得回忆或有趣的情景,避开现在的话题。Step 2 Distract the speaker2.转移注意力Distract the speaker by asking if they or anyone listening to the conversation needs a drink or a snack.转移说话者的注意力,问一下他们或参与对话的其他人是否需要饮料或零食。Be polite by saying, ;Excuse me,; first.首先要礼貌地说“抱歉,打扰了。”Step 3 Ask a question3.问问题Ask a question that is designed to change the focus of the conversation.问一个可以改变对话焦点的问题。Step 4 Give a compliment4.赞扬Give a compliment to the speaker about their appearance, weight, outfit, or overall look.赞美说话者的外表,身材,外套或整体形象。Step 5 Mention changing the subject5.建议改变话题Mention bluntly that you are going to change the subject. Use a smile to keep it from being more uncomfortable than it may aly be and talk about something positive.坦白说你想要改变话题了。微笑,以免比现在的情况更加尴尬,说一些比较积极的话题。Did you know? More than four in 10 teenagers polled say things over instant message that they wouldn#39;t say in person.你知道吗?超过四成的受调查青少年通过即时消息来传达不想当面说的话。视频听力译文由。 Article/201403/278653

The ocean is by no means uniform.海洋绝非完全一致Differences in depth, temperature, sunlight and currents深度,温度,阳光和水流的差异pose particular challenges.带来不同的问题One and a half miles down, these hydrothermal vents在海面下两公里处的 这些海底热泉spew out super-heated water at 450 degrees Centigrade从地壳裂缝喷出 摄氏四百五十度的from cracks in the Earth#39;s crust.超高温热水Despite the enormous pressure, the total darkness,虽然水压极高and the scaldingly-high temperatures,周围一片漆黑 水温更是炙人the ancestors of all life may have evolved所有生命的祖先 或许就在这种地方in a place just like this.演化诞生Pompeii worms.庞贝虫之名So named for their ability to survive volcanic heat.来自它们耐高温存活的能力They share the vents with crabs and two-metre-long tube worms.它们在热泉的邻居,包括蟹类 和两公尺长的巨型管虫They can only survive here它们只能在这里生存because they are able to feed on bacteria that thrive around the vents.在热泉周围大量繁殖的细菌 能填饱它们的肚子 Article/201310/259035

  You Will Need你需要Manners礼貌Grooming修饰Taste品位Listening skills倾听技巧Steps步骤Step 1 Say please and thank you1.说“请”和“谢谢”Mind your manners. Say please and thank you everywhere, in every situation. Seek to make every social experience a positive one.注意礼貌。任何地方,任何情况下都要说“请”和“谢谢”。将任何一次社交经历都看作积极正面的。Step 2 Be well groomed2.打扮得体Be well groomed and polished as a matter of respect for yourself and for those you encounter.注意修饰,既是对自己,也是对你遇到的人的尊重。Step 3 Help out3.乐于助人Go out of your way to help others -- hold doors, offer directions, share your time, money, and advice without expecting anyone to reciprocate.乐于助人——开门,指路,分享时间,金钱和建议而不图回报。Remember -- what you learned in kindergarten about sharing and mutual respect will go a long way.记住——你在幼儿园时期学到的分享和互相尊重将会持续很长时间。Step 4 Make tasteful observations4.发表有品位的Make tasteful observations and jokes. Avoid jokes told at the expense of other people.发表有品位的,讲有品位的笑话。避免以取笑它人为代价的笑话。Step 5 Listen well5.认真倾听Listen well, making eye contact. Wait to speak and steer clear of arguments.认真倾听,进行眼神交流。等别人说完之后再说,避免争吵。Step 6 Admit mistakes6.承认错误Admit mistakes and accept criticism graciously. People appreciate being around someone who is self-aware and personally responsible.大方地承认错误,接受批评。人们喜欢和有自知之明,负责人的人在一起。Step 7 Don’t stare7.不要盯着别人Don’t shame, embarrass, or taunt others. Never stare at someone.不要使别人感到羞愧,尴尬或嘲讽他人。永远不要凝视别人。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201304/233428

