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Traveling is unarguably one of the most gratifying experiences a person can have in their lifetime. Traveling awakens the soul, stirs the senses and paints the world in a new light. It may seem like a pastime for only a certain kind of person, but in all actuality, anyone and everyone can and should travel.In my opinion, it's better to travel sooner than later in life for a few very key reasons:1. Traveling can help you figure out what you want to do with your life:Exposing yourself to new places, people and cultures can awaken your sense of purpose. Learning about what's out there in the world can help you determine what feels like you - and what doesn't.It's also especially useful in helping people realize that there's no one way to live a lifetime. Every culture is different and so is every person within those cultures. If you wait till later in life, you run the risk of realizing your potential too late. Don't let opportunity pass you by; explore the world while you're young.2. It promotes independence (and hones survival skills):Catching flights, keeping track of passports and navigating foreign-speaking cities, can force you to think on your feet and make decisions quickly. Being away from your comfort zone really pushes a person to think independently.3. It eliminates resentment later in life:How often do you hear someone much older than you comment on how they should have done something when they were younger? No one wants to be sitting in a rocking chair at age 80, wishing that they had taken that trip when they had the chance. Don't let someone or something stop you from traveling. A chance to experience the world now is greater than any excuse you can come up with for not going. It's worth it and you'll be glad you have those memories later in life, trust me!4. It makes you a more interesting person:Nothing sucks more than talking to a person who has absolutely nothing to say. Traveling can create amazing memories and it serves as a great conversation starter. You'd be surprised how many times travel comes up in conversation, whether it be at a party or at the office. Think of how great it would be if you can jump in next time and compare experiences. Whether you are talking about your recent safari in Africa or that time you swam with dolphins in the Caribbean, it makes you seem knowledgeable and worldly which, let's face it, is totally hot.5. You work hard and deserve it:Life can be crazy these days. With the overload of gadgets, work hours and social networking demands, it's no wonder we haven't broken down as a nation, cracking from all the pressure. Today's youth works harder than ever to achieve more than ever, and there's no better way to reward ourselves and take time out than with a good old vacation.Remember, all that hard work is done in vain if there isn't an equal dose of play to go with it. You don't want to look back in 15 years and realize you wasted you're younger years doing nothing but work, right? So save that hard earned cash and go somewhere you've only dared to dream about- today. Turn fantasy into reality and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!I'm sure that one of the main reasons that a young adult would refrain from traveling is lack of funds or overwhelming feelings of not knowing where to start. