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盐城协和医院泌尿科网上挂号射阳县泌尿系统在线咨询大丰市人民医院治疗痛经多少钱 Eat, But Don't Drink Up Well, in a recent study on nutrition, participants spent one month drinking a sugary beverage, and another month eating a solid, sugary food. Anyway the researchers monitored the participants' weight and eating habits. It turned out that they gained more weight in the month that they were drinking the extra calories than they did in the month they were eating them. But aren't extra calories just extra calories? Yes. But apparently solids and liquids don't digest the same way in our bodies. When you eat solids, you get full. So participants unconsciously ended up eating less of something else to compensate, which made up for some of those extra calories. When you drink, it doesn't really affect your hunger pangs because it doesn't fill you up, and so you'll probably end up eating the same amount whether you drink water or drink beer. Right. So these findings may help explain why Americans have gained so much weight over the past decade, even as fat consumption and exercise levels have remained more or less the same. So fat is entirely to blame after all? Not all by itself apparently. We simply can't continue to ignore all those extra calories people are getting from beverages like beer, whole milk, juice, sugary sodas, high protein shakes, sport drinks, specialty coffees and teas. Enough! Enough! I get it! Just try to control yourself, Don. Moderation is the key! 近日,科学家做了一项有关营养的研究,测试者在一个月内喝含糖饮料;而另一月吃含糖固体食物。 研究人员观察了受测者的饮食习惯和体重。研究结果表示,相比固体食物,受测者在喝含糖饮料的那个月体重增加的更多。 但是,增加的体重不就是吃下的热量吗? 是的,但是,很显然,固体和液体在体内消化的方式不同。吃固体的食物有饱腹感。所以,受测者会无意识地不多吃,而喝饮料无饱腹感,就会吃其它的食物来补充,这样反而吃得更多。 因为喝饮料并不能饱腹,所以喝饮料并不足减少饥饿感。所以,你可能最好注意喝饮料和饮酒,同样会让你长胖。 这些研究就解释了及时脂肪消耗和运动水平和过去几十年想当,为何美国人却长胖了这么多。 那么,脂肪就是罪魁祸首吗? 当然并非如此,我们不能再忽视其它饮料酒水途径:啤酒、全脂奶、果汁、含糖苏打水、高蛋白奶昔、运动饮料、特色咖啡还有茶。 够了!我懂了! 你要学会控制自己,适度饮食才是关键。 /201110/158021新年传统:从初一到十五都该干什么?2012中国人自己的新年-春节就要到了,记得小时候过年,奶奶辈的总是有非常的不能不能,坚决不能,做了不好会带走好运的事,这里小编为大家整理新年宜做和决不能做的禁忌。Does Wish everyone you meet a happy New Year by saying ;gong xi fa cai;, which translates to: ;Have a happy and prosperous New Year!; 对每一个你遇到的人道一声:;恭喜发财;,翻译成英文就是:;在新的一年里拥有幸福繁荣的生活;;Wear articles of red clothing because red symbolizes luck. 穿红色布料做成的饰品,因为红色昭示着幸运;Eat vegetarian food because it#39;s not good to see blood. 吃素食,因为见血是不吉利的;Buy new trousers because the Chinese word for trousers is ;fu;, (Chinese homonym for wealth) 买新裤子(衣),因为汉语里裤子就是;;,(在汉语里与财富的;富;谐音);Children should stay up as late as possible on New Year#39;s Eve for it is believed that the later they stay up, the longer their parents will live. 孩子应该在除夕之夜尽可能晚睡、熬夜因为据说他们睡的越晚,他们的父母越长寿;Visit family (especially those older than yourself) and friends to pass on your wishes on good fortune for the New Year. (plus kids and single people will receive lai-see lucky red packets full of money. 拜访亲戚朋友(尤其是比你年长的),传递你对他们来年幸福的美好祝愿(另外孩子和单身的人将会得到装满钱的幸运红包,称为;来喜;。)Give two lai see to each child. Because happiness comes in two#39;s, do not just give one. This is your way of passing good luck to the next generation. Business owners also give lai see to employees and associates. 给每个孩子两份;来喜;(我觉得应该指钱是偶数的),因为好事成双,不要只给一份.这是你把祝愿传递给下一代的方法.企业主(老板)也要给员工和同事红包。Don#39;ts:千万不要做这些:Don#39;t wear white or black clothing, since they are the traditional colours of mourning. 不要穿白色或黑色装,因为这是传统意义上丧事的颜色;Don#39;t buy new shoes for the first month of the New Year, because the sound of shoe in Chinese is ;hai;. ;Hai; is similar to the sound of sighing, which Chinese believe is not a good way to start the year. 不要在新年的第一个月买新鞋,因为在汉语里鞋的发音是;孩;(好像是四川地区的发音), 它与叹息;唉;相近,中国人认为这不是新年伊始的好兆头。Don#39;t wash your hair for the first three days of the New Year, because the Chinese word for hair is a homonym for the Chinese word for wealth. Therefore, Chinese believe it isn#39;t a good thing to #39;wash away your wealth#39; right at the start of the New Year. 在新年的前三天里不要洗头,因为汉语里;头发;的;发;和;发财;的;发;同音.因此,中国认为在新年伊始把财富给冲走可不是好兆头。Floors may not be swept and garbage may not be disposed of on the first day of the New Year for fear of casting riches out the door. 在新年第一天,不拖地,不扔垃圾,因为怕把;财;给送走了;Don#39;t swear or quarrel. 不要诅咒发誓,也不愿吵架;Don#39;t break any dishes, otherwise you may incur more misfortune for the New Year. In the event of breaking a dish, quickly say ; Peace for all time;, and the bad luck will be warded away. 不要打破碗碟,否则在来年你可能会遭遇不幸.一旦打破了,要马上说;岁岁平安;,这样坏运气就会被赶走了;Don#39;t greet people who are in mourning. 不要向丧期的人们问候(主要指不要说喜庆的话吧?)。Don#39;t drop your chopsticks. 不要让筷子掉地上;Don#39;t say the number ;four; (Chinese homonym for death) or mention death. 不要说数字;四;(汉语里和;死;谐音)或者提到死;Don#39;t borrow or lend money. 不要借钱也不要借给别人钱。 /201201/168973响水县人民医院割包皮多少钱