  Zac Efron Attacked in L.A.#39;s Skid RowThe ;High School Musical; star was allegedly assaulted by a homeless man.The high school musical star Zac Efron was physically attacked at night in downtown LA. A’s Mora Skevle Compo has the details.He’s the former teen heartthrob from high school musical, but this morning Zac Efron isn’t making headlines for singing and dancing, but reportedly for fighting. According to K A, the LA PD confirms that a battery report was taken, involving actor Zac Efron in a second person. A new LA Times reports says Efron and a friend got into a brawl with at least one homeless person early Sunday in downtown Los Angeles. Officers reported they arrived on scene just before 2.30 in the morning, and found e “indications of an altercation.” According to LA Times, Efron and his friend were reportedly waiting for help under a freeway overpass after their car became stranded near LA’s notorious skid row.It’s a high crime area, narcotics area, and crimes of violence.Efron shot to fame in 2006 as the star of high school musical, and went on to more mature roles in movies like parkland and that awkward moment, a career path he discussed with josh Elliot last year.You really have to, you know, sort of follow your heart, and do the projects that really speak to you.No arrests have been made and Efron has declined to comment. For Good Moring America, ANC News, Mora Skevel Campo, New York. /201404/284877。


  The people who walk away from catastrophes all have a few things in common. Now you can follow their lead.能够在灾难中幸存下来的人都有一些共同点。观看下面的视频,向他们学习。You Will Need你需要Preparedness准备Speed速度Drills演练Neighborliness睦邻友好Steps步骤Step 1 Have drills1.演练Hold drills with your family for fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters until the repetition locks the life-saving behavior into their brain. People react best in an emergency if they’re trained to go on automatic pilot.与家人进行火灾,地震,飓风或其他灾难的演习,不断重复,直到这种求生技能深深地印在他们的脑海中。如果经过训练成为自发的行为,人们应对紧急情况才能做出最好的反应。When flying, always listen to the flight attendant’s instructions and the safety card in your seat pocket, no matter how many times you’ve heard it all before.搭乘飞机的时候,一定要听空乘的指引,阅读座位上的安全卡片,无论你以前曾经听到过多少次。Step 2 Be safe, not sorry2.安全最重要,不留遗憾Don’t waste time debating whether the building is really on fire or not. Get out at the first sign of danger, and ask questions later.不要浪费时间辩论建筑是否已经着火了。发现危险信号时立即冲出去,随后再问问题。If you see people frozen with fear, yell at them. This is what flight attendants are trained to do to get shocked passengers to leave a burning plane.如果你看到人们因为恐惧而呆若木鸡,对他们大声喊叫。空乘就是接受这样的训练,当他们想让震惊的乘客离开燃烧的飞机时就是这样做。Step 3 Hurry up!3.抓紧时间For heaven’s sake, hurry up! Amazingly, people are inclined to dawdle during an emergency, rather than acting as quickly as possible.为了逃生,速度一定要快!令人惊讶的是,面临紧急情况时,人们更倾向于磨磨蹭蹭,而不是尽快行动。Step 4 Leave everything behind4.丢弃一切Leave everything behind. The few seconds you took to grab your iPhone could be the few seconds that cost you your life.丢掉所有东西。抓起电话的几秒钟可能会让你失去宝贵的生命。Step 5 Befriend your neighbors5.与邻居建立友情Get to know your neighbors. That’s who will be next to you when a catastrophe strikes.与邻居交朋友。当灾难发生时,他们就在你的附近。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/233483Dentist Allegedly Exposed Patients to HIV, HepatitisPatients of Tulsa, Okla., dentist may have been endangered by unclean instruments.Health officials are saying that a tosser dentist may have exposed thousands of patients to life-threating diseases ranging from HIV to Hepatitis. A#39;s chief health and medical editor Dr. Rechard Besser is here with this disturbing story this morning.It is disturbing. You know, I have spent my career in public health and it#39;s not hard to prevent infections in dental offices. But what they found here was absolutely shocking.Dr. W. Scott Harrington has been a trusted oral surgeon for 36 years. But now authorities believe he may have exposed thousands of patients to potentially deadly infections by allegedly using rusty instruments which weren#39;t cleaned properly. Letters has been sent to 7,000 Oklahoma patients recommending they immediately be tested for Hepatitis B. Hepatitis C and HIV after one of his patients with no known risk factors tested positive for Hepatitis C. In addtion to allegations that he cleaned his instruments by improperly bleaching them which caused them to become porous over time he#39;s also accused or reusing needles and vials.The instruments that came out of the autoclave(高压锅;高压灭菌器) were horrible. I wouldn#39;t let my nephews play with them out in dirt, I mean they were horrible, they have rust on them.He even reportedly had medications 20 years past the expiration date, and allowed unlicensed