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive or overwhelming for you to have a great time. There are some affordable deals out there for just about every trip you can imagine; it's all about timing and planning.Understand that airfare is always cheaper in certain months, as are hotel rates and nightlife packages. Travel agents can be really useful in helping you find the best deals and packages. Plus, they know exactly what hotels and attractions to send you to, depending on what your interests are. Also, don't discount your friends and relatives. You never know who has an Uncle with a timeshare or an extra apartment in Miami that their parents rent out during the year. The more you ask, the more you shall receive.Make it a priority to do your homework and planning a vacation will ultimately be fun, exciting, and rewarding - an experience that you will certainly never forget. /200901/60169。

Every time I miss you, a star falls.So if you ever look up at the sky and the stars are gone, it's because you make me miss you too much! 我想你一次,星星就坠落一颗,当你仰望夜空,星星难觅踪影的时候,你就知道我有多想你! /201108/148448。

A Tough Teacher A school teacher friend of mine injured his back and had to wear a plaster cast around the upper part of his body. On his first day of the term, still with the cast under his shirt, he was assigned to teach the most undisciplined class. Stepping confidently into the rowdy classroom, he opened the window as wide as possible. Just then, a strong breeze made his tie flap. Trying to fix the tie , he took a blackboard eraser and hammered a large tack through his tie into his chest.   He had no trouble with discipline that term. 强悍的教师 我有一位作教师的朋友弄伤了他的背,因此上身不得不穿石膏罩。开学的第一天,他的身上还穿着石膏罩。他被分派教最不守纪律的班级。他很自信地步入乱哄哄的教室,把窗子尽可能大地打开。就在这时,一阵强风把他的领带吹得飘起来。为了固定领带,他拿起黑板擦,把一个大头钉透过领带砸入他的胸膛。 那学期在他的课上,没有不守纪律的。 /201107/143095。

When driving these days, do you look at the prices every time you pass a gas station? Do you notice yourself paying more attention to the prices of everything you buy? You are not alone. Consumers everywhere are more price aware. People who've been indifferent to price increases for years are suddenly amazed at what things now cost. How can marketers cope not just with inflation but with consumer sticker shock?1.Understand Your Customers. There are at least four ways in which customers can respond to higher gas prices: downgrade from premium to regular; take fewer trips by car, consolidate errands, switch to public transportation; take the same number of trips but reduce the miles driven per trip by, for example, vacationing closer to home; drive more economically and less aggressively to improve miles per gallon; and buy a specific dollar amount of gas rather than filling up every time, even though this may mean more visits to the pump. Some consumers may even trade in (at a loss) the SUV for a hybrid, an example of how price inflation on one product can cause demand shifts in a second, related, category.2.Invest in Market Research. You must discard your existing customer segmentation assumptions and segment consumers around product usage behavior and price sensitivity. You must get out into the marketplace yourself and talk to consumers directly to understand their pain points and how they are changing attitudes and behaviors in response to price inflation. You must then quantify these shifts and develop product and pricing strategies that balance the need to maintain both profitability and market share.3.Redefine Value. Customers buying soft drinks can think about price in three ways: the absolute cost per can or bottle, the cost per ounce, and, less common in this category, the monthly consumption cost. Customers short on cash will focus much more on the absolute price. They'll go for the 99 cent soft drink rather than the .29 container with 50 percent more volume. To motivate cash-poor consumers, marketers must reverse