建湖县第三人民医院治疗宫颈炎多少钱盐都区包皮手术怎么样 Merging the Finances财务合并The Wrong Approach: ed we stand, divided we bank.错误认识:要么都一块花,要么各自存起来。Right Approach: It#39;s yours, mine and ours.正确认识:资金是你的,是我的,也是我们大家的。One of the first issues newlyweds face is how to handle their finances. Should you merge everything you have and earn into one joint account, or should you maintain individual accounts and open a joint one for household expenses?新婚夫妇面对的首要问题之一便是如何进行财务管理。该将双方所有的固有资金及盈利都放到一个共同账户中,还是二人分别拥有各自的账户,然后新开一个共同账户用于存储家庭开?For many newlyweds, the right choice may be somewhere in the middle. Assuming you both have a clean bill of fiscal health, finding a way to blend finances comfortably without feeling like big brother is watching every financial move you make can dramatically cut down on fights. Over time – once kids and mortgages come into play – many couples find that merging all their finances is simply easier. But unless you#39;re both comfortable with the idea, there#39;s no need to rush things.对许多新婚夫妇来说,正确的选择应该介于两者之间。如果夫妻双方都没有负债,就可以找一种合适的方法来进行资金融合,而不要造成一种总有一位老大哥盯着你每一笔资金流动的感觉,这样一来可以显著减少夫妻之间的争吵。时间长了——等孩子和房贷问题出现时——许多夫妇都会觉得将资金合并会让日子更好过一些。不过,除非双方都习惯于这个方式,否则还是应该慢慢来。Dealing with Debt还债问题The Wrong Approach: Your debt will ruin us; you must find a way to pay it off.错误认识:你的债务会让连累了大家,你必须想办法还清。The Right Approach: It#39;s our debt; Let#39;s decide how to pay it off together.正确认识:债务是我们大家的,讨论一下如何一起将它还清吧。Like it or not, once you#39;re married, your spouse#39;s debts can become your problem. Granted, you#39;re not legally responsible for the creditcard balances ran up before you got married, or for any loans opened in your spouse#39;s name alone – provided you keep your finances completely separate. But even with separate finances, your spouse#39;s credit score will affect your ability to get joint credit.不管你愿不愿意承认,一旦你们结了婚,配偶的债务也会变成你的麻烦。当然,对于婚前积存的信用卡欠款,你是没有法律义务偿还的。如果你在财务上保持完全独立,你对单独以配偶姓名开立的账户上的贷款也不负法律责任。不过,就算你财务独立,配偶的信用评分也会对你申请夫妻联名信用卡产生影响。Conclusion:总结:For those couples not yet married, it may be worthwhile to think about a prenup, just to make sure that assets that one spouse brings into a marriage will always be protected from the other spouse#39;s creditors. But those who#39;ve aly tied the knot should find a way to pay down the debts as quickly as possible, and without any late payments.对那些还未成婚的伴侣来说,制定一份婚前协议可能是必要的,这么做是为了保一方带入新家庭的资产可以永久不被另一方的债主剥夺。但对已婚夫妇来说,应该想办法尽快还清债务,不要有任何延期付。 /201206/187205盐城协和医院打胎多少钱

盐城阳痿治疗哪里好 Most people are well aware of the growing influence of bloggers, and of course the "power of mom" has been well documented for decades - combine the two and a powerful force is created. The folks at McDonald's a few years ago decided to go head-on with a variety of myths and misconceptions and urban legends with regard to the quality of their food. I about their latest chapter in this week's Advertising Age, which highlighted McDonald's Moms' Quality Correspondents - a group of moms that McDonald's invites to check out where their food is made, ask questions to their nutritionists, see the ingredients and much more.Its a great example of a company that identified a crucial challenge to their success - opinions of moms who visit their restaurants every day - and decided to open the door wide open and invite them in to have a look. And bonus points of course for McDonald's to embrace the blogging community and provide an example of transparency that others could definitely learn from for their own efforts. 很多人都知道了客主的影响力正变得越来越大,当然在几十年中“妈妈的力量”也是已经被明的了,将他们两者联合起来后就产生了一种强大的影响力。麦当劳在几年前决定正面迎对各种各样的关于他们食品质量上的误解、错误印象和不实流言。我阅读了本周《广告时代》上的最新一章节,他们重点突出了了“麦当劳妈妈质量通讯员”(一群由麦当劳邀请的妈妈来核对他们的食品产地,咨询麦当劳营养师,和检查食品配料等其它事项)。这是一个很好的案例,麦当劳决定门户开放,邀请妈妈们参观他们的餐厅,每天参观他们餐厅的妈妈们的意见是对他们成功的关键性挑战。通过参与客社区活动,麦当劳获得了额外的收益,同时也为其他人提供了一个明确透明的可供学习的案例。 /200901/60860盐城/能做处女膜修复术的医院建湖县中医院治疗阴道炎多少钱



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