assistants to give IV (intravenous) medication. We#39;ve reached out to Dr. Harrington but he did not return calls.So 7,000 patients have got these letters to get tested for HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis A. I mean, what is, what are the chances more patients are gonna test positive given those conditions.Well, yeah, I mean, there are a couple of distrubing factors here. You know, many patients in his practice have HIV and Hepatitis C.He was treating a high risk population.He was, he was. And he had instrumets set aside for those patients and other instruments for patients where he didn#39;t know there whether they were infected or not. That#39;s very dangerous. All instruments shoud be treated the same. You know, last summer there were, there were 8,000 patients from Colorado who were notified and thankfully there none of them were infected. Here there#39;s a much higher chance some people would get.But I would have thought soaking instruments in bleach would have killed anything - we keep hearing bleaches are the only thing that kills everything.Well, for a lot of things, bleaches are the way to go; but these instruments have to go into something called an autoclave which uses pressure and heat. If you use bleaches on them first it disturbs the outside of the instruments so the autoclave no longer works.And they become porous and things can get inside.They can seek bin and then the heat and the pressure don#39;t kill those germs.So what are we supposed to look for, Rechard, I mean, I got to a dentist office and usually I#39;v got so much stuff in my mouth I can#39;t see what#39;s going on.A couple clues to look for:The first thing, if you ever see rusty or old instruments, that#39;s a warning sign. The other is if your dentist isn#39;t wearing gloves or isn#39;t changing gloves between patients, find another dentist.So he should do that in front of me.Definitely. You should see that they are putting on fresh gloves, definitely.OK, I#39;ll pay attention to those instruments.That#39;s right.But thanks so much. Disturbing news. We#39;ll keep on top of that. /201304/237179Bento boxes turn lunch into art. Follow these simple steps to get started with this unique Japanese craft that makes food fun.便当盒可以使午餐变成艺术。遵循下面简单的步骤,使用这种日本独特的工艺,给食物增添一点趣味。You Will Need你需要Bento container or plastic container便当容器或塑料容器Balanced meal plans平衡餐饮计划Food items食品项目Artistic flair艺术眼光Garnishes配菜Toothpicks牙签Vegetable sticks (optional)蔬菜棒(可选)Cookie cutters (optional)饼干切割器(可选)Colorful skewers (optional)色串肉扦(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Use sectioned food container1.使用分格食品容器Use a sectioned food container or purchase an authentic Japanese bento box.使用分格食品容器或购买一个正品日本便当盒。Use sticks of celery, carrots, or peppers to separate the food if you don#39;t have a box with compartments.如果你没有分隔断的食品容器,可以用芹菜棒,胡萝卜或辣椒来分隔食物。STEP 2 Balance it2.平衡Plan a balanced meal. Bento box lunches traditionally provide a set ratio of grains to proteins and vegetables. A common formula is three parts grains to one part protein to one part vegetables.计划均衡的饮食。便当盒午餐传统上提供固定比率的谷物,蛋白和蔬菜。常用的公式是三份谷物,一份蛋白质,一份蔬菜。STEP 3 Use color3.色鲜艳Pick colorful foods. Hard-boiled eggs with bright yellow yolks, vibrant red cherry tomatoes, and brilliant white rice are popular bento ingredients.选择色鲜艳的食物。水煮鸡蛋鲜亮的蛋黄,充满生气的红色圣女果,莹白的米饭是最受欢迎的便当成分。Cut the food items into shapes with cookie cutters and use colorful skewers.用饼干切割器把食物切成特定的形状,用色串肉扦固定。STEP 4 Use contrast4.对比Add interest with contrasting colors, flavors, and textures. Include a mix of bright and dark fruits and vegetables, sweet and salty items, and chewy and crunchy foods.使用互相对比的颜色,口味和质地来增添趣味。亮色和暗色的水果和蔬菜混合,甜味和盐味相组合,柔软和松脆的相组合。STEP 5 Pack it in5.打包Arrange your food selections artfully. Place the proteins, grains, and fruits and vegetables in the separate compartments. Pack your box tightly so the contents won#39;t shift.充满艺术性地安排食品。把蛋白质,谷物,水果和蔬菜放在不同的隔断里。轻柔地把便当盒打包,这样里面的食物才不会移动。STEP 6 Get creative6.有创造力Turn your lunch into edible art. Make flowers from radishes and cut stars out of carrot slices. Garnish with little pepper rings and make mini-kabobs on toothpicks.把你的午餐变成可食用的艺术。用小萝卜做花,或者用胡萝卜片切出星星的形状。用少量辣椒圈做配菜,用牙签制作迷你烤肉串。STEP 7 Get cute7.添加可爱元素Add little faces and edible animals to your box. Give cherry tomatoes sesame seed eyes. Turn a hard-boiled egg into a bunny with cabbage-triangle ears. Making lunch cute is a big part of bento-box making in Japan.为便当盒打造出可爱的动物造型。圣女果用芝麻点缀作眼睛。水煮鸡蛋加上三角形的卷心菜耳朵变成兔子。让午餐变得可爱是日本便当盒制作的重要部分。A traditional bento box lunch contains about as many calories as the box#39;s volume in milliliters.传统的便当盒午餐含有的热量相当于盒子以毫升计算的体积。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/322514