engineer products and packaging to hit key retail price points. This may mean downsizing package sizes, something the candy industry always does in response to inflation.4.Use Promotions. If you've always passed through raw material price increases to the end consumer, you don't necessarily need to change that policy. However, lagging competitors in passing on price increases can have the same effect as a temporary price promotion. More customers than usual will be looking out for price promotions, but don't give away the store to those who don't need the discount, and cut prices not across the board but only on items selected as your inflation-busters. For cash poor consumers, these promotions should hit the key price points on small pack sizes. For cash rich consumers, encourage multi-unit purchases ahead of the inevitable next price increase.5.Unbundle. Customers who previously welcomed the convenience of buying product, options, and services rolled into one may now ask for a detailed price breakdown. Make it easy for your more price-sensitive customers to better cherry-pick the options and services that they truly need by giving them an unbundled of options.6.Monitor Trade Terms. Beware of powerful distributors paying you more slowly than they turn the inventory they buy from you. In an inflationary environment, they're making money on the float by stretching their payables. Manage your inventory on a last-in, first-out basis to insure that increases in your realized selling prices do not trail the increases in your input costs.7.Increase Relevance. You need to persuade customers to cut back their expenditures on other products, not on yours. In tough times, consumers more than ever need and deserve the occasional treat. So, if you are Haagen Dazs, tell the consumer to substitute private label peas for the name brand but to not forego the comfort of curling up on the sofa with a tub of her favorite ice cream. Strong brands can hold consumer loyalty while increasing retail price points. Weaker brands risk private label and generic substitution. 最近这些天开车经过加油站的时候,你有没有注意油价?你有没有留意自己买任何东西,都比以前更在意价格?不是你一个人这样的.每个消费 者现在都比以前更关注商品的价格.就连之前几年对价格上涨没有感觉的人们也突然对买东西的出数额感到吃惊了.那么,市场上的企业用什么办法才能不仅应对 通货膨胀问题而且也能照顾到消费者的感受呢?1、要理解顾客.汽油价格上涨,消费者至少 有以下四种反应:不再使用优质油转而购买普通油;减少开车出行,把事情统一起来做,选择公共交通工具;或者仍旧开车出行但是缩短每次出行的里程,比如说, 在离家近一些的地方渡假,同时更注重车子的燃油经济性,这样每加仑汽油就能跑更多的里程;消费者还可以一次性购买一定数量的汽油,而不是一次又一次地去油 站加油,尽管这样做要使用油泵.甚至会有消费者宁愿赔钱去把SUV型车换成混合动力型车,这同时也是一个可以说明一种商品价格的上涨如何引起对其他相关商 品需求变化的例子.2、做市场调查.企业这个时候必须抛开已有的消费者细分的假定并根据 消费者的产品使用行为和对价格的敏感程度对其重新细分,企业必须亲自深入市场,直接和消费者对话,了解消费者的切身利益,以及他们在通货膨胀的时候,购买 商品的行为和态度有什么变化.接下来,企业必须对消费者的这些变化进行量化分析并且制定产品和价格策略来平衡商品需求,以维持盈利和市场份额.3、重新定义"价值".购 买软饮料的消费者会从三个方面来考虑价格:首先,一罐或者一瓶饮料的绝对价格,其次是每盎司饮料的价格,还有就是比较少见的,每个月购买饮料的总价格.现 金短缺的消费者会更在意绝对价格,他们会购买定价0.99美元的软饮料却不会购买定价1.29美元同时量也增加了一半的饮料.因此,为了刺激现金短缺的消 费者,企业就必须逆向设计开发产品和包装来配合商品的零售价格,这样的措施一般都是缩小包装规格,糖果行业常常会这么做去应对价格上涨.4、利用促销.如 果企业总是将原材料成本的增加转嫁给最终消费者,那么就没有必要去改变政策.然而,把成本的增加转嫁给消费者的速度放慢就会起到和临时价格促销一样的效 果.消费者大部分都想要打折商品,都在密切地关注着价格促销活动.企业不需要通过董事局决议降价,而只需要降低消费者购买的具体商品的价格就可.对于现金 短缺的消费者来说,这些促销活动会使小规格包装的商品价格正好在他们可以接受的水平上,而对于不存在现金短缺的消费者来说,则可以在下一次不可避免的价格 上涨来临之前,鼓励他们购买多种包装规格的产品.5、分别计价.涨价之前,消费者为了方便希望有多种选择,会把产品和相关的务一起购买,涨价之后,消费者则可能会需要了解它们各自的价格.所以,为了让那些对价格特别敏感的消费者更好地在他们真正需要的多种选择和务之中做出最佳决策,企业就要提供各种购买选择的单独定价单.6、修正交易条款.如果实力强大的分销商偿付货款的周期比他们购买产品的周期长的情况出现,企业要警惕!在通货膨胀的环境下,分销商通过延迟应付账款的时间而获利.企业可以采取后进先出法来管理存货,以保销售额的增加不低于存货成本的增加.7、强调商品的实用性. 企业要劝说消费者减少在其他商品而不是本企业商品的开.在经济环境严峻时期,消费者比以前更需要同时也应该得到特殊的待遇.所以,像哈根达斯,就可以告 诉消费者用名牌豌豆代替私人品牌的豌豆,但同时也告诉消费者不要放弃吃着自己最喜欢的冰淇淋蜷在沙发上的惬意舒适.影响力强的品牌提高零售价格会保住消费 者的忠诚度,而知名度不高的品牌则会有被代替的风险. /200807/44204。

Often seen as mommy's boys, Italian men are now letting their mothers choose their future wives live on television.Italy's state TV aired the first episode(1) of a new reality show this week in which the mothers of five single men have to pick out prospective(2) brides from a selection of candidates.Critics said "Perfect Bride" was both insulting(3) to women and showed Italian TV -- aly packed with other reality formats such as Big Brother and Celebrity Island -- falling to new depths of banality(4).In the first episode, the jury of mothers -- called only by their first names such as "Mamma Rosa" and "Mamma Ambra" -- quizzed 18 hopefuls about their suitability(5) as wives.From next week the mothers will have to live in a Big Brother-style house with their potential daughters-in-law, seeing first hand how they deal with household chores(6). Viewers will be encouraged to vote off the candidates they dislike.Mamma Teresa said she was looking for "a simple, intelligent, classy girl" for her son Claudio. "I would like someone who's not too ostentatious(7) and who knows how to take care of the family," she said on the program's Web site.Claudio, viewers learn, is "a really capable person, very affectionate(8) with his family," but suffers from one defect common to many Italian bachelors: "He has too many girlfriends! I want to find him his ultimate woman."In a country where it is normal for unmarried men to live with their parents into their 30s and "mamma mia!" (my mommy) is a common exclamation(9), the Italian mother figure is revered(10) by society but often feared by girlfriends and wives.TV critics said the program exploited the stereotype(11) of the overbearing(12) mamma."It's the most grandiose(13), caricatural(14), corrosive(15) demolition of the image of the Italian mamma," said Italy's leading daily Corriere della Sera.La Repubblica daily said Prefect Bride had an out-dated vision of women's role in society. "State TV is going too far in its failure to limit the rubbish, the rudeness, the lying, the lack of manners and the wiping out of social changes which happened 50 years ago," it said. 大利男人常被看作是妈妈的宝贝,如今还让妈妈为他们在电视上现场选妻子了。本周,意大利国家电台播出第一集选媳妇真人秀。五个单身男人的妈妈需要从一群候选人中挑出未来儿媳妇。说《完美新娘》是对女人和意大利电视台的侮辱。它与其他一些正播出的真人秀节目如《老大哥》和《名人岛》的形式如出一辙,只是更加庸俗了。在第一集中,这些妈妈评委们被简称为“罗萨妈妈”、“安姆布拉妈妈”等,考验18位候选者是否适合作妻子。下周开始,妈妈们将与儿媳妇们一起住在一套《老大哥》样式的房子里,亲眼看媳妇们是如何处理家务琐事。观众们则可以通过短信投票让不喜欢的媳妇下台。特里萨妈妈在节目的网站上说她想为儿子Claudio找一个简单、聪明、优雅的女孩:“我希望她不要特招摇,知道如何照顾家庭。”Claudio在观众眼中是个“非常有才干的人,热爱家庭”,但是和很多意大利单身汉拥有相同的问题:“他的女朋友太多了!我想帮他找到最终归宿。”在意大利,三十来岁的未婚男人同父母住在一起是普遍现象,“我的妈妈呀”也是他们常用的感叹词。因此妈妈们在社会中备受尊重,但是女朋友和妻子们都很惧怕她们电视说此节目利用了专横妈妈们的一贯做派。意大利主要日报Corriere della Sera说:“这是对意大利母亲形象最浮夸、讽刺性的诋毁”。La Repubblica日报说《完美新娘》对女性社会角色的理解太过时了。它说:“国家电台太失败了,竟然没能遏制住这种垃圾、粗俗、谎言、无礼,并对50年来发生的变化视若无睹。” /200805/38708。

Pursue your object, be it what it will, steadily and indefatigably. 不管追求什么目标,都应坚持不懈。 /201109/152878。

World keeps humour in 2008 despite economic woesWhether smashing plates in San Diego to relieve frustration or drinking "Bailout Bitter" beer in Canada sold as a "bitter ale for bitter times", people the world over kept a sense of humour in 2008 despite financial woes.Some of the year's top off-beat tales included a Canada brewery that created a special tough times bitter and "Sarah's Smash Shack" in California, which charges patrons for 15 minutes of pleasure pulverising dinnerware against a wall."It was the best we've spent in the last two years," said insurance broker Adam DeWitt, who smashed plates in San Diego with his wife after his home mortgage loan was rejected.A glance back at 2008 shows a world full of wonderful, weird and whacky stories both before and after the financial