  Learn what guys like with the help of relationship expert Jonathon Aslay in this Howcast about men and love.观看Howcast这段视频,在恋情专家Jonathon Aslay的帮助下学习男人喜欢什么。What do men like? Well, in my book The Relationships Men Commit to and Why, I wrote about what I call the four keys to the kingdom. We need to be fed, we need it to be fun, we need it to be fresh and we need to have regular sex. Let#39;s face it.You#39;ve all heard the term the best way to a man#39;s heart is though his stomach. Men love to be fed, so that#39;s one of the first things we do like. Next, we need it fun. A relationship that doesn#39;t have fun isn#39;t going to rarely go anywhere. And we need it fresh. We need variety. So it#39;s about mixing things. Both of you need to do this. It#39;s not just your responsibility. It#39;s his responsibility, too. Have some spark, have some variety. Don#39;t always do the same thing. Do different things. And ultimately, men do need regular sex. The best way to keep a man happy in the relationship is when he#39;s having regular sex with you. While most men need respect, ultimately what they like in a relationship, they like to be fed, they like it to be fun, the like it fresh and they always like regular sex.男人喜欢什么呢?在我的《男人忠诚的恋情及其原因》一书中,我写了四个关键之处。我们需要被喂饱,我们需要乐趣,我们需要新鲜,我们需要经常进行性生活。让我们面对这些。你肯定经常听说这么一句话,要想拴住一个男人的心,首先要拴住他的胃。男人首先要被喂饱,所以这是男人最喜欢的事情。接下来,我们需要乐趣。一段没有乐趣的恋情注定难以细水长流。而且要保持新鲜。我们需要多样化,各种各样的新鲜体验。两人都应该努力。这并不只是你一个人的责任。也是他的责任。不时制造一些火花,多搞一些花样。不要老是做同样的事情。做一些不同寻常的事情。最后,男人需要经常进行性生活。在一段恋情中,让一个男人开心的最佳方式就是经常做爱。大部分男人都需要尊重,这是他们希望在一段恋情中得到的。喜欢被喂饱,喜欢有乐趣,喜欢新鲜,喜欢经常进行性生活。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/306750



  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。I was born in Britain near the end of the 4th Century. 我于四世纪末出生在英国。I was kidnapped and enslaved when I was a teenager. 当我还是一个年轻人时,我被绑架然后成为了奴隶。After my escape, I became a priest and I#39;m credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.在我逃脱之后,我成了一名传教士并致力于把基督教带到爱尔兰。I#39;m St. Patrick. The patron saint of Ireland.我是圣帕特里克,爱尔兰的守护神。AZUZ: Ireland is not much bigger than West Virginia, and fewer than 5 million people live there, and yet on the day that honors Ireland#39;s patron St. Patrick, about 133 million people in the U.S. celebrate.爱尔兰比西弗吉尼亚大不了多少,居住着只有不到五百万人。但在纪念爱尔兰守护神圣帕特里克的那一天,在美国有约一亿三千三百万人庆祝这一节日。Some wear green, some wear silly hats, some make special trips to one of the seven U.S. Places named Shamrock, or one of the 13 named Dublin. 有人穿绿色,有人带着傻傻的帽子,有人专门游行到美国七大宫殿之一的But millions see this: the St. Patrick#39;s Day Parade in New York City, which has been going on since 1762. 但很多人看到的是这一幕:从1762年一直延续至今的纽约圣帕特里克日游行。Or this, the annual greening of the Chicago River, which takes 40 pounds of dye to do. 或者是另一幕,每年都要把芝加哥河染绿,那要用40磅的染料才能做到。Roughly one out of every ten Americans has an Irish ancestor, which shows you how influential the Ireland has been on the nation across the Atlantic. 大约十分之一的美国人有爱尔兰血统,这可以告诉你爱尔兰对大西洋国家的影响有多大。For those celebrating in the Emerald Isle one thing they don#39;t have to worry about is snakes. 在祖母绿岛上的庆祝中,他们不用担心的就是蛇。Legend has it that St. Patrick himself drove them out. 传说中是圣帕特里克亲自把它们赶出去的。Some believe it, some don#39;t. 有些人信有些人不信。But consider this: there are 2900 species of snakes in the world, none of them are indigenous to Ireland. Is that proof? 但请注意这一点:世界上有2900多种蛇,但没有一种是土生土长的爱尔兰的蛇。这能成为据吗?I rish we knew for sure.“但愿”我们能确切地知道。 /201303/230710


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