upheaval.In May, a Wall Street restaurant boasted it was selling the costliest burger in New York, with the 5 patty made of Kobe beef, black truffles and seared foie gras."Wall Street has good days and bad days," said Heather Tierney at her Wall Street Burger Shoppe. "We wanted to have something special if you really have a good day on Wall Street."One bank in Kazakhstan offered a diamond-encrusted credit card for well-heeled clients with incomes over 0,000. A jeweller in Tokyo kept busy selling 13-piece tableware sets made of gold for million -- aimed at newly rich Chinese customers.Yet there was no need for any plates at all in Bihar, one of India's poorest states where authorities encouraged people to eat rats to fight rising food prices and save grain stocks. They praised rat meat a healthy alternative to rice."Bailout" was crowned as the US word of the year, and the financial crisis also had implications in Russia where vodka consumption fell sharply and the National Alcohol Association lobby group in Moscow said vodka stockpiles were six times higher than usual.A Polish man got the shock of his life when he visited a brothel and spotted his wife among the establishment's employees, making some extra money on the side. After 14 years, the couple are divorcing. /200812/60020。

记得要为你的大脑吃东西Can you name the 50 state capitols? I could in 5th grade. Today is a different story, however. I'd probably remember about 35 of them or so. Just chalk it up to the arbitrary filing system of the human intellect. Being able (or not being able) to recall such facts clearly are indicative of this fact, but in some cases it could be due to a decline in our overall brain function.To help remedy such a decline, nature has provided us with several brain-boosting foods, many of which are available at your local supermarket.You would think that we, as a nation, would remember every fact and figure since the dawn of time, given the amount of coffee we consume. It's key nutrient, caffeine, can improve concentration and reaction time. Also, studies from the French National Institute of Medical Research of Montpelier (which is also the capitol of Vermont -- booyah) found that drinking caffeine daily may help aging adults better remember names and words.Packed with protein, lentils make for a great, healthy meal. But, it's the folic acid they contain that may cause people to have better recall ability than those who are deficient in this B vitamin. And, similarly to caffeine, people who have high blood levels of this B vitamin may see less decline in their verbal skills as they age.While eating them in pancakes is delicious, blueberries are far healthier when eaten as-is. Taste aside, eating these high-antioxidant berries in any fashion will help combat free radicals and inflammation of brain tissue, thereby helping to ensure that cognitive function remains strong.I wonder if eating these foods will help me remember those other 15 state capitols. I tell you, it's always the Carolinas that get me. Raleigh ... and ... argh!! Forget it.你能说出50州的议会大厦都叫什么名吗?我5年级的时候就会了。但是今天要说的不是这件事。我可能还记得35个左右。只是随意的记录在了人类智力的文件系统中。能否清楚的想起这些事,就表明了以上这个事实,但是在某些情况下,可能要归因于我们整个大脑功能的衰退。为治疗这种衰退,大自然为我们提供了几种能够增强大脑的食物,其中很多都可以在你当地的超市中买到。你可能会认为,我们这个民族,如果喝足够多的咖啡,会记得开天辟地以来的每件事和图形。咖啡因非常有营养,又能改善集中注意力的时间和反应时间。同时,位于蒙彼利埃的法国国家医疗研究所(蒙彼利埃同时也是佛蒙特的首府,嘘,呵呵)发现,每天喝咖啡因饮料能够帮助年纪大的人记住更多的名字和单词。小扁豆含有蛋白质,可以做成很好的健康食品。但是,其中含有的叶酸可能让食用者比缺乏这类B族维生素的人群有更好的。血液中含有较高含量的B族维生素的人,可能不像同龄人语言能力下降的那么快。蓝莓加入簿烤饼中很好吃,但是生吃更加健康。除了味道,以任何方式食用这种抗氧化剂较高的浆果,都可以帮助抵抗自由基和大脑组织炎症,从而有助于确保认知功能仍然强健。我想知道,吃这些食物是否能帮助我记住另外15个州议会大厦。我跟你说吧,每次都卡在卡罗莱纳上面。一个是Raleigh,一个是argh!!还是忘了它吧。 /200803/31592。